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Busty brunette victoria sweet gets pussy laid in a strangers car
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Druids Ordeal Chapter 2 by E.Y. Toad It is day seven of my captivity at the top of Arch Druid Kelmane's tower. I have still not seen Kelmane or left this room since I was brought here against my will.

Twice a day, one of Kelmane's servants brings food and refills the water bucket I use for washing, and a pitcher of drinking water. He also replaces the bucket that I use for. other purposes, with a clean one. I have been trying to befriend this servant. He is a a small, stocky man, and quite grotesque. I am not even certain of his race. He is roughly four feet tall, about the size of a dwarf, but if he is a dwarf, he has been deformed since birth or perhaps suffered a terrible accident.

He has gray, scraggly, shoulder length hair, a face completely covered with wrinkles and several moles, and overly-large hands, with pudgy fingers. His fingernails are yellowed, long, sharp and encrusted with dirt. He is quite gentle, almost shy, but also very firm in his refusal to speak to me. I have attempted to talk to him but he just shakes his head, almost fearfully, and leaves. He will not even tell me his name.

It is possible he is not even capable of speech; I have only heard him grunt on occasion. I am writing this on the last blank page from the books that were left in my room. I have asked the servant for more paper, but he will not respond. The crow I dispatched with my first letter returned, but my letter was no longer attached to it.

I do not know if it was delivered or was lost, but I must keep trying. I desperately need more paper. May the Gods, and my beloved Ronak, forgive me for what I was about to do.

I waited until the evening delivery of food. The servant arrived with a plate and set it down on the table as always. I waited a few moments, trying to build up my courage, and choke back my shame. The servant started to open the hatch to leave. "Servant!" I said. "Uhhnn" he grunted. "Paper?" I said, holding up and waving the last blank page, "Please!" "Nnnnn" he grunted, and started down the hatch.

"Servant!!" I said, louder this time. He looked back at me and stopped descending the ladder, half of his body already below the floor.

"Paper." I said, softly, as I slowly pushed the robe off of my shoulder, revealing my left breast. "HUUUUUNNN" he said, looking around nervously, eyes bugging out slightly. I caressed my breast with my hand, and repeated "Paper.".

"HUUUUUNNN" he said again, as he closed the hatch and left. I had failed. I shamed and humiliated myself to no avail. I picked at my food and went to bed, sobbing and crying myself to sleep. ***** Later that night, it must had been almost midnight, I was awakened by the hatch being unlocked and opened. It was the servant, glowing lantern in hand. I immediately jumped up and stood at the side of my bed.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded. "HUUUUUNNN" he replied, reaching in to his robe and pulling out three pieces of paper. "Thank you!" I said, reaching for the paper. "Nnnnn!" he grunted, pulling the paper back, out of my reach.

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"What.? Is the paper not for me?" I asked. "HUUUUUNNN" he groaned, pointing at my chest. Gods! What was he wanting? I slowly pushed the robe off of my shoulder again. His eyes widened and he licked his dry, cracked lips. He seemed very shy, or possibly intimidated, almost afraid to approach me.


I sensed that he was not going to do this on his own, so I walked over to him and slowly reached for his head, pulling it towards my breast until his lips touched my nipple.

His lips were still very dry and rough, irritating the sensitive skin of my nipple. He then started licking my breast with his disgusting tongue. It was a sickly gray color, and his saliva was slimy.

He slobbered on my breast for several seconds, until I pulled away and covered my breast with my arm. "Paper!" I demanded. "Huh! Huh!" he replied, handing me the three pieces of paper.

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I again lowered my robe and let this horrid creature lick my breast and lightly bite on my nipple with what few yellowed teeth remained in his mouth. After a few minutes of this, I could take no more and pulled away again. "That is all!" I said, pulling my robe back up over my shoulder. "Nnnnn!" he grunted. "That is all!" I repeated. "NNNNNN!" he protested, more angrily this time, as he grabbed his crotch. "No more. or I will tell Kelmane what you have done!" I said.

"Uhhnn!" he said fearfully. "Thank you for the paper, but I can do no more for you." I said. He started walking back towards the hatch, stopped for a moment and then walked to the small writing desk and picked up the bottle of ink. "Uhhnn!" he said, with an evil grin, shaking the nearly empty bottle of ink and grabbing his crotch.

Gods, I had not even thought about the ink! I turned my head away from him defiantly. He opened the hatch and left, snickering and grunting as he descended the ladder.

***** I awoke early the next morning and continued writing. The ink was indeed almost gone. I would need more by tomorrow if I was to continue writing. I can not bear to think of letting that creature touch me again, but writing these letters is the only thing allowing me to maintain my sanity, trapped in this tower. At the usual mid-morning hour, the servant opened the hatch to deliver my food and water. I stood up an approached him. "Good morning servant." I said. He did not reply.

He seemed annoyed with me. He attended to his duties, picked up my waste bucket and started to open the hatch. "Servant?" I started. He stopped and looked at me. "Ink?" I asked, sheepishly. "Nnnnn!" he grunted forcefully and started to walk away again. "Wait!" I shouted. "Please. Ink?" He set the bucket down and grabbed his crotch. "Uhnnn!" he demanded. I looked at him for a moment, trying to swallow my pride.

"Yes." I said, turning my head away from him in shame. "Huuunn!" he said excitedly and turned to leave again. "And paper!" I added. "Nnnnn!" he said, shaking his head. "And paper!" I demanded, folding my arms over my chest. "Uhhnn." he groaned under his breath. After he left I tried to eat, but could do nothing but hang my head in shame and cry.

I was no better than a common prostitute now. No. I was worse than a prostitute. They at least get a silver or two for selling themselves to normal men. I was going to humiliate myself with this grotesque creature for four coppers worth of paper and ink.

***** Later that night, around the same time as last night, the servant arrived in my room as expected. He set the bottle of ink and what must have been eight or nine pieces of paper on the desk. He then turned to me and grabbed his crotch. I looked down at the floor, trying to think of a way out of this. "Hunnn!" he said as he pulled his robe aside, revealing his penis. It was horrible.


It was only about four inches long, but was very fat and stubby-looking. It had several moles, warts and wild hairs on it. His pubic hair was gray and patches of it were missing. His testicles were wrinkled and sagging down several inches below his penis. I would die before I would allow him to put that thing inside me! I sat on the bed and patted it, prompting him to lie down. He removed his robe and lay down on his back. Gods, this was a disgusting creature!

I turned slightly on the bed so I could reach him and put my hand on his penis. "HUUUNNNN!" he groaned. Seeing his reaction, I doubted he had ever been touched by a woman. His penis immediately grew to five inches or so and became rigid.

I started to massage and stroke it.

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He was becoming more excited by the second, kicking his legs around and moaning. Suddenly, he sat up in bed, pulled my robe off of my shoulders and tried to push me down on my back. "No!" I shouted. "UHHHNNN!" he replied, obviously annoyed. I pulled my robe back over my shoulders, covering myself back up. I then gently pushed him back down and started stroking his penis again. "NNNNNN!" he grunted loudly. He wanted more than my hand. "I will not submit myself to you for paper and ink!" I insisted.

"Uhhhhnnn." he grunted, touching my lips with a finger. "No! I will not put that in my mouth. not for a wagon-load of paper and ink!" I protested. "Huuunnn." he groaned. He then looked down at me and motioned for me to remove my robe. I assumed he at least wanted to see me naked. I decided that was much better than having him try to put that thing inside of me, so I stood up and slowly removed my robe, revealing my full naked body to him.

He was becoming visibly excited again and was rubbing his penis quite vigorously. "UHHHNNN!" he said, pointing to his penis. I again started stroking his penis, with both hands this time. It was quit fat, and it took both hands to fully encircle it. I stroked up and down for several minutes as he panted and moaned. With no warning whatsoever, he let out a shrill scream: "Eeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!" It startled me and I quit stroking him.

I was unsure if he was in pain or not. He grabbed my hands and put them back on his penis and started thrusting his hips, pumping his penis in and out of my cupped hands. "AAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!" he screamed as load after load of semen shot out of his penis. It was awful. Semen was going everywhere; in my hair, on my blanket, on his face and even on the floor.

After the first time it landed in my hair, I turned away so it would not get on my face. I could still feel it hit the back of my head several times. He continued to pump my hands for about a minute after the semen had stopped. When he finally stopped, he jumped up, looked around fearfully, put his robe back on and quickly scurried down the hatch. I tried to clean up the mess as well as I could in the dim light of the single candle I was allowed, and quickly fell asleep.

***** The next morning as I writing at my desk, the servant arrived with my food. "Good morning." I said. He would not reply. I think he was embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed." I started, "You helped me and I helped you. We can be friends and help each other! That is nothing to be ashamed of." I wish I could believe that myself.

I felt nothing but shame and humiliation for using my feminine charms in this manipulative manner. "Uhnnn" he grunted weakly. "In fact, if you were to help me again, I might be willing to give myself to you. totally." I said. "Huunn?" he inquired. "Yes, if you were to. maybe.


help me. escape." I began. "NNNNN! NNNNN!" he grunted, clearly fearful. "But. we could both escape! We could run away together and. BE together!" I pleaded. "NNNNN!" he said firmly. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, filling the room with a blue glow. It was Kelmane. "Good man, Ardy." he said, speaking to the servant, "You have resisted her charms." "Kelmane!

Please. release me! I am going mad locked in this room!" I begged. "You will have plenty to keep you busy soon enough." he said cryptically. "What. what do you mean?" I asked. "You will know soon enough." he began, an evil grin forming on his lips, "Right now, I think Ardy deserves a. reward. for his loyalty, don't you?" "He was not as loyal as you think, Kelmane!" I protested, trying not think think about what he was implying, "He gave me paper and ink for.

for. a sexual favor!" "Don't you think I know that, girl?!" He shouted. "I see everything that happens here! I was merely testing his loyalty. He passed the test, and now. I am going to reward him." I just looked at him, unsure what to say. "Or perhaps it would be more apt to say. YOU are going to reward him." Kelmane said. "What.?" I asked, stunned, "What do you mean? I. Gods! You can't. you can't expect me to." "I EXPECT you to do WHAT I tell you to do, WHEN and WHERE I tell you to do it!" he shouted, startling me.

"Kelmane, please. I have already been humiliated beyond what any respectable woman can bear. Please do not do this. please, I beg of you." I pleaded. "Ardy, remove her robe." he ordered. Ardy immediately came up to me and pulled my robe off.

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I tried to cover myself with my arms. "Now girl, will you submit willingly, or must we whip you in to submission." Kelmane asked. "I. Kelmane. please. take me yourself if you must, but please don't make me." I sobbed. "Answer me, girl!" he yelled. "I.

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I will. submit." I said, tears flowing down my cheeks. "Good. Turn around and get on your hands and knees, ass towards us." he ordered. "Kelmane.<sob>" "Do it now, girl!" he commanded.

I slowly dropped to my knees and spun around, my back to them. "Down!" he shouted. I bent over, placing my palms on the floor and hung my head in shame.

"There you go, Ardy. Use my new plaything as you wish." Kelmane said. Ardy immediately walked up to me and put his hand on my vagina.

He rubbed it for a few moments and then bent over and sniffed me. I then felt his putrid tongue sliding up and down my vagina, his slimy spittle dripping off me, making a small puddle on the floor. I turned my head to look at Kelmane. He was just standing there watching, a smirk on his face. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain as Ardy poked one of his fingers in to my vagina. He gyrated his finger around for a few moments and then inserted another finger.

"Ahhh!" I yelped. "Huh! Huh!" Ardy grunted. I felt Ardy remove his fingers and then I heard some shuffling noises. Just as I turned around, I felt Ardy ram his penis in to my vagina. I thought he was going to rip me open! "HUHHH! HUHHH! HUHHH!" Ardy grunted with each thrust. My head was jerking up and down with each powerful stroke.

I managed to yelp out a single word at the end of each painful thrust, "Please. Stop. Please. No. Gods!" After several minutes of this, Ardy pulled out of me, bent over and started licking me again. This time he was licking my vagina and my. my ass hole. By the Gods, what depravity! Ardy walked around and stood in front of me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He put his penis up to my lips. I turned my head, sickened by the smell of his penis mixed with the scent of my vagina.

"Uhhhhh!" he said, looking at Kelmane. "Do it, girl, or I will take my strap to your backside again!" Kelmane ordered. I turned my head back towards Ardy and reluctantly opened my mouth, but just slightly. Kelmane walked over and grabbed my head, forcing my mouth open wide and said "Do it, Ardy!" Ardy slowly put the head of his penis in my mouth.

I was sure I was going to vomit. It stank worse than Kelmane had. I could feel the warts and moles sliding over my tongue as he inched it in deeper and deeper. My lips stretched until they hurt, to accommodate his girth. Once he had his penis fully buried in my mouth, I thought it was going to dislocate my jaw, but thankfully it wasn't long enough to gag me too much.

My nose was buried in his scraggly gray pubic hair, making the stench even stronger. Ardy started sliding his penis in and out of my mouth, gaining speed with each thrust.

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"Mmmfff. Mmmfff. Mmmfff." I huffed, with each thrust. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and started ramming his penis in to my mouth even harder, over and over, smashing my nose against his groin. "AHHHHHHEEEEEE!!!" he screamed.

Just as he screamed, I felt the warmth of his first load of semen shoot down the back of my throat. I tried to pull my mouth off of his penis, but he was too powerful. I felt a wave a nausea come over me as load after load of semen shot down my throat. His penis was such a tight fit that very little of it could escape my mouth; I had no choice but to try and swallow it all, or I would choke on it. After swallowing several gulps of semen, I could not keep up and some of it came out through my nose.

It was a horrible feeling. Ardy finally stopped and pulled his penis out of my mouth. I laid my head down on the floor and just sobbed.

"Please. leave me now. You got what you wanted. Leave me to my shame.please!" I begged.

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"Are you done with her, Ardy?" Kelmane asked. "Nnnnn!" Ardy grunted. Gods! What more could he want? Ardy walked back around behind me and put his still rigid penis back in to my vagina. I just laid there on my knees, head on the floor, crying and sobbing. I lost track of time as I tried to think about how happy life was back at the grove. I had a vague awareness of Ardy's penis thrusting in and out of me, and my face rubbing against the floor as he violently humped me for many minutes. I was trying to remember Ronak's beautiful face.

It was getting harder every day to see him clearly in my mind. I was shocked back to reality by Ardys shrill scream, as he again started shooting load after load of semen, this time in to my vagina.

After Ardy pulled out of me, I just fell over and lay on the floor. "Clean yourself up tonight, girl." Kelmane said, "We have many guest that will begin arriving in the morning. They are very important diplomats from across the region." "What." I stuttered quietly, "w-what have they to do with me?" "Do I have to spell it out for you, girl?" he asked, "You are the entertainment!" I laid my head back down and sobbed deeply.