Huge Dick Fills His Man Hole

Huge Dick Fills His Man Hole
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This Is an experiment in format. This is also an experiment in patience. This story is also an experiment. It is customary in the second paragraph to introduce the primary characters. Firstly there is Tam, and his friends Kristy.

We also have the Audience, followed by the Author. The Audience has long legs, 34 inch C cup breasts, and is already irritated by this story.

The Author's breasts are smaller. The Author wondered, firstly, what program other writers use when they write stories that they submit to XNXX's Sex Stories page. He secondly wondered if the possessive he used in the first sentences' shameless plug was even correct. It didn't matter to much to him, he mused, as he tried to think of ways to pad out this paragraph. It didn't matter much to him at all. The Author, realizing he started the previous paragraph with the same two words, decided next to appeal to the Audience.

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The Audience's silence was beginning to unnerve him. The comment section was so far below, and this is only the beginning of this tale. Perhaps he had to treat the Audience as some sort of interactive entity.

Maybe an outside criticizer of his thoughts. The Audience, he decided, was going to be the voice of his continuing decent into some unnamed psychosis.


Well maybe unnamed isn't the right descriptor, anymore, since it's now named 'the Audience'. The Audience felt it was about time to stop reading now.

Tam slid his key into the deadbold of his studio appartment. Openning the door he entered the familiar sight and scent of his own home. In one corner laid his laptop and extra monitor. Opposite was the bed he slept in, occationaly suffering from existential angst and crippling loneliness.

The Author realizied his name wasn't Tam and tried to distance himself from his creation. Tam began to wonder at what point in this story was the Author going to actually try.

Tam also wondered why the Author failed to spell-check this paragraph. Fucking lazy asshole, was his musing that was missing quotations and decent sentence structure.

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"I think this you should include some dialogue at this point," said the vivid hallucination of Kristy to the Author. "Well maybe you should get into that apartment and fuck the male lead! Or maybe you want to trans-substantiate and write the rest of this story. I'm really doing all the leg-work here. You're just a figment of my imagination, overwhelming need for acceptance, and superior intellect." retorted the Author soberly.

"Alright fine, just throw me in there wherever. I don't give a fuck." Her impatience was quickly matching the Audience's. "It's fine, baby-girl. You'll get your entrance soon.


I imagine you'll coming through the back door by the end of this story" replied the Author, who was greatly amused with this clever word play. Tam had barely gotten out of his work clothes when an expected knock came from the front door. He quickly stuffed his 8 inch python into some basketball shorts and headed for door.

"I don't think you shouldn't end two consecutive sentences with the same word," Kristy said to the Author as she greeted Tam with a smile. Tam ignored her.

He was too focused on getting the 'Male/Female' tag into this story.

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He didn't know that it was the Author's job to do that. Perhaps he should have been thinking of useful and interesting character hooks, since apparently it was now his job to write this piece of shit.

The Audience was growing less amused.


Mentioning them placated this feeling just a bit, or so the Author told himself. Since Tam was only wearing athletic shorts Kristy was able to see his rock hard abs, bulging calves and biceps, and the outline of his 22 inch cock. Her pussy instantly moistened, because that's how female character are supposed to react. The sloshing in her panties was barely audible as she strode into Tam's studio.

She wanted to stop and protest that last sentence, but considering that it isn't even her fucking story all she could do was what the fuck the Author wrote. Having no choice but to do as she was told, she, while pondering is this tale was bordering on 'Male Domination', Stopped next to the bed she turned around an looked back at Tam, her gaze being as long as this run-on sentence.

"Should we get to the sexy part of the story?" Kristy said. "Considering there really isn't a plot to this whole thing, what else can we do?" Tam replied.

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"Stick it up her asshole," the Audience shouted from outside. Walking toward her slowly Tam began to untie the drawstring to his shorts. His 3 inch dick stood erect, looking like a thumb with no bones or nail. Without explanation Kristy was naked and waiting. She then started to finger her asshole.

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First one finger, then four. Her body was ready. Quickly running out of steam the Author wrote the following paragraph: Tam fucked her ass with his 10 inch dick. Kristy continued her trend of not being described physically.

The Author realized that he should not write a story after a night of hard drink. The Audience down-voted the story and left angry comments like "You fucking suck.

10/10", "What is this I don't even.", and "Horny MILF here, if you liked this story email me at cocksuckingwife @ totallylegit[dot]com".