Cleaning gf wants a good fuck

Cleaning gf wants a good fuck
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Yeah Kims my ho and she loves puttin on live pornos for me with my friends. I had even paid my best friend Billy Homles to sexually dominate my wife while I video taped it.

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It was hot to watch him fuck her with his huge 12 inch dick but the next day he asked me if he could bring his younger brother Harrywith him the next time. Eventhough I had known Harry longer then his brother Billy I had never seen what he had hanging between his legs so I had no idea if he was horse-hung like his brother.


When I told Billy that he could bring Harry with him I was hoping that huge thick cocks were a genetic trait of all the men in the Holmes family Since I wanted to surprise Kim I rented 2 adjoining rooms at the motel so I could have my naked wife in one room while the Holmes brothers in the other.

I told Billy the room number and to be there at 8pm. I went home to get Kim ready for the double brother dickin she was going to be receiving that night. I fucked her in both her fuck holes and once again I had her shave and clean her pussy. When we got the the motel I had Kim strip and lay down on the bed and I ordered her to stay that way until I got back. I went next door and waited for Billy & Harry to show up and when they did I let them in the room.

I told the guys to get ready and as the brothers undressed I glanced down at Harrys bare crotch and was shocked at what I saw hanging so proudly between his legs.

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It appeared that big fat oversized cocks were definitely a genetic trait of the men of the Holmes family because Harrys dick was an inch longer and quite a bit thicker too.

I opened the adjoined rooms side door and let the big dicked brothers walk into the room first as I followed behind them. Their huge cocks were swaying back and forth between their legs as they walked towards my naked wife.

kim never took her eyes off the brothers huge penises even as she rolled off of the bed and knelt down on her knees in between the big dicked brothers. She reached up and grabbed both of their simi-hard shafts and started stoking back & forth. Kim looked up and smiled at Harry before she began gobbling up on his massive 13 inch dick. Kims lips slid up & down on Harrys huge dick while her hand continued jacking off his brothers swollen shaft.

Kim then switched over to Billys big dick and started sucking him off in earnest. She pulled Billys dick out of her mouth and asked the brothers to step a little closer together.

When the brothers jetted their hips forward my wife was able to twirl her tongue around both of the Holmes brothers swollen dickheads at the sametime.

Her hands continued stoking on both of their thick shafts while her tongue was licking up the gooey pre-cum that was leaking out of the tips of the brothers giant cocks. She opened her mouth and first pressed and then spread her lips up against the thick shafts of the brothers overgrown cocks.

She then ran her outsretched lips all the way from the base of Harrys fat 13 inch dick to the base of his brothers 12 inch penis with one long movement. Kim ran her lips back and forth across the Holmes brothers thick fat shafts while occasionally she would suck their leaking dickheads into her mouth.

She slowly licked and sucked all the way down their combined 25 inches of fat dick only stopping to suck on both of their huge low hanging nuttsacks. Kim then began sucking their cocks deep into her throat again When Harry groaned and tilted his head back Kim moved her lips to the tip of his dick and sucked his swelling dickhead into her mouth.

Harrys huge nuttsack began pumping thick streams of his creamy sperm down my wifes gulping throat. When she had swallowed all of Harrys cum she let his dick flop out of her mouth and began sucking on Billys long fat dick for all she was wort. Billy grabbed the back of Kims head and started sliding his big dick in and out of my wifes mouth like he was fuckin some bitches pussy. Billy was forcing 7 inches of his massive 12 inch dick down my wifes throat everytime he jabbed his hips forward.


When Billys body stiffened he blew his gooey wad down my wifes throat. When Kim had swallowed all of his cum the two brothers helped my wife to her feet and the three of them climbed into bed together.At first Kim found herself firmly pressed in between the 2 big dicked brothers muscular bodies but then they all laid down on their backs.

Kim spread her legs and while her hands were playing with their limp penises the brothers each had one of my wifes big titties in their mouths.

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Billy looked over at his brother and told him that if he wanted to feel the tightest pussy he ever felt he should slid his finger into my wifes cunt. When Harry slid his finger into Kims pussy he told his brother that she had the tightest pussy of any woman he had poked.

Harry then slid a second finger inside her and started roughly finger fucking her tight pussy. His big dick began to twitch in Kims hand and as he finger banged her cunt his penis grew rock hard again. Harry rolled over on top of Kim and stared rubbing his swollen dickhead up and down on my wifes wet slit. My wifes eyes rolled into the back of her head as Harry roughly shoved half of his overgrown dick inside her tight pussy.

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harry pulled all the way out of Kim and then plunged the entire length of his huge13 inch dick balls deep into my wifes stunned pussy. Seeing Harry jabbing his gigantic 13 incher into my wifes tight cunt caused my own dick to harden in my pants. I pulled my dick out and started jacking off while watching my best friend use his oversized penis to horse-fuck my wifes cunt.

Kim was loving the hard fucking he was giving her and with a loud moan she came hard.hearing Kims moans only encouraged Harry to pound his humongous boner into her even harder.

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i was surprised that my wifes pussy could absorb the pounding that it was receiving from my friends overgrown cock. He horse-fucked Kim for over 20 mintues before his huge nuttsack tightened and then flooded my wifes cunt with his warm creamy white sperm. As soon as Harry had pulled his spent cock out of Kims cum-filled pussy it was quickly filled again with his brothers huge 12 inch dick.

Billy was pounding into my wifes pussy like it belonged to a 5 dollar crack whore and after he had fucked her with that foot long horsedick of his, Billy had Kim get up on all fours. Billy ordrered Kim to suck on his brothers limp dick as he fucked her in the ass. Eventhough Harrys cock was still soft it was still bigger and thicker then mine and Kim grabbed its thick base with both hands.

She began squeezing down hard forcing all the blood to rush the head of his cock, blowing his mushroom shaped dickhead up like a balloon. kim was being dicked from both ends and as Billy roughly shoved his big pecker deep inside my wifes asshole her mouth was being forced almost all the way down Harrys huge and growing appendage.

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Once Harrys 13 inch cock had grown to its full hardness he had his brother pull out of my wifes gaping ass and pulled her used body onto his and stuffed his giant dick back into her cum-filled pussy. When Harrys cock was completely imbeded inside Kims puss he told his brother to resume fucking her in the ass. The 2 Big-dicked brothers began sliding their huge cocks in and out of my wifes cunt and asshole in unison. The brothers then changed pace and as Harry was pulling his big dick back Billy was driving his huge cock forward.

Kim began to moan "Oh my God Im cumming", and then her entire body started to shake which encouraged the big-dicked brothers to plunge their overgrown cocks into her even harder and faster. Billy shot his load deep inside kims asshole first and it wasnt long afterwards that his brother added his creamy white cum inside my wifes climaxing pussy. When the brothers had finished exploding in my wifes twin fuckholes I thought I heard somebody knocking on the others rooms door.

I left the brothers who still had their giant cocks stuffed deep inside my wife to find out who was knocking next door. As I opened the door I got my second big surprise of the night.

Standing in front of me was William Homels Senior Billy and Harrys 50 year old father. I was taken aback for a moment but William spoke up and asked me where his 2 sons were. I guess that either Harry or Billy had told their father what was going on because William said that he knew his boys were here dicking down my Ho.

Well what could I say so I led him into the other room. The 3 naked youngin's on the bed were kinda embressed at first having the old man staring at them but my wifes eyes lite up when he dropped his pants revealing what looked like a tree trunk hanging in between his legs. He quickly got between my wifes thighs and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her for over 20 minutes before added his cum with his sons deep inside Kims gaping puss.

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Later Kim told me that when william first began sliding his oversized cock into her, that his girth made her feel like she was losing her virginity again.

Williams cock was the same leagth as Billys,12 inches but its girth was as big around as a mason jar. The 3 Homles men took turns fucking my wife for the rest of the night while videotaped every minute of it. The men of the Homels family come over whenever they want to fuck Kim and once Billy even brought over his 70 year old Grandfather who couldnt fuck anymore but really enjoyed when Kim went down on him and sucked him off until he came in her mouth.

And yes he too was huge like a horse.

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