Gratis porno drunk

Gratis porno drunk
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The Brown family, John Brown (50), Joyce Brown (46) there daughters Jackie Brown (15), Sarah Brown (13), (Jay ) Jay-Lin Brown (11). The Brown family lived isolated from everyone, their large wooden cabin stood alone in a thick forest, there was only one way to the property and that was up a dirt track.

The Brown's home schooled there girls, in order 'to save them from the evil of general schooling', As the Brown's were deeply religious.

All the girls followed there mothers looks, petite with blonde hair. Jackie was developing into a women, she was only 5ft, her breasts where developing into a nice pair of 36 D's, Sarah was 4ft 11 with 36C tits and poor Jay (Jay-Lin) she was only 4ft 6 and as flat as a board with only 32 A tits.

This story follows the Deflowering though demonic rape of the 3 poor daughters. John Brown came home late one night, as he entered the cabin Joyce knew there was trouble, by the look of panic in his eyes. She sent the daughters to bed. John waited until he heard the click of the bedroom door, 'Joyce there evicting us from our land, we need to fight this, we need to defend our home, we'll be away for a week, Jackie can look after the girl, I'll leave my gun and there's plenty of food, Joyce I need you with me" Joyce stood rooted to the grounded shocked, and she just stood there as John paced up and down, slowly Joyce came to, nodding her head in agreement.

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The next day mother and father told Jackie everything, slowly packed up the truck and left, leaving Jackie, Sarah and Jay wondering what the fuck was going to happen. Jackie fixed tea for her sisters that night, they were sitting round the dinning table saying there prays when all of them felt a presents appear in the room, the fear gripped the girl, they sat rooted, the house shaking, stuff flying around the rooms and smashing, then a mist decended, enveloping the girls, the fear they felt was replaced by peace and lust.

All three girl simple stood up and walked to the middle of the living room, in a trance. the presence was still there invisible, enjoying the show that was unfolding in front of it. Jackie had started to strip Sarah kissing her sister passionately, her hands ripping off Sarah blouses roughly, breaking the kiss, she pulled out her flick knife she slit Sarah's bra off then holding the helm of her shorts and knickers she ran her blade down slitting the material with ease.

Sarah stood there naked but unfazed, know it was jays turn, Jackie and Sarah started to kiss Jay passionately in turn, both broke the kiss and started to roughly rip and tear the clothes off poor Jay. Once both Sarah and Jay were naked the presence spoke to Jackie. Jackie grabbed the back of both Sarah and Jay's head and forced them into a kiss, grabbing the hand of Jay she shoved it between Sarah legs and forced her to rub Sarah's wet pussy causing her to moan, Jackie then grabbed Sarah's hand and shoved it between jay's legs onto her pussy causing Jay to moan as well.

Jackie then started to rip off her blouse and bra and tearing her shorts and pant off, she stood there rubbing her own pussy watching her two younger sisters enjoying themselves.

She couldn't bear it no longer she grabbed the hair of both her sisters, broke them apart and dragged them to the floor with her, she opened her legs wide, forcing the heads of her sisters onto her own pussy ordering them to lick her wet pussy.

The two girls did as ordered and ran there tongues one at a time up and down and inside there older sisters pussy. The presence allowed this to happen for sometime enjoying the show even more.

It then klicked its fingers together causing the girls to jump up and stand shoulder to shoulder, the presence formed into a old hunched back man, the Devil was here and here to breed, he walked the line fonderling the tits and pussy of each girl, trying to decide which one he should breed with. As they were all still virgins they were all eligible but it could only pick one.

The devil kept up the pacing of the line, kept up the rough groping of each girl. He finally decided on little Jay to be impregnated, the others he'd fuck for the funny of it and maybe give to the demons. The Devil then with a wave of his arms charmed the house, an invisible but powerful shield had gone up around the house, to stop the girls running away from there torment, to stop there screams of pain being over heard and to hide the scenes of horror happening inside the house.

Another wave of his arm and a rock alter appeared in the room, with black silk sheet on top of it, black candles formed around the alter in a great circle. He was ready, another wave of his arms and he transformed into a tall powerfully built man, 10 demons rose from the ground also 4 of his strongest demons arose as well, they took there positions at the alter, large and strong, he would need them to hold the girls down on the alter.

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He then walked towards the poor naked girls who were in a trace still, as he approached them he klicked his finger awaking the girls, as they awoke the scene in front of them horrified them, Jay was so scared she pissed herself, the warm piss ran down her legs and pooled at her feet.

Sarah tried to comfort her. The Devil then spoke "Jay-Lin is my chosen mother of my child, Jackie and Sarah, choose between you who goes first on the alter with me.I would like to add there is a shield around this house, you cannot escape your screams will go unheard" he then added "if you girls comply I might go easy on Jay" Jackie stepped forward "I'd like to volunteer to be the mother of your child, spare Jay let her go, she's to young and small" the Devil responded with a smile and a shake of the head.


Jackie then spat in his face. He motioned to two of his alter demons who quickly and swiftly grabbed Jackies arms and dragged her kicking, screaming and crying to the alter, she was slammed on the alter where the other two demons quickly grabbed at her legs, she felt their power as her limbs were pulled into position and held down, the demons holding her legs had revealed a perfectly bald, tight, virgins pussy her arms were pulled tight, one demon holding her arm even held her bottom jaw open as wide as it would go and held her head still Now his prize had been properly restrained the Devil approached the alter, climbing onto the alter, he shed his robe revealing a monster of a cock, poor Jackie start to shake with fear the tears pouring down her cheeks.

She tried to break free but to know use, The Devil walked up the alter towards her head,knelt down, grabbing the shaft of his cock he started to slowly insert it into Jackie opened mouth, forcing more and more in, Jackie choked as the cock nudged the back of her throat, he started to throat fuck Jackie after a while he pulled his cock from her mouth and then aimed his cock at the entrance to her virgin pussy, he placed his fingers on her large tits and dug in causing her to wince and bleed, Jackie felt the head of this monster cock part her pussy lips, she pleaded and begged, he ignored her and with one massive shove he was in half way in her pussy tearing her hymen, causing her to scream in shear pain, he didn't stop his assault on her pussy he kept on push, more and more of his cock disappearing into her, his fingers roughly groping her tits, once he was in as far as he could go he started to pound her pussy with out mercy driving his cock hard and rough, her tits and body going in rythm of his assault, he pulled out of her pussy and motioned for his demons to turn her over, she struggled with the guards, but they soon had her in position of hands and knees, he lined his cock up on her arse, she tried pleading with him but her pleaded feel on deaf ears, he started to side his cock into her arse causing her to scream, deeper and deeper his cock went in, all the way to his balls, he then started to pull out and begin his assault again, fucking her arse hard, he began to dig his fingers into her bum checks, causing her immence pain.

after he was satisfied he pulled out, Jackie was made once again to such his cock, she could taste her own pussy, blood and arse.

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The demons holding her legs let go and the ones holding her arms dragged her to the waiting demons, Before the demon could drag Sarah to the alter, she calmly walked to the alter, sat on the edge then with a deep breath lay down offering her limbs to each of the demons, she felt there touch and vice like grip on her ankles and wrists, opened.

d her mouth fully.

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As she lay there waiting she shuddered with fear, She was hoping that if she willing offered herself her rapist would be gentle with her.

The Devil walked to her head and offered his cock to be take in her mouth, she nervously licked his cock as best as she could he then ordered her to take it in her mouth, slowly the terrified little girl took it inch by inch into her mouth as she'd seen Jackie do, struggling the Devil aided her by ramming his cock deep into her mouth, laughing as he did, causing her to gag violently,once she had recovered, she bobbed her head up and down his cock taking his massive shaft in her mouth, She'd never done anything like this before, she'd never even seen a cock before.


He pulled his cock out and Sarah prepared for the assault on her pussy, she felt his hand grab her tits and roughly grope them, she felt the head of his monster cock part her pussy lips, slowly he slid his cock into her until he met a barrier, he pulled out, Sarah was hoping that was it but with one massive shove he was in her pussy tearing her hymen and causing her to scream, he kept groping her tits and sliding his cock into her, deeper and deeper, when he couldnt get anymore in he pulled his cock out then with out mercy started to pounded at her little pussy hard and rough the pain she felt was immense, she had cried all the time, After ordering Sarah to clean his cock, it was timefor his ultimate prize.

Sarah was dragged off to joined Jackie with the demons.


Sarah and Jackie were brought back to the alter and held tight by 2 demons each, they going to be made to watch poor Jay go on the alter and be fucked. The devil had walked over to Jay who was lying in her own piss and sick, crying hard, the Devil simple picked her up held her steady and with a wave Jay was clean again. The devil grabbed the her hand and lead her to the alter, she caught eyes with Jackie and Sarah, she was so scared.

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She'd seen what had happened to her sisters, She was made to lie down and so as she was the demons grabbed her limbs, pulled they out to position and and locked her down, she felt the pressure oh her ankles and wrists, tears were streaming down her cheeks. She was suddenly aware of the Devil at her side his cock pressing against her lips, she felt his hand under her jaw and pulling it down, she felt his cock enter her mouth going deeper, she was struggling to breath, she felt the cock slide out, relief she though, she was wrong, she felt it slide in and out loads more times.

Finally he pulled out, this was it, she braced herself, suddenly there was a commotion Sarah had broken free and was soon by jays head, she might not be able to stop what was going to happen but she was going to comfort her sister, the Devil just lining himself up shouted at his demons to get her, then he thought she's keeping this 11yo bitch quiet, he shout at his demons to leave her.

The Devil was ready, he pushed his massive rod into her pussy, Sarah was busily trying to comfort her sister, stroking her hair ect, the Devil felt Jays hymen, he thought I'll make this bitch cry, with one massive push he was though and deep inside pussy, Jay's eyes flew wide open and screamed when the Devil had forcefully shoved his cock deep into her once virgin pussy, Sarah was trying everything to calm Jay down she'd even got on top of Jay and shoved her pussy on jays mouth and told her to lick hard, the Devil carried on sliding his cock in and out of the young pussy, without regard, Sarah was still getting her pussy licked by Jay and was in the throws of an orgasam her cum in Jay's mouth and Jay just lapped it all up, Sarah got off and started sacking on Jays tiny tits, the Devil after a while of pounding pussy was ready to cum, he pulled his cock out then drove it deep into Jay his cock had begun to swell, his hot cum flooding Jay's womb, Jay felt his cum enter her, she started crying again, she was a mum to a monster, the Devil pull out and motioned for Jay to clean it, the little girl was released got onto her knees with the help of Sarah and took his cock into her mouth as much as she could, the Devil laughter at her poor effort, grabbed the back of her head and violently fucked her mouth.

The End for now.