Pounding Her With A Thong On Point Of View

Pounding Her With A Thong On Point Of View
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Hubby dropped me off in the middle of downtown on a Saturday night, completely naked, because he wanted to see how many times I would get raped on the way home. I had only gone half a mile when a group of guys approached from the other direction. I could see them laughing and pointing as they got closer. The seven were all young, late teens or early 20s at most.

The group of them surrounded me as they asked me what I was doing.

I told them I was walking home. They looked around surreptitiously before they dragged me into a nearby dark alley and pushed me up against the wall. "Look at the tits on this slut," one remarked, as he fondled my boobs. "It's like she's asking to be raped," another said gleefully.

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"Well then we'd better fucking rape the whore, since she's asking so nicely, boys." He rudely jammed his hand between my legs, cupping my pussy and almost lifting me up. They quickly hauled their cocks out, spun me around and bent me over, with boys holding my arms out and others holding my legs apart.

One boy who was already rock hard stuffed his cock into my mouth and I felt another peeling apart my pussy lips and the head of his cock at the entrance to my cunt.

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Then with a grunt he shoved his erect rod balls deep into me and began ramming it with piston-like thrusts. I tried to flail around a bit, jerking my arms, as if I was a rape victim, but they held me fast. It convinced them that they were raping me and ensured that they fucked me really hard and rough. Of course I knew they weren't really raping me because I was letting them have me. Cock is cock, after all.

Next they threw me up against the wall and another boy stepped up, leering into my face. He got two mates to each lift one of my legs, and ploughed his cock into my wide open cunt, impaling me up against the wall. All seven of them had a go at me in various positions, mainly from behind, slapping my tits around as they banged me hard and fast. About half of them managed to dump loads of cum in me, so my cunt was dripping by the time they were finished with me. They zipped up their pants and walked off, slapping each other on the back and trying to count how many times they had fucked me.

I levered myself to my feet and brushed myself down, feeling some bruises on my back from the roughness of the wall against which I had been penetrated. My knees were a bit sore too, from having been forced down to suck some of their hard young cocks. I made it out of the mouth of the alley, and turned again in the direction of home. Walking past a dress shop, which had been set up with brightly lit mirrors as part of the window dressing, I saw what a mess I was from that gang rape session.

My hair was completely mussed up, there were streaks on my cheeks and forehead where the dirt had stuck to the jizz the boys had squirted over my face and one of my tits had reddening marks around the nipple. "Well there's certainly plenty of evidence of rape to show hubby," I thought to myself as I continued on. It was a main road, although not the highway into the city centre, but well lit enough for passing cars - mainly young people heading to the various pubs and clubs - to spot me and react.

There were lots of car horns tooted, catcalls and wolf whistles. One car load even pulled up alongside me with a couple of guys getting their phones out and taking a few snaps and videoing me as I walked along, my big tits bouncing with every step. "Show us ya tits," one over-eager idiot yelled. I stood, hands on hips, facing him. "She is, ya dickhead," his mate chided him.

Turning to me, he said: "Show us ya pussy!" Turning, I bent over and spread my ass cheeks. The camera phones flashed at the sight. They were still trying to get their shots as I walked off. My bare feet were starting to hurt on the hard concrete path but I still had a few miles to go. Even though my destination was in an inner city suburb, I estimated it would take me at least another 40 minutes.

I alternated walking on the balls of my feet and heel and toeing so I wasn't hurting the same part of my sole all the time. I considered running, but I'm not much of a runner and with tits like mine, running, which is a sight for sore eyes, is not the most comfortable exercise.

After about five minutes a large white van pulled up to a quick stop beside me. After glancing at it, I kept walking, hearing the sliding door open. Three men jumped out and within a couple of steps had reached me. I was swept up off my feet and bundled into the van. I landed on a soft surface and fell back as the van pulled away from the kerb and accelerated into the traffic stream.

"Shut up and lie still," a voice growled. As I was being held down and a hand had been clamped over my mouth, I could do little else. I could make out four silhouettes and all seemed to be masked. The back of the van had been modified as some sort of camper, with most of it taken up with a mattress.

It was quite comfortable and my feet no longer hurt, so I was thankful for small mercies. But I knew what was to come. These guys had kidnapped me off the street in their mobile fuck truck and that's exactly how they planned to use it - and me. They were anxiously looking around out the back and side windows as the van made a number of turns.

"I think we're clear," the same voice announced. The van appeared to be in a minor street, judging by the bumpy ride. The driver cast a few looks over his shoulder at me. "Wow, she looks like a pretty whore. I reckon someone's already had a go at her." "Just drive. One of us will swap later," the first voice ordered.

"Okay, let's see what we have here." As if he had given permission I felt several hands roaming across my body. Occasional lights flashed into the interior from street lights and other cars as they roughly grabbed my tits and felt between my legs, fingers entering my cunt. "Now slut, you are going to be a good girl and we are all going to bang the fuck out of you, understand?" I nodded weakly, playing the victim again.


"You will suck our cocks and spread your legs so we can all fuck your whore cunt, right bitch? If you struggle we'll fuck you even harder, so just take it like a good slut. That's why you were walking around naked, wasn't it? You want to be raped. That's your little fantasy, hey?

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Well we're going to fulfill your fantasy and then some, you bitch cunt." "Yeah slut, we're gonna pack rape you so good you won't be able to walk when we're finished with you." "Okay rapeslut, spread those legs because my cock is gonna be first to rip open your whore cunt." I complied but two of the men forced my legs wide open anyway.

The one who seemed to be the leader took his time in taking off his pants, kneeling over my prostrate naked form, slowly stroking his cock. "I'm gonna nail you with this 10 inch rod, rapeslut. I know you have a nice tight little hole there for me to fill." He suddenly pitched forward, landing right on top of me, flattening my boobs, before gathering his knees under him and pile driving his cock all the way into my fuckhole.

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He threw his entire weight into fucking me, all coming down to the focal point of his cock penetrating my cunt.

My hands automatically grabbed for something, but the only thing I could gain purchase on was the edge of the mattress. I grabbed so hard my hands hurt as he thrust himself into me repeatedly, with apparent unending energy. My tits would normally be bouncing wildly with such energetic fucking, but they were held captive under his big hairy chest.

"You've had a few loads dumped in you already, haven't you rapeslut?" Again I nodded as much as being under his weight would allow. "Well you're gonna get a lot more before the night is out, cum dump. You some sort of nasty rape fantasist, or something? Do this every Saturday night, do you?" I don't know how many streets the van took before he finally groaned and released what felt like buckets into my aching cunt.

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After levering himself off me, he waved dismissively in my direction. "You can all have the rapeslut now, boys. I'm done with her." The van pulled over a short time after and the driver slid into the back of the van, while the leader took over the wheel. "Make sure you stuff her every hole, boys. Let's see how she likes it up her cute little ass." "Yeah, lets ass rape the slut, turn her over," the rest enthusiastically took up the suggestion.

The remaining four took turns at my ass, then thought of doing ass to mouth. They took up stations at the points of the compass, having me spin around like a crazy needle to suck the cock that had most recently been jammed up my ass.

The next guy would then fuck my ass, and I would then spin around to suck my ass off his cock. The game continued until one of them finally couldn't hold it back any longer and spasmed his cockjuice into my ass. Soon a couple more came, one of them splattering my face.

"Shit," came a hissed expletive from the front.

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"I think there's a pair of headlights that's been following us for a few streets." "There's a pair of headlights here that just got dimmed," chuckled one of the guys. "Shut up, no time for jokes. We have to dump this slut and fast." The van gathered speed, sliding around several corners as the driver took evasive action. "Quick, there's a park up here. I think we've lost them for a few moments. When I pull up, haul her out and dump her among the trees and then back in here, pronto." The van screeched to a halt and the four grabbed me and swung me bodily out of the van, virtually carrying me 20 metres and dumping me unceremoniously under a couple of low trees, screened by some bushes.

They sprinted back for the van, engine revving, which took off even before they managed to get the sliding door closed.

I lay panting on the cool grass, which already had a hint of dew. I was in that half state between not being able to move and not wanting to move. I wasn't sure where the park was, where home was and what to do now. Eventually I raised my head to look around, gradually forcing my weak muscles to cooperate.

I used the tree trunk to help me stand, then gingerly began looking around the dark park to try and find a sign that would help me identify my location. I stubbed my toe on a log, making me cry out, walking even more cautiously. It wasn't a big park, and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see other trees and a playground silhouetted against a row of houses. But there was no sign to be found. I soon found myself back under the trees where I had started, but something seemed a bit different.

I paused, trying to work out what it was. Several figures suddeny materialised out of the bushes and I jumped. The men just stood there, in the shadows, grinning. "Are you the slut named Maria whose been going around town asking to get raped?" one asked with an exaggerated conspiratorial wink to one of his compatriots.

"And been quite successful at it too, it appears," the other replied. "We've got one last surprise for you before your evening of rape ends, Maria," another added. "More cock?" I asked, unable to prevent a hopeful note enter my voice. In reply the men all dropped their coats from their shoulders and I realised that they were all naked too.

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I tried to count, but there were at least eight or nine of them. "On your knees, Maria. We're going to finish you off with a bukkake ring and we've all been saving up for you." "After all, a rapeslut like you deserves it." I sunk to my knees and they all approached, stroking their hardened cocks.


I was wondering how he knew my name, although being posted on so many websites as a free public prostitute and bestiality slut does tend to give it away a bit. As they got closer, I gave a start. The cock directly in front of me looked awfully familiar. I tried to look around but one of them locked my head with his hands as the first cock started spewing jizz at my face. I automatically opened my mouth to catch as much cum as I could, feeling the strong squirt hit the back of my throat.

The guy behind me turned my head as various cocks around the circle neared climax, each giving me a thick spray of delicious jizz, dripping its way down my face and off my nose onto my tits.

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Each ohed and ahed as they aimed their loads at me, but otherwise remained silent. Eventually they were all done. "That brings the evening to a successful conclusion," the first voice said with satisfaction. Another produced a torch, shining it on me.

I looked down to see my torso covered in cum. "And now it's time to head home because hubby will be so proud of you," he added.

I was so startled I jumped to my feet without barely realising it. "What the." I began. The torch played over the various men arrayed before me. Now I realised why I had pangs of familiarity earlier.


I knew them all. They were smiling, grinning, laughing to themselves as they saw realisation down on me. They were all members of the IFM team - the I Fucked Maria team - put together by hubby as part of our voraciously sexual lifestyle.

All of them had fucked me many times before. "We've been shadowing you the whole time since hubby dropped you off, Maria.

You didn't think we'd just let you loose on an unsuspecting town, did you? "We kept an eye on you, just in case. I think the van driver spotted us, that's why he dropped you off so quickly." "Wow, that's so nice," I said gratefully.

"And such a nice way to finish it off, thanks guys." "Time to get you home, Maria, and our cocks are hardening up again, if you're interested."