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Nude gay porn sex xxx film of boy Fucking Dudes for the Wifey
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Characters: M50, M26, F46, F22, F20 Synopsis: Dad and my Girlfriend cheat on me and mum so we get revenge.

I'm into photography and I am a whiz on the computer i can do almost everything on a computer, this day i was out taking photos of the people in our town for a display in the town hall of the citizens of my town. i had won a competition last year with a photo of a beautiful autumn day, and the prize was a brand new digital camera so that morning i got dressed and grabbed my small digital camera the same one i had won from the competition, i grabbed a quick breakfast and headed out into the streets to snap some pictures of my towns people i knew my girlfriend Melissa was coming over later but i knew i had a few hours in the morning to get a few photos before she came over.

I had been gone for about 2 hours when i decided to head home and put them on my computer to edit later once i had captured a lot more people as i approached the house i saw my girlfriends car was in the driveway and i thought she must have decided to come over a little earlier to surprise me when i got back little did i know what the actual surprise was.

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I opened the front door quietly and closed it behind me i didn't see my dad or my girlfriend downstairs so i thought she might be in my bedroom ready to surprise me when i entered my room, as i approached the stairs i heard the distinct sounds of sex coming from my parents room i thought maybe mum had come home for a quickie with dad on her lunch break as she doesn't drive to work since her work is only 15 minutes from our house she walks there, mum is in great shape she is 5ft8 tall with long brown hair that she wears in different styles, she has big tits at 42DD, i knew because i found her bra in the bathroom one time that she had forgotten so i picked it up and saw the tag as i was putting it into the hamper to be washed later when she did the washing.

I quietly walk up the stairs not wanting to disturb mum and dad's sexual fun but as i approached their door it was slightly open so i peered in hoping to see my mum naked i had fantasies of her since i was 16 but to my surprise it wasn't mum dad was fucking but my girlfriend Melissa.

Melissa and i had been dating since high school and we had even spoken about getting married in a few years if we were still together after she had finished college she was studying to be a physio therapist and was planning on working at the local hospital.

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I was shocked at the scene before me but luckily they didn't see me at that moment so i quickly lifted my camera up and started taking photos of them together to show my mum what was happening behind her back and mine i had managed to get half a dozen photos of them before they realised i was there, Oh God Mark's here At that moment dad looks up towards the door and sees i have my camera pointed at them taking photos of them both, knowing they were caught Melissa tried to apologise to me but i walk out and go to my room and slam the door closed.

A few seconds later she is at my door knocking to come in i allow her to enter and she tries to make excuses as to why it had happened and said please Mark it won't happen again but i didn't believe her i scream at her "GET OUT I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN AND WE WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED IN A FEW YEARS AND NOW YOU HAVE RUINED EVERYTHING, She cries and runs out of the house and gets in her car crying and drives away.


Meanwhile dad is sitting in his bedroom having heard what i had said he was scared as to what i was going to do to him. I marched into his bedroom and screamed at him "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME AND TO MUM" You know what is going to happen, I'm going to tell mum and show her the pictures and let her decide what to do to you asshole and with that i stormed out and walked to mum's work i opened the door and was greeted by mum's secretary Julie "HI Mark what Brings you here this time of the day" she was a 20yo woman who had been working for my mum since she was 18yo mum took her on after a short search for the right person and of course Julie fit that perfectly, she is 5ft6 tall blonde hair and blue eyes a walking wet dream for any man but she wasn't interested in anyone at the moment as she was too busy working for my mum and she was happy, as nicely as i could considering what i had just witnessed I politely answered her that i was here to see mum about something important and she says "Go right ahead Mark your mum is just on the phone to a client at the moment" Thanks Julie i will see you soon, and i walked away down the hall to mums office.


Mum is a very successful real estate agent and she is currently ranked no1 in the state. I walk into mum's office and sit down in the chair waiting till she got off the phone, she looks up and acknowledges me with a smile and continues her phone call.

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Shortly after sitting down mum hangs up the phone after finishing her phone call. Mark what a surprise seeing you here what is up son?

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I look up at my mum and she sees the tears in my eyes and she rushes over "Oh Mark Honey what's wrong?" I look up at her and say mum you better look at these pictures and it will tell you what is wrong Mum takes the camera from my hands and goes through the pictures i had taken of dad fucking my now ex Melissa, "Oh My God Mark" what is this "Mum i caught dad fucking my girlfriend Melissa on your bed a few minutes ago" "What?" "Yes mum its true as you can see by the photos i took of them I can't believe they did that to us" "OH Mark honey it is ok mum will be right back" Mum walks out of the office and tells Julie to go and look after me and she will be back soon, Julie comes into mum's office as mum walks out the door.

Julie sees i have been wiping the tears away just after mum left her office "Oh Mark what has happened?" "Oh Julie you won't believe what i found when i got home this morning" "What is it Mark?" I found Melissa and my dad fucking on my Parents bed i took photos of them and just showed my mum and she has gone home to confront him "What" I don't believe Melissa would do that to you" so i showed her my camera and she went through the photos i had taken a few minutes ago "OH Mark I'm so sorry i didn't believe you" and she grabs me and hugs me as the tears start again "It's ok Mark let the tears out it will do you good" I hug her tight as i let the tears flowed Soon after mum returns to her office where Julie is still hugging me Julie lets me go and i stand up to hug mum.

"It's ok Mark i have just been home and confronted your father about what has happened he is packing his things and leaving home and i am divorcing him" "Oh Mum im so sorry" "Mark it is not your fault" "I know mum but i was the one that found them" "Yes you did Mark and i am glad you did apparently that wasn't the first time it happened i found out from your dad it had been going on for 6 weeks" "What are we going to do mum?" "Well once the Divorce is finalised we are selling the house and moving and Julie would you like to come with us?" "Yes i would love to go with you and Mark" A month later the divorce is finalised and the house has been sold during that time i have posted the photos of dad and Melissa on all over the internet showing everyone in the world the photos with the caption "Cheaters Paul Smith and Melissa Brown" 2 years later we have settled in Phoenix Arizona we have purchased a beautiful 2 storey house with a 3 car garage mum has started up a new business as a real estate agent Julie lives with us and she is my wife now and we have a beautiful 6 month old daughter and i couldn't be happier and mum is also our lover.

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Melissa didn't finish her studies she left town almost immediately after i found her and dad together last i heard she was in London keeping a low profile and dad has gone to China and he is keeping a low profile all he got was $1million and fired from his job as a money manager after the divorce Mum got $30 Million dollars from the divorce and sold our old house for $2.2 Million plus mums earnings and Julie and mine as well we are set for life The End