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Authors note: i don't understand why you people even comment anymore. its pointless.

i really don't understand why you even told me you wont read it. i understand that you don't like some of my stories but that's just a natural matter of opinion and again i must say: if you don't want to read it or if you didn't like it, don't click on the next chapter.

now if you want to read this. ENJOY!!! :) after watching Emily leave my house i sat there on my couch and waited for something to happen. i wanted something to happen so badly.

i didn't know what would happen but i knew id know when it did. but nothing happened. i got up and got dressed. i walked over to my fridge and drank some dr pepper. then i went out back to start my chores. about 3 hours after finishing them i looked at the time.

it was about 5pm. the heat of teh day was about over so i went inside and sat down to watch TV.

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i dozed off to sleep and woke up about a quarter till 9pm my parents were in bed and i was still on the couch. i got up and went to my room to get ready.

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i climbed out my window and walked to the field. she wasn't there yet. it was still 3 minutes till 9pm. i sat down in teh tall grass and stared at the passing clouds and stars. i was there alone for about 5 more minutes when she walked up.

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"hey! you showed." she smiled then sat next to me and hugged me. "of coarse i showed i wouldn't miss this at all." i kissed her. "what do you wanna do?" she asked "i don't know. whatever you want to." she smiled. "i could think of a few things" she winked "do you want to? here or somewhere else" i asked "follow me" she got up, grabbed my hand and started walking to the forest where we had fucked the previous night. we both approached the pond. Emily stopped and looked at me. "here? or somewhere else?" she asked "whatever you want." i offered "come on then." she walked around the pond.

we kept walking until we reached a cave with some wierd glowing rocks inside. "wow. how beautiful" she gazed at them. i walked up and broke one off of the wall. "here." i gave her the rock. i didn't know what kind they were or if they were valuable but she took the rock and was happy. "i was thinking earlier are we dating or should we keep this secret." she asked "i've got nothing to lose so if you want to date then i guess we are." Emily smiled for a few seconds then frowned.

"but my father." i stopped her. "how? your dad is so harmless looking i don't think he could even think of killing someone." "never judge a book by its cover Jake." she looked at me. "yeah that's true." i shrugged then i looked at her. she grabbed my hand and we walked further into the cave. the light started to fade so we stopped where it was dark but light enough that we could see each other. Emily turned to me and we looked at each other for about 3 seconds before she smiled and jumped on me.

we kissed. and she sat up already straddled on my waist. she started grinding on me and moaning. we were still clothed but i could tell she was already soaked through her panties. "mm look at that you got me all wet." she moaned "i know." i bragged. she pushed me playfully. we both undressed and went back to kissing and caressing each other.

"i want you inside of me" she whispered and then grabbed my cock and aligned it with her snatch. she sat down and my cock went all the way into her. she moaned more and more as she bounce up and down. she started grinding on me and started to cum. "OH!!!!!! i'm cumming!!!!" she screamed. her pussy tightened up and squeezed my cock until i came shooting strings after strings of cum inside of her. Emily fell on top of me and gasped for air.

"that was the biggest one I've ever had." she whispered then slid off of me and cuddled up to my side. "well it was one of your first too. i'm sure you'll have bigger ones." i kissed her forehead and we both drifted to sleep. i awoke to screams. i guess Emily's dad found us. "what the fuck! i'm going to kill you!" he screamed at me. i jumped up and put my clothes on.

"what?! why?! what did i do wrong?" i asked "you had sex with my daughter!" he pulled out a small knife "whoa easy now." i said holding my hand out in a gesture for him to calm down.

"i'm going to end your life!" he rushed for me "dad no!" Emily grabbed him but he slapped her and charged for me.

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i jumped to the side and avoided it. "sir i'm sorry for sleeping with your daughter but it wasn't rape. it was consensual sex there is nothing you an do." i tried to calm him down. "like hell i cant!" he threw the knife at me and cut my face. how am i going to explain that to my parents?

"what the hell!?" i screamed. Emily's dad reached for my shirt and swung his arm. he missed. i grabbed his arm and punched him in the face. i pushed him back and ran out of the cave. Emily followed. "don't follow! he wants to kill me and if you keep coming i don't think ill ever see you again." i explained.

"no i'm coming! i hate it with my father! i want to stay with you!" Emily grabbed my hand and we both ran until our lung were on fire. we both stopped to take a break. "do you think he'll find us?" Emily asked. "i don't know" i got up again and we both started walking. we approached the field where we met last night.

i stopped "what is it?" Emily asked behind me "i don't know if its safe. its about a half mile stretch from here to my house if we can make it there without being seen then i think we might be safe" i explained "ok lets go!" Emily said walking out into the field. "no! he might be somewhere around here. we have to wait until we see him leave." i explained more "oh yeah huh." she realized.

we both sat down snuggled up against a tree and waited. we were there for at least 3 hours until we saw Emily's father leave. we waited until he was in his truck and gone until we both left. we approached my house and walked into the alleyway behind it. Emily and i walked into the back door of my house to see my parents on the couch watching TV they didn't see us so i sent Emily to my room and talked to them.

"hey dad. hey mom. um. I've got a problem." i shrugged "what is it sweetie?" my mom asked "um well. you see." i didn't really know how to explain it. "well spit it out son whats wrong?" my father asked "um you know that girl across the street?" "yes" they both answered "well i sorta. slept with her. and now her dad wants to kill me." my dad put his hand to his face and sighed.

"whats that about?" i asked him "we worry about you son." he laughed. he got up and walked out of the house. "where is she now?" my mother asked "we both came in the back so i sent her to my room." my mom got up and walked back there. i opened the door and saw her on my bed waiting. "hello. i'm Andrea." my mom introduced herself. "nice to finally meet you Andrea i'm Emily." she said then shook my moms hand. "so mom what do you think we can do to solve this problem?" i asked my mother.

"well your father is there now talking to them. i don't really know though" my mother explained. she walked out of the room leaving me and Emily alone. "safe sex!" she called through the hallway "mom!" i groaned embarrassed. Emily started laughing. once she calmed down she realized that we hadn't actually had any safe sex yet and that she could be pregnant. "um. baby?


we haven't had any of that yet. have we?" she asked "what safe sex? um i don't think so. that's bad." i sat next to her. "looks like your mom is going to be mad and my dad even madder" she put her head on my shoulder. "probably but we wont have to worry about my parents. they are way lenient." i got up and went to talk to my mom about Emily and birth control. "mom? too late for that" i shrugged "dear god, son. your a horn dog" she laughed "here." my mom tossed me some abortion pills.

"you just have this laying around?" i looked at her with surprise "well your father and i have had plenty of unprotected se---" "mom!" "sorry.

well here you go just give them to her and don't have sex for a few days. that should do it." she smiled. i walked into my room and gave Emily the pills. "do you think you'll be able to go that long with out having sex?" she asked me "I've done it before." "i don't know if i could. it seems so hard not having you inside me all the time." Emily kissed me then laid down on my bed.

i laid next to her. we both sat there looking each other in the eye until we both fell asleep. i woke up again a few hours later. Emily was right next to me when i did. it was a first. i got up and walked into my kitchen. my mom was standing there making dinner and my father was on the couch watching a football game. "hey." i said opening the fridge "her father wasn't home. and he wasn't happy either." my mother said "well there's nothing i can do about that now." i said sitting at the table in the middle of the kitchen "well i'm sorry but tomorrow your father and i will go back over there to try and sort thing out." she added.

i went back to my room to see Emily looking around the room "anything you need?" i asked her "oh you scared me. no im just bored." she said opening a drawer in my computer desk. "your very nosy arnt you." i said walking up from behind her and grabbed her arm. "please dont go through my stuff." i asked her "ok i wont. im just so bored." she groaned "well dinner will be ready soon but in the meantime what do you want to do?" i asked her "well we cant have sex.

but i can still give you head." she smiled "we can do plenty of things i just can finish inside of you." i said then walked over to my bed and laid down "oh man. i love the feeling of your cum filling me up though." i almost blew a load into my pants when she said that. Emily looked down at my pants and rubbed the dent in my crotch.

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"mm i see that." she giggled "its not ment to be ignored" i joked. Emily smiled then started trailing down my body with kisses until she reached my cock.

she unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock. "do you want me to suck it? or can you just fuck me really hard?" she asked. i thought she was kidding so i answered. "i wanna fuck you until you faint." i guess she took me seriously cause she got up, straddled my waist and started riding me up and down.

she rolled over and i started fucking her in missionary position. she smiled the entire time. she looked at me a little disappointed. "whats wrong?" i asked her "i thought you wanted to fuck me really hard?" she moaned "you were serious?" she nodded "alright then." i started to ram in and out of her without warning. she loved it she started moaning louder and louder until she came all over my bed. i was just about to finish when there was a knock at my door "hey horn dogs dinner is ready." my older sister called from the hallway.

she was never home unless it was Sunday. she was one of those irresponsible people she was always gone but every Sunday she was home for dinner. my parents were happy about that.

me and Emily got up and dressed. i walked down the hall with her in tail and we sat at the dinner table. my mom had made spaghetti and meatballs.

Emily ate like it was her first meal in weeks. she still used proper table manners but she had 2 servings plus desert. we were the type of family that never let food go to waste but she made it so we didn't have left overs for Wednesday.

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which was leftover night. after dinner everyone sat down and watched a movie. Emily sat really close to me so it was hard to not get a look from my parents every few seconds.


they knew we had sex and they knew my sister did to the only thing they asked was that we didn't do it anywhere in the house but our rooms. "can we go to your room?" Emily whispered into my ear really quietly. i was a little mad when i couldn't finish so we both got up and left the room. my sister watched us leave "safe sex!" she called down the hall "i will when you do!" i called back "go fuck yourself!" she called back again "i have someone for that" i laughed.

i'm sure she was mad when i said that cause when we got in my room i heard my sister walk into her room. a few moments later she knocked on my door and threw a condom in my face "i do have safe sex.

i never said i didn't" she laughed then walked away.


i shut the door behind me and walked over to Emily. she was tired, i could tell. she didn't get much sleep at home because her father was always checking on her and making sure she was safe. he was very over protective of her. i climbed into my bed with her. she cuddled up to me. "can we just lay here for awhile?" she asked "if you want to." i replied. she fell asleep in my arms a few minutes later.

i fell asleep a little after that. i enjoyed her company i just hope her dad doesn't ruin that for me tomorrow.