Pissdrinking babe quenches her thirst

Pissdrinking babe quenches her thirst
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Pulling out of the drive you wave goodbye to your husband, you can see he's still not happy about you making such a long trip on your own but with his work pilling up he wasn't able to make the wedding of your oldest friend. Promising him you'll be careful you look forward to seeing Sophie again after such a long time.


Using the satnav coordinates she gave you hit the freeway, after a couple of hours you pull into a service station for a break and sit watching the traffic roar by as you drink your coffee. Back on the road you glimpse the countryside rolling by, almost daydreaming the satnav makes you jump as it tells you to take the next off ramp, not having been to Sophie's new home you nervously follow its directions down almost deserted roads.

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Slowing down to let a farm vehicle cross your path you quickly accelerate once it's gone, suddenly the car lurches and the engine splutters cutting out altogether. You manage to roll the car to a stop. Jumping out you open the hood to see the steaming engine covered in oil and you curse your husband who had promised he'd got the problem fixed. Trying you cell phone you see there's no signal, standing still for a couple of seconds you suddenly remember seeing a group of farm buildings back along the road a little way and locking the car you walk back.

You realise stupidly that the tight short skirt and 3 inch heels are not the best thing for traipsing along a rutted country road, reaching the turning you stop disappointed as you see the buildings have been abandoned for ages, all but one of them is near to complete collapse.

With no other choice you walk dejectedly back to the car. As it comes into sight your spirits lift as you see another vehicle pulled up alongside it. Quickly you speed up, and as you reach both vehicles a woman steps out from in front of the other car, 'looks like you've got some trouble' she comments.

Feeling relieved you reply 'Yes the engine blew and leaked oil everywhere, I think it's completed dead, please can you help me?' 'I can tow you to my farm and we can see if we can call someone to look at it', hitching a tow rope to the front she tells you to steer your car as she pulls it along.

After a few stops and starts you manage to control it enough to get it moving and after about 40 minutes you see the farm come into view, managing to get the car into the yard you pull the hand brake. Stepping from the car you smile at the woman 'Thank you so much, I'm Genine by the way' the woman grunts, come on it if you want you can wash up and join us for dinner before we call someone.

You follow the woman into the house, avoiding the large dog on the porch, to see 2 young men sitting at the table, both look up as you enter and you see them look you up and down. The woman looks at them both 'Woman's cars gone wrong, see if you can do anything with it after dinner' the men do nothing but nod. Feeling worried now you ask 'I thought you said we could call someone about it?' and the woman looks at you and answers 'Boys know a lot about cars so if they can't get it working no one can'.

Both men get up and walk out the door and you can just see them walking round your car, one of them opens the hood and you start to relax a little, 'I'm sorry for the trouble'. All you get back in a reply is silence. Sitting quietly for a while you suddenly remember Sophie's phone number is in your luggage, 'maybe she could come and collect me' you think to yourself. Getting up you head to the car and stop shocked, it's gone!

Looking round you see one of the barn doors ajar and go over to see if the boys had moved it into there. Looking in you see your car up on blocks and all the doors wide open, your luggage has been opened and tossed around the barn.

Angry now you storm in, 'what the hell do you think you're doing with my things?' you demand. The taller of the two men looks at you, 'you got some sexy things lady, you wear these for anyone special?' he asks holding up a pair of shear panties and stockings.

You gasp and try to grab them out of his hand but he moves further back, without think you follow. Suddenly you feel someone behind you, as you turn a pair of arms wraps round your waist lifting you off your feet, 'looks like we got a spirited one here bro' the voice by your ear says. With your arms pinned to your sides you can hardly move as the first man steps up to you, 'let's see what she's wearing under these things' you try to kick out by he grabs your flailing legs and holds them tight, sliding his hand up your thigh.

'Please don't do this' you beg him. The man behind you grunts 'hey I'm not gonna hold her while you have all the fun!' and the 1st man lets your legs go and walks off. You panic as he comes back with a long coil of rope, kicking your legs from under you they make you fall face down on the floor and the unseen man grabs your arms as he kneels on your back, your face is pressed into the dirty straw as they pull your hands up over your head and you feel them tied together.

Pulling you up on your feet again you're held while the 1st man throws the end of the rope over a cross beam and hauls you up your feet barely touch the ground as you hang there paralysed with fear.

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'She's gonna scream the place down if we leave her like this' one of them says and suddenly you feel a rag forced into your mouth. Both men step back grinning, for a second you hang there no one moving then the taller one steps forward grabbing your breast through your blouse, 'she's got nice firm ones' he gloats as he rips your blouse open revealing your tight black and red lace bra, your breast are being pushed up further than normal as you hang suspended.

Without a word the other man pulls a knife from the back of his jeans and stepping forward he cuts your bra away as you shake and try to beg them to stop through the rag. 'They're hot' he says and grabs a bare breast mashing his hand onto it. The other man grabs the other and they start to grope and pull at your breasts, pulling hard on your nipples.

Closing your eyes and trying to fight the rising panic you feel the cold knife blade slip between your skin and the waistband of your skirt, suddenly it twists and you feel the material give as he cuts it away. Now hanging in only you matching panties you shake uncontrollably crying silently.

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As they step forward you hear the woman's voice 'Where the hell are you both?' and they step back, turning and walking out without a word. Hearing voices close to the door the woman demands, 'Where's that woman got too?' shocked you hear one of the men reply 'her car weren't as busted up as she thought, we got it going for her and she left'.

'Ungrateful bitch didn't even come to say thanks!' is all you hear the woman say as the voices fade towards the house.

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You hang there for what seems an eternity your arms starting to go numb as it gets dark, when you here movement outside the barn you freeze, the men enter one carrying a well shielded lamp. Closing the door tight they walk up to you and you start to shake again. 'No one's gonna disturb us now honey' the taller of the two smirks. The shorter one moves to your breasts again and starts groping them roughly, as he mashes one he moves his head down to the nipple of the other and bites it hard making you gasp and cry out muffled by the rag.

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The second one moves towards your panties but you kick out again, and again he catches your legs, 'if you're gonna kick then we'll have to tie them down!' fetch more rope he tells the 2nd man, when he returns with more rope they tie the ends to your ankles and the man cuts the rope in half, each one pulling it towards one of the barns columns as they pull the rope around them your legs are pulled apart making you almost unable to move them.

Coming back to you the shorter one carries one attacking your breasts and nipples and the other man grabs your pussy through your panties making you flinch, 'We weren't lying when we said your car ain't that bad we got it going straight away' if you're good to us we'll let you go tomorrow' saying this he rips you panties from you exposing your shaven pussy.

Both men let out a low almost feral growl as they look at you and rub their crotches. 'You carry on with her tits, I want her pussy' he tell the shorter man. Thinking he's going to fuck you like this you try to struggle but he kneels down and grabs you wiggling waist, suddenly he pushes his face into your bare pussy and you feel his tongue press onto you pussy lips as he tastes you for the 1st time, he starts licking up and down you pussy lips before slipping it inside, unable to stop yourself your body reacts and a throb of pleasure washes through you as you pussy starts to dampen.

Pulling away from it the man grins and says 'She ain't really against us doing this her pussy's already wet' and he pushes his tongue inside you again this time finding your clit and starting to work on it. You start to moan continuously getting louder with each minute. The man stops and standing up steps back. 'Now let's see what you're really like' he mutters as he drops his jeans and reveals his hard cock. As you hang shaking your head and trying to beg him not to do anything he steps forward, grasping you thighs he lifts you slightly tipping you backwards and suddenly drags you down onto his hard cock, you scream through the rag as his thick cock almost splits your pussy in two burying itself deep inside you.

He holds you there for a second before starting to bounce you up and down on his still hardening and growing cock. Gasping and moaning you shake your head trying to make them understand you don't want this but all you do is make them do it harder. The man keeps thrusting his cock deep inside you and starts grunting with each move, unable to stop yourself now your pussy floods its juices down over his cock as your 1st unwanted orgasm hits you and you scream long and loud even through the rag still in your mouth.

The man doesn't stop as your orgasm continues getting stronger and stronger with his thrusts. Convulsing now with the waves of pleasure your body shakes uncontrollably as your pussy contracts and grips his thick shaft the contractions causing it to buck and you hear his low moan 'Oh god the bitch just made me cum!' feeling his juices fill your swollen pussy sends it into greater spasms and you hear him gasp as you pussy almost milks his cock of its own accord.

Suddenly he pulls out of your pussy and you feel your mixed juices flood down your thighs to drip onto the floor. Shaking you hear the other made moan and he comes into view holding his hard cock, squeezing your eyes shut to block out the sight you know he's going to use you as well, you try to brace yourself for the first thrust into your throbbing sore pussy but the scream is one of pain as he steps behind you and pulls you dry arse cheeks apart before thrusting into your arsehole, his dry cock rubbing roughly against each cheek as he buries it deep inside you.

Sobbing now you can only hang there as he starts to fuck your arsehole harder and faster with each thrust, still shaking with the waves of your orgasm this feeling is the other end of the pleasure scale for you, the pain so intense it is almost pleasure and you know when he pulls out his cock will be covered in your blood where he's split your hole.

Unexpectedly you feel the ropes loosen as the man is still fucking your arsehole, buried deep inside you he gives a grunt and keeps thrusting as you almost collapse in pain to the floor, somehow you manager to stop yourself, now on your hands and knees he's fucking you doggy style reaching even deeper than before and you feel a tightness start in your stomach, horrified you realise you body's responding to the abuse and you feel your pussy starting to throb in time with his thrusts.

Unexpected waves of pleasure wash over you and you moan again and again louder and louder. As your tormentor continues the other man grabs you hair and pulling your head up he looks you in the eyes, 'I'm gonna remove your gag and you're not gonna make a sound, you're gonna suck my cock as long as I want if you hurt me I'll kill you' he threatens. Lost in the new feelings of pleasure all you can do is nod and you close your eyes again.

The man forces his cock into your mouth and without thinking you start sucking it running your tongue round and round his shaft.

Losing control you start enjoying the feelings these men forced upon you and you hear yourself begging them not to stop fucking you. Rocking your body in time to their movements you find you're able to control them bringing them to their orgasms again simultaneously, you feel your arsehole flood with warmth as the man behind you shoots his full load deep inside you, and you're forced to swallow as the man in front unloads his thick cum in your mouth and down your throat.

As suddenly as it started they both pull out dropping you to the floor as they still cum over your prone form. Unable to stop yourself you roll onto your back legs open wide and gasp 'come on boys is that all you have' as you violently rub your sore abused pussy lips in front of them. The taller man grins and says' looks like she's a real cock whore underneath all her prissy ways, you still want more cock do you whore?' Not caring what he thinks all you can do is nod and grin 'You going to give it to me then?' laughing he replies 'I'll give you a cock that will satisfy even you' before you can stop him he pulls you along the ground, you have to crawl after him or have your knees ripped apart.

Not knowing what he has planned you can't stop him as he ties your arms to a stable gate so low that you're forced to kneel. Hearing a door open you try to look round but you're tied too firmly and you nervously wait for something to happen. Both men grab the ropes that are still tied to your ankles and pull them tight making you kneel higher with your arse pushed up towards them.


'You don't need to tie me up again I won't fight you I promise' you moan. Suddenly you hear a snuffling and feel a cold nose press against your dripping pussy, you gasp and scream as you suddenly realise what's behind you.

The large dog comes into view as it licks them men's cum off your naked body, now you beg them to stop dog you hear yourself promising them anything they want if they do. But they just stand there and grin at you.

Now the dog's moved back round behind you and its rough tongue licks across your swollen pussy form the 1st time, just that one touch sends waves of pleasure through your body and you can't help but moan loudly, again and again the dog licks your pussy cleaning all your juices off it, shaking you start to orgasm again making low mewling noises deep in your throat, pain flares across your back as you feel the dogs claws scrabble for purchase pulling it up your back.

Without meaning to you thrust your arse out and feel its cock head hit your throbbing pussy, again it thrust and again you can't stop yourself responding by thrusting backwards, this time it enters you and the dog starts to fuck you moving faster than you could ever imagine its growing cock goes deeper and deeper.

Suddenly you crying out in intense pain as you feel the dogs knot enter you swollen and abused pussy sticking there and holding it in as the dog tries in vain to push further, suddenly you start bucking and shaking as a new orgasm hits you and you feel the dogs cock twitching and bucking uncontrollably flooding your burning pussy with its seed you start panting like a bitch in heat.


The dog stops moving lock inside you as it continues cumming you feel it's cum seeping out of you pussy and running down your legs mingling with the men's juices.

With a final spasm of pain the dog pulls out of you and sits for a second licking its own cock before walking off. Untying you the men let you fall to the floor for a little while, then you feel them lift you. Not caring if your ordeal is continuing you sag between them and pass out.

Coming too your eyes are blinded by spot lights on a truck parked in front of your car, you realise the man banging on the window had woken you, jumping and feeling all the pain of your ordeal you look at the sheriff standing outside, winding down your window he asks 'You ok miss?

We got a call that you were missing' surprised he hasn't said anything about your nakedness you look down to see that you're fully clothed and you realise the men must have dressed you before dumping you and your car on the side of the highway.

Unable to tell him what had happened to you all you can say is 'I'm&hellip. ok, the car broke down'. As you finally reach Sophie's home you can't help but think about your ordeal&hellip. You stop dead shocked as she comes out of the house followed by a huge dog and you feel you pussy soak your panties just at the sight of it, somehow you know when you get home you're going to convince your husband to get you a dog for company when he's away with work, feeling a little sick at the thought you can't help but stroke the dogs head as Sophie comments 'Wow, that's strange he doesn't usually take to strangers, there must be something about you he likes!'