Sexy Laura Brown shows off her sexual skills

Sexy Laura Brown shows off her sexual skills
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This work is a complete work of fiction, a way for me to reinvent my first sexual experience. This author in no way condones sexual activity with minors. It ruins little girls lives, trust me. Real little girls do not have these reactions to anyone touching them. Also, my first story so constructive criticism is welcome.

Kassidy bounced off the school bus, unable to contain her excitement. Her favorite brother (actually her only brother) was going to be babysitting her for the whole weekend while their parents where away!

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She was eight, and absolutely adored her 15 year old brother Jack. She threw the door open and flew into her surprised brothers arms as he watched tv. "Jack we will have so much fun by ourselves!" He chuckled and gently disentangled her arms, and kissed her cheek. "Calm down little one, I am watching the game." Kassidy smiled and settled her little bottom in her brother's lap.

"I promise to be quiet". Jack began running his fingers through her soft dark curls. She pulled his arms firmly around her chest, and settled back against him, her pleated skirt riding up until her warm little cunt was pressing against his crotch, her panties offering a thin barrier.

Jack tried to stay focused on the game, but he kept becoming aware of the proximity of his baby sister's sweet little girl parts. Maybe he shouldn't have stripped down to his boxers after school. His cock slowly rose between Kassidy's slim legs, until she looked down at the hard lump. "Jack, that tickles. Why is your peter sticking up?" He smiled at her.

She was just so cute! "It woke up because it likes you.


It likes being close to your cunny." "My cunny?" He gently stroked the visible crack in her panties in answer. Kassidy grinned and turned in her brother's lap to face him, her arms going around his lithe muscular form. "It does? I think my cunny likes your peter too. It feels all tingly." "My cock", he gently corrected her, pulling her little body closer, so her flat smooth chest was pressing against his, and her legs straddled his waist.

Kassidy licked her pink lips and looked down. "Can I see it?" Jack pulled his hard seven inch cock from his boxers. It fell forward, the end landing on his sister's belly. She giggled in delight, and touched it uncertaily, her little fingers dancing along the tip. "It's so smooth and pretty." She looked up, eager to please her handsome big brother.

Jack let out a low groan, and thrust his hips up a bit.

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"Baby, take your panties off if you want me to touch your cunny. We can cuddle even closer that way." Kassidy rose up on her knees, and pulled her white panties down, and threw them aside. Mommy had told her to not let anyone touch her there, but Jack was different. She sat back in his lap, her pink lips opening to reveal the glistening center as her legs spread to encompass Jack's waist. Her cunt came to a rest right in front of his ball sac, his cock once more pushing against her stomach.

Jack flipped up her skirt so he could get a better view as he slipped one finger between those sweet lips. Kassidy squealed as he found her tiny clit, like a hidden jewel. "Jack, that feels so much better than when I do it." She rocked her hips as he rubbed a bit faster, her girl juices moistening the tip of his finger.

"Do you want me to stop?" Jack studied her face for distress. Kassidy shook her head emphatically, dark pigtails swinging.

He grasped her around her waist and lowered her down on the couch, then moved down so his lean teenage body hovered over her. He softly kissed her lips, waiting for her to respond. When her inexperienced lips pressed back against his, Jack deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue between her pouty lips.

He took his cock and slid it between her lower lips, slowly moving the head up and down from her clit to her tight little hole, letting his pre-cum mix with her sweet nectar. Kassidy let out soft little moans as she gripped her brother's shoulders and moved her hips up and down like a little pro.

Jack groaned low and crawled down her body, and pushed her skirt up and out of his way. Kassidy opened her half-slitted eyes and looked up.


"Jack, why did you stop?" letting a flicker of disappointment enter her voice. "You were gonna make me cum, and we can't have me cumming first, can we?" He breathed in her scent softly, leaning closer, his mouth watering in anticipation. "Coming where?" was her innocent reply. "You'll see, cutie." Jack spread her chubby little lips and licked the wetness he found within, his tongue flicking over her clit before dipping into her tight little hole.

Kassidy shrieked and bucked her hips, the intensity too much for her small body. Jack growled playfully and held her hips down as he shoved his tongue in faster, pushing up with the tip as he aimed for her g-spot as he rubbed her clit with a wet finger. He was suddenly glad he paid attention to his dad's attempt at sex ed as he was quickly rewarded for his efforts. Kassidy went stiff and her back arched as the most wonderful feelings coursed through her. She felt like she was flying!

Jack eagerly licked up every drop of girl juice as Kassidy slowly came down from her high.

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Jack sat up when he was done, his cock harder than ever. "Thank you Jack, that was so nice." She immediately scrambled up and hugged her handsome brother tight, pressing herself close. He wrapped one arm around her, stroking her side lovingly. Kassidy let her hand fall to his cock, still very curious about the shape and feel of it.

Her fingers wrapped around the fat head and slid around in the generous precum. "That's it baby, keep sliding your fingers all over." He leaned back and closed his eyes. Kassidy smiled sweetly and held his cock with both hands, one roaming his shaft and balls as the other lightly squeezed and pulled the head.

"Faster, sweetie." Kassidy grinned as her fingers flew over his cock, sliding faster and getting more and more covered in precum, thrilled that her brother was indulging her so long. Jack revelled in the glorious feeling of his sweet baby sister stroking his cock so willingly. It wasn't two more minutes before he felt the cum boiling just below the surface.

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"Baby, kiss it, will you? Stuff is gonna squirt out." Kassidy obediently kissed the tip, and as her full little lips touched his cock, he exploded, cumming harder than he had ever made himself cum.

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Kassidy planted kisses all over the head as her lips and chin became covered in his hot sticky cum. Jack shot load after load on his baby sister's face, his hands thrust into Kassidy's hair.

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He wearily grabbed a couple tissues from the coffeetable, and gently wiped the gobs from her pretty face as she licked some off her lips. "Mmm, that stuff is good. Can I have more sometime?" "Later love." He pulled her against him again and his eyes returned to the game.

Kassidy smiled in self-satisfaction, pleased to see this new side to the brother she so idolized.