Bikie gets a huge facial after hard fucking

Bikie gets a huge facial after hard fucking
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this is fantasy but written as if in the first party. forgive any mistakes, i know some are bound to get threw, please take the story for what it is. Thank you I was married at the age of 18, divorced seven years later and the father of two daughters, for six years I had access to the girls, but then my ex moved to Scotland and I lost contact with the girls, except for the odd phone call and birthday cards.

I had had relationships but none were right for me, so more or less for the last seven years I had been living almost like a monk. My friends would try fixing me up, inviting me for a meal and having a female friend there, that I might like to get to know better, some were ok but not the marrying kind.

My 40th birthday was coming up and my friends had arranged a night out, we would have a meal first, the go to a strip/ lap dancing club. We watched the first few strippers then Tony said he had fixed up a lap dance for me, as the girl came into our alcove, I almost had a heart attack, she was my daughter Kristine, I knew she had come into the area for collage, but we hadn't been in contact for the last month, her professional name being Kristi, of course non of my friends know who she was.

As she saw it was me I saw for a second panic, but then she smiled and went into her routine, wriggling has ass right in front of me, running her hands over her ass then up between her legs and over her pussy mound, my friends were making all the raunchy noises, saying how sexy she was and how they would like to part her legs and climb between them, I had to join in and wanting to see if I could shock her I said, "I wonder if her daddy knows what she's doing, and I wonder what he would do" turning to face me she jiggled her tits at me, oh boy, they were at a guess 36c, she had grown up since I last saw her, then reaching behind her back, the bikini top she was wearing came off, she moved right up close and stuck those beauties to my mouth, her nipples were as hard as pebbles, the aureoles, were puffy and covered in little goose bumps, my friends were encouraging me to suck them, but Susan reminded them there was no touching the dancers, Stuart told her if the dancers wanted it, then it was OK, I had no idea if he was right about this, I suppose it's different at each club and the girl dancing, "Go on, she wants it, suck her tits for her" Colin almost shouted, Susan said "She doesn't want them sucking" then looking to Kristi she asked the question, "You don't do you" Kristi continuing to giggle her tits moved closer to me and nodded, I was lost in the sexual atmosphere and forgot who she was.

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My tongue came out to touch her left nipple, I looked up and she gave a smile. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard for about thirty seconds, as I let this go to suck her other nipple she moved back, and turned her back to me, she pushed her ass to my lap and every now and then she actually brushed her ass over my crutch, my cock as I guess, my friends cocks, were if not fully erect, were part the way there, turning back to face me she slipped a finger into the top of her panties, teasingly she pushed them down an inch, then pulled them back up, she did this a few times before turning round again, bending forwards, she slipped her panties down, showing a little ass, looking back she nodded, I knew she was asking if she should take them off, I nodded back, very slowly as she danced she pushed her panties down, her pussy was right in front of me, Oh God, her lips were puffy and even in the dim light I could see how moist they were.

Pushing her panties right down, she opened her legs, now her pussy was open before me, my friends were cheering and saying what a hot chick she was, and if only, rubbing her finger up her pussy a few times she turned and offered her fingers to me, I sucked them and she tasted so sweet, I couldn't believe my own daughter had just done this, then dancing closer she unfastened my belt, dancing back she turned again, her ass inches from my face, I could smell her nectar and I swear I saw some of her juices seep from her pussy, turning again she looked right at my crutch.

Moving in again she tugged at the zip, "Go on Dave, take it out if that's what she wants" she smiled and nodded, I think it was Carol who said I couldn't, that was one thing against club rules, with encouragement from my friends I pushed myself up a little and eased my trousers and underwear down, my cock standing up like a flag pole, Kristi licked her lips, I wondered what she was going to do, she moved in and turned her ass to me again, then she started to sit on my lap, I instinctually held my cock up towards her pussy, she lowered herself onto my lap, taking my cock right into her pussy, wriggling her hips a few times, before bouncing up and down, I was so close to coming I hoped she wouldn't get off, looking back she smiled, then pushed hard down onto my lap, I felt her muscles grip me tight and I blew my load, Jesus, my daughter was taking my load and in front of six of my friends and their wives and girl friends.

As she stood up she quickly pulled her panties back up, slipping her top back on, she headed for the door, my friends called her back, she paused to see what they wanted, cash came out and she was handed eighty pounds, "Thanks for the great show" we passed the night watching the other strippers and having a few drinks.

Finally we were heading home, I was dropped off first, with a "Thanks for the night, I've have a really great time" Simon laughingly said "I bet you did, and what about the lap dancer, it looked like she took to you, pity you didn't get her number, she might have come over and continued the lap dance for you" I passed it off telling him she would have me in my grave if she did.

Walking up my drive I saw a car parked in front of the house, as I got nearer, Kristine got out of it, as she hugged me she asked if I was going to tell her mother about her lap dancing, opening the door and letting her in I asked why she was doing it and what possessed her to do what she had, she told me she was dancing for the money, it was expensive being at college and she was finding it hard to get by, and as for the lap dance, she gave me, she giggled then told me "At first I wasn't going to stay saying, making some excuse and I would send someone else for you, but then I remembered it was your birthday, so I thought who better to give you a birthday treat, than your own daughter, the only problem with this I got carried a way a bit too much, I've never done that before and if your upset, then I'm sorry, but seeing how much you enjoyed it, I think it was worth the risk" I didn't know what to say, I liked it more than I should have, so I just asked if she wanted a drink.

In the lounge we caught up on the last year, and how Tracy was getting on at school, I didn't ask about my ex, I knew she would be Ok, as we talked I thought about asking her if she wanted to move in with me, making it easier for her to go to college, but then I thought she might take this the wrong way, like I wanted to keep an eye on her or even bed her. We talked until around half five and she got up saying she had better be going, I engaged my mouth before my brain, and came out with "You can stay here if you want" "Thanks dad, but I've got nothing to wear" my mind shot back to the club and I said "After tonight's performance, does it matter"?

she laughed and replied, "You only want to see me naked again" "No it's not that, I just thought it would save you driving back to your room" "It's OK dad, I was just teasing" "So do you want to stay" "As you say it would save me the drive, so thanks, I will accept your offer of a bed for the night" she helped me make the spare bed up, then had a quick shower before turning in.


In the morning she knocked on my bed room door asking if I was awake, I called her in, "Morning dad, how about I cook you a good breakfast" Thanks, I'll take a quick shower" five minutes later I was done, entering the kitchen Kristine was wearing one of my long t shirts cooking breakfast, I had my sweats and a t shirt on.

The door bell rung and I went to answer it, it was Tony, I had forgot he was coming round for our morning round of golf, asking him in I wondered what to say about Kristine being there, as he entered the kitchen he stopped dead in his tracks, he looked at me "Isn't that the girl from the club" I nodded, "You lucky bastard, you did get her number, and you've got her cooking your breakfast too, you fast worker you" Kristine turned and greeted Tony, "Got you trained well I see"?

she walked to me and slipped her arm around me and gave me a kiss, "Oh yeah, cant do enough for this stud" she then patted the front of my sweats, my cock twitched.


"You up for golf this morning, or are you to tired"? "No I'll be fine, if Kristi doesn't mind me eating and running" "No that's ok, besides I have to be off myself, I have thing to do" she dished up my food and as she passed me she kissed me full on my lips, Tony told me he couldn't drag me out, not this morning, and he would explain things to the others, I saw Kristine in the hall smile and head up the stairs.

She took another shower as I ate breakfast, then she called down asking if Tony had gone, "Yes, he say's we can play golf any time" "she came back into the kitchen "And what does he mean by that" "I think he thinks we've been screwing all night" she finished off my sentence saying "And he thinks we'll be screwing all day" I didn't need to answer this, she walked behind me and slipped her arms around my neck, she kissed my neck then said "Would you like to"?

I looked up at her "What"? "Would you like to screw all day"? "Would I? As sure as birds fly and fish swim I would love to screw all day, but how can I?, you're my daughter" "That didn't bother you at the club" "That was the heat of the moment", looking towards the window, I added "We just can't" kissing my neck again she asked why not? "You know why not, I'm your father" "SO what, I'm old enough to make my own mind up and over 16" this being the age of consent in the UK- "So if you want it, then it's all yours" my head was spinning, there was no one that meet all my needs, and now I find the one that could, and she turned out to be my daughter.

I just sat there not knowing what to say, I knew it would be so wrong, but I needed to find love, and here it was, none of my friends knew who she was, so that I didn't have to worry about that. Kristine could see the dilemma I was in and told me she was sorry if she had stepped over the mark, "It's just when I felt you in me last night, I knew I wanted more and I hoped you felt the same" hearing her, I knew she had made her mind up and wasn't worried about it in the slightest, but what was I to do.

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Kristine made my mind up for me, she pulled the chair back and sat on my lap, kissing me her tongue pushed into my mouth, as she pulled back she took hold of the T shirt and pulled it up and over her head, she was naked, those tits of hers begging me to suck them, I looked into her eyes then bent my head, taking her nipple in my mouth, she put her hand on the back of my head, "That's it daddy, suck your baby's tits" I moved her around so I could suck on each and finger her pussy, "Oh daddy, that feels so good" I sucked and fingered her for about ten minutes, then standing up I laid her on the table and pushed my sweats down, she took hold of my cock and as I moved into her she feed it into her pussy, "Oh daddy, Oh, Oh, Oh" I slammed into her hard and fast, her head tossed from side to side, her long hair flying to and fro, her hips bucked to meet my thrusting and her tits wobbled, I reached for them and softly squeezed each and tweaked her nipples between my thumb and fingers.

Her muscles contracted around my cock and she shook violently, her back arched off the table, I pounded her faster, she was vocal and shook me coming out with the language she was, she told me to fuck her cunt and make her cum, then crying out, "Fuck me daddy, fuck me good" minutes later, her muscles gripped my cock a second time and milked my seed from me, as we both came, I could feel each ripple of her muscles around my cock.

Calming down a little she pulled from me and jumped to her feet, she grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my room, throwing me on the bed she jumped between my legs and went down on me, sucking my cock to the back of her throat, as she moved up her tongue tickled the head of my cock, as she was kneeling beside me I pushed a couple of fingers into her soaking pussy, as I finger fucked her pussy, I coated one with our juices, then pushed it into her ass, I had never been an ass fucker in my life, but today, something changed that, getting me up again she turned around, sitting with her back to me and sat on my cock, she bounced up and down with suchk force she was hurting me a little, but I couldn't complain.

Minutes later she lifted up, "Push it in my ass daddy" I obliged with out question" "Oh fuck your so big daddy" she bounced for a few minutes, "Do it daddy, cum up my ass" how could I refuse her" my cock blew my second load in less than twenty minutes. Moving off she lay beside me, "Daddy, that was the best fuck I've had, and I've had a few" I didn't want to know that, all I cared about now, was how much of her pussy and ass was I going to get.

Later that afternoon we went over to her room and packed her thing's, her flat mate was home when we got there and she asked why she was moving out, "Cause I've found my sugar daddy" she kissed me and squeezed my ass, "He looks a lot like your daddy" Kristine told her I was her daddy" "But you acted like lovers" "We are" "You don't mean your fucking your daddy"?

I was half way out the door and turned to see Kristine give her friend a hug and hear her say "Yes, and you wouldn't believe how good he fucks" "I would like to find out" I called to Kristine saying we should be going, "Daddy, would you like to say a little longer, Michelle would like you to fuck her" Michelle blushed bright red, stepping back into the hall I put the case down and started unfastening my trousers, "Come on Michelle, Daddy's coming" "Not yet I'm not but I soon will be" Michelle almost fainted as my cock sprang into view, Kristine laughed saying she was a virgin and hadn't seen a cock, let alone an erect one.

Kristine helped Michelle into her room and together they stripped, I sucked and nibbled Michelle's little titties and fingered her pussy as I fingered Kristine's, with Michele having a second orgasm I asked if she was ready "Yes, fuck me before I back out" I was stabbing her tight virgin pussy seconds later, God she was tight, she could have been a pre teen for how tight she was, but not so much as putting her fingers into her snatch, nothing else had passed those lips of hers, she screamed as I pumped my seed into her.


Her eyes rolled back in her head and her breathing became labored, coming together she let out a long slow breath, then lay there panting, "Oh God, Oh God". I slipped from her and lay on my back. As if wanting to prove to her friend, that we fucked; Kristine rolled on top of me and rode my cock to our mutual satisfaction. We left five hours later, Michelle being no longer a virgin, in all three holes, IE pussy, ass and mouth.

All my friends accepted Kristine as my lover and told me they knew I would find someone to love, if only they knew.

Kristine continued to dance at the club for a few months, but when she came home saying she was pregnant, I put a stop to it. We have a lovely daughter, Kerry, she's now ten years old, and into everything, she thinks nothing of climbing into bed with Kristine and me, even when were having sex, she will even lay down the bed watching.

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Three nights ago she asked her mother if it hurt having my prick in her cunt, -at that time we couldn't pull her up about her language- Kristine told her it didn't, she then moved up and lay beside us "Can I try it mommy?" we both told her "No" she moved from us and asked why not, I don't know what came over Kristine because she rolled off me, my cock slapping against my stomach, she hugged Kerry telling her she wasn't old enough, we looked at each other in shock when she said "But Joanne is 10 and her daddy's put his prick in her cunt" Kristine and I talked to her for about half an hour telling her how wrong it was and her friends daddy would be in a lot of trouble if anyone found out, and she wouldn't want that for me would she, she told us she didn't, then asked "When will I be old enough mommy"?

Kristine told her when she was 16, "That long"?

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Kristine nodded, Kerry left our room and Kristine said she had lost the mood, we cuddled up, before I nodded off, I wondered if Kerry could wait until she was 16, and could I resist her if she came on to me before then. Time will tell.

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