Mutti zeigt Nerd Stiefsohn wie richtig gefickt wird vor Date

Mutti zeigt Nerd Stiefsohn wie richtig gefickt wird vor Date
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Sorry for the long wait. As I said I have been deathly sick lately. This section was suggested a few parts back, and as I've said, I want to put in suggestions to this story.

I hope you enjoy and remember to vote and comment so I know what to do in future parts. Here is Tyler, still groggy from his drunken sleep, climbed up the stairs as fast as he dared. Reaching the top, he found that his very room was closed and a line of about 7 guys was waiting just outside of it.

He walked up to the front, demanding to know what was going on. "Hey bro! Just cause it's your party doesn't mean you can cut. I just paid for my time in there, and I'm not waiting for yet another guy to finish before I get a whack at them!" It was some random guy from school, Chris, that again, Tyler didn't remember inviting at all. Piecing together the dots, Tyler knew he was talking about the twins.

How many people had Jeremy sent that text to?! In a rage, Tyler lashed out, swinging a hard punch right into Chris' chin.

The kid crumpled to the ground as he was knocked out in one punch. Tyler didn't stop there however, as he lifted the kid waist high, before pushing his limp body down the staircase. Chris rolled down, hitting his head at least a dozen times on the way down. He laid there, sprawled out, clearly still unconscious and injured. Tyler looked up at the other few guys lined up outside of the door. "Either get the fuck out of my house, or I'll fucking cut you right now," Tyler warned, reaching for an imaginary knife in his pocket.

The boys in line all shuffled downstairs, bounding over Chris in their haste. Tyler quickly heard the front door open and shut. Satisfied, he decided to open the door to his room. Nothing could prepare him for what he was about to see. As he entered the room, no one paid any attention to him.

All eyes were focused on Tyler's bed, where he could clearly see Amber and Ashley. Both girls had been blindfolded and tied up in every way imaginable. Their tits were reddened more than Tyler had ever seen outside of pornos, and their faces were completely smeared with makeup from tears mixed with what had to be a dozen loads of cum. One of Jeremy's many friends was behind Amber as he fucked her up the ass relentlessly.

He was forcing her face down into her sister's pussy, chanting random threats if she didn't comply. Tyler quickly texted Eric, telling him and Jake to both get up here as he would probably need someone to back him up.

Not wanting to wait any longer to intervene however, Tyler piped up right away. "What the fuck is going on in here?!" He demanded, everyone in the room turning to him. Amber shifted her body at the sound of his voice. "Tyler?! Oh thank God!

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Help us-!" The friend of Jeremy's that was still balls-deep in her ass backhanded the poor girl. "Fuck it bitch, keep screaming. This video will be online before the sun comes up hoe!" Amber quickly settled down as she laid there, defeated yet again. "Mother fucker, you shouldn't have done that. I'm gonna beat your ass once this situation is all said and done," Tyler warned, furious that he would do any of this to Tyler's friends.

It was now Jeremy to speak up. "Damn Cole, I think he likes you!" he jested to his friend, who continued his anal assault right there in front of everyone. "See how he doesn't look too worried Tyler? Wanna know why?" He paused, as if waiting for Tyler to answer. Finding Tyler wasn't willing to comply, he continued anyway.

"Look around you. What do you see? There are ten camera phones out right now." Tyler looked around the room, and found Jeremy wasn't exaggerating in the slightest. There were at least 20 people all compacted into his room. Jeremy continued.

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"There are two video cameras. I even have my webcam set up. And every single byte of data is being transferred to my computer. Now. this video could be up on facebook, youtube, twitter, tumblr, exgf porn sites, or anything else that I choose.

In minutes, these girls' lives would be completely ruined, but I would make a LOT of money off of it. But since I'm such a nice guy, I offered them a way out of that. I still get a lot of money, mind you, but their humiliation is limited to only a few dozen people instead of a few million. Quite merciful of me isn't it?" He finished, waiving his question in Tyler's face. "No. It's fucked up of you. And I'm gonna kill you for it," Tyler said as he started to approach Jeremy.

"Nuh uh! One more step and I'll have submitted these lovely vixens to seven different porn and social networking sites. The internet is a bitch.

Once something is uploaded, it's near impossible to get rid of completely. Sure, you can tell everyone that they didn't give consent, or that they were raped.

But how many people will have seen and downloaded it by the time you can do that? Not to mention it is coming from your internet server, so you'd be put to blame. Especially when they see that this all started from you texting out those pictures of them from earlier today, right?

Can you believe that this is all your fault? Now watch, as they pay off their debt to me one cock at a time. Well. maybe two at a time if the guys are into that. I know I would be!" Jeremy laughed, before pointing his eyes right at Tyler. "The fact of the matter is, you are going to stand there and watch as these girls get helplessly fucked over and over again. You are going to hear them scream and plead to stop, and you are going to watch me make five thousand dollars off these cunts.

And you are going to know that it is all. Your. Fault." Jeremy snickered as he showed Tyler the computer screen, reviling that he did indeed have hundreds of pictures and video clips already ready to be uploaded. It also had some kind of number counter on it. Tyler noticed it was titled Jeremy's "Money Ticker", showing that he had already made $1,500 off of the girls already.

Tyler's heart sank as he concluded that the poor girls had been raped by 15 different guys that night already.

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and there would be another 35 to go, that is, if Jeremy didn't raise the prices. But he was hopeless, as he knew the girls chose this over their cyberspace shame. He stood there, only able to watch, as Cole continued to thrust into Amber's ass, causing the girl to shriek every time his pelvis made contact with hers. "Damn you filthy cunt! I'm ready to bust a nut already! Beg for my jizz in your ass!" Cole commanded the used girl.

Already broken long ago, Amber didn't even look up to contest his order. Between sobs she managed to get out the words her raper desired to hear, only to be rewarded by his hot sperm shooting deep into her bowels.

"Fuck bro, best hundred dollars I've ever spent!" Cole pulled out of Amber's ass as he gave her one last slap against her butt cheek. He turned and shook Jeremy's hand as if they just passed each other in the hallway, then grinned at Tyler, daring him to do anything.

"I'll still beat your ass kid," Tyler warned, before Cole left the room, taking his time to show Tyler he was not scared of the threat. "Alright who's next?!" Jeremy shouted out toward the hall, expecting the next buyer to partake in his homemade brothel.

"I still have another $3,500 to make off of these whores!" A light went off in Tyler's head. "Jeremy." Tyler said with disgust, "I made quite a bit of money in poker tonight. If. If I pay you the rest of the money, the whole $3,500, would you let them go and delete all of the videos and pictures?" Jeremy thought about that for a moment. He would be getting all of the money that he needed, but he disliked the fact that he would lose his power over the girls.

All of the cameras in the room were auto syncing to his laptop, so there was no way to sneak any pictures or videos through them. He figured he may be able to hide a few into a different folder while Tyler wasn't looking, so when he "deleted all of the data", he would still be able to tower over the girls in secret.

He thought about how to distract Tyler from the screen while he hid the files. "Sure, that works if I get all the money. As long as you get your moneys worth and fuck them too," he concluded with a grin. "Why would I have to have sex with them? I'm paying you the money, who cares if I sleep with them afterward?" Tyler inquired with much confusion. "I want to see their faces when you join in on their rape session. Plus, I'm an honest pimp. My bitches do the work that my clients pay for.

I'd hate to cheat you, a wonderful paying customer. You will fuck them both until you fill each of their nasty cunts with your jizz.

Understand?" Jeremy offered his ultimatum. Tyler looked to the twins, their eyes were glazed over with exhaustion and brokenhearted pain. They didn't show any emotion to Jeremy's offer at all, as if their will was broken to the point where they couldn't care any more. "Alright, you have a deal. But no more guys go after me, and I get to personally delete all the files on your laptop. Alright?" Jeremy voiced his compliance, snickering to himself about his secret half to the plan.

Slightly bowing and extending an arm toward the girls, he silently urged Tyler to take a position on the bed. "Alright girls, you heard what he said. Are you okay with me cumming inside of the both of you? Then this can all be over," Tyler comforted, already unbuttoning his jeans to slide them off. "Baby, you wouldn't be the first guy that came inside us tonight." replied Amber, hanging her head. "You wouldn't even be the fifth." "Shut the fuck up," demanded Jeremy. "I'm doing a rape video session, and you best make it believable Tyler, or else our deal is off.

I want it rough, I want them screaming, and I want you hitting. And if anyone in this room says they don't buy your performance, then you get to start all over again. Do you understand me?" Tyler just glared at him, silently voicing his hate. With a little more pushing from Jeremy, and the girls not even voicing their opinion, Tyler conceded the point that there was no other option but to make Jeremy happy.

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed Ashley by the throat, pinning her head to the bed. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out," Tyler said, trying to fake a malicious tone but coming up short. Ashley playfully rolled her eyes as she lay beneath him, which actually ticked Tyler off, giving him fuel for his fake rage. "Bitch, you think I'm kidding?!" he demanded, a little more convincingly.

With one hand he lifted his shirt off, already positioning his dick to insert it into the very girl that he had made love to only hours ago. He felt horrible for her, but he imagined that it was his fault she was in this situation. He should never have sent those pictures at such a busy party. Now it was her paying the price for what must have seemed like the hundredth time that night. His dick slipped into her pussy with ease as she cried out "NO!

Please not again! I can't take any more of this!" Her voice cracked as her horse tone fell into sobbing.


Every time she gasped for breath, she pleaded "PLEASE stop!" Tyler only grunted his response, not feeling the same pleasure he had felt with this very pussy earlier that night. He had taken the girls virginity. How could it be that only hours later it had been with more dicks than most girls would in their lifetime? "Amber, get your ass over here and shut your sister up. Keep her mouth busy," demanded Tyler, sounding cold. Ashley cried even harder from his harsh tone, accepting the fact that he was going to force the duo into reliving this hell one more time.

She looked up to see her sister towering over her, a comforting face as she asked her sister to lick her pussy, that it would help them both. Ashley, always listening to her older sister, complied, sticking her tongue out into the folds of her twin's labia. "That's it you fucking slut. Don't act like you don't want this!" "Noooooo. I'm begging you to stop!" Ashley's stomach was in knots. She was NOT wanting this at all. She thought back to earlier today, she had asked her sister and Tyler to dominate her, loving them having all the power.

But now that she had actually been raped, against her will, dozens of times now, she figured she would never be okay with that again. She would have preferred to allow Jeremy to post the pictures online, refusing to have sex with him or his friends; but her sister Amber, older by only minutes had disagreed, telling her that it would be only a night of terror compared to a lifetime.

Ashley had always looked up to Amber, and thus, begrudgingly accepted her fate of being used as Jeremy's able-bodied prostitutes for a night. She knew in her heart that she would never be the same again, and because of this, she continued her weeping. Tyler's heart did go out for the girl; but he knew that this was better than Jeremy's alternative. He only wished he could make it faster for the girl. Then, he had another idea. He pulled out of her now loosened pussy, ramming his dick deep into her ass, which was still relatively tight.

The girl screamed out in pain, as if he was again popping her anal cherry. Not many guys had had the depth penetration that Tyler did. Tyler merely smacked her ass, demanding she keep licking her sisters snatch, knowing that this would make her sentence be served quicker. Jeremy grinned behind his laptop as he hid the incoming video clip deep within his program files, knowing Tyler would never look there. He not only would have power over the girls, but Tyler as well, for if he showed this to anyone, Tyler would go to prison for a long time.

Tyler started to groan and quickly pulled himself out of Ashley's ass, a wave of relief flooding over the poor girl. He quickly rammed his dick back into her pussy, only moments before his cock erupted into her. Ashley cringed as she felt the warm spunk invade her unprotected womb for the countless time that night, but was relieved to know that her torment was over. Sitting upward to get herself away from the middle of the bed, she found herself pulled back by Tyler.

"Girl you gatta suck it till it gets hard again for your sister," Tyler demanded, still sounding cold. Ashley looked at him as if he had to have been joking. She had paid her price already and caused him to cum inside of her, much to her distaste, but she had seen no other option. Now he wanted her to put that dick back inside her mouth while it was covered with her own juice, not to mention the mixed cocktail of a dozen other men?!

She felt sick to her stomach. "Now, bitch." Tyler commanded wearily, his tone hinting that he wanted this to move along faster. Ashley leaned down and opened her mouth, only inches away from his shrinking prick, but Tyler felt she was again moving too slow. He shoved his member into her mouth while grabbing onto the back of her head to quicken her pace even further.

Coughing, the younger twin almost gagged. She couldn't believe she was being forced to continue her night of torture while Amber merely watched, waiting for her turn.

The rest of the guys that had raped her had only done there thing, and then were gone, cumming anywhere they chose, but never making her clean off the combined juices. This was more degrading than anything she had done that night, tasting her own juice and not even knowing if it was, indeed herself she was tasting, or one of a dozen others. She prayed no one in the circle of rapists had an STD, for she was now engulfing them all again on Tyler's dick.

After a few minutes of sucking on the limp dick, which Tyler had to admit he was enjoying fully, it started becoming hard yet again. "That's enough slut.

Grab your sissy and force her face onto this dick," coached Tyler, ready for part two to be done with. Ashley quickly shot up, glad to be relieved of her duty. She turned to her sister and guided her face down onto Tyler's cock which was now full strength again.

Amber took his member into her mouth without question, bobbing her head like a pro, making Tyler relax, loving every second of it. But soon enough he knew he needed to move on. He pushed the eager victim off of his prick, leaning her on her back. He pinned both of the girl's wrists to the bed and without pause began thrusting into the girl's loins.

Amber screamed out, "AGH!!! Fuck! Please stop! I can't take any more of this tonight!" She sounded in pain, so Tyler looked down alarmed, only to see the girl grinning, loving the predicament she found herself in. "Please! Stop it! I'm begging you to just stoooooooop!" Amber finished with sobs as she tried to hide her smile from everyone but Tyler. "You fucking cunt, you know you enjoy this. Now take this cock like a good little slut and I'll let you both go soon enough!" Tyler played along, glad that he was not actually hurting the girl any more than she had been the rest of the night.

"You are a good little slut, aren't you? Say it yourself!" Amber only continued her cries, playing the victim part rather well. "Bitch, did you not hear me?!" Tyler said, slapping at the girl's bare titty for added effect. "OWW! Please!!" Amber whined her response, only to be slapped again for her continued disobedience.

"OKAY OKAY!!! I'm a good little slut! Happy?!" Another slap landed on her hardening nipple, Tyler shaking his head with disapproval. "I don't believe you mean those words. Make me believe it slut," he continued her torture. "I'm a filthy little slut! Ooooooh please fuck me like the whore I am! I need your sperm deep inside of my cunt! I'm your cum loving fuck toy and I need you to treat me like it!" Amber screamed hysterically, making Tyler smile at her amazing acting skills.

He had actually had drama class with Amber before, and everyone had always wanted to do skits with the talented actress; but he was amazed at how good she could act when it really mattered. Seeing her in such a degrading manor almost sent Tyler over the edge, but not before Amber's body shuddered with an awestruck orgasm.

Tyler could feel her pussy tense up as the girl's back straightened quickly, causing her to shriek out, "Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" The girl continued to scream until the ripping orgasm subsided, but it was all too much for Tyler. He felt his balls tense up as his dick quickly started to spurt the girls reward deep into her vagina. Tyler continued to pump, shocked at how amazing Amber felt even after all of the other fuck sessions she must have received.

Finally spent, and their debt paid, the trio laid there on the bed, waiting to recuperate. Tyler looked up, seeing everyone still looking at them, cameras all pointed. "Alright, everyone out. Don't want anyone getting any last minute pictures." Everyone groaned and looked to Jeremy to fight for their right to stay, but Jeremy only nodded, sure of his plan to keep his leverage. More groaning was heard as one by one the spectators left the room. "You all are no longer welcome in my home.

Show yourselves out. I don't care how you get home, but you better not be here once I get downstairs," Tyler warned, still very angered at the turn of events. Tyler went to his headboard, finding where he had stashed the money from earlier that night. He flashed the wad of bills to Jeremy, who extended a hand welcomely. Tyler pulled back, demanding to delete the footage Jeremy had collected first. He placed the large sum onto his bed, then walked toward the laptop. "You can go get the money while I delete everything, that way neither of us are cheated." Jeremy thought about that for a bit before nodding his head, accepting that it was a fair deal.

He walked toward the bed, while Tyler passed him, standing above the laptop. Jeremy picked up the bills, stuffing them quickly in his pocket. He turned just in time to see Tyler unhook his laptop from the power cord. Tyler raised the light weight computer above his shoulders, slamming it into the ground. With a crash, the laptop hit the ground, giving way to the inertia it faced.

Jeremy jumped up, rushing toward his expensive computer, only to witness Tyler stomp on the screen and keys.

He jumped on top of the mangled electrical skeleton a few times for good measure. "What the hell are you doing?!" Jeremy demanded, still in shock of the quick turn of power.

He was swiftly answered as Tyler's fist met his chin, knocking the boy to the ground. "Listen here you little fucker. If I ever hear another word out of your scrawny little mouth, I will kill you. Do you understand? Leave my house now, take the rest of your friends that didn't listen to my last warning with you.

Because if I see any of your faces anywhere near my house again, my baseball bat will come in contact with your skull. Now get running." Tyler rattled off his warning in monotone, as if he was merely saying what he wanted for dinner.

The coldness of his voice told Jeremy that he wasn't at all kidding. Jeremy quickly got to his feet, finding the door as he bolted out of the room. "I am so sorry girls," Tyler apologized, turning to the twins. "You have no idea how horrible I feel about tonight." He was met by silence as the girls were still recovering from the event. It was Amber who finally broke the silence.

"It's not your fault sweety." she assured. We were all stupid last night. I shouldn't have been so persistant about getting those pictures from you. How did Jeremy end up getting them anyway?" She asked, puzzled. "You sent them to my phone, and I didn't have it on me at the time," Ashley jumped in, still shaking.

"Next thing I know, Jeremy comes up to me, asking if I forgot something. He handed me my cell phone and told me to check my text messages right away, then he walked away. I found one from him with one of the pictures that said if I 'didn't want the rest of them posted on every school wall, I had to meet him upstairs.' I knew I was stuck. The moment I came into Tyler's room, Jeremy and his friends stripped me down and tied me up.

He made me choose. Work for him or. well. you know. I don't know how long after it was, but soon enough he had Amber too. Tyler you don't understand the things they made us do." "It's over now hun," comforted Tyler, hugging both of the girls.

"Now get dressed, and we can go downstairs and try to forget about this." he said, knowing full well that the girls would never be able to put this behind them. Amber reached for her shirt, finding it completely torn apart. Tyler noticed this, heading toward his dresser to offer the girl one of his shirts. "Here ya go, use this one." "Um. I may need one too." Ashley said, lifting up her white t-shirt that was ripped to shreds. Tyler tossed another shirt across the room.

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The girls quickly pulled the shirts over themselves then searched the room for their bottoms. Finally ready to emerge, the three of them headed for the door. Opening it up, Tyler almost tripped over Jake who was sitting right outside the door.

"Hey man," Jake started to explain. "Me and Eric got your text. He chased Jeremy out of the house, I stayed behind in case there was anyone else in there. But I overheard you guys saying it was over and getting dressed, and I didn't want to barge in before the girls were decent. and now you're pretty much caught up." "Well thanks for the help dude," Tyler said, not sure how much the two friends actually helped. Still, he was glad that they had been right outside the door just in case.

Jake joined the group as the four headed down the stairs. Finding the party near comatose downstairs, Jake elected to go home. With a handshake and an open invitation that if he needed anything to just call, Jake grabbed his things, collected his winnings from the game, and called Sierra over.

The two opened the front door just in time for Eric to walk in. "I hope Jeremy wasn't planning on walking home, cause I don't think he's going to be able to," Eric marched passed the two exiting teens laughing.

"But I should probably go home too." He entered the living room, moving toward the chair that Hannah was still sleeping in. He shook her gently on the shoulder.

"Hannah, are you ready to go?

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I gatta get goin soon." "Ugh. I guess. " Hannah said, still groggy from her slumber. "You don't have to!" Tyler said, trying to hide his exclamation. Eric and Hannah both looked at him, awaiting explanation. "I mean. You can stay here and sleep.

I would love taking you home once you're fully rested." He quickly added, "I'll make breakfast!" with a grin. Hannah smiled, letting Tyler down softly. "I would love to! But I'll have to take a rain check on that offer. I'm Eric's ride home, not the other way around.

The poor boy needs me to drive his sorry butt. But. I'll see you at school Monday? Maybe we can go somewhere for breakfast. I have your number, remember?" she finished with a wink. "Don't forget the condoms, damn!" Eric interrupted, laughing as he helped Hannah get her coat on. "I'll see you later, Tyler! Thank you for everything," Hannah said, kissing her party-night crush softly on his lips before darting out the door after Eric. The twins giggled, commenting on the fact that she had no idea of Tyler's endeavors the entire night.


"No." Tyler replied, "She knew. That's the thing. I don't get that girl. But anyway, I have to clean up this house a little bit." The twins, who offered to help, joined Tyler for the next hour or so in cleaning.


One by one the party guests awoke, electing to leave until there were only around six teenagers left helping clean. Tyler headed down stairs to turn off all of the sound equipment. Roscoe Dash's song "Good Fucking Night" was playing, and Tyler laughed at the irony. He shut down everything, returning upstairs to clean up the dining room. But Tyler's mind wasn't on cleaning. He was actually excited for Monday to arrive.