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Jesse's new persona had taken full control of "her" life. Her lustrous encounter with Jake had changed her life forever and she loved the new experiences that came with her new lifestyle. She had grown her long, dirty blonde hair out and started dressing as a fulltime woman. Knowing that the people that had once known her as "Jesse" would not understand or accept her recent transformation, it was time for her to leave town and start a new chapter in a new city.

She dropped out of school and moved to sunny, southern California where she acquired a tiny apartment not too far from the beach. She had thrown out all of her "manly" apparel and filled her closet with cute outfits she was more used to taking off than putting on. Starting a new in a different city was not a cheap endeavor and Jessica soon found herself running low on money. She had worked in a restaurant in her previous town, so she figured she would use her current skill set to try and land a job.

Jessica hopped in the shower and began to clean herself up for her job hunt. She washed her long, shoulder length hair, and lathered her slender body in body wash. She picked up her razor and drew the blades up her tan legs over her supple skin.

The way the razor felt as it glided over her legs up towards her center, sent shivers down her spine, moistening her insides. She had begun getting herself waxed, and now that she had shaved her legs, all of her sexual entities were hairless. With her body now clean and smooth, Jessica hopped from the shower and did a once over in the mirror. She puckered her lips and kissed her reflection. "Big blue eyes, Check" "Perfect perky lips, Check" "Perfect perky tits, Not Check" she giggled "Slender tummy, Check" "Tight perky ass, Check" she smirked as she twisted around and gazed upon her bottom.

She lightly ran her fingertips over her groin trailing the strip of hair she had left above her prick. Her fingers ran down over her tip and caressed her hairless balls.

She couldn't help but think of Jake. The way he had made love to her on that beautiful day and made her feel like more than just a woman, but a sex goddess. Unfortunately, Jake's desires were similar to Jessica's and had only recently been fulfilled. Turns out that Jake had a girlfriend which he was not willing to leave. Nor was he willing to admit to himself, or to Jessica, that what they had created was magical. Jessica took her heartbreak and turned it to motivation, which allowed her to make this change in her life permanent and fulfill her desires.

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Coming back to reality, Jessica continued her self-inspection. She knew that the restaurant business was a sexist one and in order to land a job all she'd have to do is look good. She went through her closet and decided on a pair of daisy duke cut-off shorts and white blouse.

Although rather unprofessional, she knew it would turn heads even in southern California. She picked a cute black lace thong from her drawer and stepped into them. It still made her heart race each time she pulled a pair of panties up her long legs to snuggle tightly between her cheeks. Jessica had become rather good at hiding her manly package while in public. A pair of tight jeans proved not only to keep her prick well hidden, but complimented her sleek figure, making her more confident with each outing.

Jessica completed her outfit with a black bra beneath her white blouse which slightly showed through the sheen fabric. She still sported her fake implants, but had upgraded to finer ones that provided a more "realistic" look and feel. With her hair in a side-swooping braid running over her chest, Jessica stood in front of the mirror for one more look. "Damn, and just when I thought I couldn't look any hotter" she said to herself. Grabbing her purse, Jessica headed for the door.

As she left her apartment she turned to lock her door dropping her keys on the floor.

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She turned to pick them up, catching the glimpse of one of her neighbors. Even in a quick glimpse she could see that he was a good looking man. Wanting to test herself, she locked her knees and bent over, straight-legged, to grab her keys.

As her hands moved down towards the keys her shorts rose up, grasping tightly to her buttocks, and exposing her long tan legs even more. From behind her she heard the stranger mumble under his breath, "Fuck me".

Jessica grinned and knew that she had him looking. She popped up and turned around giving a sultry look in his direction. But, when she gazed over she realized that it wasn't her that promoted his response. His cute blonde girlfriend had opened the door to the apartment wearing, if you can believe it, even tinier shorts.

The young girl noticed Jessica's gaze and quickly gave her a look as if to say, "Stay the fuck away from my man!" Embarrassed, Jessica quickly locked her door and turned to head for the elevators. As she turned, she glanced up to see this man following his girlfriend into her apartment. As his girlfriend turned her back, he looked at Jessica and quickly gave her a wink.

"He WAS looking at me!!" Jessica thought as she stepped into the elevator. With her confidence high and the sun shining, Jessica hit the streets. She came upon a night club not far from her apartment.

"Le Vista" was the name and it looked rather fancy. She stepped inside and asked the hostess if they were hiring. The girl gave her a once over and in a rather nasty tone, said: "Ummm, we're not looking for any help, soooooo, yeah". Chomping on her gum obnoxiously loud. "What of bitch" Jessica thought to herself. As she turned to leave Jessica heard a voice from behind her.

"Wait! Kim, spit that fucking gum out and learn some manners!" Jessica turned to see a man. He looked to be in his late 30's with his tan, wrinkling skin and slightly graying hair. His broad shoulders and weathered face made Jake look like a little boy. The tall, dark stranger emerged from the doorway and walked up to Jessica. "Sorry about that, girls can be evil sometimes" he said, reaching his hand towards Jessica "I'm Tom, this is my place" He said extending his hand.

Jessica reached up and shook it. His grip was firm, yet comforting. The skin on his palm was rough against Jessica's much softer hand. She imagined his fingers gripping her bottom and pulling her in tight to his chest where she could bask in his musky scent. This was a common day dream that Jessica had when she met a good looking man. "Are you looking for a job?" he asked "Yes, I'm Jessica" she replied, giving his firm hand a girly shake.

"Well Jessica, come with me, let's see what we can do for ya" he said walking away. Jessica followed him into the restaurant, smirking at the hostess as she walked by.

Tom led her back to his office and closed the door behind them. "So, how much experience do you have Jessica?" he asked. "Not much, just a little bit in my old town" she replied. "Well ya know, this is a pretty cut-throat town, gotta be able to bring something to that table if you're gonna get work around these parts" he smugly replied as he adjusted himself. Jessica knew exactly where this was going and her heart started racing. Playing along she stood up and slowly strolled around his office, admiring the items hanging from his walls.

She stopped and pretended to admire a painting on his wall, bringing her legs together and arching her back, ever so slightly, to perk her ass out in his direction. "Good looks will only get you so far honey, gotta be willing to use them if you wanna get by in this town" Tom said to her with a chuckle. Jessica turned around and looked Tom in the eyes.

"Well& tell me, what's a girl gotta do to get a job?" she said in the most innocent voice she could muster.

Tom started laughing. "Hahahaha, I like you Jessica. You got spunk!" "I want YOUR spunk" Jessica muttered with a devilish grin. "What's that?" He asked. "Oh, nothing" She quickly responded "I'll give you chance, just be ready to bring your A-game. It's a competition around here and the girls don't always play fair" Tom replied.

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"So when can I start?" Jessica asked. "Come by Friday and we'll get you all set up. We provide the uniforms so just bring that same attitude and we'll get ya started." Tom said. Excited that she had just landed her first job as a girl, Jessica got over excited and squealed as she jumped into Tom's arms as he extended his hand for shake. Purely out of reflex, Tom's hands grabbed Jessica's body and conveniently ended up of her perky bottom.

Even though it was only for a quick moment, Jessica savored the feel of his firm grip on her ass.

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They both released themselves from each other and exchanged guilty smiles. "I'll see ya Friday! Thanks Tom, I won't let you down!" Jessica said as she quickly left his office. Unbeknown to Tom, Jessica was only so eager to leave his office because of her sudden arousal. Tom's grip had sent blood rushing through her body and it didn't go to her brain. She awkwardly covered her tiny bulge as she made her way out of the restaurant and past the bitchy hostess.

With her endorphins still pumping, Jessica reached her apartment and quickly stripped off her clothes. Her interview had gotten her all worked up and she needed something inside her. As she peeled the lace panties from between her cheeks the black fabric drug across her opening, sending shivers down her spine.

She ran her middle finger over her ass and across her hairless taint.


Bringing her finger to her nose, she inhaled deeply, basking in the scent of her smooth underside. The smell of her sweaty bulge mixed with the aroma of her feminine body wash permeated her nostrils. With her heart pumping, Jessica ran to her dresser and pulled her special toy from its hiding spot. The dildo, that had once brought Jake to her door step and been the source of so many good nights, rose from the drawer. Climbing onto her bed, Jessica couldn't help but to imagine she was with Jake.

She pulled the toy to her mouth and engulfed it with her succulent lips. She worked it the same way she had once done Jake's cock. Lathered in her saliva, Jessica positioned the toy behind her.

She perked her ass up high and lowered her hips onto the slick, wet toy. As the tip worked the outer ring of her asshole, her body relaxed.

The bulbous head eased past her opening, allowing for the rest to glide inside her velvety womb. The warmth of the sun fell upon her body as she moved up and down. She worked her hips, driving the toy to the hilt, deep inside her ass. Jessica moaned as it massaged her insides.

Clenching her cheeks and arching her back, Jessica's motions sped up. With the tip of her veiny toy now working her manly G-spot, Jessica's body began to convulse.

Thoughts of Jake's cock exploding inside her brought her sweet body to orgasm. With her hairless prick flopping up and down and her balls smacking the sticky shaft of her toy, Jessica's body released. Hot ropes of cum jetted from her tip, covering her sheets and slinging up onto her bare chest. She collapsed onto her bed as the toy slipped out from inside her. Her gaping hole pulsated as she ran her fingertips over her body, rubbing the cum into her skin.

In this time of ecstasy, Jessica's mind fixated on her night with Jake. "I need to feel that again" Jessica thought to herself.

She dragged her finger over her stomach, gathering any cum that had been left behind. She brought her creamy finger to her lips and twirled it inside her mouth. The salty, tangy flavors rolled over her taste buds and down her throat. "Why do I love this stuff so much?" she asked herself as she quietly giggled. The days came and went as Jessica prepped herself for her first day at work.

She was nervous, but excited. She had never worked in such a large city let alone as a woman. When she woke on Friday morning, Jessica was as excited as a child on Christmas morning. She spent all day making herself look good. She shaved and waxed, exfoliated and moisturized, dressed and undressed. She finally got the look she wanted and headed out for her first night of work.

She arrived at Le Vista earlier that Tom had told her to be there. The staff was already there getting things ready for the night. She heard a voice from behind her. "Can I help you?" they said Jessica turned around to see her neighbor from down the hall "Don't I know you?" the girl asked "Oh, hey. I'm Jessica, I'm your neighbor" Jessica said with a smile as she extended her hand.

"Oh yeah." The girl said as she extended her hand apprehensively and gave Jessica a hand shake. "I'm Candice" she said. "What are you doing here?" "Oh, Tom hired me" Jessica replied. Surprised, but still polite, Candice said, "Oh nice. Let me take you back and we'll get you all set up" Jessica felt relieved that Candice was being polite given their earlier run-in. She followed Candice to the back and was run through the processes. She was given her outfit which instantly made her nervous.

It was a rather short, form fitting, polyester skirt and sheer white blouse. There wouldn't be much concealment if she was to bend over or get remotely aroused, but she swallowed hard and took it excitedly. Candice was very polite as she walked Jessica around introducing her to the other staff and telling her about the nightly routines.

After the tour and crash course Jessica was sent to the back to get changed. She slipped into her new work clothes and observed herself in the mirror. The skirt barely covered the cusp of her bottom, but it did make her assets look very appealing. She was happy that she wore tight undies tonight to help keep her package in place. The white blouse that completed her outfit was beautiful and the sheer fabric allowed her black lace bra to show through, just as she liked. "Well this should help with the tips" Jessica thought to herself, trying to calm her nerves.

As she walked from the back room, Jessica ran into Tom. "Oh wow!" Tom said as he saw her "You're gonna be raking in the dough tonight girly" He continued. "Thank you sir" Jessica replied. "Are you ready?" he asked "A but nervous, but I'm ready" She said "Well follow Candice til you get the hang of things and just remember to smile" He quickly said as he walked away It wasn't long before the night was in full swing and the place was packed with patrons.

Jessica was doing great. Her customers were giving great tips; the guys were all flirting with her and her confidence was soaring. She was having the time of her life and getting paid for it. As Jessica gathered drinks at the bar Candice came to her. "Jess?" she asked "Yeah?" "Can you do me a HUGE favor?" Candice continued. "I have a guy in the VIP section and he specifically asked that you help serve his table.

He's a huge spender and if you can help, I think we could both make a lot" "He asked for me!?" Jessica asked rather surprised. "Yeah, he's been known to get a little frisky with the servers, but if you can handle it, we'll both make out good on this ticket" She said "Of course!" Jessica replied, "I can hold my own" she said with a grin. Nervous and surprised that the man asked for her, Jessica was excited to see who he was. She gathered the drinks, which of course were whole bottles, and headed to the VIP table.

Like a slow motion scene out of a movie, Jessica topped the stairs and scanned the table in the VIP section to try and find the man that had asked for her. Her eyes instantly caught the gaze of a gorgeous man. He looked to be in his mid thirties. He had broad shoulders and short dark hair. He had a little bit of stubble on his face covering a defined jaw line. His bright blue eyes followed her as she neared the table. She nervously looked to him and then at the floor as she placed the bottles in front of him and his guests.

Jessica stood at the side of the table as Candice asked the group if there was anything else they needed. She could see from the corner of her eye that this handsome man had not taken his eyes off of her. "What is your name my dear?" He finally spoke. Her face went red as she blushed "I'm Jessica" she stammered "Hello Jessica, I'm Javier" He said with a smooth European accent She reached her delicate hand out, which he took with his own, and kissed it without ever looking away from her.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jessica. Please, take a seat and join us" He said as he moved to the side. Jessica looked to Candice for approval and she gave her a subtle nod. Javier snuggled up close to Jessica. He asked her questions about her life and told her about his. The night passed by as Javier's guests came and went. He would not let Jessica from his side and Candice was happy as she knew that Jessica's company would help secure a hefty tip. As Javier got closer and closer to Jessica, his hands moved across her body.

They seemed to favor her thighs and with each minute they moved further up her leg. Jessica had consumed several of the drinks from the table and was a bit more relaxed than she should have been considering her little secret. As his firm, rough hands caressed her thighs, Jessica became more and more aroused. Finally, Jessica felt her smooth prick twitch beneath her thong and reality flooded over her. "Oh no" She thought. "He's getting way to close.

He's gonna find out and this is going to get really bad" She was now panicking as Javier's hands moved beneath her short skirt.

"Jessica" he said, getting very close and lightly speaking right in to her ear. "There is something about you that I find irresistible" He continued. His finger tips now mere inches from her throbbing prick straining beneath her panties.

"But I just can't put my finger on it" he said as his hand moved a bit further. Jessica's body went numb as Javier's finger tips found her mound, which was now wet with her pre-cum. With his lips flickering her ear lobe he whispered, "Oh, I think I just put my finger on it". Her heart sank to her stomach as she went in to shock.

Had he really just felt her tiny bulge and liked it? She leaned to the side and looked at him. He had a devilish grin on his face and lust in his eyes. "I knew you were something special when I first saw you my dear." He said.

She was totally caught off guard and had no idea how to react.


Javier saw the shock in her eyes and spoke to calm her nerves. "It's alright Jess, Your secret is safe with me. And, if it's ok with you, I'd like to have a few of our own." She was still numb as Javier's fingers twirled around her creaming bulge beneath her skirt.

She felt his fingers rub her pre-cum over her panties. She stared into his eyes as he continued to arouse her. Without breaking eye contact, he slid his hand from beneath her skirt and brought them to his face. He breathed in her sweet aroma as his eye lids flickered. His tongue extended from his parting lips and he licked her salty juices from his finger tips.

"Oh Jessica" he said with his sexy accent. "You taste delightful" Those few words sent shivers down her spine right to her tip.

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She did all she could not to climax in front of all these people. She panted heavily, staring at this wonderful man who wanted every bit of her body. She bit her lip, trying to control the sensations flooding her body. "Would you come home with me tonight darling?" Javier asked her Unable to speak, Jessica just nodded.

"Good" Javier smiled. "My car will be out front at three. I will see you then. Now go finish up with work so we can enjoy the rest of the night" She was still in awe as she stood to walk away, but not before Javier's hands grabbed gripped her bottom and gave it a squeeze.

There were only minutes left of her shift, but it seemed like an eternity. Jessica finished up, gossiping with the other girls.

They were all jealous that he had asked her back to his place. The other girls had all her stories about the man and his lavish lifestyle, but none of them had ever had the chance to experience it. Javier left the front and just as Candice had thought, he left them a gracious $1000 tip. Candice was ecstatic and thanked Jessica for helping out.

Jessica's night had only begun and she had already made a pile of money, made a new friend at work, and met a gorgeous man that was going to take her home. Candice let Jessica leave promptly at three am and she went out front to see Javier waiting in his limousine. Her mind was racing and she felt that all too familiar pit in her stomach as she climbed into Javier's ride.

He smiled as she scooted over close to him. "Are you ready my dear?" He asked "Oh yeah" she smiled looking deeply in to his eyes. The ride to Javier's house was filled with small talk with lots of sexual innuendos. Javier did not tease her like he had back at the club, it was almost intentional, to increase her level of anticipation. They arrived at his house, an elegant hillside place overlooking the ocean.

She was amazed at the money he obviously had and lifestyle he lived. He led her into the home, giving her a brief tour.

"I know you've been working all night my dear, would you like to take a shower and get cleaned up?" Javier asked "If it's alright with you?" Jessica replied "Of course" He quickly said "I'll find you something nice to wear while you get cleaned up" Javier showed Jessica to the bathroom. It was a beautiful granite bathroom with giant steam shower.

He showed her where all the stuff was and closed the door behind him. No longer had the door been closed, Jessica was stripping out of her clothes. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. She wiggled out of her skirt and stood in front of the mirror.

She admired her smooth slender body in her reflection. She could see the milky stain on her panties from where Javier had gotten her so excited. That familiar warmth traveled through her body as she thought of him. She felt the anticipation inside her, that eager feeling and wetness inside her groin. She quickly hopped in the shower not wanting to wait any longer before she felt him inside her. She scrubbed the sweat from her body and the sticky residue from her underside.

With her head down, washing the shampoo from her long, dirty blonde hair, she heard a noise. Unable to look with water in her eyes, she felt a warm body press against her back. She didn't jump, but nearly melted as Javier's hands ran over her shoulders and down her side.

Her head fell to the side as his lips kissed alongside her neck. He breathing deepened and her body tingled. It had been so long since she had felt a man against her. Her arm reached up and cupped the back of his neck, pulling his kisses closer to her body. His hands caressed her body, running his finger tips over her erect nipples.

She shuddered as she finally felt what she wanted. His smooth member, dripping wet with hot water pressed against the seam of her bottom. She felt it grow hard against her, trying to force its way between her smooth cheeks. Javier's hands continued to run over her body as his rough face barraged her neck with kisses. His hands found her prick, which had grown to full erection from all the excitement.

It was now him that shuddered as he rubbed his hand along her length. He gave a subtle groan as he rubbed her smooth prick with his rough hands. She knew that he was not displeased as his cock grew firm between her cheeks. The wetness of her hole was now overwhelming and her endorphins were flowing throughout her body. She spun around, pressing her hardened prick to his.

She looked down to get her first look at his erect cock. It was a sight she had longed for so long. It was tan and circumcised.

It's perfectly formed tip was swollen and had thick veins running up the shaft. It was much thicker than anything she had ever seen and protruded a healthy seven inches from his muscular abdomen.

His groin was well trimmed and his balls were completely hairless. Jessica's mouth began to water as she gazed upon his hardened prick. Javier took Jessica's head in his hands and pulled her gaze up to his face. "My eyes are up here my dear" he chuckled He placed their first kiss upon her lips, pulling her tongue into his mouth. Time seemed to stop and she instantly fell in love with this beautiful stranger.

"Are you all clean my dear? I want to get dirty" He said with a smirk on his face. Again Jessica was without words and merely nodded at him. He led her from the bathroom, giving her a towel as they headed in to the bedroom. As Jessica dried off she looked at the bed and saw the outfit he had picked out for her. "I know you look good in black, I hope you like it" Javier said to her On the bed lay a pair of black lace stockings with a matching garter and straps.

There was a sheer black negligee sitting next to it and a pair of black stilettos. "I hope you don't mind if I sit and watch you get dressed?" he asked. "Not at all" Jessica said with a huge smile. Javier laid on the bed and propped his head up with one arm as he got comfortable for the show. He made Jessica feel comfortable being naked in front of him. He gazed upon her body as she put the garter and negligee on. His smiles let her know that he approved of her entire figure.

She picked up the stockings and looked at Javier seeing that he was getting very excited. She turned her back to him and bent over at the waist, straight legged to step in to the stockings. She heard him gasp as she felt the cheeks of her bottom spread open. She stood, pulling the stocking up her smooth, long legs. She repeated her motions, this time arching her back to show a little more of her wanting hole.

Her perky bottom spread once more, showing her smooth, tight hole to the man on the bed. He moaned as he saw her sweetness become exposed between her cheeks. She smiled as she pulled the last stocking up over her thigh and snapped the straps.

She gave him no more peeks as she put on the shoes. Fully donned in her new outfit, Jessica stood and gave a little twirl in front of her new friend. Javier gave a wolfish whistle and moan of delight as she stood in front of him. He hopped up from his lying position and moved to the edge of the bed. He sat there, bare naked with his cock hanging between his legs over the edge. Jessica looked at it with delight as he spoke to her.

"Come here my love" He said to her. Jessica had noticed the change in words compared to what he had called her earlier. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or if his feelings for her had already magnified, but she loved the way she felt in his presence. She walked up to him, standing between his legs, nudging his erect member with her legs. His finger tips ran up her thighs, over her garter and under her negligee. Her eyes closed as she savored the feeling of his touch against her skin.

He lifted the negligee and began kissing her midriff. His kisses followed the "V" of her hips moving closer to her groin, but stopped short teasing her senses. Javier's hands moved towards Jessica's back side, running up the backs of her thighs and gripping her bottom around the crease of her ass.

His firm grip felt good, making her feel womanly in his hands. She ran her fingers through his hair and around his neck as his lips caressed her body. She felt his hands begin to force her body around. She twisted, facing her backside to his face. His hands moved over her cheeks and to the small of her back. He grabbed her hips with his other hand and bent her body over at the waist.

There were no words spoken, only soft moans and panting. Jessica spread her straightened legs, and bent over slowly at the waist. Her cheeks slowly parted as she bent, exposing that sweet, smooth hole once more. Javier gasped as he saw Jessica's hairless underside blossom in front of his face.

His hot breath ran between her cheeks and over her taint. She quivered as she felt his lips kiss her bottom. She moaned deeply as he kissed, ever so lightly, along her creases. Her hips rocked as his lips got closer and closer to that sweet spot she wanted him to touch. She let out a long moan as he finally placed and wet kiss on her opening.

His hands placed on her bottom, spreading her cheeks wide to expose her. His kisses became wetter, his tongue now pressing into her puckered ring. As her body relaxed he moved further inside her ass. His rough face pressed hard between her cheeks as he explored her insides with his tongue. Jessica moaned in ecstasy as the blood pumped vigorously through her body.

She felt her prick harden and Javier took it in his hands. Pulling it back between her thighs, he took it in his mouth and engulfed her oozing tip with his lips. They both moaned with pleasure as his tongue swirled over her swollen tip, lapping up all the pre-cum that had seeped from her slit.

Jessica could take no more and stood up fast, blood rushing from her head, she collapsed to the floor between Javier's legs. Her eyes focused on his throbbing cock. It stood straight up, swollen and glistening with cum that had seeped from his tip. Her hand came up from the bottom, caressing his smooth balls and gripping his thick shaft firmly at the base. She placed her wet lips along the underside of his member, kissing deeply as she worked her way up.

Javier gazed down upon her as he watched this wonderful being embrace his cock with her lips. She inhaled his musty scent as she worked along his shaft. Her lips drooling as her kisses neared the tip. Jessica looked up at Javier with big, lustful eyes as his jaw dropped. He watched her take the head of his prick in her mouth. Her tongue twisted over his ridge, the taste of his hot seed permeating her taste buds. The sweetness of his cum on her tongue made her insides cream.

She worked her eager mouth over his cock, swallowing the length of it down her throat. Javier's moans of approval motivated Jessica's mouth, drooling and gagging on his member, her saliva running down his shaft and over his balls. She felt his cock swell and stiffen inside her mouth. She knew he was close to cumming. She gasped for air as his hardened cock emerged from her lips. "You're not cumming yet" she said to him, with a wicked smile across her face.

Javier just laughed as he spread his arms, gesturing for her to come to him.

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She fell on top of him, straddling his waist, feeling his hard, wet cock against her ass. Javier wrapped his arms around her and rolled her over to her back, lying between her spread legs. He straddled the bed, with Jessica's body laid beneath him. He grabbed her legs behind the knees and folded her body up, spreading her smooth legs and exposing her asshole.

As he forced her knees towards her head, her ass rose and fell. The tip of his cock ran the seam of her ass, grazing over her taint and massaging her asshole. He watched, as her smooth hole relaxed and puckered as his cock ran across her ass.

The excitement had nearly brought him to orgasm. Premature spurts of his cum had shot from his cock and smeared over Jessica's opening. She shivered as she felt his hot juices against her asshole.

Javier loved the sight before his eyes, her cum covered hole beneath his hard cock. He forced her knees to the bed one last time and placed his cock over her opening.

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His hips rose, and slowly thrust his cock downward into her ass. Jessica felt him press into her body and relaxed to invite him inside her. Both their eyes glazed over as she felt his swollen tip slide past her loosened ring. His hips continued to push, his thick cum allowing his cock to glide with ease into her womb.

He drove it in deep, until his balls were pressed firmly against her ass. Her mouth dropped as she finally felt the full length of what she had been craving since that magical night with Jake. But Jake was the last thing on her mind. Jessica watched as Javier's sweaty body rose and fell above her, his cock gliding in and out of her ass. They both moaned as their juices flowed between their bodies. Her asshole slurping as every stroke of his cock forced juices from inside her.

Javier's eyes moved from Jessica's face to the erotic sex scene playing out between their legs. His hips pulled back, his cock falling from her ass, "popping" as it came free. He pressed her knees to her head bringing her ass up to his face.

Her body relaxed and her asshole spread open in front of him. He gazed in amazement as her gaping asshole, covered in his cum, sat perfectly below her tight hairless balls and smooth cock. His face dove down and he pressed his tongue hard into her opening, licking her insides and tasting the sweetness of their sex. Jessica moaned as she felt Javier's tongue inside her. She felt him lick the lining of her velvety womb and shivered as his tongue explored her ass.

He rose from between her legs, licking his lips. Once more he placed the tip of his cock below her loosened hole.

His cheeks puckered and spit rolled from his lips and Jessica felt as it smacked against the inside her ass. "OOOOOHHHHH YESSSSSS" she moaned His arms relaxed as Jessica's hips fell back to the bed, guiding Javier's cock smoothly back into her ass. His cock was harder now, swollen and filling every nook of her womb. Javier's body fell on top of Jessica.

His hand grabbed the back of her neck, his other firmly gripping the cheek of her ass. As his thrusts became harder and deeper, he took her lips with his own. They kissed passionately as her hands wrapped around his hard, sweaty body.

She knew he was close to cumming and she wanted to climax with him. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. She arched her back and clenched her asshole around his cock. Catching him by surprise, Jessica rolled Javier over and quickly had him straddled, doing all of it without letting his cock slide from inside her.

"It's MY turn" Jessica said looking down at Javier's surprised look. Taking control, Jessica grabbed his hands and moved them to her bottom. He gripped her firmly and spread her ass cheeks wide. Jessica loved how it felt, her ass cheeks consumed in a man's hands while her insides are filled with his cock.

She put her hands on his chest and watched his face as her hips started to slowly rock. She worked his shaft slowly in and out of her with long, deep strokes. Javier's eyes rolled back in head as he moaned in delight.

"I could do this for hours baby" she said to him as his hard, wet cock slid effortlessly in and out of her tightened hole. "You feel so good inside me" she panted Javier looked down, watching her hard prick rub over his stomach as she stroked his cock with her ass. He could hear their juices flowing between them and lathering his balls with every stroke.

Jessica rode him, feeling so sexy and feminine as his swollen member massaged her insides, milking that sweet spot inside her ass. She fell to his body embracing him in a passionate kiss as she clenched her asshole around him.

He pulled his lips back and looked her in the eyes, feeling her body tighten around him. There were no words that needed to be said. They stared into each other's eyes as Javier thrust his cock deeper inside her. Jessica loved it all so much. "Cum with me baby" Jessica gasped "I want you to breed me" Javier needed no more reason to hold out. He tightened his grip on her body and pulled her body closer.

With their eyes locked on each other, Javier thrust deep into Jessica's asshole as she vigorously rocked her hips. His balls tightened and Jessica's asshole clenched tighter. Without looking away, Javier erupted inside her, his cum shooting deep into her womb. Her lip quivered, feeling his hot seed coat her insides as she began to climax along with him.

She came between their bodies, shooting streams of hot cum onto his stomach. Javier's cock swelled and twitched as her asshole convulsed around his shaft. His balls emptied inside her, filling her ass with his massive load. She had never dreamed of feeling so much of the hot fluid inside her. Her orgasm reached a heightened level of pleasure, feeling his warmth travel through her stomach. As they both released, she collapsed on top of him, her prick still pumping between their bodies.

Her tiny body was filled to the limit as his cum seeped from around her opening. It dripped from her body covering his balls and soaking the sheets below him. They lay in each other's arms panting in ecstasy, their sweaty bodies clinging to each other.

Jessica laid on his hard chest, kissing him deeply as his cock slipped from inside her gaping hole. As he fell from inside her, his thick cum dribbled from her asshole, running over her smooth balls and dripping onto his softened cock. Javier felt the warmth of his own seed dripping on to him and moaned in Jessica's mouth. "I want to taste you baby" Jessica said to him. "How about you spin around and we can both get a taste?" Javier said to her Jessica's eyes lit up as she heard him say that.

She never thought she'd find a man that loved the flavors of sex as much as she did. She quickly sat up and spun around. Straddling Javier's face, she lowered her underside to his lips.

She felt his tongue against her ass, working his fingers in and out of her opening as cum dripped from her hole. She moaned as she gazed upon his cock, dripping with his seed and sweet juices from her body. They both lay there, kissing and caressing each other's bodies. Savoring the flavors and moaning with delight. They did not move, basking in each other's orgasms.

Javier was the first to speak as he gazed upon Jessica's opening, circling it with his finger tips and kissing her ass. "I hate to break this to you my love, but you're not going anywhere. You have found your spot and its right here with me. Nobody has ever been so sexy and so dirty with me" Jessica felt a rush of emotions fall over her as she pulled away from him and spun around to meet his lips for a kiss.

She finally looked up at him and said with a smile "This is the only place I want to be "My Love""