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Sexy teens gay emo free movie After working a nice enormous geyser
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It was my wedding day. I had planned this day for months. I couldn't keep my heart from racing from the moment I got out of bed to the moment my cousin walked me down the aisle. Our father was gone so I asked my cousin Zachary to give me away to Greg, my finance', my love, my life. Zachary is seven years older than me and ever since my father died he has been cousin big brother, and father to me. I love my cousin dearly, more than anyone else in the world, except Greg. I chose July 16th for my wedding because it was Zach's 30th birthday.

Zachary didn't like Greg much, he told me more than once that Greg was a womanizing asshole and he was only using me. I didn't want to hear that, I loved Greg deeply and I knew without a doubt he loved me as much. I fought often with my cousin about Greg but in the end I won out.

Zachary agreed to walk me down the aisle, not for Greg, but for me. The day dawned with a bright sunlit sky; the world was smiling for my wedding. My Maid of Honor and best friend Carolyn was up with me, coaching me, helping me get my hair and makeup done.

My mother helped me get dressed while Carolyn went to get ready with the rest of my bridesmaids. The wedding and reception were going to be grand but I was looking forward to the first night as Mrs. Greg Butler. He and I hadn't had sex in five weeks. We agreed to abstain for a month before this night so that we would be even hotter and more ready for our wedding night. My clit was on full alert, ready for close, intimate stimulation and marital satisfaction.

I could hardly wait to get laid on my special day. He was tall, broodingly handsome; his eyes sparkled with delight as he watched me come to him on the arm of my cousin.

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He looked into my eyes and said "I do." My world was perfect. It was during the reception that trouble thundered over the horizon and drastically changed the rest of my life.

I couldn't find my Maid of Honor. Carolyn was gone; no one I asked knew where she was. At first I wasn't troubled but as the minutes stretched I grew concerned.

I looked for the eligible men in the room and they were all there. She wasn't in a corner somewhere getting a quickie. I asked my brand new husband if he knew where she was but he claimed to not know. My cousin hadn't a clue, our friends didn't know. Greg volunteered to look for her; I was relieved that he would.

My husband took the Best Man, his lifelong friend and went into the depths of the building to look for Carolyn.


They were gone too long. It had been 15 minutes and the building wasn't that big. I grabbed Zachary and begged him to go with me, to find my friend and my brand new husband.

We searched the kitchen, the restrooms, outside and the basement. None of the staff or caterers had seen any of the three missing people.

There was a second floor to the reception hall; one staff member told me there were four rooms up there, used for storage. My cousin and I climbed the stairs to investigate.

The first two rooms were full of cartons, dusty old cardboard boxes full faded memories, lost dreams. It was when Zach opened the door to the third room that my own dreams shattered.

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There was an old twin bed mattress on the floor; Carolyn was sprawled across it with her dress pulled up over her upper body and face. She was naked from the waist down and my new husband, my lifetime partner Greg had his cock buried deep between her legs while the Best Man stood to the side jerking on his erection. Neither of them had their pants on. I screamed! Zach flew across the room and hit Greg on the head with his hard closed fist.

Greg yelped and fell to his side on the floor just as Zack kicked the best man in the nuts, folding him over in a heap, groaning and holding his balls. Zach turned back to Greg and kicked him in the back and was ready to stomp his head when I stopped him. I was too stunned to understand what I was looking at but I couldn't let my cousin kill my husband. Carolyn never moved.

Zach bent over her and pulled her dress over her nakedness, uncovering her face, she was breathing but unconscious. We heard a crowd of footsteps banging up the stairs and in moments the room filled with wedding guests, mostly men, my scream had brought the party to us.

Greg sat up; trying to pull his pants up, his friend was still clutching his wounded jewels. One of my uncles is a cop so he took over, first ordering everyone out of the room except me and Zach. Even though it was obvious he asked me "What happened?" Zach spoke up "They were having sex. At first it looked like she was part of it but look at her, she's gone.

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She has no idea what's going on." He jerked his thumb toward the two sitting against the wall "Those two were raping her." Greg started to protest but my uncle told him to shut up. He recited Miranda to both then advised them they were under arrest. He took his phone out and called for more cops and an ambulance for Carolyn. The stunning shock had passed and I started to cry with shame for my best friend, rage for my new husband, and sorrow for my short lived marriage. My mother took me out of the room; my uncle took his two prisoners downstairs.

Two bridesmaids stayed with Carolyn, waiting for the ambulance. It was only when the EMT's put her on the gurney that she began to wake up. "What? What's going on? Maggie?" she called for me "What's wrong with me, why I can't move anything?" I went with her to the hospital, still in my wedding dress.

The best man spilled his guts. That night after I went home my uncle told us that Greg and the best man had planned on fucking Carolyn and that Greg had given her a strong roofie during the reception.

His friend managed to lure her upstairs where the drug hit her and she passed out. He went back down and that's when he and Greg went calling on my unconscious Maid of Honor. My wedding day was the saddest, most tragic day I had ever experienced.

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I ran to the only person in the world I needed to have near me. I raced to my cousin's apartment and fell into his arms in anguish for my destroyed life. He sat on the sofa, I was lying across his lap, I clutched to him like drowning person clutches a life ring. I cried, my endless tears soaked the front of his shirt while he stroked my hair and said nothing. I needed his strength; I tried to pull it from him to make myself stronger, to face the unimaginably horrible reality of my wedding day.

We sat for an hour, he was silent, strong. Gradually I stopped sobbing and he pushed me up, off his chest. "I'm sorry Maggie. No woman should go through what you are right now. How can I help?" "I need to sleep." He didn't have a guest room so Zach urged me to stand then picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. The symbolism of being carried over the threshold of the room in my wedding dress hammered another spike of sorrow through my heart. He set me on the floor and offered me his bed.

"Take your clothes off and get in, I'll get you some tea." I pulled off my clothes and dug out one of Zach's t-shirts to put on then slipped into my cousin's bed in shirt and panties thinking this was not how I should be spending this night. Greg was supposed to be undressing me, kissing, fondling, holding and having sex with me. We had planned it, I dreamed about it but now that would never happen.

Zack came back carrying a tray with two cups and a teapot, he had set out some cheese and crackers. I was sitting up, leaning on the bed pillows; the blankets pulled to my waist so he set the tray on my thighs and sat on the edge of the bed. It flashed through my mind that this wasn't the man to be catering to me but somewhere else in my head I was relieved and grateful that Zachary was sitting beside me.

"My shirt looks better on you than it does on me." "Its way too big, I feel lost in here." He gave me a cautious smile, "Are you going to be alright?" "How could he do that Zack? How could he rape my best friend at our wedding?

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I don't understand what goes on in a man's head sometimes? If he wanted sex with a knocked out woman I would done that for him, I would have taken the drug willingly." I felt more tears welling in my eyes. Zach took a tissue from a box on the night stand and dabbed my eyes, I could see the black stain of my mascara on the thin paper.

I knew my face was a mess. The tears receded but the questions hung between us. I was fishing for answers but I knew my cousin didn't have them. Only Greg would be able to tell me what he was thinking and feeling and I knew I could never talk to him again. The tea helped, my cousin's presence helped even more. We talked for over an hour, the tea was long gone, I was feeling a little better but I was tired.

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Zach left me alone to sleep; he would stay on the couch. I went pee then crawled back into the bed, isolated and forlorn on my wedding night. In the dark with no one around I began to sob again. He heard me. He came back into the room wearing pajamas and sat next to me again.

"I thought we were over this" he said with a small concerned smile. "I hurt inside. Can you stay?" "I'm tired girl, I'd like to lie down but I'll stay here as long as you need me." "Then lie down with me, I can't be alone right now. Please?" I wriggled from the middle of the bed to make room for my cousin. He stretched out beside me on his back and I laid my head on his chest, I was under the blanket, he was over.

He put a comforting arm around my shoulders and I closed my eyes. That was better. His heartbeat was strong; I heard the pulse of it as I lay on his chest.


His breathing quickly smoothed out and became the regular rhythm of someone sound asleep. Zach had conked out on me in moments, the day must have stressed him too. I nestled against him and let my thoughts run amok. Everything from the time I saw Greg fucking my passed out friend to this very moment. I don't know when I fell asleep but I woke up disoriented, confused. It was still dark in the room and there was a man lying with me. It took several moments to remember where I was and who I was with.

Zack had rolled to his side, facing me and put a hand on my breast. Somehow the blanket was pushed away, tangled at our feet.

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I looked into his face but he wasn't awake. He shifted a leg, pulling it up until it was resting on my thigh and that's when I felt something familiar. My cousin had an erection and it was poking the upper part of my leg. He was aroused in his sleep and feeling my tit, pushing his boner on me. I burned with embarrassment and tried to pull away from him but he put his arm over my stomach and pulled me closer.

His hand wasn't on my tit any more but his stiff cock was now pressed full length on my hip. I held still, hoping he would roll back the other way but he settled a little deeper into his pillow and held me tight.

I studied his face as he flexed his hips once which slid his cock on my leg. The pajamas he was wearing offered only the thinnest veneer of cloth between us and I felt that thin cover getting wet. He is erection was leaking to my skin. My heart picked up its pace as I realized that my somnolent cousin was trying to get laid in his dreams.

I reached down my side to move his stiff prick. I thought if I could ease it off my leg he would move back from me.

I slowly wrapped my fingers around it through the pajamas and pushed it away.

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As I tried to move the hard-on, it twitched and grew thicker in my hand. Zach puffed a soft moan and flexed his hips again. His erection pumped through my fingers as if I were masturbating him.

I pulled my hip away from him which caused him to move his arm off my stomach. It went from my belly to the junction of my legs. Zach put the palm of his hot hand over my panty covered crotch which sent a shiver of dread through me; at least I thought it was dread.

My fist squeezed his cock involuntarily as I moved my right leg which gave him more room to fondle me. I didn't mean to, it was a reflex reaction to a man's hand on my body. He slipped his hand between my legs, resting the edge of his fingers along the crevice between my thighs. I was afraid to move again so I stayed very still. When his fingers began to move, sliding softly along the silk wedding day panties; I knew I had to get out of bed.

I moved my free leg to the side but paused when he took advantage of the wider gap between my thighs and pressed against my puss even harder. The feel of his hand sent a jolt of electricity though me, my body jerked and I stopped moving again. All of a sudden I was in no hurry to get away from the caress between my legs. I bumped my hips lightly and got a gratifying twitch from Zack's fingers. I was lost. That small caress teased my body and I wanted another, even firmer, stronger. I bumped my hips again with a little more bounce and my cousin responded by stroking my sex.

My cunt warmed to the attention, I could feel my slit swell with heat. I arched my back, flexed my pelvis and closed my thighs, capturing his hand between them. I wrapped my fingers around his erection again and started stroking it with determination. My temperature flared, my loins began to smolder with a need for sex and I could think of no one better than my cousin who I loved and trusted and was feeling me up at the moment. I quit being furtive and sneaky, my craving overpowered all thought and reason.

I rolled to face him and put my hand down his pajamas and gripped his swollen shaft. I pushed and pulled on it with one hand while I struggled out of my panties with the other.

In seconds my sex was bare and he was waking up. Maybe he knew who I was, maybe he thought he woke up in the arms of some other hot woman but he wrapped his arms around me and put his warm needy lips on mine and began to seduce me with his mouth. A hand eased under the shirt to my breast, fingers pinched the nipple, I groaned past his tongue.

He pushed me to my back then got between my legs and pulled his pjs to his knees, the object of my lust hung from his body like a long blunt spear. I opened my legs as far as I could get them, grabbed his ass and pulled him down. He penetrated me with ease and we started fucking in a frenzy of overheated ardor. I had my first orgasm almost as soon as his balls slapped my ass the first time. It was a small vibration in my womb which rapidly gave way to the immense thrill of feeling my cousin's cock sliding in and out of me.

He quickly pumped me to higher levels of need and passion. He pulled up the shirt, bent his head to my tits and suckled my nipples then moved his mouth to my neck. He rested on one elbow while fucking me and played with my breasts while caressing my neck with his lips. My second orgasm was stronger, wilder. Zack didn't let up. He fucked me through the second orgasm which kept the fire in me growing.

He pushed up on his arms, looked down into my eyes then uttered "God, Maggie, I've wanted to do this for so long." I dug a trench in his back with my decorated nails when my third orgasm broke loose and rampaged across my nerves.

He arched his back, slammed his erection deep into me then roared out his release. His shoulder and neck muscles knotted and strained as he pumped me full, saturating my womb. I clung to him with arms and legs and let him take everything I could give; my passion, my body, my love. My wedding night, his birthday, would be one we would never forget.