Minha putinha quicando gostoso em cima de mim

Minha putinha quicando gostoso em cima de mim
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So this is my first story I've ever written, I'm excited and hope you'll like it! :D But this happened the beginning of this year, and one of the scariest/amazing memories I've ever had. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. "Ugh, fuck." I thought as I rolled over to shut my phone up. I groggily looked onto the blinding screen of light that was my phone. 6:30 a.m., the day had finally come. It had been a week since I had seen my beautiful girlfriend Kate.

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I rolled out of bed and got on my feet, damn, today was going to be great. Kate and I had been together for a while, and it made me the happiest guy in the world to call her mine. She was a very beautiful blonde haired girl with short-ish shoulder blade length hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and standing at around 5'3" she was just around and inch shorter than me, ironic in a way.

I hurried out of bed and laid out my clothes for the day. Taking into account that she would be at my house to pick me up at around 10 gave me enough time to get ready. I picked out a nice Asking Alexandria band tee to wear with some black jeans and white Vans would probably be good. I hopped into the shower to get fresh, but the thought of having her in my arms again was starting to get my 6'' shaft hard in the shower.

Kate and I had fooled around before, just going far enough to go down on each other but not getting too serious, yet. She had told me that she wanted to save it for a time when we were both ready, and since she's the girl, I really didn't want to rush her into doing things she wasn't comfortable with.

I started to jack myself off, I knew that with the thought of her in my mind and hopefully what we were going to do later made it worth it. I went for about 5 minutes until I let a silent moan out (since my dad was asleep in the other room) and sprayed my load on the shower floor and wall.

After I finished and cleaned up, I took a long look at myself in the mirror. I was pretty handsome (for being 18) and kind of skinny for my age.

I didn't really fit in with people. I was a young black kid, brown eyes, black hair, but all the skating and moshing I did at concerts did wonders of keeping me fit, so I never really had to work out much to get 'built'.

I came back to reality as I dried myself and got out. It must have been 30 minutes or so in the shower because now it was 7:15. I got dressed and called her to make sure she still remembered what today was. "Hey baby girl." "Hey love…" I could hear the tiredness in her voice. "How are you this morning?" "I'm good. Guess what today is?" "What?" "The day when we just get to hang out and have fun" I knew that would drive her crazy. "Yes love, I can't wait.

I'll start getting ready now; I'll call you when I'm at your house." "Okay baby girl, I love you." "I love you too babe." "I love you more" now I was just teasing her. "You better finish getting ready; I don't have time for your lameness. Kidding, but bye babe" "Bye baby girl." Yup, she remembers about today. For the next two hours I just sat around my house playing black ops just to kill time. It was 10 when I decided to put my Xbox away, so I ran upstairs and put it in my room.

As I turned around, the glare of a car window hit me, and she had just pulled up to my house.


As this was happening I felt my phone go off in my pocket. "Hello.?" I nervously said. "I'm here babe, come outside and meet me at your door." With that I hung up, and ran downstairs, nearly breaking my ankle. I opened the door to see my beautiful girlfriend, her mom, and her younger sister.

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I was kinda bummed that what I thought was just going to be a day with me and Kate alone, turned out to be one with some of her family. But god, she looked amazing. I had to keep my eyes from popping out my head.

She was wearing a tight red, low cut shirt, that showed much of her cleavage, and showed the fact that she had some amazing tits. Not too big, not to small, just perfect. She was also wearing long blue skinny jeans, which showed off her ass, and 'flip flop' shoes that showed of her cute little feet.

With all this sexiness going on, her mom seemed to have noticed me noticing her daughter, but probably dismissed it as teenage hormones doing their jobs. "Hey babe!" she ran up to me and hugged me. "I've missed you soooo much! I'm so glad I get to see you today!" "Me too, baby girl" I said, still shaken by her sexiness. "Are you ready for the best day of your life?" She asked, her eyes looked deep into mine, like for a second I was looking into the stars, and every little thing, was gonna be all right.

"I'm ready baby girl" I said, deep down inside, I really didn't think much of what was gonna happen that afternoon.

I just thought it was gonna be a regular afternoon of walking around at the mall and going with her shopping, but boy was I wrong. And so we went out to the mall.

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We had tons of fun making fools of each other, and just being completely ourselves. We went out to eat after we went to the malls, her mom's treat. We went to dions, and I wasn't too pleased to find that every guy was watching my girlfriend as she went out to get our food. I personally had to stop myself from getting mad at every other guy in the building.

And so my day was coming to a close, or so I thought. We pulled back into my neighborhood, and pulled up to my house. "Thanks again Mrs. Saunders, for letting me hang with you, Kate, and Rachel (Kate's younger sister.) "It was a pleasure; I hope to see you again next week." Mrs.

Saunders said. I opened the door of the back seat to get out, and turned around, shocked to see Kate following me. "Uhh, hey baby girl? Aren't you leaving back home…?" But I got no answer. She just put a finger over my mouth to quiet me. She turned around to the passenger window to tell her mom that she was gonna say bye to my dad, and meet my mom, and that it should take no longer than ten minutes.

"Alright hunny, just don't break anything" and Mrs. Saunders started laughing to herself. I got back into the house and closed the door when Kate took my into her arms and started to make out with me. "Babe…" she said as we broke apart. "I love you." And we went back to exploring each other's mouths, our tongues dancing in unison. I held her in my arms for a few seconds and realized she wasn't wearing a bra.

I was starting to put the pieces together when she broke my train of thought when she said, "hurry, we need to go upstairs. We don't have much time." "Much time for what baby girl?" I said as she yanked me upstairs. I didn't get an answer again.


We crept past my mom and dad's, and thankfully he was asleep, and went into my room. "Close the door behind you" Kate said. I closed the door to turn around to Kate taking her shirt off. Her tits staring me in the face. "Babe…" she nervously said. "I think it's time we went all the way…" I could tell there was conflict in her thoughts, but it seemed to resolve itself as she got on her knees.

"I trust you, and you've shown my mom that you're a great guy." She was unbuckling my belt and my shaft was getting really hard. "I'm not scared anymore, we're just going to have to be careful, I don't wanna be pregnant at sixteen." She looked me in the eyes when she said that. I could see the girl I truly loved, about to let me be her first.

She was gonna be my first, too. She started to lick the underside of my shaft, all the way from the head, to the balls and back. By the time she got back to my shaft's head, I started to leak precum. She put her mouth on the head, and slowly deep throated her way to the balls, and that almost sent me over the top.

It was the best feeling ive had in my life. Her head slowly bobbed back and forth, repting the process over and over again.

I was getting lost in paradise when I felt the familiar ache in my balls as I was about to cum. "baby girl…" I said, coming out in strange moans and an odd language I couldn't even recognize. "I'm… I'm about to cum…" "mmmmhhhhhhmmmm" was all she said, still deep throating my shaft. So I took that as an 'ok' when I felt myself coming to the point of no return. I felt my load shooting into her mouth, load after loud of my cum.

but even then, she didn't stop sucking until I was all drained out. "HOLY FUCK" was all that was running through my mind, until I heard her swallow. "WOW BABY GIRL THAT WAS JUST AMAZ-" she cut me off again by putting her hand on my mouth. "I love you, and I'm glad we're doing this." She said. We began to make out again as she pushed me closer to her and my hands went straight to her ass.

My deflating dick suddenly jumped back to life as it went straight between her legs. I knew what was next. While we were still exploring each other's mouths I moved my hands from her ass to the zipper of her pants. In one swift motion, I got both her panties and her jeans off. I looked in her eyes again, and I could tell that they were saying, "Eat Me." She layed on my bed and spread her legs. I could see that she was already wet, and I wasn't about to stop. I went down and kissed her cunt.

I had one hand squeezing her breast, and using my free hand, I spread her lips and started to eat her out. "Oh my god… ppppppllllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeee don't stop!" she moaned. She was going insane, her breathing getting deep and soft moans only contained by the pillow she was moaning into.

So now I got both of my hands and spread her open further and go even further. That's when I felt her hand grab the back of my head and push me into her crotch. I would swirl my tongue all around, and push my tongue into her love hole and that sent her over the edge. Her whole body went both numb and stiff for a few seconds as she had an orgasm, spraying her lady juice all over my face and chin.

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She looked me in the eyes and said, "Wow, you're so amazing…" I kindly smiled at that comment, but it wasn't over yet. I stood up, spread her legs a little and slowly began to fit my shaft into her pussy. About a little ways in, she moved a little, allowing me to slide inside perfectly. I was met with some resistance alone the way when she looked me in the eyes and said "I'm ready, and I shoved it into her and it slid all the way in to her and to the base of my shaft.

She winced in pain for a few minutes, a slow tear rolling down her face. "Baby girl I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you!" I said, not wanting to ruin the moment. She looked up weakly for a second and smiled. "You didn't hurt me, I just didn't expect you to be so big" she looked better, I blushed, and we continued on. I started slow at first, her cunt wrapping around my dick so tight like a well-fitting glove. Soon we found a rhythm for both of us. She liked it fast, and so did I.

her cunt felt so great around my dick, I never wanted to stop.


Soon we were going pretty fast, every breath she made and every move she made was slowing bring me to my second climax. "Oh my god baby girl" I said, panting.

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"I'm gonna cum" she calmly replied back, "it's okay, I just got off my period two days ago, it's safe" and so I started thrusting farther and farther into her, I could feel the tingling feeling growing in my balls, and I came again, this time with long intensity. "Oh my god, that was the fucking best." she whispered. I fell beside her, completely worn out.

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But we didn't have time to relax as her mom honked her car horn. "Shit" Kate said. "I forgot my mom was out there." So we quickly got dressed, and make out with each other one last time as I tucked my shaft into my jeans and she fixed her shirt.

She gave me a kiss goodbye and walked out the door. The end.