Sexy girls workout and wrestling skinny train

Sexy girls workout and wrestling skinny train
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The morning sun shone in through my window as I lay on my homely little twin bed. I ran my fingers through my long dark hair wondering what time is was exactly. My name is Sasha. I am 18 years old and I live in a peaceful village at the base of a large group of mountains.

My family is large and very religious in the Christian ways. I am not however I have always questioned the Christian beliefs, and because of that My father had forced me to work at the farm alone most of the time, as he would not want anyone in our village to find out I was "not a believer" I recently found that I have strange abilities, to will things to happen I guess. For example though, I have to concentrate very hard, and flick my fingers and I can knock something off a shelf.

I worship nature and everything around me. Not some "God" I can't touch, or smell. I am constantly being preached about the sins humans commit, and the liberties they take with one another.

I often fantasize about what it would be like to have a man enter me. To just throw me down, and thrust in as hard and as deep as he could. My fantasies are usually interrupted however.-- just then my father yelled up the stairs at me, "Sasha!!

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It's time for your chores!" Sighing, I jumped out of bed, put on my white cotton dress that I loved so much and headed for the pasture. Chores weren't so bad; I got to be alone at least.

I would carry the bucket of feed out to the center of the pasture where there was a small grove of trees, and dump it in the horses feed box. There I would find my favorite weeping willow, climb its long knowing branches and sit with my eyes closed imagining what it would be like to finally escape this awful place.

At times I would find my hands rubbing my sex and caressing my nipples. I loved thinking about how I would treat a man in bed. I knew I would be in charge-I would draw one of my long fingernails down the center of his sternum and just tease him until he couldn't stand it anymore. Licking just behind his ear to drive him wild. I began to notice how wet I was and began to push one of my fingers in and out of my virgin cunt, moaning long low moans trying to be as quiet as possible.

Reaching a point where I almost couldn't stand it anymore, I heard a branch break in the distance. I instantly retracted my hand and looked around- expecting to see my father or brothers lurking around, wondering what has been keeping me. I saw nothing. Not trusting my own eyes, I slowly climbed down out of the tree. Branch by brand I lowered myself to the ground quietly. Suddenly something grabbed me from behind, squeezing my round breasts very hard making my cry out in pain-only to find that some sort of plant had been shoved in my face.

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Then everything went dark. I awoke to find myself dressed in a short red silk dress, on a large four postured bed. The room was very large and intimidating. There were huge vaulted ceilings and looming windows all covered by dark drapes. A fire place burned in one corner creating an almost comforting glow. As strange as all of this was, I looked down at myself and I felt strangely sexy.

I'd never referred to myself as such, and I liked the idea. I wanted to fuck something-bad! It was like someone had turned my sex drive on over load! I could feel every inch of my young body, and I wanted someone to touch me-anything to touch me. I was on my knees on the bed searching around the room hoping to see someone, anyone!

Just then I heard an echoing laugh and approaching footsteps. Out of the darkness came a large horned figure. He lingered in the shadows and simply asked "how do you feel my dear?" I was instantly attracted to his voice, and longed for him.

"I would feel a lot better if you would come closer" I instantly responded. I was surprised at myself; it was like I was trapped in someone else's body. His laughter came at me again as he stepped beside the bed. I stared into his beautiful green eyes. I did see what he was, but I didn't care. I wanted him and I could tell he wanted me too. I crawled across the bed to meet his embrace, running my hands up his chest and along his neck. His strong arms wrapped around me tightly and I could feel my pussy begin to moisten.

My heart was pounding-then he spoke again as he unwrapped from our embrace. "My darling, you seem to be enjoying yourself here, are you not?" I was so filled with lust; my only response was to kiss him. As soon as my lips touched his I felt like butter melting.

He tasted like honey, and I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing against me. "Calm yourself my love; do you not see what I am?" I ran my hands up the side of his face onto his long horn that looked like those of an awful bull.

"I do see what you are, but I also cannot contain myself any longer!" He stepped back away from me, and I lowered myself out of the large bed. My silk dress flowing around me. I stepped close to him once again and he smirked at me. "I see that you have left the Christian way, even against your family's wishes?" Staring into his bright eyes I just smiled.

Almost as if someone had flipped a switch, I realized who he was and where I was. I became almost panicked and asked him, "What did you do to me? Drug me? " I was about to make a run for the door when he grabbed me and thrust his hand under my dress, shoving three large fingers deep inside my virgin pussy.

As I opened my mouth to scream, he kissed me again.


I tried to push away from him but his fingers just went in deeper. I felt a horrible rip in my pussy; I knew he'd torn my hymen.

Tears were streaming down my face when suddenly he let me go. I backed into the bed, spun around and ran for what looked like a miniature door. When I reached it and opened it, it was like a deep floorless hole. I didn't care, I needed out of here now! I jumped in head first. I remember nothing of falling or landing, but when I woke up I was in the woods again. I reached under the red dress to find my pussy was bleeding. What would my father say?!

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I slumped down next to a tree and began to cry. I was so ashamed of myself! Why would I let that happen to me?! It must have been that strange plant he had. I cried there for at least half an hour, and finally drifted off to sleep. I had the most amazing dreams while I slept. Nothing but sex, sex with everything!

Human and animal alike! I had no shame or inhibitions!! When I awoke I looked down at my body to find that my boobs had grown from perky B cups to perfectly large and round D cups. My skin had an almost glow to it, with no signs of imperfections at all. I felt like I had slept for 12 full hours! Upon standing up I felt taller. In fact, I WAS taller! At least 6'0 tall. I was shocked and utterly happy! Not many people were considered good looking when they're only 5'5.

I was completely enthralled with myself. I ran my hands along my entire body; I looked like a super model! "He must have done something to me with his fingers" I thought. Suddenly I felt someone watching me. I held up my hand in the direction I felt the energy and the trees moved apart to see him standing there. My devil. My sin incarnate. My first instinct was to run to him. My second was to stay put. I went with my second one.

My pussy ached with need, and my nipples hardened to thimble size. Suddenly as I stared at him he changed form into that of a giant dog. The dog lurched forward running directly at me.


I turned to hide in a nearby bush, but as I bent down to crawl inside the huge dog mounted me from behind. I cried out as I looked back at his huge pointed cock.

It had to have been 9" long and 2" thick! I did my best to get away from the dog, but as my dress was already short, he had a perfect shot at my sopping wet pussy. OW!!

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I screamed out as the dog thrust all of its huge cock deep inside my pussy. His claws were digging into my lower abdomen, and he was biting the back of my neck like dogs do with their bitches in heat. The dog began pounding away at my tight cunt faster and faster. I felt the tip of his cock against my cervix and was thankful he wasn't penetrating that far. I thought too soon apparently, just then the dogs cock began to swell at the opening of my pussy.

I knew this was his knot. I began to pull away, only to have teeth sunk into my neck. After that pain I obediently propped myself up on my elbows and took the cock. After 10 seconds of hard thrusting the dogs knot popped into my pussy!

It felt like someone had shoved a tennis ball inside me. I knew better than to fight back now, so I thrust back against him. And tightened my muscles inside my cunt. Just as I did that I felt an awful pain deep in my tummy.

The Dog's cock has successfully pushed into my womb. It was a bitter sweet pain. For some reason now I was talking to the dog, yelling "FUCK ME THEN! CUM IN ME!! I WANT ALL OF IT!!" The dog and its huge cock continued to thrust and fuck me hard for another minute or so and finally slowed down. When he slowed I started grinding my hips against him "Why are you stopping?? noooo please don't. I want more fucking!!!" The dog shuddered a little and began to shoot hot dog cum directly into my womb.

He held me tightly in place until he was done. His cock began to shrink down but I stayed put. I honestly loved the feeling of being plugged by his huge cock. I wanted it to last longer. I wanted it again and again! Suddenly the cock was gone and my devil stood over me smiling. "Was that what you wanted to you disgusting girl? You're more of a whore than I thought you would be!" he laughed triumphantly.

I had rolled over to my back, into the soft dirt. I began to finger my pussy. It hurt a lot, and was quite swollen and red. I looked down at the ground expecting to find a puddle of cum. There was hardly any on the ground. "Oh, you didn't really think I'd let MY cum go to waste did you??

When you take my dick, you'll take it all or nothing!" I smiled and said "Yes, I understand. I will do as you want me to from now on.

no more fucking around. I promise" As I spoke me slowly stood up placing a hand on my distended belly. "Because you were in beast form I will not become pregnant will I?" --"You may, you may not.

What will come of this union will be a magnificent being to say the least. Did you not notice your gift was heightened?" . I thought about when I moved the trees with merely a swift hand movement. "Yes, thank you. I know you are behind all of my new wonderful looks, and powers. I am now in your debt, I am fully willing now. please take me" He stepped toward me taking his long finger nail and tracing a pentagram over my left breast, and as blood ran down over my nipple, he said "Witches make the best lovers." He took my nipple into his mouth and began to suckle hard, licking up all the blood he could.

I threw my head back and moaned deeply. His tongue ran up over the pentagram and when it did, it burned permanently into my skin, almost like a bright red tattoo. He then grabbed me in a tight embrace and when he let go, we were there in the bedroom from before.

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I turned and walked to the bed instantly, as I strode- I lifted the silk dress up and over my head, letting it drop to the floor I climbed into my new bed. I laid down and said, "Enough games, lets fuck again!" "Mmm haven't quite been satisfied have you my dirty little whore?" He purred."I'll never be satisfied.

I can promise you that." He climbed on top of me and began to lick my neck gently at first, and then he sunk his teeth into my neck, just as he did in his beast form. I threw my head back and wrapped my legs around him, rubbing my pussy against his rock hard cock. I felt him drinking from me deeper and deeper. It was pure ecstasy. and I wanted my turn at it as well. I pulled my head from him and wrapped both of my hands around his neck, flipping him onto his back.

I took two of my own fingernails, and ran them just down the center of his sternum-where I knew it would really hurt. He cried out in painful delight, and grabbed the two bedposts at the head of the bed.

I began licking up the blood that ran from his chest, and was surprised to find the taste was that of wine! Sweet delicious wine that I could drink forever.

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I found myself licking and sucking like a starving kitten at its mother's teat. Finally he grabbed my chin ever so gently and smiled at me.

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"We're one now you know? Never again will you be normal, or able to fuck another. It will be only me for eternity." I smiled at him and lowered myself to his cock, where I took as much in my mouth as I possibly could, making sure he was pleased I twisted and turned my head around and rotated my hand that was stroking the rest of his huge cock.

I kept looking up at him with my best innocent eyes and smiling. As he was arching his back and yelling out in this deep ominous voice, I knew I was pleasing him. Unfortunately, I didn't want any of this to end that quickly. I climbed up onto him slowly and lowered myself down onto his throbbing cock.

My eyes rolled back and I gasped out as soon as it was half way in. I began to bounce up and down on it, putting it in as deep as I could without hurting myself any more than before. He reached forward and grabbed my tits squeezing quite hard, causing some milk to come out.

I was shocked and wondered why in the hell that was happening? "My dear, when I want something I get it. Regardless of what you're body thinks. It WILL do my bidding. "He then took my breast in his mouth and drank deeply.

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The feeling of him drinking from me was almost unbearably amazing. I lost my footing and his entire cock thrust deep into my cervix once again. I could feel some of the cum begin to leak out all over his balls, making him thrust into me. I had my hands on his horns holding him in place as he drank my newly found breast milk. Suddenly he wrapped his arms underneath my legs, and stood up. carrying me over to a heavily draped wall, he slammed me against it and began to fuck me unbelievably hard. I was screaming so loud now, "YES!!

OH FUCK YEAH!! FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE CUNT!! MAKE ME BLEED!!!" I was scratching into his back with all my strength and I could feel the blood and skin beneath my nails. He was laughing and moaning at the same time saying, "THATS IT YOU LITTLE WHORE!! YOU'RE DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO DO! FUCKING LITTLE WITCH, TAKE IT DEEP!!! UGHHHH!!!" he slowed down then, and lowered me over so gently onto the stone floor, and began to dump his huge load into my womb.

I could feel every burst of cum filling my insides. It was amazing. I laid there with him on top of me just loving every feeling that came with being the devils fuck toy.

I lifted my arms above my head and began to flex my pussy muscles once again. He smiled at me. "You'll keep what I give you slut. Don't try to push it out. "I slapped him in the face. "Fuck you, if you think you're in charge." He jumped up off of me with lightning speed. I could see the smirk had returned to his face.

"Witches, always using what they have against me. What shall I do with you.?" "You've already made me your whore, what else could you do??" We were both in a defensive stance at this point, both ready to pounce on one another. I ran over to the other side of the bed, laughing."We could always fuck again.It solves everything" "AH AHA!! You were not lying when you spoke of your insatiable sex drive. I'm intrigued". To be continued.