Cum and piss on my own chest in bath

Cum and piss on my own chest in bath
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Fbailey story number 172 Grandma Granddaughter I was visiting a friend of mine in Boston. Sue is a little older than I am at sixty-six while I am sixty. She has a beautiful daughter named Alyssa that is now thirty-six and has a daughter of her own Jamie that is only five.

Then of course there is Grandma Grace that is ninety-four years old and suffering from Alzheimer. So to recap the four generations of women living in the house there is Grandma Grace, her daughter Sue, her daughter Alyssa, and then her daughter Jamie. Well Sue and I have made out once or twice a year for quite awhile now. It is just nice casual sex from time to time with no commitment.

Guys I know call it 'friends with benefits' or just 'fuck buddies.' So I stopped in for a little sex on my way through town. I was planning on sticking around for two or three days if all went well. Sue was not feeling up to par but then again that had never stopped her before.

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Then she filled me in on what was really bothering her. Her mother with the Alzheimer was reliving her teenage years and the old lady was horny as hell all of the time. I just laughed but Sue said that it wasn't very funny at all. Her mother was constantly fingering her pussy, shoving things into it, and exposing it as often as possible. Then of course Sue and Alyssa don't get any sex so it drives them crazy plus now it is starting to affect little Jamie too.

The ninety-four-year-old is teaching the little five-year-old some very bad habits. Alyssa caught them sharing a wax candle the other day. She that it was in both of their pussies and that the pointed end wasn't in Jamie either. I guess that it didn't help much with me trying to get into Sue's pants all the time either. I would grab her tits, pat her ass, and even feel her pussy whenever I thought that no one was looking. The problem was that apparently everyone was looking at us.

Then Grandma Grace asked me why I wasn't trying to feel her up and then just for laughs her daughter Alyssa asked me the very same thing. Grace even kissed me and then told me to go for it. What to hell, I did just that. I reached out both of my hands and held onto Grace and Alyssa's breasts.

Neither woman pulled away from me so I ran my thumbs over their nipples to get them hard. Alyssa's nipples got really hard. I did the same thing to their other nipples too.

I reached down low to get my hand up under Grace's dress and then I reached up under Alyssa's much shorter skirt to hold their pussies in the palms of my hands. I discovered that neither woman was wearing any panties and that both of them were very moist. I was enjoying myself totally and I was sure that both of the ladies were too.

That's when little Jamie chose to come into the room. She smiled up at us before cupping her own little pussy in her hand.

Sue picked her up and told Alyssa to take Grace and me to her bedroom before taking Jamie out of the room. Alyssa took her grandmother's arm and gently guided her toward the other end of the house.

She just told me to follow her and said that I could continue once we were away from her daughter's prying eyes. I looked at her fine ass in that tight mini skirt and followed her through the house. What a fantastic young woman!

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To think that she was actually offering herself to me. I figured that a daughter was better than a mother any day. When I got into Alyssa's bedroom she closed the door and locked it behind me. Alyssa threw herself into my arms and kissed me like I was the last man on Earth.

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When Grace asked me to kiss her too Alyssa just told her that I already had and that it was her turn now. Alyssa assured me that Grace would not remember a thing in another minute. Sure enough a minute later Grace asked me to kiss her too. This time I did kiss her and she absolutely loved it. Then I went back to kissing Alyssa again. Alyssa was a very enthusiastic kisser. I reached down with both of my hands and cupped the very bottom of her ass cheeks and lifted as I slipped my tongue into her hungry mouth.

As I lifted her ass I knew that I was lifting her skirt too and it felt nice.

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Again Grace asked me when I was going to kiss her. I started to realize what Alzheimer was all about and why the women got so frustrated with the old lady.

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I took Grace in my arms and cupped her slim ass as I worked her dress up her body until I had my hands full and then I just lifted it right up over her head. Grandma Grace lifted her arms up to help me and then she stood there naked smiling at me. In her mind I was sure that she was a very pretty young eighteen-year-old girl. She smiled, she blushed, and she acted like a virgin.

At first I saw her as the oldest naked woman that I had ever seen in my life. She had wrinkles everywhere, her small breasts hung low, and she hardly had any pubic hair left. Grace turned gracefully and slowly so as not to loose her balance. I gave her a pat on her ass and told her to get on the bed. She even giggled at me.

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Then I turned my attention back to Alyssa. I wished that I were twenty years younger but then I realized that she was still mine for the taking so it really didn't matter in the least how old I was. I grabbed onto her shirt at the bottom and lifted it up.


Alyssa cooperated just as her grandmother had by lifting her arms up for me too. Alyssa had on a pretty bra, which I reached back to unhook. She giggled and told me that it was in the front.

She smiled as I tried to figure out how to twist the plastic flower to release her two mounds of pleasure. Finally I managed to get unhooked and the reward was well worth it. I looked at her mini skirt and Alyssa told me to just pull it down over her hips so I did. When it fell to the floor she stepped out of it. Alyssa was then naked before me. There was no comparison between the two women but each was willing to give them self to me for my sexual pleasure and their own.

I asked Alyssa to get on the bed with her grandmother while I got undressed. I wasn't fast at it even though I wanted to rip my clothes off and jump on Alyssa so badly that I could taste it. I walked over to the bed instead of running and leaping on top of her like I wanted to do. As I got on the bed Alyssa opened her legs up for me. I got between them and placed the head of my cock at her eager opening.

As I pushed it into her we both made an audible sigh. I laid my chest on her soft breasts, kissed her passionately, and then placed a hand on Grace's breast. As I made love to Alyssa I tried to satisfy the old lady's desires too.

I fingered her clit but nothing seemed to happen. I was not about to leave Alyssa to fuck her grandmother either. She was the youngest and prettiest woman that I had fucked in many years and I was enjoying it way too much to stop. Besides Grace wouldn't remember it in ten minutes while I would remember fucking Alyssa for the rest of my life.

Finally Alyssa said, "I'll finger grandma if you want to concentrate on fucking me for awhile." All I said was, "Thank you." I wrapped my arms under Alyssa's shoulders trapping her bulging breasts against my inner arms as I concentrated on fucking her with a serious desire to cum. My strokes got shorter and faster as did my breaths.

Alyssa wrapped her legs around my waist and thrust her pelvis up toward me at the same pace. Our sex organs mashed together perfectly. Then suddenly I cum, Alyssa orgasmed, and Grace groaned in her pleasure too. It was a perfectly timed three-way sexual wonder.

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I kept my cock in her not wanting the moment to ever end. When I looked over I saw that Alyssa was still finger fucking her grandmother so I reached over and kissed Grace and asked her how she had enjoyed it. Grace smiled at me with my cock still in her granddaughter and said, "Ralph it was wonderful. I'm glad that you took my virginity.

You can fuck me every night as long as daddy doesn't catch us." I asked Alyssa, "Who is Ralph?" Alyssa smiled and said, "That was her brother. Grandma lost her virginity to her brother Ralph when she was about fifteen." Alyssa moved me off to her side and said, "Grandma eat me." Grace moved down in the bed and put her face in Alyssa's pussy and started to eat her.

Well gum her was more appropriate. She licked her pretty well for about a minute then Alyssa said, "Grandma eat me." That went on for about four or five more minutes before Alyssa told her grandmother to take a nap.

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Grace just closed her eyes and fell asleep on her granddaughter's pussy. I wished that I were that old lady. I rolled to my side and cupped one of Alyssa's firm breasts and kissed her soft lips while she held my semi hard cock in her delicate hand. Alyssa said, "Thank you. You don't know how badly I needed that." I said, "It was all my pleasure I assure you.

Alyssa you are one truly incredible young woman. It is I who should be thanking you for this." I patted her pussy gently so as not to wake Grace up then I cuddled into Alyssa and took a nap on her breast. The End Grandma Granddaughter 172