Flexible hardcore first time allyly Family Competition

Flexible hardcore first time allyly Family Competition
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A very curious thing happened to me the other day and I feel I need to share it with you. I have been 'mildly' crossdressing for over a year now. I say 'mildly' because I am not into full feminization, I just love the feel and look of lace panties when they are hugging a good looking cock, not to mention the taboo. I have taken to wearing stockings too which feel amazing, it's like having your whole lower half caressed persistently.

I have thought of wearing a bra but, although I can almost imagine how amazing it would feel, I don't think men look as good in them as women, by a long way. Panties though, well that is a different matter. Anyway, I digress, on to the story. It was a Saturday evening and I had put on a pair of striking blue lace briefs.

I had intended to keep them on while I read a few erotic stories online and maybe even take a few photos for others to enjoy but that idea was quashed the moment the door knocked. I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and dived for the door. It was my friend Emmy, unannounced, she pushed the door open and walked right in.

We had known each other for a long time and I suspected she was in a bad mood. My mind immediately turned to what was on my Laptop screen!

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I had just been looking at inspiration for my next 'photo shoot', a man in loose thread stockings, lace panties and a Shirt and tie with Suit Jacket.

I awkwardly bumped Emmy away from the couch and shut my screen covertly. That would be the end of me, as I saw it, ridiculed for 'being gay' or 'confused about my sexuality'. You see I am a straight guy, I just did not know if anyone would understand my fetish and not have me pegged all wrong. Anyway, I got away with it, for now. "I have left him!," Emmy bleated. "I have decided to move out. I have had enough and I walked," Emmy now quite animated.

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"I haven't come around for a shoulder to cry on, that is all I am going to say about that bastard. Come on put your jacket on I want to go to the Pub and get thoroughly pissed!" With that she threw my jacket at me and pushed me out of my front door. Walking up the road I shuddered so hard I stopped myself in my tracks. I just realized I was wearing those bright blue lace panties, and I am outside of the comfort of my own home. "What's up?," Emmy says tugging at my arm.

"Oh, nothing I just thought I forgot something," I say shrugging it off and visually checking no lace can be seen poking out of my jeans. The paranoia wears off by the time we are at the bar and a weird sensation of relief starts to blow over me. I walk to the table and can feel every little movement of the lace against my skin. I feel immense. My cock is engorged but not enough to show. Just enough to make me feel so very horny.

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I sit down with Emmy and we start to chat about anything but her now Ex- Boyfriend. I struggle to concentrate as I start relishing my new confidence in wearing lace.


In my mind my jeans have disappeared and I am just sitting there with my cock bound in lace, and it looks glorious. A few drinks later and we are both getting visibly more giggly so we decide to move to a darker, more private part of the pub. Emmy sits down next to me and I start to feel an urge from within. Her closeness has spurred a furnace in me to ignite and I can feel my attraction toward Emmy grow hotter.

You see, we dated once in our teens but we never fooled around much. I always felt like a bit of a prude, when deep inside I had wanted to just rip her clothes off and fuck her so much, but I never made a move. I go and get a round of drinks in and dart to the toilet before returning to the table. I use a stall, just so no-one sees what I am wearing.

Oh my, it feels so good as I reach down into my crotch and I take a moment to feel my throbbing cock through the lace pattern. When I return I feel like I have got a full on erection and try to just ignore it in the vain hope it would subside.

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I was wrong. "Ahem, what are you smuggling?," Emmy says with a wry smile as I place our drinks on the table. A hot flush instantly washes over me. I know what she is talking about but I still say "I'm sorry, what's that?," as I sit back down next to her. "Your cock, it looks massive in those Jeans! What did you do, or rather, who did you do while you were gone?," Emmy says. The brazen nature of the comment has me fighting for words. All I can utter is "Shhh." "Don't worry, no-one can hear us over here, or let alone see your massive boner!," Emmy giggles.

"I am sorry, Emmy. You know what it's like with us men, a ride on a Bus is enough to give us a boner!," I say as I tuck my cock across my groin and pull my jumper forward to cover it up. You see now that there is where I think I gave the game away. As I pulled my jumper forward and rolled my ass back on the bench awkwardly hiding my erection I exposed the lower part of my back, and my lace panties.

"Oh Humph! I DO like your panties!," Emmy exclaimed. Oh fuck, oh fuck, my heart actually skipped a beat. "Emmy, look, I can explain.," I start to talk but Emmy puts her finger to my lips and says "Hey, I'm not going to judge you Humphry. I just want a closer look!," Emmy smiles as she leans behind me and pulls my Jeans open to expose the top back of my Lace underwear.

"Humph, you kinky little devil," Emmy now relishing the instant power she has over me. I can feel it. I can't stop her from looking, I know her. Nothing is stopping her from shouting it out to the whole Pub.

"I actually find it quite sexy, seeing a man wearing hot panties. And in shocking blue too!" I can feel Emmy's cool hand slide down the back of my Jeans over the top of the lace that is binding my arse. I shoot her a look and she leans forward and whispers in my ear "This feels nice Humph.

Your ass feels fucking hot in Lace." Her hands slide all over the back of my ass slowly, I close my eyes to really concentrate on how it feels. My cock is now fighting against the front of my panties and is lurching up and down as if gasping for air.

"Lean forward my little panty wearing slut," Emmy says in a low sultry tone.


I don't know if it's the drink talking but I have never heard Emmy talk like this before. For the briefest of moments the whole pub comes back into focus as I look around hurriedly to see if anyone is looking. No-one can see us. I lean forward as instructed and I can feel Emmy's cool hand trace across my exposed cheeks and her finger starts tracing a line down the Lace where it meets my skin. Her hand is now fully down the back of my Jeans and I pop the top button to give her some room.

As soon as my Jeans loosen I can feel her fingers run under the lace and down to my asshole, my hot quivering asshole. "Do you like that?," Emmy whispers to me.

"Uhh- hmm," Is all I can respond as I lean forward even more in submission, elbows on the table. I close my eyes again and feel my heart racing.

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I try and relax my muscles as much as I can as I feel her cold finger now pressing on my hot asshole. She runs her fingers up and down the crack of my ass where it is all hot and sweaty.

She is lubricating her finger ready for penetrating my sphincter. Her finger returns to my pulsating hole.

As her finger now slides into my asshole she whispers "I am going to fuck your hot ass with my finger," Emmy gasped.

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This made me tense up a little and I could feel my anus fighting her finger as it pushes on in to me. "Oh fuck your hole feels so tight and fuckable!," Emmy says to me, panting. Her panting now matches my panting.

Emmy is getting just as turned on as I am. Her hand rocks back and forth allowing her finger to move in and out of my ass with quickening pace. I can feel myself rocking forward and back over my elbows as my asshole gets a fucking from Emmy's finger.

This is the first time my ass has had a fucking from someone else. Before it had always been me toying with myself but this time, I am not controlling how fast, how slow, how hard, how soft it is.

My asshole is at the mercy of this woman and her wonderful fingers. I say fingers because now there are 2 fucking my hole and I can feel a wave of pre-orgasm wash over me and I instinctively reach down to my cock and as I grab hold of it through my Jeans I feel Emmy's hand on top of mine.

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"Let him go," Emmy says cheekily, "I want him." Emmy's hand is how gently tugging at my cock through my jeans and I can feel the lace move up and over the head. It feels wonderful and already wet with pre-cum. Emmy looks down at my crotch and says "You haven't cum have you?" Emmy asked with a curious tone.

I look down and see a dark patch starting to show through my light jeans. "No, that's pre- cum," I say as I start to rock back and forth on her fingers deep within my ass. "I can't wait to see how wet you'll get when you do cum then. I want to feel you fill your lace panties with your hot cum." As if by command I start to writhe uncontrollably as stream after stream of hot cum starts spurting out into my tightly packed crotch. My asshole grabs hold of her fingers repeatedly as I am spunking myself.

A bead of cum rolls down the inside of my crotch round past my balls and coats the outside of her fingers that are slowly being removed from my asshole. She takes a moment to massage the cum into my asshole like she was applying an ointment.

"You came a lot Humph! Fucking hell!" Emmy exclaimed. "Oh my fucking god Emmy!," Is all I could muster. I look at her in the eyes. She smiles at me and giggles as if she has just done something naughty. She had, my god she had.

But she hadn't finished. She looks me back in the eyes and says "Cover yourself up, were walking out of here so we can go back to yours and I can take a closer look at the mess you made in your beautiful panties." We left our drinks.