Elegant girl is geeting pissed on and squirts wet pussy

Elegant girl is geeting pissed on and squirts wet pussy
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Amber's appetite for sex was insatiable. Ever since she and Tom had raped Amber's school friend, Stevie, the two fucked like crazy. But Amber longed for another rape, and so did Tom. "You remember fucking Stevie, don't you, Tom?" Amber asked him one day. He smiled. "Of course I do. Do you want to do it again?" "Well, not to Stevie.

I know you like little girls. How does 13 years old sound to you?" She asked Tom. "Who do you know that is 13 and accessible?" He asked, his curiosity piqued.

---------- Tom stood in the shadowed corner of Jenny's bedroom. Amber was on her knees beside Jenny's sleeping form, gently shaking her younger sister awake.

"Jenny, wake up!" She whispered. She didn't need to whisper; their parents were out of town as they so often were, but she didn't want to startled Jenny too much. "Amber? Huh?

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What do you want?" Jenny asked, groggy. Silently, Amber bent her head and gently kissed Jenny on the lips. She brushed her fingers over Jenny's nipples under her nightgown, and felt them tighten and become erect under the thin fabric. Jenny quickly pulled away. "What the heck are you doing, Amber?" She asked, still confused. Amber sat back on her heels and looked at her little sister.

"Remember the other day you were asking me about sex and stuff? Well, I want to show you." "Ew. you're my sister, this is weird. Go back to bed ok? I'm really tired," said Jenny. "No, Jenny.

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I'm going to show you this, it won't take long. Just lie back and you'll be happy you stayed awake for it. You know that boy at school you have a crush on? You'll be a new woman tomorrow morning, I'm sure he'll notice you," Amber said, her voice honey. Amber leaned back in to kiss Jenny, and this time Jenny did not protest.Jenny looked a lot like Amber.

She had the same slim, fit body from playing soccer and doing gymnastics. Her hair, though, instead of being bright red like Amber's was, it was a pale strawberry blonde, long and a little curly.


Although Jenny was developped, with nice tight tits, she was still obviously on 13 years old. Amber was a lot more mature than Jenny, given their two year age difference, but the girls spent a lot of time together. They shared a bathroom and were not shy about being naked around each other; and Jenny often came to Amber with questions about sex. So Jenny trustingly laid back and let Amber touch her, and enjoyed the feel of Amber's hands and did not worry.

She did not know about the man in the corner. Amber prodded Jenny's mouth with her warm tongue, then moved down to lick the young girl's neck. Slowly, Amber played with Jenny's nippled through her pajamas. She felt Jenny tense and breathe heavier as the girl became excited.

More boldly, Amber pushed up Jenny's shirt and began to pinch her nipples. Then, she bent her head and licked Jenny's small hard nipples, alternately biting and sucking them.

Jenny started to rythmically thrust her hips into the air. Although she knew it wasn't exactly right, Jenny desperately wanted Amber to touch her, between her legs. Amber did not let her down; she slowly moved her hands down to Jenny's tight thighs, her tongue still nibbling at her little sister's nipples.

Amber strokes Jenny's thighs through her pajamas, with each stroke drawing closer to her quivering pussy. Jenny couldn't take it anymore. She arched her back and deftly pulled off her pajama pants.

Amber pulled back, smiled, and climbed onto the bed between Jenny's shaking legs. Amber pushed Jenny's legs far apart.

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Her legs spread easily. Amber lowered her head and gently licked Jenny's upper thigh. She brought her warm tongue close to Jenny's mound, and back down again.

Jenny was writhing and squealing, desperate for Amber's warm tongue. Knowing her desperation, Amber slowly pulled Jenny's pussy folds apart with her hands, looking at the girl's bright pink, wet cunt. She leaned into her cunt and gently licked Jenny's clit.

Slowly, teasingly, she swirled her tongue around the hard little clit. Jenny yelped as Amber sucked hard on her clit, and then poked her tongue into Jenny's oh-so-tight cunt hole. She gently inserted a finger into the girl's tight hole and crooked her finger in a come-hither motion, deftly hitting Jenny's swollen g-spot.

Jenny thrashed with increased voracity and yelped and squealed. "Amber, oh god, put two fingers in, please." Jenny gasped, desperate to feel her tight cunt around something bigger.


But Amber did not insert a second finger. Instead, she pulled back, and went to Jenny's head. She kneeled by the side of Jenny's bed and put her fingers in her mouth.

Then Amber bent to kiss Jenny, letting the girl taste herself on Amber's tongue.

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"Don't worry Jenny, we're not done yet," Amber said. She glaced towards where she knew Tom was standing. "Jenny, you want more, don't you?" Jenny nodded, her hips still thrusting into the air. She was playing with her own clit now, waiting for whatever Amber had for her. "Well, we're going to get a big cock in you, Jenny.

It'll hurt at first, but you'll like it." Suddenly, Jenny stopped and stared at Amber, unsure what to do or say. "What do you mean, Amber? Like a dildo or something?" she asked. "No, my dear. Tom." And Tom stepped forward, his cock already straining out of his pants. Jenny quickly squirmed away from him. She didn't want to have sex with this man! She wanted to fool around with Amber, sure, but she wasn't ready for real sex with a grownup man. Amber had hoped Jenny would struggle a little, and she quickly pulled the girl back onto the bed and held her wrists down.

Jenny struggled and kicked, but as Tom approached, there was nothing she could do against Amber's strong arms. "Please Amber, please. I don't want this. god Amber I'm your sister, don't let him do this to me!" Jenny wailed.

"Hush, Jenny," said Tom gently. He didn't want to hurt her, of course. But he wanted her, this little virgin version of the Amber he adored.

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Oh yes, he wanted her. He knew she would enjoy it in the end. Tom held the girl's ankles to stop her kicking. He noticed Amber did not hit her little sister like she had hit Stevie. So she did thrash and kick, and Tom had to hold down her hips with his strong hands to get her to still. He knelt between the girl's spread thighs and gently rubbed her clit with his thumb.

At this, the girl quieted. Jenny wasn't stupid, she knew what was going to happen. Somehow she calmed down and did not feel much fear or panic. In fact, she could tell her shivering pussy wanted to be filled.

But still, as Tom pushed his cock head into her cunt she screamed and tried to fight both Amber and Tom off. Tom almost spurted his load right then and there, but he grit his teeth and pulled out a little bit. She was so fucking tight! He pushed in again, gently and slowly, barely able control himself. The girl was soaking wet, her juices dripping down her ass, but she was the tightest thing he had ever put his cock into.

He pushed in further, and Jenny's cunt contracted in a vain effort to stop his cock from violating her any fruther. He pushed in until he was deep and his balls were rubbing against the girl's ass. And then he pulled out slowly, and plunged in with more vigour. He couldn't take it, he couldn't be gentle anymore. Despite Jenny's thrashing and kicking and struggling, Tom couldn't be slow and careful.

He thrust in with such force that the little girl's tits jiggled. He pushed into her again and again, plunging deeper with each thrust. Jenny yelled and swore, but she couldn't ignore that fact that she enjoyed it. With each plunge, Tom hit her clit in just the right way. She felt her pleasure building, and she knew that an orgasm was coming. But she knew that it would not be a gentle orgasm that she gave to herself sometimes; this one would make her squeal and moan and beg for more.

Amber watched Tom fucking her little sister intently. She knew her sister was struggling just for show, she could tell by her spasms that she was enjoying it immensly. And so Amber let go of Jenny's arms, and positioned her cunt over the young girl's face. "Lick me, Jenny," she instructed. And Jenny licked. She stuck out her tongue and licked and played with her older sister's dripping clit.

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She could taste Amber's juices and feel them run down her throat as she sucked at Amber's cunt. She poked her tongue into Amber's cunt and then brought her hands between Amber's legs. She put her finger into Amber's cunt, and then forced another finger in, wiggling them around as she had felt Amber do to her earlier, until she found the g-spot. She rubbed it hard, hearing her older sister moan and yelp above her.

"That's right, Jenny, fuck my cunt with your fingers!" Amber said. Jenny obeyed and added another finger, stretching her sister's cunt. Tom felt himself peak, and he pulled out and plunged back in. He thurst a few more times, knowing Jenny was about to cum.


And Jenny did come, she lifted her hips high and ground her pelvis against Tom's hard cock. As the orgasm rocked her small body, her hand plunged deep into her sister, and Amber felt herself beginning to cum. And Tom pulled out of Jenny, and kneeled over her chest. He jerked his load onto her heaving tits. Amber pulled herself off Jenny's hand and lowered her face over Jenny's mouth.

Jenny licked fervently and Amber rubbed her clit against Jenny's face. Faster, until she came, and as she came she pissed all over her sisters face. Jenny continued to lick, not caring about what her parents would think of the wet bed. "God Jenny, you little slut, lick the last drops," Amber muttered to her sister and she orgasm shook her.

Jenny licked and sucked and nibbled, not able to get enough of her sister's tasy cunt. Amber slowly got up, catching her breath. "Well, Jenny, now you know how to get that boy at school!" she said, laughing.