Hot teen latina handjob skills interracial and bigboobs

Hot teen latina handjob skills interracial and bigboobs
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Chapter; My Promotion Gene had turned out quite the manipulative fuck, blackmailing my boyfriend's father into giving up a considerable amount of money to his enterprise, although he didn't need any of it. He simply made me roll around in some of it naked. In exchange Gene offered to keep what he knew quiet. Later I found out that the break up phone call I received from my boyfriend days later was also initiated as part of the deal.

I did cry, although I don't know why. I was fucking Gene almost every day and becoming addicted. Mr. Lamar had also threatened to show every member of my boyfriend's fathers' family and send it to the tabloids.

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I heard Mr. Lamar say the scandal could make it very hard on his son's career with a father running around raping innocent, young, beautiful women when I had eavesdropped on their conversation.

He had edited the tape perfectly, I have to admit. It looked like I hated every minute of our intimacy. We knew the truth though. Gene had made this man a complete mess, and he surrendered completely to whatever Gene asked. I almost felt sorry for that bastard until I overheard my boss assure his sister the fuck had been taken care of.

I wasn't sure what he meant but I knew it must have been a good story, obviously worth humiliating the poor man. I had forgotten all anger and resentment over my boyfriend and his father's destruction. I strode proudly up the office stairs and it didn't even phase me when Frank cornered me in the stair well. He was getting trickier to avoid. I glanced over to the desk when I came in pausing to adjust my skirt. I noticed similar papers to the ones I had signed when I had first arrived.

If I had only known than, what I was signing. A near perfect little blonde walked out of Mr. Lamar's office. I heard her thanking him over and over profusely. I felt my face flush with jealousy. Who was this tender little piece of ass?

I let the anger pass though. She pranced out of our offices, her short skirt bouncing to and fro and allowing for a free show. I couldn't imagine what she would thank Mr.

Lamar for other than the opportunity to give her a free lesson in being a good cock-sucker. I giggled to myself, thinking about my joke. The next day the slut was sitting in my chair, behind my desk doing actual office work. I stood aghast upon entering while watching as she pleasantly answered the phone and continued to type from an open file folder.

I felt flaming anger rush through me. I walked boldly to the heavy door separating the waiting room and my little desk from his office. I stormed into Mr.

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Lamar's office without announcement. He looked rather shocked at my pretentious entrance and let the phone drop slightly from his ear. I could see he noticed my facial expression. He explained to the caller an emergency had come up and he needed to deal with something immediately. "Miss Martin you know better than to enter my office like that. You're asking for a reprimanding. I don't think I need to remind you how I have no problem with discipline, even if you are 21 I will punish you mercilessly if necessary.

I do not tolerate insubordination." "Yes sir. I'm sorry sir. I just……well…&hellip.I wanted to know ……&hellip.if you're not satisfied with me? I said matter-a-factly. I seemed speechless. He reached to loosen his tie. I had grown nervous of that gesture as I knew all too well what it meant.

As I shrinked back slightly he began assuring me saying, "Apart from this intrusion, you have pleased my colleagues and me greatly over the past few months." He paused, smirking and continued, "Besides it really doesn't matter, you're an easily replaced slutty, little office whore, who has no real say. But you know that baby, don't you? However currently I have no intention of replacing you" His strong body poised perfectly as he rested his folded hands on the desk. His eyes staring back at me, defying me to stand up for myself.

I grimaced, at a loss for words. I gestured, indignantly to the door. It was as if I was pointing through the heavy mahogany to the beautiful girl sitting in my leather, rotating chair where I had been fucked over and over by him. He reached over to press an extension on his phone. I stood like a statue. "Yes, come in here." He said, the door opening almost immediately, I dropped my hand.

Everything was at his beck and call. The little blonde girl walked quickly over to the desk. She appeared to be waiting for orders. "Walk to the middle of the room."Mr. Lamar commanded her. She did so robotically. She looked down to the carpet and I thought I noticed a sly little smile. The fucking bitch didn't even acknowledge my presence. "Take off your clothes." He ordered. To my astonishment she started to shed her clothes without any reproach.

Clearly she understood the rules, her tight, short brown pencil skirt hitting the floor. I watched her large breasts bounce under her white collared shirt. She pulled the shirt over head and let it fall to the floor, stopping to look at Mr. Lamar seductively. I watched unprepared and helpless, angry and jealous of what I saw.

She slithered to a flattering position and stood openly in just her pretty bra and panties. Slowly she pulled her right pink bra strap down. Her nipples hardened from the cold air in the office, under the thickness of the pink material hiding those firm breasts.

I could feel the familiar wetness in my panties as she stripped for us. She slowly revealed all of her lightly freckled skin. Her deep brown eyes shot over to me while she pulled the other strap down during her sexy strip tease. I felt my knees weaken. I hated her and wanted her all in the same moment very, very badly.

Her body was slim and curvy. She was a little smaller than me but still voluptuous in her own way. Her hips were set slightly apart. She arched her back letting her chest push forward, reaching back to unclasp her lacy, pink bra. She slid her hands down the sides of her curves, tracing her figure down to the lining of her panties. Taking the matching ruffled pink panties in between her fingers she turned around kicking her clothes away, her large breasts slightly bouncing from side to side as her bra fell from her teardrop shaped breasts.

She looked behind her slowly pushing the underwear off of her round, nicely shaped ass. She performed like a porn star. As she stepped out of her panties, teasing me with her naked body, I noticed her thin, landing strip of public hair that was neatly trimmed.

She dropped a hand, timidly covering her pussy and trying to cover her bouncy titties. I felt my tongue caress my lips slightly, my mouth watering to taste her cleanly, shaven slit.

She bit her own lip seeing my obvious lust and looked to the carpet. It was my absolute pleasure seeing how the young girl blushed when she noticed me staring at her beautiful, ready cunt. "Move your hands" Mr. Lamar snapped, enjoying how he was embarrassing her. She blushed, turning even redder, to reveal a sexy smile. I saw her shiver. She held her perfect, little hard nipples in between her fingers instead, hoping that would satisfy her new boss.

I noticed Mr. Lamar lustily looking at her body. I was surprised to feel so hot with jealousy and yet be very, very aroused. Gene turned from her sexy little figure to say to me, "Miss Martin, meet your new assistant." I felt my mouth drop, my face surely revealing the surprise as I looked that sweet piece of ass up and down.

I held the position for what seemed an eternity, my lips spread so widely apart as if I was about to swallow my boss's thick load. "She will help you with your office duties&hellip."He continued. I chuckled to myself, looking to the floor and shaking my head while I thought of my office duties. If she was going to help she was going to have to suck and fuck a lot of dick, and some pussy too. "She will also be in your total command." I felt a little pre-cum soak my thin panties, thinking about all I could make this delicious looking, young girl do to please me.

As I was starting to realize I was being promoted, I felt Mr. Lamar come over to stand behind my body.

He whispered in my ear that I was a cunt and if I even thought this gave me any authority I was wrong. He also told me I was still his whore and would do whatever he ordered including fuck this young girl if he desired. Oh, but he didn't have to order me.

I was more than ready to dominate this submissive, gorgeous girl. Suddenly she let out a small whimper, shivering from the cold of his placid office. I melted, thinking of how else I could make her whimper.

"Now Miss Martin&hellip.your assistant is being a vey naughty girl isn't she?"He provoked. I somehow found speech, playing into his little game. "Oh, very much so sir…&hellip.should she be punished now?" He grinned tapping my butt cheeks lightly.

"You will have to think of a way for her to make up for her lacking your obvious skills. Ms. Martin is a notorious tease. That's part of the reason she has managed to become such a large asset to this firm." He snickered.

"How old are you?" I said to the young girl shaking nude before me. "I'm&hellip.20"She said super sweetly. "ah ah ah" Mr. Lamar teased, shaking his finger at her. She dropped her head letting her curled blonde hair fall to the sides of her softly shaped face.

"19" I barley heard her say. "A young barley legal slut…"I happily said imagining to myself what that wet, innocent little pussy tasted like. "Do you enjoy being naked in front of other women?" "I don't know ma'am."She said demurely. I had become quite the little pussy licker while in Gene's office. I couldn't help but stare uncontrollably at that sweet little slit between her thighs. "Then why do you strip so easily for me and Mr.

Lamar?" I said sexily, continuing to stare at her vulnerable figure. I watched her muscles twinge, and contract while I continued our provocative discussion. I embarrassed her but to my surprise she squirmed in sexual anticipation. She was a proud exhibitionist. "I guess because I really, really wanted a job." "You wanted to my whore you mean?" "No! No…&hellip. I'm sorry Ma'am I mean……… I don't mind because I can't be&hellip.well…& mother threw me out." "Because you're a naughty slut or…" "Please Ms.

Martin, my mother has a ……&hellip.drug problem and she&hellip.well she's …&hellip.and he's&hellip.well&hellip.he's evil."The last word of her sentence drifted heavily in the frigid office. She seemed almost frightened by her own words. "Who?" I almost wanted to cry for her when seeing her beautiful eyes swell with liquid. She started to appear pathetic standing nude, sadly, starting to sob. "My step dad." She finally answered.

"Oh, your step dad is evil to you? Ah, poor baby…&hellip.come here." I said holding out my arms. She walked hesitantly over to where I stood.

I let her come to me and warm her cold body against me. I stroked her soft hair and let her wipe her tears on the soft material of my expensive suit. Gene had brought many models in for me to suckle and lick, forcing me to eat it until they would come violently in my face. I had been made to do every obscene slutty act you could think of. I had been forced to enjoy every executive glutton who wanted to use my body for their sexual pleasure.

It was now my turn. I was going to devalue and degrade my own personal office whore. She was going to be mine. "Well than," I said releasing her after she had calmed down. "I understand completely, but I will expect you to remain professional and be dependable. No more sniveling. You're too beautiful to be sniffling in your superior's arms." I put a finger to her chin raising her face to look upon my prominent features. "You have pretty eyes Ms.

Martin."She whispered sweetly, her eyes shining through her running mascara. I grasped her hips firmly and pushed her off of me. I stood back and folded my arms, suddenly shifting my demeanor.

The frightened look in her eye caused her to step self-consciously backwards. She didn't break from my glare as I looked at her cruelly, saying, "the first thing you will do is learn your place here. Now go out there and write fifty times I am a naughty, barley legal, slut who likes to take off my clothes and show my cunt to anyone.

Oh, and if your other work is not finished in a timely manner there will be consequences. You can depend on that." I crudely said laughing at my own mean-ness. I was going to savor every moment of this humiliating process.

She looked a little dejected already as she slowly reached for her clothes. "What are you doing?" I seductively said, grinning at her like the sex kitten I had become. "Leave that shit there and get out to your desk." "But…&hellip.its……so cold!" She said hoping to find forgiveness in my unsympathetic eyes.

I would not be her friend but more like the sister or mother she needed. "Your work will warm you up!" I held out my hand daring her to not hand me her clothes. She reluctantly handed me her cheap little outfit. She walked out of the office as I had done so many times, with her head down, a little broken, and naked. I was exhilarated. I felt Gene move back to my side. He slid his hands up and down my waist, caressing my curves.

I felt his hot breath creep up on my neck before he suckled my skin gently. He lifted his head from my neck gently nibbling on my ear. "Like her baby?"He whispered, erotically.

He moved his hands down the front my tight skirt, grabbing hard into the material to squeeze the thickness of my thighs underneath. I felt weak under his strong grasp. "Ohhhh, yes&hellip.I like. Mmmmm that feels good."I managed to say ready for our usual morning routine. He reached in between my legs where a tremendous heat burned hot like the ache in pussy for his dick.

I felt my body break a sweat as he rubbed the material hard against the mound pressed tightly under the fabric. He eased me into his arms, caressing my neck with more light kisses. His soft lips brushed and tickled my skin and the euphoria of being stroked over my clothes clouded my mind. My hair fell onto his other hand. I couldn't believe how gentle he was being this time. He guided me to his mouth where I let him kiss me deeply.

My body always betrayed me with Mr. Lamar. There was no way to resist his sexuality. He pulled his mouth from mine to look hard into my eyes. I cued him to do his will with my body. "Get out there and help your new assistant get acquainted with her new surroundings. Your new office is over there." He said pointing to a door I had never really noticed on the other side of his office.

I always assumed it was a fancy closet. He withdrew his hard prick from where it had been absentmindedly pressed in between my ass cheeks. He strode over to his chair. I could feel my bottom lip protruding.

I pouted feeling disappointed he didn't fuck me royal in front of our new employee. "But, don't you want to&hellip."I started to say. I felt like a naughty little school girl wanting to be punished for cheating on a test. "Gina&hellip.don't try my patience…&hellip.just do what I ask&hellip."He said as I opened my mouth to protest.

His expression forced me to walk to the other side of the office. "Yes sir."I started to walk out to my old desk, thinking, fine I'll just go torment that sweet little slut for entertainment. He stopped me cold ordering me to go first to my new office. God, did it have a view. It was almost as beautiful as Mr. Lamar's. It was very suiting to my taste. It was sexy and luxurious, woods and leathers complete with all the necessary technological accessories.

I remember pausing in the door way to take in the sight. So this is what doing whatever you want gets me Mr. Lamar I thought. I get whatever I want. Feeling a little rejected for that little, blonde, bitch suddenly seemed unimportant. I still was a little pissed for him leaving me extremely hot and bothered and I about murdered that whore when I heard her fucking Gene later that afternoon in his office.

I had come back from lunch early. I cracked the door to see her riding him on top of the desk. He was stretched across the cold wood I had been made to bend over so many times letting her grind and moan obscenely.

I stormed out of my new office, ready to do anything to leave.

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Fuck him. When I got to my phat apartment he maintained for me, I calmed down. Thinking, I shouldn't be so surprised and hell, why should I even care? Maybe my feelings for Gene were deeper than just being his fuck toy?

Maybe he was right, I always did tease him, and maybe I secretly wanted him? But that was fucking crazy. Mr. Lamar is just Mr. Lamar I said over and over again to myself. He's just my perverted, sick, twisted boss. I came in the next morning, feeling sexy and defiant, ready for his typical bullshit and ready to tell him to shove his lousy job, his lousy promotion, and his fucking apartment.

"Ms. Martin, come in here…&hellip.immediately." The intercom buzzed loudly in my new office from his loud request. I took my time peeling off of my coat, gloves, and hat. I strutted into his office, letting my ass move from left to right slowly, and watching his eyes, trying to guess what he had planned. "Well, What can I do for you sir?"I finally said plopping into a heavy leather chair. "So…&hellip. you called your boyfriend yesterday&hellip."He calmly said, spinning his chair in my direction.

I swallowed hard. I had forgotten all about it. I felt the color flush hard in my cheeks as a chill ran down my spine. "Uh……well&hellip.I may have&hellip.called to see how he has been since the break up&hellip.but I definitely didn't&hellip."I started to say anything, trying to cover up the phone sex I had solicited from him.

"Gina, he doesn't want you&hellip." Gene sharply interrupted. "Why would he break up with you if he did?" "You're the reason he did aren't you!?" I retorted. "Oh? Has he called you since? Don't you think if he really wanted you he may have questioned his father a bit more about why all of a sudden he had to break up with you?

I mean if he loves you right?" I felt a little self-conscious suddenly, forgetting all about the speech I had prepared to tell the fuck off and quit. "No but& do you know that I called him anyway&hellip.and it seems that you don't really need me around here so&hellip."I started to lament, trying to regain control.

"What nonsense is this?" He slowly replied with a subtle smile. He seemed to enjoy realizing I had become insecure. He continued saying, "I told you already that your work here has been……most satisfactory…" "I don't want to be just satisfactory sir."I said softly.

"Well, well, well& little office bitch has developed some feelings."He snapped. I wanted to wrap my hands around his throat. "Gene, I have done every fucking thing you have ordered me to do.

You have blackmailed me in to humiliating myself over and over and over again. Just let me go. You've had your fun." "Really……"He let a hand disappear behind the desk to pull open a drawer.

"Well, here than."He said throwing a stack of DVD-Rs onto the desk surface. "&hellip.than fucking go!" I was free. He had given me all the porno's he had made of me. I could have walked out then. I knew that he must have more copies anyway but I suddenly felt something more keeping me in his office. "But Gina, the truth is& wanted to be here&hellip.isn't that right?"He slowly, strategically said, before I could question.

"No sir."I tried to say resisting. "I don't believe you. You must know I've always wanted you. And I don't mean just to fuck and suck on you, humiliate and torture you sexually.

I love watching you submit to me and suck me while on your knees. I love hearing you beg for my dick baby but, I mean, you must really know how I feel about you."I listened intently.

I wanted to enjoy the affirmation but was unsure if he was even remotely telling the truth. I wanted it to be the truth. "Than&hellip.why……… fuck her, sir!"I blurted out finally.

"I like that you still call me sir even though you were ready a minute ago to grab the evidence and leave." He chuckled. "Okay baby, you play games so will I. You call your ex man and you want to know why that hot little blonde can't keep her hands off of me? Which question to answer first&hellip.hmmmmm." He mocked. He reached down and pressed a button amongst a myriad of official looking buttons installed in a panel on the mahogany.

The bitch entered, wearing an unusually sexy blue and white suit. "Thank you for the suit Mr. Lamar."The perfect looking new assistant said.

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I turned my head to the wall. I was being so obviously replaced and had allowed myself to become nothing more than a pimped out office prostitute, easily confused by his few pleasantries. "You have some explaining to do. What time are you supposed to be here in the morning?"Mr. Lamar said to her. "Well&hellip."She started to say. "Answer me!" "Well sir, uh…&hellip.7?" "And what time did you get here this morning??" "I'm sorry&hellip.I couldn't get a cab&hellip.and I……well I'm sorry……I just&hellip." "So you rode Frank instead??!" I felt a smile spread across my face in a cat like manner, whirling around to see the pathetic expression on my new assistants' face.

"Why you little whore."I let escape from my mouth. The tears that had been forming in my eyes disappeared, and I was ready to watch this girl receive what she deserved. "Oh don't you even fucking think you're going to get out of what you did."Gene barked back at me, noticing my sudden excitement. I bit hard on my lip. Knowing his tone, I suspected some kind of redemption was in order for both of us. He focused his attention on the embarrassed, sweet piece of ass standing with her chin to her well endowed chest.

"Now&hellip.tell me and your superior what you did."He said to her and motioning to me. I started to get so horny looking her up and down as she explained how Frank had told her it was part of her duties to fuck him and whatever other bullshit excuse she could think of. "Did you enjoy it?"I mocked. She looked up disappointed, her beautiful bottom lip quivering. "Do you like fucking older men honey? Do you like to call them daddy and have your ass beaten while you beg for more?" I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm and hate.

She looked completely bewildered. She played nervously with her hands and fingers before raising one to her mouth. She bit down on a finger nail after a moment of seemingly not knowing what to say. Gene let me continue my cruel remarks as he watched. I could see his eyebrow rise out of my peripheral view. "Yes, you do don't you…&hellip.It's okay. He can't be any older than your own father. Maybe you've always just wanted to fuck your daddy." I said coldly. She looked up shocked, staring back hard into my deep hazel eyes.

She seemed flawless except for the nail biting. She was so fuckable. I wanted her. She reminded me of Kate. I remember catching my old roommate Kate, naked "accidentally" a few times. I loved to see her perfect, athletic body coming freshly, wet out of the shower, or drying absent mindedly in my room.

I used masturbate thinking she did it on purpose and one of these days I would catch her horny and she would let me lick and suck on the sexy little bald pussy she sported. "That's enough Ms. Martin." Gene finally said. I had stopped listening to all the disgusting things I had said. "Well……I went into his office because he said he had something important for you sir."She said pausing to look up to Gene for some hint of understanding.

"It all happened so fast." I burst out laughing. Frank was not that smooth. "Bullshit."I callously said. Her look of embarrassment and innocence returned. Her deep eyes captured my focus.

I could see her growing nipples under her thin blouse. She was staring now at my ripe, round mounds of breast pushed forward in my low cut suit jacket. When I caught her, she quickly looked back at Gene. "I've had it with both of you. You both disgust me with your nymphomaniac tendencies.

You're a conniving cunt Gina and you my barley legal slut are just a piece of twat, her executive piece of twat. You better get that through your head. Both of you have been very, very bad girls and need to be taught a lesson. You will spend your time at this company being loyal to me, understand? Take off each other's clothes." He commanded.

I stood obediently ready to admonish and ravage the whore. But she had been so upset she had started to sob. She fell into my body.

I quickly propped her up as she cried gently into the material of my jacket. Stroking her hair and wiping her tears I positioned her to where I could kiss her mouth.

She let out a heavy breath that brushed across my neck. I just wanted to taste her badly. She reached out a trembling hand and slid it under my black suit jacket. I felt her soft hand move across my bare chest, pushing the material off of my shoulder.

Revealing my naked skin and sliding her hand to remove the rest of the wool jacket. Her movements were slow and seductive. I watched her expressions closely as she undressed me, sniffling and pouting. She examined my skin and seemed to enjoy its softness under the palms of her hands, helping me out of my matching skirt and silk camisole.

When she came to my lacy black panties, she knelt obediently. She let her young hands move up my muscular thighs, caressing the naked flesh gently, until curling her long fingers around the string of my thong. Tugging at the black lace she drew them down to my ankles. I stepped out still watching her, as she stared at my smoothly, shaved pussy. She seemed intrigued not taking her eyes off of the thin strip of pubic hair neatly trimmed on my cunt.

I quickly undid my own bra, letting my breasts fall out of the cups easily, and revealing how aroused I was by my hard plum nipples. I reached for her, tearing the layers of her new suit from her body until I had her naked. I delighted in letting her large breasts bounce forward and made sure to press my naked body against hers when I moved my hands down to her cheap red thong. Pushing my tits against hers, I slid my fingers under her thong and pressed my hands around her curves until I felt her tender, very tight ass under my palms.

Still holding her panties in between my fingers, I slid them slowly off of her ass, letting them drop to the floor. I let my pussy rub against her bald lips. I stood for a moment holding her body against mine, our body heat warming us, and our erect nipples rubbing gently.

She had stopped crying. I shot a sexy look to my boss who was leaning against his desk, looking very pleased with himself. "Kiss her Gina, get her good and wet. She's going to need to be for what I'm about to show her." I felt my cunt tingle when he referenced his big dick I was made to ride every morning until yesterday. I could feel my body shake a little when I planted a heavy kiss on the surprised young girl.

Her soft lips pressed firmly against mine as I rubbed her skin. She moaned, almost purring with every movement of my hands across her slim figure. She reached across my body and began fondling me, reaching her straying fingers into my long, soft hair and stroking me softly. "Mmmmmm", she moaned into me again. She spread her lips apart allowing me to massage her tongue with mine. I could feel her squirming. I started to slide a free hand down to her pussy hoping it was as wet as mine and starting to drip juices.

The heat between her thighs was ridiculous. I moved my chest back and forth across her erect nipples still holding her with my lips to my kiss. The brushing made me so aroused I wasn't sure if I could go without his cock much longer or that juicy, young twat dripping onto my leg. I hoped Gene would force me to eat her. I started to think about how he was such a tease. I knew he would make me beg before giving me that cock. That would be my punishment, humiliating me into admitting I was completely addicted.

"What do you think Gina? Is she ready for this?"He said pulling a throbbing prick out from under his zipper. He flexed it like a muscle, vulgarly showing off his size. The girth of that cock made me play Goldilocks. His cock wasn't too thick, not too thin, but it was just fucking right and I was going to fuck it right. I felt myself wet my lips in anticipation.

I loved sucking dick. "No sir, but I may be able to accommodate."I said lowering myself to the carpet. "You're big mouth? I have no doubt, but I want to make sure our new employee understands her job description. She has to be able to be on time and be able to suck massive amounts of cock." I watched enviously as she took him gently in between her lips.

It was erotic. I had a great view, watching her head bob up and down, while Gene guided her head gently down on his prick.

I unconsciously reached down to my pussy. I felt the blood rushing out of my head as I gently rubbed my index and middle finger against my slit. It parted easily with the light pressure because of the wetness. I continued to watch as she improvised licking up and down his shaft, sloppily slurped his head, and tongued his balls. She was a natural. He seemed entertained watching her effort.

But we both knew who the experienced cock and ball tease was and he showed he preferred my technique by giving me the eye as she continued to suckle him. I giggled hearing her growl, her mouth stuffed with dick. She loved it almost as much as I did.

I was sure her juices where flowing now. I reached over to her lips and pressed in between her slit, hard. I could feel my fingers ripple as if in bath water to long, she was very wet. "Mmmmmmmmmm" She moaned loud and long keeping her eyes on Mr. Lamar's face as she continued to suck his dick.

"Yes baby, I'm sure she's ready."Gene said to me. "You know what you're going to do now?"He said leaning down to my assistant. She looked up innocently to our boss, not taking her mouth from his glistening shaft. Her drool dripped off of his dick. "You're going to eat your superior. You're going to go over there and taste Ms. Martin's delicious fucking pussy. You're going to swallow her cum and make her squirt on your face and when you're done baby, you're going to come over here and sit on this dick." "But&hellip.I don't know how to…I've never done that."She protested, removing her mouth from his pulsing cock.

"You're going to do it now, or you're going to lose your job."Mr.

Lamar said as sinister as an evil villain from a movie I couldn't remember. "Don't worry, Frank will fuck you……I mean hire you."I added menacingly, trying to hide how horny she had made me.

She did as she was told and crawled over to where I was. I lifted my hand from her twat and started to rub in between my legs. "Ms. Martin, teach her a lesson in work ethic." "Yes sir. I definitely will."I said looking down my chest to her pretty blonde curls that were tickling my thighs. My hair fell down across my bare breasts. I felt her begin to nuzzle my wet lips.

"Mmmmmm, good girl. It's okay sweetie I'll show you." I leaned back thinking of Elissa and the first time I had ever eaten pussy. I was so nervous I wouldn't please her. "Now&hellip.mmmmmm…&hellip.yes…&hellip.suck my clit gently&hellip.ohhhh&hellip.yes just like that honey…&hellip.Ohhhhhh fuck………swirl your tongue over my lips and ohhhhh…&hellip.yes&hellip.and stroke the clit…&hellip.goooooood girl…&hellip.yes&hellip." Gene giggled watching as I pushed her head deeper into my cunt.

I grabbed hard onto her blonde locks waiting for the right moment to suffocate her in pussy juice. I stared back at Mr. Lamar, making sexual faces as I grinded my hips against her mouth.

"There you go…& shove your tongue into my pussy." She was so obedient and did exactly as I asked. I felt her tongue creep up into the entrance of my cunt and start to massage my tense muscles. "Ohhhhhh FUCK YES! In and out baby girl& and oooooooo yes& and out." I got hot all over as her little tongue moved in and out of my pussy.

"Now come here," I said grabbing her head from my crotch and pulling her up my naked body, "make me taste it." She slipped her glistening tongue into my mouth. I tasted my pussy on her lips, licking her mouth, delighting in the flavor of my cum all over her face.

I pushed her head gently back down my body as she stared into my eyes. "Yes&hellip.look at me while you do it&hellip.that's so fucking hot&hellip.keep those beautiful dark eyes right here&hellip.and suck that clit&hellip.mmmmmmm yes……suck it gently honey& and out of your mouth&hellip.create a little suction on it like……ahhhhhhh………yes just like that&hellip.awwwww fuck yah……mmmmmm……now……put your longest finger in my pussy while you do that……&hellip.yes&hellip.good girl…& you like that?

Yes?" I giggled as she nodded, trapped in between my thighs. "My sweet little office slut&'re going to be an expert when I get through with that pussy&hellip.are you soaking wet yet? I'm gonna fuck that cunt with a dildo later……and watch you cum all over it……ohhhhhh fuck&'re making ME SO FUCKING HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCK!!!!!!SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! YES FASTER BABY, FINGER FUCK THAT PUSSY…&hellip.NOW ONE MORE!!!" I started to yell louder and louder. Gene positioned himself behind her round, tender ass. He rubbed her anus, alternating between her pussy and ass. I watched her asshole shine with cum. She moaned harder into my cunt. She was doing it much faster to me know. "OH FUUUUUCKKKKKK YES!!!!!

I'M GOING TO CUM ALL OVER YOUR PRETTY PINK LIPS BITCH…&hellip.FUCK THAT PUSSY…&hellip.OHHHHHHH FFFFFFUCCCCCKKKKKK………&hellip.GIVE IT TO ME……GIVE IT TO ME……FUCK YES&hellip." Gene giggled watching me writhe and wiggle. My legs stretched wider and my leg muscles tightened as I felt my body preparing for massive orgasm. "Mmmmmmm." She moaned. I watched as Mr. Lamar started to push three fingers hard in and out of her pussy.

Her sloppy juices making a squirting sound as he moved his hand faster and faster in and out of her body. "HARRRRRDDDDDEEERRRRRR!!!!!" I wailed. "OHhhhhhhhhh FUCK! That's it right there&hellip.suck that clit&hellip.suck it…………&hellip.ohhhhhhhh shhhhhhiiiiiiittttttt&hellip.OHHHHHH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed starting to cum all over her probing fingers pounding into my pussy.

I gyrated and seizured as my body shook with rapid orgasm. I felt my cunt tighten violently around her fingers still pushing in and out me. My juices coated her hand, squirting onto her fingers almost as audibly as her juices flowing from her cunt onto our boss. "Ahhhhhhh yes……I did it……mmmmmmm look Mr. Lamar I did it……"She said adorably, lifting her cum covered face from my pussy.


"Yes good girl& made her cum very hard…& will learn to do that anytime Ms. Martin feels like she deserves that kind of attention. You understand?" "OOooooooo yes sir." She groaned while Gene continued to finger fuck her. I pulled her head back to my pussy. "Lick it all up."I demanded. Then I looked back at Gene ready to beg. "Please Mr.

Lamar let me suck that dick. I have been so patient. Let me suck you off." I pouted to Gene. His cock twitched as I pleaded.

"You really think you deserve to ride my cock Ms. Martin?" "PLLLLLLEEEEASSSSEEEEE." He laughed pulling the girl from my sopping wet pussy to kiss her. He pulled her hard against his mouth while looking at me.

He licked her luscious lips heartily, still staring at me. "MMmmmmm you taste good baby. Your pussy is extra sweet today." He said teasing me. Gene pulled the girl up onto her knees to face him. She opened her mouth.

As he allowed her to blow him he said to me, "Stand over my desk." "I'm too weak from my orgasm sir." I replied, trying to persuade him with my open legs to just bury his shaft deep into my warm, juicy pussy. "Fuck me Mr. Lamar!!"I pleaded but he just laughed coldly.

"Do what I tell you. How dare you defy my authority in front of my employees." He snapped back. I shakily stood and found myself in a slumped position near the desk. He rose keeping the girl plastered to his crotch. Before attending to me he helped her work up the appropriate rhythm on his cock.

"Bend over Ms. Martin." He said slapping a hand hard on my ass cheek. "Owwwwww FUCK!!" "So you called your ex-boyfriend for phone sex yesterday…"He started.

"What???!!!! No&hellip.I OWWwwwwwwwww ……&hellip." I tried to say as he let another heavy slap come down on my bare skin. I wondered how he had known. "Are you lying to me now??!" "No! I just&hellip.YEeeeeeowch!" "Tell me the truth or I will beat you harder you horny, nymphomaniac, slut." "Please Mr. Lamar…&hellip.I would never do anything to break your confidence in me sir…&hellip.I&hellip.owwwww&hellip.shiiiiitttt!!!!!" "Then why would you ever call your ex-man after I made it clear you were to focus entirely on your career here!!" "I…&hellip.FUCK!


He continued to beat my bottom, while I cried out in pain. I watched my assistant out of the corner of my eye go to town on his dick. "No????? ………&hellip.That's it, now touch my balls."He paused to say to our little whore in between his legs.

She moved a hand to fondle and caress his sack. He guided her head as she licked all over his balls, pausing to suck him. "Good girl. More than I can say for this lying slut…&hellip.up on the desk Ms. Martin."He ordered. I positioned myself with my legs wide spread, my ass at the edge of the large desk, ready to receive a pounding.

He lifted the young girl he had straddled by her small arms onto the desk. "Lay down." He said pushing her down. "Now put that nice ass right where I can see it Gina, all fours like the little bitch you are. Get over our new little office slut." I saddled myself, one leg at a time over her body, sitting pussy to pussy and leaning over her large tits.

I spread my hands shoulder width apart and leaned over her naked flesh. I stared deep into her wanton eyes, dropping my face to hers.

I brushed our lips together letting my ruby ones touch her soft pink mouth. She moaned into my mouth as I continued to kiss and suckle on her lips. "That's it my bad little office sluts. Kiss her Gina." He didn't have to tell me. I violently forced my tongue into her mouth, while she struggled to receive it, moaning the whole time with every movement.

I felt Gene's hands on my round, exposed butt cheeks, he gently pushed my ass down until my wet pussy lips met her wet little slit.

"Mmmmmm yes." I heard her say muffled by my kisses. I thought she was responding to my nipples brushing her rock hard tits but she moaned so loudly I started to realize Gene's stomach pressed hard into my ass cheeks. He had started to fuck her with that delicious cock I craved so badly. "Mr. Lamar please??" I beckoned, lifting my head from the kissing and shaking my butt cheeks a little. He loved to make that ass bounce.

Gene took out his long, hard rod and pushed it hard and deep into my pussy. I cried out at the sudden fullness, his hard prick pressing firmly against my walls. "Is that what you want Gina? You want her cum inside you? You like that slut?" We both said "mmmmm" in agreement. "Fucking sluts." He retorted, giggling as he fucked my dripping twat. I began to protest as he withdrew his cock to fuck the hole right below mine.

I returned to kissing and sucking on my assistant. I moved my hands to rub and caress her breasts. She looked like she would orgasm when I pinched her hard nipples in between my fingers while letting her meet my tongue with hers.

The scene was very erotic, my body plastered on top of this young, hot blonde on top of the desk, while Gene went in and out of our bodies. First her hole than into my dripping pussy, than he would pause to rub our cum on my asshole. He had started to develop a pattern, so I could begin to somewhat anticipate when his throbbing, pulsating cock would pop into my tight, spasaming pussy.

I tried to squeeze that cock tightly within my walls as to keep him for as long as I could pleasuring my cunt. I didn't want to share. Our sex sounds were loud in the office, echoing against the walls and competing to be louder than the sound of the cum squirting onto our boss's dick. "AWwwww FUCK ME! YES, YES, YES, FUCK YES MR.

LAMAR FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!" "Now Ms. Martin you will learn your lesson?????" he said withdrawing, ending the teasing. He had been pounding into our bodies but only satisfying one of us with his beautiful black dick. I reached back trying to grab onto his dick to show him where I so desperately needed it. He rubbed the purple helmet of his long dick on my asshole.

I nervously squirmed, but he grabbed me with a free hand forcing me to stiffen. "Relax." He ordered. He knew it was hard for me to take his dick anally even though once he would work it in my butthole I would scream like the little, nasty bitch he fucking loved to penetrate. I struggled knowing the first few minutes all too well of terrible pain.

He reached down and used the cum from my assistants pussy, pushing my cheeks apart to rub the juice on my butthole. "No…" I whimpered.

"Shut up." He said. "Fuck." I heard him spit several times, feeling his saliva coat my skin and then be pressed it in between my soft ass cheeks. He put his rod above my hole again, rubbing the juices and a little of his own pre-cum on my butt. I'm sure his mouth was watering. He knelt sucking on my clit a little and soaking my pussy with his mouth. He always did this if I struggled to relax enough to put his large cock in my ass.

I came hard on his face as he finger fucked my cunt, positioning his fingers upward, rocking my g-spot, and pressing murderously hard into my body! Fuck, it was so good. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!!!!" I screamed squirting all over myself. "I can feel her cum dripping on my pussy." My assistant excitedly said. Gene didn't wait for a cue. He quickly stood and let his rock hard dick pop right into my anus. "AHhhhhhhh! Fuck!!!!!" I screamed. "Take it baby.

FUCKING RELAX!!! YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE THIS, NOW FUCKING RELAX THAT BEAUTIFUL ASS!!" I tried hard to let the tension go, thinking hard on the orgasm he had just given me with his tongue and fingers. As I imagined cumming again all over him and my assistant, I felt his cock merge a little more into my tight little anal canal. He pushed hard into my body. My assistant paused from nibbling my tits and reached up, pulling my head down to hers. She kissed me deeply while our boss surged deeper into my tight ass.

"That's it baby. Let me in that sweet little ass. Fuck you're so tight. I may come right now!!! FUCK!" She held me tight to her lips, her soft tongue caressing mine. Her soft kisses on my bottom and top lips made me shake as he pushed deeper inside of me. I let a muffled cry out into her mouth. "It will be over soon." She whispered to me. Her sexy manner caused the last little bit of tension out of my body.

Mr. Lamar was fully in my rectum and paused until my body expanded appropriately. He reached a hand down to finger my assistant's pussy. I wouldn't have known except by her reaction.

She threw her head back saying, "mmmmmm yes." I could feel his hand cup my pussy as he put almost his whole hand in her gaping hole.

He started to fuck my ass. His palm hit hard on my clit forcing me to tighten my cheeks around his cock. I would easily cum from him beating my clit and forcing my ass to accept his long rod. "OHHHHHHHH SHITTTTT.


He took the cue and starting ripping through my asshole with his massive prick. I felt cum sliding out of my pussy down to my sweet little assistants, lubricating Gene's hand as he pounded her pussy with his free hand. "OHHHHHHHHH GOD, MR. LAMAR YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR HAND." "FUCK, GET THAT SHIT sir……GIVE IT TO US!!" I yelled back letting the informality slip.

"You like that you nasty slut? Does it fucking hurt??? I want to make sure you never call the miserable fuck of an ex of yours again.

Now tell me who are you loyal to Ms. Martin." "Ooohhhhhhh God! Uhhhhhhhhh…&hellip.That MOTHERFUCKING COCK SIR……&hellip.Ohhhhhhh FUCK ME in my TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE…&hellip." "I'll never fuck you again if you ever call him, do you understand????!!" "OH GOD SIR I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN JUST DON'T EVER TAKE THAT ROCK HARD DICK OUT OF ME……OHHHHHHH SHIIIIIITTTTT." "Oh GOD I'm GONNNA CUM!!!!" My assistant yelled.

"FUCK!!!! …………&hellip.ME TOO!!!!" I screamed. Then he let his hot load stream into my asshole. His cum filled my tight little hole. Suffocating his prick under the pressure, I came too.

I let my juices stream out of my soaking pussy all over the two of them. I felt my milky stream flood out over my walls and drip on that little bitch writhing and grinding underneath me. "OH MY GOD!!!!!" She yelled. I delighted feeling her body shake with orgasm under mine.


I kissed her again and again. She ravaged my mouth with hers, moaning hard and pausing to yell out some obscenity about how he had given it to her so good.

Her messy juices squirted everywhere, including onto my cunt. Gene finished himself in my asshole, spurting heavily in my anus, coating my canal in sticky giz. I moaned like bitch in heat as he moved to withdraw. His cum sliding down my ass cheeks as I collapsed exhausted on top of my assistants perky titties. I could feel how he had sprayed my ass heavily with what felt like gallons of cum.

"I guess that will teach you whos' boss, my sweet little piece of ass. Good girl, you take cock like a champ." He complimented tapping my sore ass lightly. He was still gushing as he pulled out of my already shrinking anal canal. "Mmmmm" I heard myself respond.

I buried my face against her warm, puffing chest, letting my lips move over her skin, playfully teasing her mounds of breasts and nipples with what little energy I had left. Gene suddenly pulled my weak body from hers. I collapsed like a noodle in his arms. He grabbed my face and kissed me deeply. He reached behind me to stroke my widened hole. Mr. Lamar continued erotically playing with my mouth as my assistant watching jealously, his hands grabbing and rubbing my ass cheeks.

I felt my juices sliding down my tightly clenched thighs and a wave of arousal approaching. He kissed and sucked gently on the flesh of my neck. I jumped when he moved his hands around to my pussy. "Shit you're so wet." "MMmmmm……yes sir." "You're my bad little slut aren't you baby?

But you learned your lesson? Did it hurt?"He mocked. "I learned sir." I said genuinely as he began to slide two of his fingers up and down my soaking slit. "Wow baby."He whispered amazed by how hard he had made me cum. The pressure from his fingers on my tender cunt felt incredible and I tried desperately hard to fight the urges surging back into my weak body.


I wanted to resist whatever naughty thing he had planned for me since I felt so wasted. He never touched me without reason. I was always made to do his bidding. "Baby, your new secretary is quite the little slut. You should make her suck dick." There was a strap-on in his left drawer I had been fucked with once before by one of his female business partners. I remember him laughing, while encouraging the bitch to fuck me harder, telling her to pull my hair tighter and force me to say disgusting sexual things.

I knew what he wanted me to do, so I strode over to the desk, seeing the poor girl had almost completely passed out. She was lying with her eyes closed, the biggest smile spreading across her face as her cum flowed from her limp body. The sound of the opening drawer seemed unusually loud in the silence. I rifled through until I found it. It was a long semi erect cock with that strange rubbery material that made it feel so real.

It had a little vibrator built in the head I could control from the belt.

Interrogation officer anal fists busty

I knelt and placed the cock, erect, buzzing on top of my clit. The sweet girl opened her eyes to see me standing over her with an erect cock. She lifted herself, staring as if in shock. Maybe she had never seen a dildo before or a strap on, or maybe she just never had imagined a girl fucking another girl this way.

I raised her head by the neck, pulling her body upright to face me. She watched as if she were somewhere else, watching another pretty blonde girl sitting wide spread, taking that long dildo slipping deeply into her wet pussy. She was so slick that it took no time before that large cock fit all the way into her body. She spread her legs higher and further apart as I rocked harder against her crotch, penetrating her deeper. It was beautiful to watch. Her lips eating my dick, sucking on the shaft as I pulled gently out of her vagina.

She squeezed the dildo slightly as it moved, her pussy muscles responding to the sensation of the buzzing cock. She moaned softly.

Her hands behind her trim body, stabilizing her position so she could sit vulnerably at the very edge of Mr. Lamar's desk. "Faster?" She said timidly. I giggled at her request. "Faster? You want it faster?"I replied.

"Please?" "What?" I said pretending not to hear. I wanted her to ask for me to give it to her. "Mmmmmm please??" I felt the wide smile on my face and began to pound that vibrating dildo into her sloppily wet cunt. I grabbed onto her hips and helped her rock her body against the rubber prick. "Bad girl, you'll take any kind of dick." "MMmmmmm …&hellip.yes ma'am.

Ohhhhh it feels so real!!" "&hellip.take any dick as long as its dick." "Ohhhhhh God……&hellip.mmmmmmm yes ma'am." "You like being fucked by a girl." "It feels so&hellip.mmmmmmm&hellip.soooooo good. I like it yes. Your titties are bouncing so hard they look like they're going to hit you in the face." She cried out. She giggled when I forced her head down to my chest. Her soft lips opened to suck on my tits. She suckled on my left breast, moving her tongue gently around the nipple.

I stopped to rotate in her pussy, circling her walls. It made her crazy. Her muffled moans made me so horny while her mouth was stuffed full of my 36 C size breasts. Now she suckled my right and licked and bit gently on my nipples. I had forgotten all about Mr. Lamar. She started to lift her ass of the desk and position her legs to where she had control of the cock.

"That's it slut, fuck my dick." "It feels so good damn it." She whined grinding against the rubber. Her pussy looked as if it was swallowing her own cum since so much coated the shaft of my dildo. It was almost completely white, like a ghost.

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I loved watching her transparent sloppy cum squirting all over me and the scent of sex, pussy and rubber filling our boss's office.

I fucked her harder. "OHHHHHHHHHH GOD." "Yah? Tell me." "Ohhhhhh FUCK YES." "You like that??" I replied encouragingly. I wanted to make the bitch scream. She was thrusting hard against the dick.

Her high, hard tits beat against her chest. The slapping sound of her pussy eating my dick made my own twat quiver and I thought she may make me cum without even touching me.

She threw her head back. With her eyes closed and mouth gaping open she wailed, "OOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCK I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN." You could see her muscles working hard under her skin. I reached over to her clit. Every time she slammed into my hips my hand would rub her tingling pussy. I let her work the dick and my hand to orgasm. She looked like a crazed woman sliding up and down on the strap-on pushing her cunt upward into my hand while furiously rocking back and forth. "OHHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!" "That's it&hellip.get it honey…&hellip.CUM ON IT!!!!

FUCKING CUM ON IT." I yelled at her. "OOHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIITTTTTT&hellip." She cried as I pushed harder on her clit. I could feel my ass clenching as I slammed her in between her taught thighs. "FUCK! OHHHhhhhhh………ohhhhhhh shit…&hellip.awwwwwww here it comes." She yelled.

I could almost feel the stream of hot liquid surging on the dildo as if it was my own flesh. She jerked violently backward. She rammed her pussy so hard into me I thought she was going to break something. "OHhhhhhhh shit! I'm CUMING&hellip.FUCK IM CUMING SO HARD!!!!" "Oh ya&hellip.fucking cum slut&hellip.come all over it." I said watching her grind and wiggle all over the dick and her own streaming liquid.

A small stream of cum slithered down my inner thigh. I smiled, pleasured by the feeling that I had gotten this beautiful creature off. "Now, get up slut." I ordered while she was barley recovering from her shaky orgasm. She lifted herself one arm at a time from where she had collapsed on the desk.

Still panting and barley breathing she stood at attention so close to my body her erect nipples touched mine. "Ohhhhhhhh I can't…&hellip.OHhhhhhh fuck you made me cum so hard!!!" "Get on your knees." I said grabbing her up and pushing her down by her pretty blonde locks. She looked innocently up into my eyes then back at our boss. She found no sympathy or explanation for what I was making her do. "Open your mouth baby." She looked at her cum sticking defiantly on the dildo.

She shook her head as if she didn't want to taste her own giz. "I'm sorry did you just tell me no?" I said. She looked up from my crotch showing her big puppy eyes. "Open your mouth."I repeated. She slowly spread her lips. I happily inserted the penis into her, watching her gulp to receive its size. "Good girl. You like tasting your own cum? Yes. I know you do. It's okay. We both know you're a cum-guzzling little slut. I don't mind." I said mockingly while shoving my cum covered cock into her throat.

I laughed as she gagged on her own giz. I released her had so she could cough a little. Grabbing her hair and putting her back to the compromising position I had her in before, I paused to slide slowly in and out of her mouth. She looked naively up into my eyes as I watched her mouth plastered around the girth of the dildo, sliding in and out of her perfect lips. "Good Ms. Martin, I think she understands now." Mr. Lamar suddenly said. I looked back realizing I had been in my own world with this girl.

His smile was wide noticing my surprise. I forced the bitch to suck it dry, teasing her if she missed a spot and pushing it down her throat until her job was done.

Ten minutes later it was clean to my satisfaction. He sent her back to her desk naked for me. She wobbled out of the room, weak and barley able to walk. I remained unclothed sitting on his desk. I reached behind my body to put the cock back in his desk.

I'll clean it thoroughly later I lazily said to myself. I looked sultry. He came to stand in between my thighs. "What am I going to do with you Ms. Martin?" "Give me what you promised sir??" "The fucking ride of your life?" "Ha ha no……an executive position in this office. Respect, money and power, everything I could get outside of this office on my own." "My have we gotten cocky all of a sudden. Respect? What makes you think I should give a piece of pussy like you respect?" "Because you fucking love me, and you're addicted to that pussy." "Well&hellip."He laughed, "You think so?" "Hell motherfucking yes." "Fine," he scoffed, "I'll give you what you want."He put his hands on my waist and scooted me forward and moved to play with my wetness.

"No." "No??" "More Gene&hellip." He stopped and looked thoughtfully into my eyes. I vulnerably looked back saying, "fuck just me, no one else." "Really??" He questioned. "Why?" He said interrogatively. "I donno…" I lied. He searched my expression and grabbed a hold of my face.

I could smell my cum on his fingers. He grabbed me hard and kissed my open mouth for a long while. "Same reason you forced my boyfriend to break up with me." I finally responded. He smirked. I could hear the wheels turning as he thought hard on what I said. I snuggled against his suit, suddenly noticing how naked and cold my body had become. He put his arms around my slim waist. I kissed him for a few minutes, letting his tongue stroke me provocatively. He would give me my way.

I usually got my way. All the black mail and games, I could have done the same. The truth was I had grown used to him dominating me. I reflected on all I had recently done to piss him off just to get his attention and discipline.

For now, my attention would be on my executive assistant and molding her into the perfect whore. I would put her through much worse than what Gene had and as a result of her lust, submissive nature, and her youth she would be completely mine. I could fall in love with a girl like that. I giggled to myself thinking about falling for that girl when I really wanted Mr.

Lamar. Only time would tell which I would choose and what new intrigues would pave the way for more naughty office play. ****************************************************************************************************************