Lovely sweetie opens up soft muff and loses virginity

Lovely sweetie opens up soft muff and loses virginity
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Of late I have been thinking more and more about Sophie after John and her broke up!!

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Especially about fucking her and how good it would be to, just for one night, have ravaging sex with her!! Stripping her dress off and slowly kissing her neck while undoing her bra to reveal her large and perfectly plump breasts!! Then slowly sucking on her ecstatic nipples, making her moan in excitement!


Finally reaching her wet vagina and teasing her as I kiss around her lips and thighs as she pleads for my tongue to flick and suck her soaking and erect clit. After teasing her I flip round and put my dick in her luscious mouth finally giving in to her pleas and lick her clit and begin to finger her as I start to get closer and closer!! Staggeringly we both came in each other's mouths together moaning louder and louder until we could take no more!!


After Sophie had revived from her initial orgasm I began fucking her experienced pussy with my cock and slapping my balls against her as we both quickly reach our climaxes again and simultaneously came all over each other and the bed sheets!! Then we just lye together with my flaccid cum covered cock still inside her amazing pussy.

While cooling off we begin slowly playing with each other waiting to fuck again!!

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One day while making out with Jessica on my bed about to start undressing her beautiful body Sophie walked in and said "sorry I didn't realize what you were up to!! But Harry I must say Jessica is a lucky girl, I mean I'd be more than happy to go down on that beast your hiding away!!" Most surprisingly Jess said" why don't you come join in coz I have had a few wet dreams about that sexy body of yours and I know Harry has!" So Sophie sat down with us and we began to undress each other!


The best part was that Jess and Sophie both undone my trousers and sucked my penis together. I quickly came due to being very horny from the situation!! As Jess and Sophie licked the cum off of each other's faces I pulled their knickers down and on my hands and knees began to lick at their pussies causing them major excitement because of their lesbian experimentation as they made out and rummaged each other's bodies!!

I finally got my chance to lose my virginity and slowly inserted my penis into Jess's tight vagina as Sophie sucked on my bollocks and licked Jess's vagina as I pulled out before thrusting back in.

All of a sudden Jess's cherry popped and blood started to drool out of her pussy so Sophie moved out of the way! I did not stop fucking her as neither of us had orgasmed yet!

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After me and Jess had both bummed and moaned emphatically she collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep, meanwhile Sophie wiped the blood from my penis and laid me down on the bed and sucked my penis to keep me erect!

After sucking on my penis Sophie jumped up and lowered her self on to my penis and rode me until she orgasmed even after I came again for the third time, which was absolutely fantastic!! Then the three of us just lay there asleep after an amazing time.

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When we woke at 3 in the afternoon we went again!! Now every time Jess and Sophie are both around we go to my bedroom and fuck for hours!! On one of these occasions Jess had bought a strap on with her and Sophie had bought some cock rings. While I was fucking Sophie, Jess had put the strap-on on and without warning shoved it into my anus and I cummed instantaneously but kept fucking Sophie as Jess kept fucking me!!

As we progressed Jess gave the strap-on to Sophie and laid me down on the bed! Then as Sophie was about to fuck Jess, Jess grabbed the cock rings and put them on me and began to suck me off! Sophie was really getting into fucking Jess and it was great because her massive boobs were flying up and down up and down just like Jess's head!! I was really getting turned on and was really close to cumming all over Jess's face and as she began to moan the tip of my cock felt amazing!!

Then Jess and Sophie switched and instead of Sophie sucking me off she put her awesome tits around my cock and tossed me off!

After I came all over Sophie's boobs and face and Sophie could take no more fucking from Jess, Jess took the strap on off and began to ride my still hard cock and with the cock rings I was in heaven, especially as Jess's tits went up and down up and down! I quickly came again and as Sophie had been left out of that session I bent over and handed her the strap on! She began to fuck me slowly but soon was ravaging my anus!

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After I could take no more I collapsed on the bed and watched intently as Sophie and Jess went down on each other!! There hands were slowly rubbing over each other's breasts and bums as they kissed sensuously. Jess makes the first move and starts to kiss down Sophie's neck then sucks on her amazing hard nipples making her moan lightly!

Jess reaches the soaking flaps between Sophie's thighs and begins to kiss and tease her and stroke her sensitive areas!

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Then Sophie says for Jess to flip round and start a 69! As they licked flicked and fingered each other keenly I had become insanely hard, so I slipped the cock rings back on and used the strap on as a dildo.

As the slimy cock slipped inside my asshole Sophie and Jess both started to moan more and a lot louder turning me on even more.

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Spontaneously I came all over Sophie's face and jess's bum! My orgasm was so powerful and epic that I fell asleep!! Meanwhile Jess and Sophie brought each other to sensational orgasms!!

I lay there asleep completely vulnerable and Sophie and Jess took full advantage and played with my body and waxed my pubic areas!! I awoke to find myself with a saw bum and pelvic region as well as my arm pits feeling itchy! I then looked up to see Jess and Sophie laying intertwined, all hot and sweaty covered in each other's cum, fast asleep!! Now we meet up and have the most ecstatic sex ever whenever wherever!!