Schöne Freundin ist ein Glas frischen cum trinken

Schöne Freundin ist ein Glas frischen cum trinken
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I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping in the trees, and the sun shining through the windows. On either side of me were my two lovely goddesses, still sultry and naked, and sleeping soundly with each of their beautiful faces resting on my chest.

They each had a leg tossed over one of mine and the entire room smelled of sex. As had been the case for just about every day of my life, being first thing in the morning, my cock was standing fully erect and at attention. I didn't want to move, but on the other hand, I couldn't let a hard on go to waste. I let my hands drift aimlessly across each of their sexy backs, down to their sweet asses, lightly, but firmly cupping each one bringing their warm soft cunny's lightly brushing the outside of each of my thighs.

Sally started moving slightly first, bringing her leg up to allow her cunt to brush my leg more forcefully. I looked down at Alex, after hearing her moan softly, and she was bringing her hand up to caress my throbbing dick. She wrapped her hand around it, and started stroking slowly, while she took over moving her hips.


Aimlessly, and almost hypnotically, Sally slid her self down my body, and turned around in the bed, allowing me access to her moistening pussy. I lazily played with Sally's wet snatch, paying close attention to her clit, making her moan softly. Alex started to stir slightly, rubbing her self on my leg with more force and speed.

I took that opportunity to pull Sally closer to me, and guided her to sit on my face. Alex, being fully awake by now, saw her opportunity, and dove her face on my rod. She sucked my stick forcefully, trying her best to get the entire length down her throat. Sally took Alex by the hand, and guided her up to her knees and then Alex straddled me guiding my rock hard poker into her sopping wet slit.

I slid in easily as she was still pretty lubed up after last night's rumpus. Sally and Alex faced each other and started to embrace as ecstasy took over their bodies.

They kissed each other, and fondled breasts. I could feel Alex's love canal start to tighten, and it was all the encouragement I needed. I started cumming at the same time Sally started spewing love juice all over my face. Alex came shortly after, riding my slowly shrinking cock for all it had. The two angels fell off of me with a thud, all three of us spent and satisfied. "Morning daddy." Sally cooed. "That's a nice way to wake up." Alex simply sighed and curled up next to me. Sally mentioned something about breakfast, and got up out of bed.

Alex said something about she'd take the shower first. I lay in the afterglow of raunchy sex with two of the most perfect lovers I've ever had in my life.

Alex left bathroom. "All yours Uncle Mark." She said toweling her hair dry. "Hurry up daddy, breakfast will be done soon." Sally yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Ok, be right out." I yelled back.

I took a quick shower, washing all of the sexual fluids off of me. It didn't take too long, and I was out, and drying off. I put on my bathrobe, and walked down the stairs to the main part of the cabin.

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Sally had put on a pair of sweat pants, and a tank top, and Alex was still only in a towel wrapped around her body. "Well ladies, what shall we do today?" I asked sitting down at the table.


Alex spoke up first. "Not sure if I want to do anything." She shifted in her seat slightly. "I'm a little sore." I giggled a little, and then looked at Sally. She nodded with a sympathetic look on her face that told me she was a little sore as well. "We don't have to do anything. We can just sit here and laze around all day." I picked up my coffee cup.

"As a matter of fact, it will give me a chance to fix Don's computer up so he doesn't get suspicious." I directed the girls to put on the same clothes that they had on after Alex arrived, and I'd cut and edit the tape to show that either we weren't home most of the time, or that there really wasn't anything going on. The girls agreed that they would change clothes a couple of times even though they new that Don would see that.

It had to be realistic, but I didn't want him to see too much. We spent the rest of that day putting on a show for the cameras.

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We posed ourselves on the furniture, lounging, watching TV, or around the table eating. We made preparations to leave the cabin, simply for the benefit of the cameras, and also plenty of footage of the cabin empty at different times during the day.

We went out to dinner, and left the cameras running, so that I had footage of the sun going down, and the cabin getting darker. We returned from dinner and made everything look as if we were getting ready to go to bed. Of course, I had footage of the girls and myself changing into several different outfits. The girls were very tired, and they decided to go to bed, alone, and a little early.

I promised them that we would go play golf the next day, which is something that both of them wanted to do. I went to Don's den, and set to edit my footage. Once I got a rhythm going it wasn't difficult to come up with different scenes and when I got done, it looked like there was a weeks worth of footage, complete with time stamps. Most of the footage was of an empty cabin, so it appeared that we'd spent a week basically sleeping there, and that was all.

"Ya gotta get up pretty early to pull one over on me." I said to myself, powering down the cameras and the laptop again.

I retired up to my loft, and went to bed. I missed not having the girls with me, but I managed to fall asleep anyway not to long after I lay down. I woke up in the morning to the smell of bacon, and pancakes cooking. There was a hot cup of coffee on the bedside table and I thought I saw a blonde head disappear down the stairs.

I sat up, took a sip of coffee, and looked at the day dawning out the window. Sally came up the stairs holding a tray, and Alex followed behind carrying a coffee pot. I was getting served breakfast in bed.

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Both girls were completely nude, with the exception of select parts of the French maid's costumes they had modeled for me a couple of days earlier. They wore the aprons and the hats, which didn't cover much of them at all. "Oh my." I exclaimed.

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"I don't know which I should eat first." I said licking my lips. "Breakfast, or you ladies." This brought embarrassed giggles from the two girls. "Eat me, eat me." Sally playfully chanted. They both climbed onto the bed after setting the tray in front of me.

"Instead of playing golf today, we've decided that we want to stay here with you." Alex announced.

Sally nodded in agreement. "We can go play golf tomorrow, can't we?" She asked. I thought about the prospect of staying at home with two lovely sex kittens.

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It was tempting to say the least. "What if we did both?" I offered. They looked at each other with a quizzical look. "I know why you want to stay home, but what if I suggested that we could do one, while doing the other?" Sally smiled first and looked at Alex, who was smiling back at her. "That may be fun." Alex spoke up.

"Yea, we could make a game out of it." Sally offered. "Lets go get dressed." Sally blurted climbing off the bed.

"Whoa girl." I held my hand up to stop her then moved the tray out of the way, handing it to Alex, who'd also gotten off of the bed. "We can take care of a few things first, there's no hurry." I slung the covers back to reveal my morning hard on. The girls immediately took the hint setting down the tray, and coffee pot, and climbing into bed with me. Sally took the lead, attacking my cock with a vengeance like a starving child being handed chocolate cake.

Alex kissed me passionately while I fondled her perfect, lily-white breasts. Sally was becoming quite adept at her deep throat techniques, and soon had me squirming, ready to blow my load. I stopped Sally from continuing, just in time. I directed them to kneel on the floor, and they could take turns sucking on it. "One suck a piece, and we'll see who gets to drink my cum." I teased.

They seemed to like that Idea. I stood next to the bed, and told them to lay down on their backs with their heads hanging over the bed. "Ready?" I asked. They both nodded in agreement. I put the head of my throbbing member on Sally's nose then guided it into her mouth. I didn't plunge too hard or far the first time. Sally swirled her tongue around the head, and shaft, trying to get the biggest bang for the buck she could. I pulled out of Sally's luscious mouth then went to Alex.

The same treatment for her except, she reached over her head, and grabbed my ass, forcing my cock all the way down her throat causing her to gag a little. The sensation was amazing. "Do me that way." Sally pleaded. I again put my cock above Sally's nose then rammed it down her throat causing my balls to slap her in the forehead. I held it there for a moment, and then pulled out again. I moved over to Alex, but this time, I rammed into Alex's face twice.

I was getting close to losing control, and I think the girls knew it. When I put my cock into Sally's throat, she held me in place, and started to swallow madly. This was unbelievable. It was like a thousand fingers massaging my prick, trying to milk me for all the cum inside of me. She had to breath, and released her grip on my ass cheeks allowing me to pull out. Alex saw the look on my face, and decided that she could do better. I thrust my cock into Alex's throat.

She not only started swallowing, but also moved my hips back and forth causing me to pull out, then ram back in. The feeling was, well, orgasmic. I could feel my balls tighten up, and knew that a torrent of man spunk was rushing towards freedom. I rammed my cock into Alex one final time, as gush after sloppy gush of cum shot directly into her stomach, down her throat.

Alex started to gag a little, and that must have been Sally's queue to take over. She pulled me over to her, and took my still spewing cock into her mouth sucking any remaining cum out of me. "That was utterly amazing, girls." I gasped, trying to recover. They looked at each other and giggled, and then proceeded to clean each other up with kisses, and licks. What a sight. "Ok, lets get dressed." Sally ordered. "I want to go play golf and play with daddy's balls." They both shrieked playfully, and retreated down the stairs.

We all got dressed, I made a phone call to reserve a tee time, and we left the cabin for a playful day of golf. The local course was very nice, and the guy in the pro shop gave me the option of taking caddies, or carts. From where I was standing I saw a few young men sitting around a picnic table. I assumed that those were the caddies. A few of the boys were already looking in our direction, presumably checking out my lovely escorts.

I looked at the lovely ladies, then said, caddies. The man behind the counter yelled back that he needed three. To my surprise, two young gentlemen, and a young lady, joined us, pointing us to the direction of the first tee. Both girls, Sally and Alex had played golf before, but didn't play enough to be very good at it. I was a typical hack, and played on weekends, or with clients some times.

I was definitely not a pro. We all walked to the first tee, and introduced ourselves before hitting the first ball. Wayne caddied for Alex, and was probably about seventeen years old. Alex's caddie was Chris, a strapping young man of maybe eighteen. Kelly carried my bag. I found out that she was a student at a college, and worked here during the summer and was twenty-three years old.

Her legs were long, her hair was shoulder length, and auburn. Her body was toned, and her tits were enormous.

They were at least a "D" cup. Kelly noticed me looking at her, and began to flirt a little. The kids were doing what the kids do. The girls were trying to flirt, but the boys were standing there with their teeth in their mouth, not sure what to say or do.

Kelly gave me a few pointers on a par three, and then bet me that I wouldn't hit the green on the first shot. "What are the stakes?" I asked playfully winking at her.

"I've seen pro's not make that green on the first shot." She sounded pretty confident. "I'll suck your dick if you make the green." This brought giggles from Sally and Alex, and gasps from the boys, who I'm sure were just amazed that a girl would offer to suck a guy's dick out loud.

"You're on." I said "But what if I lose?" She looked around at Sally and Alex. "One of them has to suck one of their dicks." Sally looked at me, raised her eyebrows and cocked her hip.

"You're on." She said defiantly. "He can do it. But if he does, lets up the stakes." Kelly was the one looking defiant this time. "How?" Sally said, if he hits it, you have to suck his dick while Chris here fucks you." "Fine." Kelly said and turned to me. "Which club do you want? The hole was one hundred, thirty-eight yards from the tee, to the center of the green. "I'll take the pitching wedge." She handed me the club and stood back.

I lined up, took a couple of practice swings, and then stepped up to the ball. My swing was almost perfect and the ball lofted high. It seemed to take forever for the ball to complete it's arched flight. It landed with a thud, only about ten feet from the cup on the near side. It bounced straight up then released forward rolling within inches of making a hole in one. "Unbelievable." Kelly said. "I've seen guys want a blow job before, but, wow." Sally hit her ball short, and Alex hit hers into the trees, which turned out to actually be quite convenient.

Kelly smiled a sly smile, and waved her arm for us to follow her.

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"Guess we'd better go look for her ball." She headed into the woods. We all followed Kelly. She stopped in a small clearing about forty yards from the green. She put my golf clubs down, and unbuttoned her shirt. She looked up at Chris. "What are you waiting for?" She asked as she pulled her shirt over her head. I'm trying to remember, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone get undressed so fast. Once Kelly was nude except for her tennis shoes, she put her hand on my chest, and pushed me backwards until my back hit a tree.

She bent over, unbuckled my belt, and let my shorts fall to the forest floor. Kelly looked back at Chris, who was standing, somewhat dumbstruck, watching Kelly take my stiffening tool from my boxers. "Well, it looks hard enough, stick it in there. We ain't got all day." She turned her attention once again to my now throbbing cock. Chris stepped up behind Kelly. She was bent at the waist, and was stroking my cock, waiting for Chris to get started. He looked up at me with a look that told me he might shoot his load at any time, and then inserted his dick into her pussy.

She put her mouth on my rod, and started bobbing her head up and down. Chris's eyes rolled up into the back of his head, as he started moving his hips back and forth. I looked at Sally, briefly. She was sucking on a finger of one hand, while the other had one of her gorgeous tits in it, playing with the nipple. Alex, who was standing next to her, was starting to shuffle around a little. Wayne who was standing on the other side of Sally simply watched Sally fondle herself.

Kelly seemed to be enjoying Chris's cock in her cunt. She worked my rod like a pro. Sucking the entire length down her throat, and letting out a moan on the way out that made the hair on my nuts stand up. Meanwhile, Alex had put a hand down the front of her shorts, and was fondling her pussy. Sally, seeing an opportunity with Wayne, took his hand, and placed it on her tender breast. He didn't argue, and soon had both hands up her shirt, teasing her nipples.

Chris made a face, which I hoped I'd never made while fucking a girl when I was his age, and I new he blew his load. He backed up slightly, and I saw his cock, slick with his cum, and Kelly's juices. Kelly didn't seem to notice that he was gone, and continued to suck my cock. I was getting close to blowing my load, but now that Chris wasn't behind Kelly, I wanted to fuck her.

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I pulled her up off of my cock, and stepped around, facing her apple shaped ass. Kelly grabbed hold of the tree with one hand, and my ass with the other urging me to fuck her now dripping pussy. Alex had stripped her shorts off, and was openly flogging her dripping cunt with two fingers. Chris had stumbled over to Alex and was now helping her take her shirt off. Sally went down on Wayne, and I'm certain would have him blowing his load shortly.

I concentrated on Kelly. I pounded my dick into her cunt with enough force to hear my thighs slap against her ass. She reached a hand below, and started massaging her pulsing clit, matching my thrusts. I put a hand on her ass, and let my thumb brush against my thrusting prick.

I put my thumb on her anal opening, and gave a little push, with the lube from her pussy, it slid in easily past the first knuckle. She arched her back, and grunted at the new sensation. I took that as a queue and in one swift motion, I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and slid it effortlessly into her waiting anus.

Her hips started to buck, and the hand that was twiddling her clit just seconds before, was now thrusting three fingers in and out of her sloppy cunt, and making swishing sounds. I grabbed hold of her hips with both hands, and pounded my meat into her tight asshole.

I think I heard moans coming from behind me, but I was so close to blowing my load, I didn't look. Kelly's body started shaking and bucking as she was thrown into an earth shattering orgasm. A gush of hot sticky girl cum came flooding out of her cunt, landing on the leaves on the ground.

Her wild gyrations sent me over the edge, and I unloaded stream after stream of hot sticky cum deep into her bowels. Kelly collapsed on the forest floor in front of me and my shrinking cock came out of her anus with a plop. I looked around at what the others were doing. What a site, Chris was laying on the ground on his back while Alex rode his prick like a bunking horse. Sally was bent over at the waist, with her hands on the ground being pounded by Wayne.

Kelly started to recover, got up on her knees, and started to retrieve her clothes. "Just look what we started." She said breathlessly. I watched Sally and Alex cum almost at the same time. Chris made that face again, so I knew he'd cum. Wayne had both hands on Sally's hips, pounding into her until right before he came, then pulled his dick out of Sally's pulsing pussy, and shot a few ropes of spunk out on her back. I got myself dressed as I watched the bodies before me start to slowly recover, and come back to reality.

Kelly ran her fingers through her hair and picked up my golf bag. "Nice shot sir. Are we playing eighteen today, or just nine?" She walked out of the thicket, with all of us following her. After nine holes, the girls and I decided that we were just too tired to continue on with the back nine, and we went back to the cabin. epilogue That was the beginning of the end of my life, as I knew it.

You see I'm now an inmate at Haleyville State Penal Institution. Sally, Alex and I arrived at the cabin, and got out of the truck. After opening the door, I tossed my keys on the coffee table, started heading upstairs to take a shower, and the girls headed to their bedroom.

I was at the top of the stairs when I heard the command; "FREEZE, PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!" I turned to see several plain clothed officers pointing guns at me. I put my hands on top of my head and was handcuffed. The officers led me down stairs, to the living room. After being frisked, sat down forcibly on the couch, and read my rights, I saw a female officer, her arms around the girls, leading them out of the cabin. I was booked into the county jail for several counts of statutory rape, and multiple counts of aggravated child molestation.

The detective told me that they'd been after Don for quite some time after neighbors of his had made several claims that they'd seen him make his daughter parade around the house naked, and was seen fondling himself while watching. He went on to tell me that it was rumored that he'd gone so far as to video tape her while he was at work for viewing later.

The cabin had been placed under surveillance when a member of the cleaning crew had reported that there were cameras placed all over the house, and she noticed sticky substances on the daughters sheets after a visit.

Don had booked the cabin for that week, so the detectives obtained a warrant for video surveillance. "You only got his cameras Mr. Davis, not ours." The detective told me. "Don't worry, we're still after ol' Don." He chuckled.

"Maybe you'll be cell mates, and can swap stories." Now he horse laughed. I plead no contest to the charges brought against me and was sentenced to six years in the states custody, ten years probation, and of course I now had to register as a sex offender anywhere I lived, for the rest of my life.

All of this happened almost six years ago this week.


Sally was put into foster care. Even though she didn't like it, she stayed with them, only because I asked her too. She's just turned twenty years old, going to college, and is living on campus. She still visits when she can, and tells me that she can't wait for my impending release next month so we can be a family again. Alex testified against both of her parents, who are now serving their time for crimes including cruelty to children, sexual battery of a child, false imprisonment, and child molestation.

She, with the help of my attorney sued both of them in civil court, and won. The settlement included their house, and Don's retirement fund, which was fairly significant. She too was put into foster care for a short while, but ran away, two weeks before her eighteenth birthday. I received a letter from her about six months ago.

She's living in Michigan with an aunt, and just needed to get away from all of the attention. She promised to come visit, but hasn't yet. I've seen the errors of my ways, and hope that I didn't hurt anyone in my stint of weakness. Child molestation is what it is, and it's a crime. In my state, the legal age of consent is eighteen now.

If a person is under the age of eighteen, they're a child in the eyes of the court and are off limits. I was irresponsible, and took full advantage of a child that trusted me to take care of her and keep her safe. I am a monster. The End.