Tattooed punk fucked hard and jizzed in mouth

Tattooed punk fucked hard and jizzed in mouth
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When EJ woke me up, we were there already. "Courtney," EJ said as he shook me a little. "We're here." "Really?" I asked groggily. We were descending. I looked out the window and saw bright blue water. "Beautiful, right?" EJ asked as he looked out too. "I love this!" "I'm going to have to take you to the beach." "Yep." "Okay, let me warn you before we get off. My cousins aren't as- how can I put this?

They aren't as civil as what you're used to." "Um, sure." "So, they will most definitely try to flirt with you. And they may say some very degrading things to you." "Its okay, I'm tough. I can take it." When we got off the plane, we took a taxi and I was so fascinated by the water.

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"Can you speak the language?" I asked EJ. "Um, you mean English?" "Oh." EJ laughed. "I can do the accent though," EJ said in a Jamaican accent, that was stronger then his natural one. "You have an accent already." "No I don't." "Yes you do.

You have more of a Jamaican accent then I have a British accent." "You hear things." "When you're mad, your accent is strong. Its like insane." "That's you when you're mad. You sound exactly like your mother." "I do not. Don't lie." "Yeah, when you're mad you sound like your mom.

Then when you get to excited.


Then, just normal talking, you sound like a valley girl with a New England accent." "Whatever," I said defeated. "Shut up." "I love your accents, though," EJ said, before he kissed me. "I am still here," Mrs. Roberts said from the other side of me. "Oh sorry," I said pulling away from him. "We will continue, later," EJ whispered into my ear as he put his arm around me. After about 30 minutes in the taxi, we stopped.


"We're here," EJ told me. We were in front of a 3 story white house. Every window had a balcony. There was a three car garage. The yard was enormous and there were kids playing in it. "Your house is beautiful, Mrs. Roberts," I said. "Thank you, Courtney," she said as she got out the cab. She got some people to come out and get the bags. "Take her bags to the room next to mine, please," EJ told two of the men. "Next to your room," I asked seductively.

"Yeah, I can sneak in there, easier," EJ joked. "I might like that." We went into the house and EJ introduced me to everyone. I already knew his 20-year-old sister, Abigail. I met cousins that were around our age, Anthony, Nesha, Chad, Andrew, Mark, and Samantha. He had way to many little cousins to remember their names. After they introduced me to everyone, we went and ate dinner. I'm not sure if they have it every night there or not, but they oxtails (I love oxtails). EJ promised curry chicken the next day.

EJ showed me to my room. It was on the third floor.

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It was connected to EJ's through the bathroom. "Wait, EJ, do you have a drug store around here?" "Yeah, why?" "You came inside of me, earlier, and as I'm sure you know, that could lead to pregnancy." "Oh, I'll go now." "I'm coming with you." We went out to the garage.

"This is my car," EJ said as we stood next to a black Mercedes Benz S500. "Nice," I said as he opened the passenger side door for me. "Thanks." As we were riding, EJ showed me where stuff was. When we arrived at the drug store, we got what we needed and left. "I'm going to get birth control, tomorrow," I told him when we were in the car. "Fine with me," EJ replied When we got back to his house, we went into our separate rooms.

His mom came up and checked on us. We were the only ones on our side of the hall. One of his cousins were also on the floor. His parents room was on the bottom floor. After I got my pajamas on, I laid in the bed and looked up at the ceiling.

When I saw the bathroom door open, EJ entered my room, and slipped into bed with me. "Hello," I said as I put my leg around his waist. He put his arm around me and kissed me passionately.

When I pulled away, I looked up into his eyes. "I love you," I told him. "I love you, too," he replied. I turned away from him and we began to spoon. I was satisfied. I was safe and warm in his arms.

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We fell asleep, just like that. The next morning, one of EJ's cousins woke us up. "What?" EJ said, groggily. "Your mom is going to be mad is she finds you in here," Anthony said.

"Okay, I'll lock the door." He got up and pushed Anthony out. He locked my door and went to his room and locked that door too. "I don't think I can go back to sleep," I told him as he got back in bed.

"Me either," EJ replied. "Can you take me to get the pills?" "No problem." I went in the bathroom, to take a shower. EJ got in the shower, when I was out. I got dressed in a shorts and a tank top. When EJ got out the shower, he put on basketball shorts and a t-shirt. EJ knew where I could get them, so he took me.


We eventually got the pills and went back to his house. At his house, I took one of the pills and we went up to his room. EJ immediately took all my clothes off.

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He got between my legs and started eating me out. His tongue licked over my entire pussy. "Mmhmmm," I moaned. He fingered me and sucked my clit into his mouth. "MMHMMM!!" I moaned again. He sucked my clit harder. "OOOOHHHH! Eeeee Jaaaaayyy," I moaned as my orgasm started. I arched my back and pushed my pussy into his face, as he lapped up the juices that flowed out of me. He wiped his face with his shirt and pulled it over his head. He took off his shorts and boxers and got on top of me. As he entered me, I moaned.

"EJ," I moaned as he pushed in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him farther inside of me. "EJ, EJ, oh my God! ELIJAH!" I moaned loudly as I orgasmed. I felt my pussy tighten around his dick. "Fuck, I'm cumming," he moaned. Just as he said that, someone started knocking on the door. "Elijah," Abigail said as she opened the door, just as he started shooting his load inside of me. I'm sure all she could see was him balls deep inside of me. "You are kidding me right?" "Can you go away?" Elijah called over his shoulder.

"No problem," she closed the door and I heard her go down the stairs laughing. Then, EJ pulled out of me and laid on his back. I got on top of him and his dick sank into me. I bounced up and down on his dick. "Mmhmmm," I moaned. I put my hands on his abs to keep my balance. I started to orgasm and moving my hips in a circular motion. "Uuuuggghh," EJ moaned as he started cumming. After both of our orgasms, we laid in bed. "I love you, EJ," I whispered.

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"I love you, too, Courtney." "Always and forever." "Forever and always."