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DAISY GETS THE TREATMENT SHE WANTS - Ch 05 ** Daisy is given to the second prisoner - a woman - a former Russian interrogator who specializes in psychotropic drugs. ** [Day 3 (Monday) - mid-afternoon] A dozen women prisoners circled around Daisy while the guards scrubbed her in the cold water. They shared cigarettes and sipped from airplane-sized bottles of whiskey.

The women were a variety of shapes and sizes but they all wore identical bright orange jumpsuits. "You like her?" one of the women asked the other.

Daisy raised her head, blinked the water out of her eyes and saw a tall, heavyset woman with close-cut brown hair and bright red lips.

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She smiled at Daisy. "Ah, you recognize my voice?" Daisy started to speak but her feet slid out from under her on the soapy tile floor. One of the guards grabbed her by the arm and steadied her. "Stop moving," she growled. The woman stepped forward but the guard put up her hand. "Don't fuck with me, Kira. She'd not yours for another twenty minutes." The guard dropped the brush and put her hands on her hips, turned toward Kira. "You wouldn't want to lose your turn, would you?" Kira's voice softened and she stepped back.

"No, ma'am. No." Daisy saw the resentment and hate in Kira's eyes. She was channeling it all toward Daisy and it scared her. She'd been shown Kira's rap sheet over her tiny lunch of half a cup of tuna and water. Kira had been behind bars for her sex crimes for eight years now. Today would be the first time she would be able to play with a living woman.

Eight years of build-up tension, coupled with her obvious anger toward the guards. Daisy shivered as she watched Kira back away and plant herself against the wall.

The guards continued their routine, brutally scrubbing Daisy's skin with the brush and soap, hosing her down with cold water. Fat Ron had left her a sweaty, cum soaked mess. They fed her lunch in the same room Fat Ron had fucked her in, her sitting in the corner, her exhausted body propped up against the cool tiles.

She'd eaten the tuna with her fingers, then licked the plate to get every last bit. Bill and the Doctor stayed in the room, comparing notes about exactly how much current she'd been able to take and how long they thought she would last next time Fat Ron had a turn at her. She was too tired to care.

They'd given her the one-page writeup on Kira, told her Kira would have her from two until four. She'd slept from eleven o'clock until one in the afternoon, but her sleep was fitful, filled with nightmares and Kira's face. Kira was a Russian woman in her late fifties. She'd been a scientist, a chemist, and had worked for the KGB during the Cold War and after.

She was an interrogator. Her specialty was concocting chemical mixtures that were tailored for each individual subject. Depending on their psychological makeup, she knew some would respond better to hallucinations, some to anxiety, some to paralysis, some to hyperactivity.

Whatever they feared most, she would find some chemical way to produce. What had terrified Daisy most was a line written in red pencil across the bottom of the page.

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"Creepy, crawly things. Darkness." The two things Daisy feared the most. Did Kira know? Had she been given that sheet? Daisy wanted to believe "no" - even "maybe" but she knew better. Peter would not have missed such an opportunity.

The women finished rinsing Daisy then toweled her dry and led her out of the common shower and into the dressing area.

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The shorter of the two motioned to Kira, "how do you want her?" Kira raised her right hand and pressed the corner of a photograph against her upper lip.

She walked slowly toward them, flicking the photo gently up and down over her mouth. Daisy heard the snap of the hard paper each time she flicked it.

Kira handed it to the guard. Daisy recognized it immediately. "Daisy in red.jpg" she's called the file when she sent it to Peter several months ago. He'd given it to Kira. She wondered how many other photos of her Kira had. "Oh yeah, she's hot in this one," the guard said, handing it to the other woman. She looked at the photo, then at Daisy, then back at the photo. "He brought this one." She handed the photo back to Kira.

"I guess he knew." The guards helped Daisy into the dress. It was low cut, sleeveless, and short, a flowing bright red material that clung to her body and showed off every curve.

"We're going to have to leave her barefoot. She could hardly walk after Fat Ron got through with her." It was true. Daisy wasn't sure if it was the electric shocks or the hard fucking but her legs were still like rubber. Daisy looked at Kira. The woman was all hard edges, her face serious and stern, her eyes glowing with intelligence and excitement. She knew that if they'd given Fat Ron access to the equipment he'd used on her, they would surely have given Kira access to any drugs she wanted.

She was scared again, her mind scrambling for a way out, a way to avoid whatever Kira had concocted for her. She decided to try to seduce her, maybe she could avoid Kira's perversion if she offered her something else. Daisy saw that Kira was staring at her legs. She knew they were pale against the red of the dress, creamy and enticing.

She spread her feet just a bit farther apart, knew it would accentuate her thighs and the space between them. She was very sexy like that and she could tell Kira was getting aroused. Daisy swayed her hips just the slightest bit, trying to read Kira, trying not to be too obvious. She saw Kira's eyes move, then her own hips. It was working.

She let her left hand drift slowly toward the hem of her skirt. If she could slide it up her leg a bit, she was sure Kira would be hooked.


They could go to one of the cots and she would put her face between Kira's thighs and lick her, make her cum, distract her from. "Kira! It's time. Where do you want her?" A smile broke across Kira's face.


The spell was broken. The guards had shattered Daisy's hopes. Kira moved close, ran her fingers across Daisy's cheek. "I know what you were doing, little one. You are very, very smart. Very smart." She leaned in and kissed Daisy on the mouth, lips closed. "But not smart enough." Daisy felt her body go limp, the fight drained out of her, along with any hope of escape. === "Hold her!" Kira barked at the guards.

Daisy twisted against the straps with all her strength, the guards pressed her shoulders harder and finally managed to pin her to the back of the chair.

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"Do it!" one of them said. Kira rushed forward and plunged the four-inch needles deep into Daisy's breasts. Daisy screamed but stopped struggling, she was terrified the needles might break off. The guards let go and Kira leaned close, her breath in Daisy's face.

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"Cunt," she growled. "You let men touch your body, you put their bodies in your mouth, you let them do all the dirty things to you." As she spoke, she pushed slowly on the plungers.

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Daisy could feel the burning right away as the chemicals spread through her chest. "And you were trying to make me want you too, weren't you?" She pulled her head back and spit in Daisy's face, then leaned closer again. "You are a worthless piece of human meat." She pulled the syringes out and walked across the room, set them down on a table.

Daisy trembled, unsure of what to expect next. She felt warmth spreading through her body now, down her arms and legs, up her neck. Kira leaned against the table and folded her arms. Then, she started swaying back and forth. No, it wasn't Kira, it was the room. Daisy felt hands moving and her arms dropped to her side - they'd taken off the straps.

She stood up, felt dizzy, took a step forward. Kira stood watching, quiet and still. The guards began mumbling. Or speaking in a foreign language. Daisy turned her head to look at them but instead of the two guards, she saw two goats. They were standing upright, making noises to each other. Daisy took another step and stumbled. She tried to reach out her hand but it wouldn't respond.

Someone caught her and steadied her. She looked and saw it was Kira. But she was naked now, her crotch, a big bush of thick black hair, her breasts huge and sagging halfway down her chest. Daisy felt something on her arm and brushed it away. It came back. She turned her head and saw a spider. She gave a yelp and slapped her arm. But there were more, she felt them now on both of her arms. And crawling up and down her body. She ripped at her dress, pulling it off, tearing it. The things were everywhere now, she swiped and clawed at her arms and legs and belly, slapping and scratching, panic driving her.

She fell to the floor, rolling on the tiles, starting to beg now. The things were under her skin, inside her, crawling across her face, up her nose, over her eyes and deep inside her cunt. From far away, she felt pain, someone was pulling her up by her hair, dragging her. She felt curly pubic hair scratching her lips and nose and smelled cunt. She opened her mouth and started licking and sucking wildly, a maniac trying to escape into this dense forest.

She mashed her face into Kira's crotch, her fingers opening the swollen lips, sucking the clit, then pushing her tongue deep into the woman's body.

Still, the things were coming at her. She slid her body closer, wrapped her knees around Kira's legs, her body wildly humping, her crotch grinding against Kira's shin. The things were swarming, she wrapped one arm around Kira's ass, pulling her closer, her other arm scratching and clawing at her own flesh, the bugs never letting up.

The room started getting dark now and Daisy felt herself plunged deeper into fear, the things would get her, she wouldn't seem them coming. Her eyes were wide open but she couldn't see anything, she'd gone blind. She ground her face harder into Kira's crotch, the only place she felt safe, licking and sucking, pressed so hard she couldn't breathe but she didn't care, she had to get away from the things.

From somewhere far off, she heard laughing, then felt something hard being pushed up into her body. She didn't know if it was her ass or her cunt but she started humping backward at it, moaning now and moving faster. Whatever was inside her got bigger and bigger, penetrated deeper, started fucking her. She came and came again, her body convulsing against Kira's, her face pulling away while she gasped for air, the pushed deep into Kira's crotch again, over and over, while the tiny things kept crawling over every inch of her body.

She was going insane now, she couldn't think of anything, her body just a huge thing of tongue and lips seeking safety between Kira's pussy lips. She was crying, her free hand scratching at her own cunt hard and fast, trying to get those things, those tiny, crawly things, off of her body.

Finally, she felt a flood of hot juice squirting into her mouth and opened up and swallowed it, the rest of it dripped down her body and splashed on the floor. She felt a gushing in her own cunt, felt like her insides were pouring out between her legs, whatever was inside of her was yanked out, then she was jerked upward, dragged across the floor, stood up, strapped back onto the T, legs apart, arms open wide. She was blubbering, begging for a cunt to eat, begging for someone to "get these things off of me, get them off!!" They left her there for another hour, screaming and struggling against the straps, until the drugs finally wore off and she fell asleep.