Reife deutsche fickt mit nicht Sohn und Freund

Reife deutsche fickt mit nicht Sohn und Freund
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Its Tuesday night, my 23 year old sister is out on her hen night, she's marrying Tony on Saturday, they have a home to move into when they return from their honeymoon, dad, being into property development got the house cheep at the auctions and for the last year we've been fixing it up, he was giving it her as a wedding present, but she suggested he keep it in his name.

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I'm Philip, 19 years old, I left school at 15, with no qualifications, and started working for dad in his business, since leaving school I have took a building course, plumbing and electric's, so saving having to get someone in to do these jobs.

Dad gives me a good wage and when I'm 21 says he will make me a partner. As a pension Rachel and I have several houses that are rented out, the money from these is in an account that we can only draw out a small amount each year. I was out this night and happen on the club where Rachel's party was at, I gave her a wave and she called me over to the table, "Girls, this is my brother Phil" "Hello" Rachel asked if I wanted a drink, I thanked her but declined as I was with friends myself, "Why don't you bring them over" one of Rachel's friends said, "Yes, bring them over, one drink wont do any harm" so I called my two friends over, with the introductions over we pulled up a chair, I was sat by Rachel with my friends one each side of the table, her friends asked about the work I did, hearing this one asked if I could maybe help her with the kitchen in her house, her partner had made a start and hadn't finished, now he's left her and she has bare bricks and one socket that works and an old table as a work surface, "Come on Julie, don't pester him with work" "Sorry, but give me a call in the morning" and she wrote her number down on a napkin.

We had a couple of drinks with the girls before I said we should be going, the bowling ally was booked for half nine, "Ten pin bowling" Julie asked "Yeah, we go at least every other week for a game" she looked around the table and said "How about we go for a game girls, if you don't mind Rachel" we all looked at Rachel, "Why not, if you don't mind Phil, it's been some time since I last played" we finished our drinks and walked down the road to the ally, being regulars and a quite night I was able to book extra games.

We had a good night, and laughed until our sides hurt at some of the antic's of the others, Diane had never picked up a bowling ball in her life and she would do a double handed bowl, standing on the line with the ball held between her legs and she would just roll it down the ally, amazingly she had a few strike's. Rachel had booked a taxi to get her home, so she called it to change the pick up to the ally, my friends had hit it off with two of Rachel's friends and they went off their own way, two others we dropped off on our way home, on our own Rachel told me she had had a good night, better than sitting in the club drinking, she gave me a kiss on my lips, just a peek, nothing more, "Thanks for letting us come, it was is better than sitting in the club drinking".

I told her I was pleased she was happy. Dad was up waiting for her, despite her age and pending marriage, she was still his little girl and he wouldn't sleep well until he knew she was home safe, I often wondered how he would be once she had left home. Wednesday morning we were over her house to finish the painting and kitchen cupboards. Rachel was still in bed when we left but she joined us later with lunch for us, and then stayed the rest of the day.

We had Thursday off as dad was at an auction; he had seen two house's on the market and was hoping to buy them, mom was at work, I roused around half nine and went down in my pyjama trousers to make a drink and put a couple of slices of bread in the toaster, as I waited for it, I heard Rachel moving about her room, I called up asking if she wanted a drink and some toast, "Please Phil, can you bring it up" a few minutes later I was tapping on her bedroom door, she called me in, she was sat on the bottom edge of her bed wrapped in a towel drying her long hair, which she had just washed, I put the cup down and the plate with the toast and was leaving when she asked me to stay.

She thanked me again for the night's bowling, she said we should make a date to go once a week, Tony wasn't into bowling, horses and the dogs were his thing, so with him out we could go bowling, I thought this a good idea, we had been close until a few years ago and this would bring us together again, and it would save her sitting at home on her own. She finished her hair and started drying her legs, I don't think she was aware of what she was doing, it was just a natural thing to do and talking with me she wasn't thinking, she lifted her foot up to dry her toes and in doing this I could see right up under the towel to her pussy, I couldn't see one bit of hair there, she obviously preferred to be totally bare, not like some who leave a little fuzz, putting this foot down she lifted her other foot, it was while she was drying this one she must have realised what she was showing me, but she didn't look bothered as she just finished drying her foot.

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I thought I should make myself scarce and stood up saying I would leave her to finish dressing. To my surprise Rachel told me I didn't have to go, she then looked through her draws, pulling out a bra and knickers from one, a skirt and halter top from another, I thought she was going to dress in front of me, she then looked into the mirror, "I think I'll have to have my hair cut, it's getting too much to comb it out and keep it clean" I told her it would be a shame as she had for as long as I could remember, had long hair, "I know, but some time's it does get in the way" I offered to brush it out for her, I had done this in the past for her, she accepted and handed me the brush, I knelt behind her on the bed and started brushing it for her, a few minutes later I sat down with my legs each side of her.

We chatted about the house and what she wanted in the garden; I was going to landscape this for her, she then started talking about Tony, I don't know what it was but I guessed she was having doubts about marrying him, he was a betting man as mentioned, horses and dog, he didn't go over board and kept to a limit each week, but there seemed doubt in her voice, I wouldn't run him down, not in front of her, friends of mine had made comments about his flirting, adding to my own concerns.

I had finished her hair and she leaned back into my arms, I slipped my arms around her in a hug, she thanked me, she remained against me and we just sat there not talking, it was about ten minutes after when she asked what I thought about Tony, I didn't know what to say, "He's ok I guess" she didn't say anything for another few minutes, then she said, "You know we started going out while we were still at school" "Yeah, all my friends were jealous of him" "Really"?

After another pause she said almost in a whisper, "You know he's the only one I've known" I didn't pick up her meaning of this, and made a stupid comment, "You know loads of people" "No silly, he's the only one I've slept with" what could I say, I swallowed hearing this from my sister, we just sat there for another few minutes, then she said, "You know I've often thought what it would be like with someone else" again I didn't know what to say.

She looked back at my over her shoulder, I saw a look in her eyes that I had never seen before and was puzzled by it. She was holding my hands and across her chest, and started talking about her job, she was a social worker, she talked about some of the children she had seen over the passed month, the OAP's that should be in a home as they couldn't cope on their own, I was making the odd comment.

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She was talking that calmly her slight movements didn't seem out of place, what I wasn't aware of, was she was unfastening the towel, the first I knew of this was when she held my hand and pressed it against her right breast, she continued talking as if nothing had changed, and then my other hand was pressed against her right breast, still her conversation continued quite calm and collected. Then very slowly she started moving my hand across her tit's, I felt her nipples getting hard and her breathing changed slightly, after about a minute she looked back at me and smiled, she continued talking about her job and let go of my hands, I started circling her nipples with the tip of my finger's, I hardly touching her, it was like a breath of air crossing them.


She didn't pause in her speech as I gently pulled on each nipple, and then I began tweaking each between my thumb and first finger, she relaxed and melted against me, by now I didn't know what she was talking about, she was still talking as I could hear her voice, after a few minutes I let one hand slip down over her stomach, there I made circles around her navel, I could feel the towel was still pulled together there, so I stayed in that area, then I couldn't feel it, I eased my hand down, still no towel, lower and lower until I was on her pussy mound, she pushed up a little, she was making it easy for my to slip my hand to her pussy, which I did.

I could feel the warmth from her pussy, then her aroma drifted up to my nose, I had never smelt anything so nice, rubbing my fingers up and down her slit she stopped talking, and just relaxed to my touch, her legs opened a little, I could now slip a finger into her moist pussy, I stroked her slippery and swollen slit, every once and a while she would groan and push her crotch hard against my hand. I felt her shake, like she was cold and shivering, then her muscles contracted around my fingers, as she got more excited she opened her legs wider, allowing me to slip my fingers deeper, probing at her vaginal opening.

I then felt her juices running over my fingers, I had given my sister an orgasm, for another four minutes I fingered her pussy with one hand and played with her tits with my other hand. She then sat up, I thought she had realised what she was letting me do and was stopping it, but she turned around and knelt between my legs, the towel dropping form her, her tits were pointed and a good 36c, her hard nipples were as big as dummy on a baby's bottle, the aureoles as large as a coffee cup and puffy, I couldn't see anything more as she pushed me back by crawling up me, reaching my mouth she kissed me, as she did this I felt her hand on my cock, which had slipped out the front of my pyjama trousers, looking me in the eye she lifted herself up a little, then I felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy as she eased my cock into her pussy.

She gave a sign as she felt my length entering her, when our pubic bone's touched she paused, I had been with a couple of girls in my life, but neither gave me the feeling I now had, it wasn't down to Rachel being my sister, it was something else, I couldn't say what, all I knew was this was ten time better than any thing before.

Bringing our lips together her tongue pressed against my lips, I opened my mouth to her and we tongue wrestled for a little, she then started grinding her hips back and forth, "Oh God I was fucking my sister, no she was fucking me.

I had some years before thought about this; I don't think any male hadn't thought about fucking his sister and visa versa, but I had never acted on it, now I wish I had as the feeling I was having were mind blowing.

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Bringing our lips together again I put my hand on the back of her head and stroked her softly, she picked up her pace a little, round and around, back and forth her hips moved, it didn't take long before I felt her pussy was rippling with gentle squeezing movements, she was about to climax, her soft satin-like vagina was caressing my cock, a huge tidal wave of sexual pleasure engulfed her and intensified again and again as she came.

She stopped to kiss me again, our tongues snaking into each others mouth, with a little glance up at me she dropped her head again and started gyrating her hips once more, every now and again I pushed up into her, but mainly she set the pace. Feeling her muscles contracting around my cock again, she squeezed tighter this time and it was enough to bring me off, my cock swelled and shot six good globs of cum into her, I heard a soft moan as my seed hit the back of her womb.

Our breathing was laboured as we tried to take in all the air we could with each breath, as we both calmed down, she kissed me once more and thanked me, I didn't think this needed any comment other than to kiss her. She lay in my arms for a few minutes, then she wriggled her hips, looking up she just smiled, she could feel my cock still hard in buried in her pussy, I started thrusting up into her, wrapping her arms around my neck she let me know she wanted us to turn over so she was on her back, with this done she lifted her legs up over my shoulders, this opened her right up, I put my hands each side of her head to hold myself up and thrust into her like a steam piston, looking into each others eyes all the time, as her climax built up she tossed her head from side to side groaning and moaning, "Don't stop, please don't stop, I need this so much" she pushed down hard to show me how much she wanted this, then she gasped for air, "I' coming, I'm coming" she shook so violently she almost bucked me off, her pussy gripped me in a vice like grip and milked my balls dry.

Dropping her legs I rolled beside her, we cuddled and kissed, for minutes, then lying in my arms we dropped off to sleep. I woke about half an hour later, Rachel was still dozing, I sat up and sat there looking down at her, she jumped with a start as the phone rung, I answered it, "Hi Tony" Rachel shook her head and told me "No" I didn't need any other explanation, "Sorry Tony, she was late in last night and is still asleep" "Ok I'll tell her when she's up, see yeah" Rachel sat up kissed me and took my hand, "I don't need to see him yet, I have a lot to think about" she had stood and was pulling me to my feet, she headed to the bath room, turning the shower on we stepped in, washing each other.

Heading back to her room she pushed me onto her bed and crawled between my legs, she kissed up and down my cock length, "Do you do oral"? I nodded; she smiled a big grin and turned around into the 69, lowering her pussy onto my mouth she went to work on my cock. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, she was wet from the shower as we hadn't dried off, but it wasn't long before her own juices was making her even wetter, as I continued to fuck her with my tongue I felt her body writhing with pleasure, she was getting close to another orgasm, she sucked harder on my cock, I didn't know if she wanted me to come in her mouth or not, so I pulled back long enough to tell her I was going to cum, she answered my question by sucking my full length into my mouth and her hand played with my balls, as I sent the first wad of cum into her mouth, my mouth was flooded with her juices.

Lying in my arms again she asked if I thought she was doing the right thing in marrying Tony, I didn't know what to tell her, I stroked her hair as I thought this over, then I told her, I couldn't answer that for her, only she could know that, "But I need help.

I do love him in my own way, but now you've shown me there is more to laying back opening my legs and letting him shove his cock in me, cum and turn over and go to sleep, I need to be sure about this" just then the door bell rung, I looked out the window, I turned back "It's Tony" she had a look of horror and hate, horror that he had could have caught us together, and hate because we were together and she didn't want any interruptions, "Quick, let him in and I'll get dressed" I quickly dashed to my room and put my track suit trousers and a T shirt on, and went down to let Tony in.

I told him Rachel had just gone for a shower and would be down shortly, we sat in the kitchen as I made a drink, a few minutes later /Rachel came down, they hugged and kissed, "You little stop out, Phil told me you got home late last night" "It wasn't that late, I was home by half twelve" I left them alone, but I stayed near, I was wondering if Rachel; was going to tell him the wedding was off, and if he took this bad, she might need some help. Half an hour later Tony called to me "See yeah Phil" I answered with a "See yeah" Rachel came into the lounge, "He wanted to go for a drive but I told him I had things to do" she sat on the settee opposite me, she had a drink with her, as she sipped this she pulled her feet up and let them drop open, she wasn't wearing any knickers, I was now confident and with a smile I said "You're asking for trouble walking about like that" she took a sip of her drink and said, "And what trouble would that be" I stood and walked to her, kneeling in front of her, I slipped my hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy, putting her cup down she turned to me and pushed me back, laying on me she kissed me, then she slipped her hand into my trousers and rubbed my cock, "I told Tony I needed to spend the day with my little brother" it didn't take us long to shed our clothes and get into the 69 again, when the time was right I suggested she kneel, as she did I got into position behind her and rammed my cock into her pussy, "Oh God Phil, you fell so deep in my cunt" as I pushed into her she pushed back against me, minutes later she screamed as she came again, I thrust forwards and creamed her pussy once more.

W took another shower and dressed, we had a bite to eat then she asked if I wanted to go out, "Where"? "Any where, I just need to get away to think" Shouldn't you go on your own"? "No" we grabbed out coats as it was a little cool, and jumped in her car, she set off with no destination in mind.

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An hour later we were driving through Wales, we stopped for a bite to eat and continued just driving around, the time was getting on and she was feeling tired, she suggested we find a bed and breakfast, we pulled into a farm with rooms available, the farmers wife asked us to register, I signed with our surname, adding Phil and Rachel, we didn't mention our relationship so as far as she was concerned we were husband and wife. We had a light evening meal and retired to bed, not having anything with us we stripped off and climbed into bed naked, we made love twice before dropping off to sleep; we made love again before getting up, after breakfast and paying for the bed and meals we set off heading for home.

As Rachel drove she kept glancing to me, finally after about fifty miles she said "I don't think I can go through with the wedding, now I know there's more pleasure to have during sex, I can't see myself with Tony for life", arriving home she called Tony, he was here in half an hour, they went into the front room to talk, after ten minutes Tony came out, he was looking down and just grunted as he passed me, Rachel came out and told me she had told Tony she didn't feel ready to get married just yet.

Dad and I finished the house Rachel was moving into, having nothing else in mind he let her have it, with her making this her home I was true to my word and went round to landscape the garden, this took twice as long as It should have done because when I was round there, we ended up in bed.

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Five months passed and I was over Rachel's supposed to be working on her garden when mom came round, having her own key she didn't need to ring the bell. She was so shocked to see us in bed she almost passed out with shock, we both jumped up to help her, with mom coming round she asked how long and was this why Rachel had called off the wedding.

Rachel explained all to mom, even down to how dull Tony was in bed and how different I was, mom sat listening to this and when Rachel had finished mom asked her "Are you happy"? Rachel told her she was, looking at me she asked the same question "Yes mom" "Well your both old enough to make your own decision and you obviously know what your doing, so what can I say" we didn't know at that time, that Rachel was pregnant, we did a month later and eight months later we had Sophie.

Our mother was pleased, but dad took some time to come around to the fact his son and daughter, were lovers and parents. Rachel and I moved 20 miles away where no one knew us, we lived and acted and were treated as a couple, we had a son 2 years later, as they grew Rachel and I often talked about telling them the truth about us, but we decided to put if off until they were old enough to understand.

Sophie was 13 and had started sex education in school, one night she came home and asked for help in doing her home work, they have covered the act of making love, but there was something she didn't understand, Rachel asked what it was, she opened her school book, "How can a penis fit in a vaginal" Rachel told her the vagina can stretch to take a penis, Sophie looked at the picture and back up as us, "But mom, I've looked at my vagina and looking at the picture of the penis, I cant see how" "Trust me It does" she looked at me and dropped her head, "Will you show me daddy"?

I didn't think it over and replied "I can't, it's not right" lifting her head she looked at her mother then me, "But you had sex and made me and David and your brother and sister, is that not wrong"?

Rachel and I looked at each other then Rachel told her "Yes it was wrong, and if anyone found out, we would get into a lot of trouble" "So why can't daddy show me how his penis can fit in my vagina"?

We sat and talked it over for about half an hour. Sophie said she understood but still asked why I couldn't show her, finally Rachel dropped her head in her hands, "It looks like nothing we say will change her mind" I saw Sophie smile, "So what are you saying"? looking to Sophie Rachel said, "If we let this happen, no one should ever know" "I wont tell mom, I don't want you or daddy going away" Rachel looked at me, "Well it's down to you, do you want to help your daughter with her home work, or not"?

"Oh thanks, leave it down to me, if I say no, then she'll be unhappy, if I say yes, then what does this say about me, I want to fuck our daughter" pulling me into a kiss Rachel told me, "Go on then, take her to bed" Sophie jumped to her feet and held her hand out to me.

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Five minutes later we were in her room naked and laying on her bed, Sophie was stroking my cock and giggling, "Oh daddy, it's so soft to touch, but it looks really hard" I turned onto my side and sucked a nipple into my mouth, dropping onto her back she spread her legs wide, with my mouth clamped on her nipple I slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy, "Oh daddy, I fell all tingly inside, like butterfly's were in my tummy" I fingered her for a few minutes and she became moister down there, allowing me to slip a finger into her, she gasped feeling this, I rubbed up and down her slit, giving her clit a flick each time, then I concentrated all my effort on this little hard bud of hers.

After five minutes of my touching her she arched her back off the bed and went stiff, she gasped "Oh Daddy, Oh daddy" settling back down I guessed she was ready for the next part and I rolled between her legs, pushing them up to run up my chest, she looked at my with lust filling her eyes, as I pressed my cock against her pussy lips she smiled, "Do it daddy, push your cock in my cunt" I pushed forwards, her lips opened for me and she took my length easily.

I remained still letting her get used to the feel of me in her, "Fuck me daddy, fuck me" I wasn't going to disappoint my little girl, moving my hips back a little I looked into her eye's, "I love you baby" "I love you too daddy" I thrust into her and she gasped, in and out back and forth, I made slow love to her, she had a couple of orgasms before I felt my cock swell, "I'm going to cum baby" "Yes daddy, cum in me, mommy has me on the pill" this was like opening a twp and my cock twitched and pulsed as me seed flowed into my baby girls pussy.

She lay beneath me panting and a look of contentment on her face, "Daddy, you know we planned this" "What, you and mom" "Yes, do you mind" I kissed her nose, "I should be, but how can I mind" "Oh daddy" we rolled over to lay on our side's, cuddling. We didn't speak or move, the warmth and comfort she felt was enough for her right now.


Rachel called up to let us know they were home, we quickly dressed and went back down stairs, David was excited about the film and was telling us all about it, then he asked what we had done while they were out, "Daddy helped me with my home work" "That's cheating, you should do it yourself" "I would be I needed daddy to show me something" Rachel got him talking about the film agan so he would ask any more awkward questions.

This of course changed things between Rachel, Sophie and me, I would always sleep in bed with Rachel, but every night Sophie wanted me to make love to her, this continued until she was getting married at 24, even on the morning of her marriage we made love.

She thought it a laugh, walking down the aisle on my arm with her pussy full of my jism. After the reception I was driving her and John to the hotel before the flight out for their honeymoon, John had a little too much to drink and passed out, so I had to help get him to the room, "Some wedding night I'm gong to have with him out of his head" she then looked at me, "Why don't you stay daddy and keep me company" what a wedding night she did have, we made love all night long, n the bed with her new husband laying beside us, in the shower, over the dressing table, up against the wall, in fact every where and any where.

John was sobered up enough for the flight and they were away for two weeks, back home she tried to stay away from me, but after a month she was coming around for her daddy to take her to bed. Nine months later I was a granddad; Sophie cuddled me as she told me Julie could be my baby.

The years passed and Julie was now a teenager, I was n my late 50s, Sophie came around one morning when she knew I wasn't on a job, "Daddy, will you teach Julie about sex"?

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as I took her to bed I thought back to that day I first made love with Rachel and wondered how my life would have been had that day not happened.

But I let this pass as I saw Julie's naked form before me. As I climbed between her legs I preyed I wouldn't die on the job