Argentina la cogi y le acabe en su boca y se cago de risa

Argentina  la cogi y le acabe en su boca y se cago de risa
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Sgt. Malloy did a last head count to make sure everyone was accounted for before heading to bed. When Dr's Sallavar and Hectors couldn't be found, he sent his marines out to find them. After almost 3 hours, nothing was found of them and Malloy called Maj. Hellison to report in about the missing doctors.

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Hellison said she would be their in the morning with help to search for the mission scientists and he was to keep everyone together until then. Malloy confirmed the order and signed off. Maj. Hellison was laying on her back with Dr. Platt slowly making her way down to her stomach with her tongue. Platt's tongue entered Hellison's belly button and licked it gently. Hellison's hands made their way to Platt's back and undid her bra reviling nice firm B cup breast.

She moved her hands under Platt and squeezed her breast. Platt reached up and pulled Hellison's tank top down. Her breast were C cup with pink nipples.

Platt crawled up and kissed Hellison's lips and groping her breast. Hellison pulled Platt closer to her and kissed her lips. Both of the breast were pressed together and their nipples rubbing against each other. Giggling, Platt moved back down to her waist and pulled down her panties.

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Hellison's pussy was nicely trimmed and very wet. Platt licked her pussy and then stuck her tongue into her. Hellison squirmed in reaction of the sensation as she felt the orgasm building in her.

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Platt did one more deep penetration with her tongue and it made Hellison orgasm with a heavy stream of juices. Hellsion then pushed Platt over on to her back and was about to lick her pussy, when Cpl. Macon began to bang on her door with extreme intensity. After yelling sever obscenities at her, she got up and opened her door to see what was so important that Macon had to almost break down her door. The Cpl.

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told her that Sgt. Malloy was calling in for help because he was under attack. Hellison quickly put her underwear on and pushed past the Cpl. and ran down the hallway not realizing she that her breast where bouncing with every step. She made her way to the radio room where another marine was working on the transmitter trying to get a clearer signal from their radio.

Hellison could hear the terror and fear in Malloy's voice as he was trying to report what was happening. The screams of his group could be heard in the background as is the screams of some unknown creature. The last sound they heard was Malloy firing his automatic rifle and then a horrific scream and then nothing.

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For the rest of the night, Hellison tried to reestablish contact with Malloy, but their was nothing but static. When the sun came up, Hellison and her other 5 marines with Dr. Leelea Bowmen boarded the second transport and headed off to the island with heavy weapons and full ammo load outs including grenades.


The transport pilot pushed the engines to almost red-lined in order to get to the island as fast as possible. They got their in just under 4 hours. They landed right next to the first transport and Maj. Hellison deployed her marines and they quickly moved to the other transport. Inside they found Dr. Lackman laying under the engineering console with several deep cuts and puncher wounds in him.

Dr. Bowmen checked Lackman and realized he was still alive. Hellison had Pvt. Glennann stayed with them to stand guard over the transports and help Bowmen. After about 2 hours of checking the other transport and patching up Lackman, Hellison moved into the jungle to find Malloy and his team.


They were able to move quickly through the brush by following the path that Malloy's people had made 2 days before and were at the campsite in just under an hour. The sight that greeted them was shocking, even for Hellison. All the tents were torn to shreds and supply crates were laying alover the place.

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Hellsion was able to quickly piece together what had happened. Malloy's group had stacked the crates up for protection and had the scientists hide in their tents. The tents were destroyed and crates scattered allover the campsite and blood was everywhere. But the real strange thing was that their were no body's or body parts, just blood.

Hellison broke her group in to 2 and set off the search a 50 meter circle to find them. Hellsion took 2 marines with her and headed north. The second group of 2 headed south and moved clockwise. Hellison had just made it to the 50 meter mark when they heard weapons fire from the other team.

Hellison tried to reach them on comlink but their was no answer. They ran to the second teams position only to find pools of blood and no bodies.

As they looked around, they noticed the trees had huge scratches in their trunks. Some of them had blood mixed with them. As Hellison took a closer look at the claw marks, she heard a scream from right behind her.

Both of her marines were gone, she was alone. Hellison made a mad dash right back to the beach and told Cpl.

Glennann to take off at once in her transport. Hellison was making her way to the second when she saw a body of one her marines laying over a small sand dune on the edge of the jungle. She ran to it quickly and turned the body over. It was Malloy. His whole chest had been ripped out and his organs missing.

Their was no blood on the sand or bushes around him. Hellison realized right away that this was a message to them. "come here and die". The trees began to shack violently and a large creature jumped out in front of her.

It was a cross between a reptile on a full grown gorilla. It had dark red fur and 3 inch claw like nails on each hand, both dripping blood. She watched as the creature reached into the bushes and pulled out the head of Dr. Sallavar.


It threw the head at her and made a horrific shriek. Hellsion pulled her rifle up and fired her entire clip, 90 rounds into the monster. The creature fell and Hellison ran for the transport. She took off from the beach and circled the island looking for any more survivors.

When she found no signs of any, she headed back to base. Scared and with the death of all but 1 of her marines, she need to get her people off the planet fast.