Chubby ladyboy tugging her small cock

Chubby ladyboy tugging her small cock
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Dad's Fucking My Teacher * Mrs. Clay had a secret. No one knew about it until&hellip. fate stepped in&hellip.* __My name is Kurt. I work at my dad's very private club for people with money. I worked in the food side.

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The other side was a dark lounge for drinking. He had me start going over there to empty trash and clean up. I wasn't really allowed to be there with alcohol being served. That Friday night I went over to do my duty's when I noticed a woman at the bar. She was real pretty, but had on half dark glasses. Her black hair half covered her face and was long. She had on a black suit but real low cut. She had beautiful full cleavage that showed real good. She was smoking a cigarette. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

She was damn sexy looking. I couldn't tell if she was watching me or not with those glasses. I stalled and kept cleaning things, wanting to keep looking at her. I cleaned right in front of her&hellip.and then…she smiled at me.

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She leaned her cleavage over real big and said real sexy but slurred: "What's your name Kurt?" She was drunk as hell and how did she know my name? She asked my name… 'and'&hellip.called me Kurt.

WTF? I ask her: "How did you know my name was Kurt?" She giggled and said: "Never you mind about that, do you like my tits?" I couldn't say anything. My dad would kill me if I said 'Damn right I do' to a customer like that& I just carefully smiled at her. She said in her slurred sexy voice: "Come here Kurt." I stood a little closer making sure no one was noticing us.

"Would you like to kiss my tits Kurt?" and pulled my head towards her tits. I jolted back and left the bar.

Drunk women are crazy I thought&hellip.but I kept thinking about those beautiful tits though. My face was an inch from them and her perfume&hellip.…where had I smelled that perfume before? That triggered my memory, and things started to connect. I waited and then peeked around to look at her again.

She was gone. I ask the bartender about her. He said: " She comes in every Friday night, gets drunk, and I call her a cab to take her home. That's a wig, by the way and those half dark glasses, she hiding who she is for some reason." Bingo&hellip.that triggered my memory. I knew who she was now, a teacher, Mrs. Clay I had in history class school. She always wore that perfume and that's how she knew my name.

She was one of the teachers all the guys talked about wanting to fuck. Well&hellip.I was just going to keep this information to myself. On Monday I went to her class as usual, history …boring&hellip.I studied her face&hellip.yep that was her, now I could tell for sure.

Now she had her natural light brown hair, and plain glasses and regular clothes. My plan was to say nothing and enjoy my secret information and fantasize about those tits of hers in my face. I made no eye contact with her. When class was almost over she came over and said boldly: "I want to see you after class." Ooooo .like I was in trouble.

Everyone left and she closed the door…and locked it. She sat me down by her desk. "Kurt, we have to talk. I just want to say that what you might have thought you saw last Friday night&hellip.didn't happen.

OK? Can I trust you to never talk about it? A teacher has to be very careful with her reputation. She can get fired real easy for her public actions.

Do you understand?" I nodded my head yes. "If you would do that for me, I would like to do some things for you. I think…you like my tits, don't you." I smiled.


"I would like to give you a little sample of my 'thank you' right now&hellip. Stand up." The door had no window in it and the room windows were up high. No one could see in. She took me over to the corner and hugged me real tight. She began to whisper in my ear.

("…Kurt, I like you. I'm not suppose to, but I do. I hope you like me too. I want you to feel my tits for me now,&hellip. go ahead.") She opened her suit coat up and put my hands up under her sweater. Omg…there they were. Her 'no bra' tits I had dreamed about. She started breathing all weird as I felt her tits. She was going weird on me saying: (".tell me how much you like them Kurt&hellip.tell me how you'd like to kiss them and suck on them Kurt…tell me Kurt.") Well&hellip.I sure did as she asked&hellip.

as long as she was letting me feel them. I said quietly: ("&hellip.oh Mrs. Clay, your tits are so soft and wonderful, and I sure would like kissing your beautiful tits.") She sure seemed to like that as she lifted her sweater up and put my face right in her cleavage. ("Kiss them Kurt…kiss them hot, I know you want them…kiss them all over and lick them all you want&hellip.lick and suck on my nipples, oh god yes…your doing beautiful Kurt…keep that up Kurt…") Mrs.

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Clay, (Jill) It was working perfect. I had to be bold and lay it on heavy with Kurt. Kurt didn't know my earlier life.

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I had hooked up with Kurt's dad a while back. We ended up in his private office one night and we had an affair there.

On Friday nights I would go in the back way and we had a torrid, hot, steamy affair. I had found out my husband had a girl on the side and we were parting ways. I was very hot for his dad, Stan, he know how to fuck me real good. We had to end it when my divorce started, and is still active with all the legal stuff. All I could do is disguise my looks from who I was and sit and drink every Friday night as I waited for my husband to move out.

I'm still waiting. When I found out that Kurt was Stan's son I slowly got aroused by him. He looked like his dad only younger and oh so sexy to me. I was closer to his age that his dad. When I saw Kurt in the lounge, I was pretty drunk and my urges for him got released. I have nice full tits, and when I saw Kurt eyeing them, I couldn't hold back wanting him to fondle them.

His dad loved them and he use to suck them so good before we had sex. It all came flashing back and I wanted them fondled by Kurt. I have nipples that are very sensitive and I can even have an orgasm when they are sucked and played with.

Watching Kurt's eyes made them hard and so ready to be sucked. Now I had Kurt all picked out to suck and fondle my tits, and it was working. He was young and I knew the next thing he would want is to have sex with me&hellip.and that's just what I wanted too. Kurt&hellip. She was acting kinda crazy, but I sure didn't care. She was pushing her pussy right into my boner. I looked at the clock. "Mrs. Clay,&hellip. I'm late for my next class, can you&hellip.

write me a note?" I said out of breath.


She held my head and pulled it back. She smiled at me with a real sexy look. "Kurt, I'm a teacher. I'll write you a note so you won't even have to go to your next class. This a free hour for me and we have 40 minutes left. You just do what I say and everything will be fine&hellip.besides&hellip.your in no condition to leave…just yet." She shoved her hand down in my pants and felt my boner. In a flash she had my pants down and was on her knees.

She was jacking my boner. "Hold still Kurt and let me get this down for you." she said. Jill…… This was so risky!…but it got me hot doing it.


A little preview wouldn't hurt. I know he'll cum quick and I need a good taste of his cum. I grabbed his young smooth ass and took his boner in my mouth. A few deep throats and he jolted. I squeezed his ass as his butt cheeks tightened up.

His knees trembled and I got the shots of cum I wanted.

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Down my throat it went&hellip.mmmm…all gone. Poor Kurt's eyes…they rolled back in his head as he held onto my head to keep from falling over. Five minutes left. I helped him put his pants back up and unlocked my door. I said loud: "If you don't try harder, and concentrate, your going to fail this class!" He was in a daze as he tried not…to smile.

Now I had to plan a place for us and this would not be easy. My house and his house had people in them. He had to work nights and&hellip.wait& classroom…it was the only place for us. I needed to change his schedule to give him a free hour the same as mine. The danger of doing this just made me all the more turned on to have sex with him right in the classroom.

It took a little talking but I got it all arranged. 10am to11am was now 'our' time. That night I lay naked in bed, playing with my nipples and looking ahead to our first hour together.

Being a teacher I was going to enjoy teaching him some very hot things to do sexually&hellip.and he can teach me what the young set does for sexual pleasure&hellip. 10 am, and my class filed out&hellip.all but one.

I barked: "Let me see your homework, Kurt."…the other students thinking he was in trouble with me …again. The door closed with the last student. I waited a little, then quietly locked the door. Here came my young man all excited with his sexy smile.

I turned out the lights. Kurt&hellip. My heart was banging in my chest as I slowly walked toward her. God she was sexy looking. She was smiling standing with her legs apart with a skirt on today.

I backed her into our corner as she took some big breaths. She began acting weird again. She said quietly: "…Kurt.what are you doing?, are you so attracted to me you feel you must have me?…do you want to feel me, kiss me make love to me?…is that what's your after?…tell me how bad you want me Kurt…tell me." I thought…OK, it's one of her weird games again…so I told her&hellip.

" Mrs. Clay…I wanted you since the first time I saw you." She gasp and pulled my head to her cheek. I continued: " You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen…I want you so bad…" Well,&hellip. that's what she wanted to hear and up went her sweater.

I felt her nipples and watched her lean her head back and moan real sexy. Up came her skirt as she put my hand on her pussy. (".Oh Mrs." she whispered to call her 'Jill'. "Jill I love to feel your pussy&hellip.all warm and wet…I must go kiss it now." She held my head as a went down on her.

She was up against the wall with her legs spread wide apart. There was that aroma of her perfume…strong. I began to lick her pussy as she moved it up and down on my lips. She moaned so sexy each time I licked her clit. Jill…… My dad called me 'wild child' and 'nympho' when he caught me with porn in my computer.

I wanted some of the action I saw there, hot, wild sex. My first and steady sex was an older guy and he fucked me rough and I like it. He was…, let's just say…'a family member'. We would let the desire to fuck build up and up and then we would attack and fuck real hard and wild.

Now I had tapped into Kurt's lust for me and released it. I was finally getting what I wanted. I was in for wild ride&hellip.

Oh my…the youthful energy of Kurt's tongue was making me weak. I slowly sunk to the rug. He stuck 3 fingers in my pussy and massaged it good. He was way better than his dad. He was pumped and becoming aggressive&hellip.everything was becoming reversed. I became submissive to him. "…oh…do you want to 'own me'?…do you want me that bad?…" I said. He began to undo his pants and get on top of me.

He took his boner and moved it up and down on my pussy. He said: "Yes Jill, I 'do' own you now, you are mine and I have to fuck you." Kurt said. That sucked the air right out my chest.

I liked this and his aggressive stance with me. "You have ravaged me Jill, I'm taking you to sexual heaven with me right now." he said. He held my wrists down and started putting his tongue deep in my mouth.

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I felt his boner shoved in me hard. I had to moan uncontrollably as he lifted my legs up around his back. He became my wild man, thrusting himself in me and kissing me like he couldn't get enough of me. I jerked my wrists loose and put my arms around his neck. I could feel the climax of all climaxes coming up in me.

He fucked me hard, aggressively and deep with each thrust. I had never had a guy fuck me this wild before, and it was driving me 'more' wild. We were both going for the peak we both wanted. I squeezed my legs around him …and my pussy clamped around his boner.

He gave out a low growl and we both squeezed us with everything we had… was like the world stopped. … He moaned and I felt hot thrusting cum in me as I climaxed.

We held each other so tight we trembled. I could feel and even hear the cum being blasted in me&hellip.we just couldn't stop fucking…and fucking…until we both went weak…and just held on tight&hellip.squirming… ------ Jill&hellip. It was Friday night. I sat at the bar as usual having a drink in my disguise. Kurt and I had a little plan set up. He clued his smiling dad in and I waited.

When Kurt was doing his clean up duty's behind the bar. I spoke to his dad: "Stan honey, could you call me a cab?" I slurred, acting like I was totally drunk. "No mam,&hellip. your to drunk to ride home in a cab, 'Kurt'&hellip., take the lady home please and see that she gets into bed." Kurt tried not to smile and said: "Ok Dad" We staggered out to the company's plain white van and drove to a river front secluded location.

The back of the van was filled with blankets and no windows. I wanted to feel the driving lust he had for me. I wanted to see that youthful aggression come out and fuck me hard with it. I taunted him. In whispers I said: "Maybe we better wait Kurt." He was already trembling undoing my buttons.

"Someone might come by here and see us." Some of my buttons went flying as he tore them off. He got all hyper. "Waiting is over Jill, your mine now and we're going to take a little trip to cum land right now. I want you completely naked, not one earring, or piece of clothing. I've dreamed about your hot body completely naked and now I want to devour it." That's what I wanted. To be taken by him and fucked hard.

I taunted him even more: "But Kurt.I'm a teacher and if anyone&hellip." Those were the last words spoken. He kissed me and his tongue fucked my tongue like two wild animals. I was naked, hot, trembling and my pussy was dripping. It was a real show down for us. Now I reacted how I felt. I rolled him over on his back and grabbed his boner and shoved it in my pussy.

Out came the moans, groans and animal sounds. I drove his boner in me a deep as it would go&hellip.and again&hellip.and again. He pinched my nipples so hard I orgasmed several times. This was the kind of fucking I wanted. Kurt&hellip. She was acting weird again, but only this time it was a very hot and sexy weird. I felt like I had a goddess on top of me and she was about to rape me&hellip.well… ok Jill, go for it. What a powerful woman she was.

She was driving my boner in her to the max. She kissed me wildly and held my body real tight. I had no choice, I had to cum big. I squeezed her nipples with one hand, felt her ass with the other and slipped a finger in her back hole. She yelled so loud my heart jumped&hellip.that triggered my thrust upwards and I felt like all my cum shot out at once. Her pussy was tight, moving fast and she was biting my neck.…what a wild woman she was as we fucked ourselves crazy&hellip.

She was like no other girl I'd ever been with before…as I just kept feeling her nipples and tits. I loved feeling her beautiful naked body.

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She just kept moaning low and fucking slow and deep&hellip. *Months later in the morning at Jill's house. "Kurt, I'll leave first, then you go out the back way& wait…Kurt…you've got that look in your eyes&hellip.not now…please Kurt&hellip.we'll both be late for school&hellip.Kurt.stop baby…you'll mess up my hair and clothes&hellip.mmmmm…not on the living room rug&hellip.oh damn you…we're going to be late again.mmmm…oh dam.

your taking mmmm advantage of me…Kurt…Oh my god&hellip. Oh Yes!&hellip.deeper baby. deeper!…"