Outstanding girl sucking cock in pov makes hot eye contacts

Outstanding girl sucking cock in pov makes hot eye contacts
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Taking Pictures of My Mom - 2 …Molly, (the mom)… …as I yelled uncontrollably I felt the hot rush of dad Johnny's cum shooting in my mouth. It was so intense I started to climax big as uncle Berry pushed his hardon in my back hole&hellip. …Dad Johnny bucked and moaned as he shot cum filling my mouth. My hands on his butt cheeks pulled with him to keep going and going. My back hole felt uncle Berry push deep in me as he fucked me.

I felt warm cum being injected in me.


&hellip.I couldn't help but pucker down hard on him as he too moaned and fucked me hard. He shot and shot in me as I had intense trembles from head to toe throughout my body…… …I only remember wanting a lot more of this… as we all remained locked together panting. &hellip.After a while. Uncle Berry got up slowly and got the video camera and came over for close ups. Dad Johnny was still in my mouth as I savored his cum and then swallowed it down.

Uncle Berry got a shot of himself putting his hardon in my pussy and fucking me some. Dad Johnny got off me and took the camera and shot Uncle Barry and I fucking like wild animals. &hellip. The fact that I was on camera just intensified my now wild lust for him. We squirmed and moaned as we fucked. I reached over and jacked Dad Johnny while Uncle Berry fucked me hard and deep in my pussy. &hellip.I was having the best most exciting time of my life.

I loved all the attention from the guys. I loved being filmed and now fulfilling my personal desires. It was giving me a wild feeling inside of lust for them&hellip. gone wild. I was going to give uncle Barry the best fuck of his young life. … I moaned in his ear, I felt and pulled on his body. I wrapped my legs tightly around him and squeezed him with my pussy.

…I thought the poor guy was going to pass out just before he moaned and shot his big hot load deep in me. We both shook with pleasure as I climaxed hard with tingles all the way down to my toes&hellip.all caught on video.

&hellip.I was their toy and I liked letting them play with my body. I felt like a queen being pleased by to young knights. They would do anything I requested. Suck my nipples, feel my body and both lick my pussy together. …This was part 2 of my young encounter with my real dad and uncle, but now, nothing was held back. I had two cocks to suck and play with. Two cocks to jack on and have cum in me.

I had seen on a porn film, something else I wanted to do. I wanted both their cocks in me at once&hellip. &hellip.I had to take a shower as they were hard to resist leaving even for a little while. Uncle Barry put in a new mega-chip in the camera. Dad Johnny took me in the shower as uncle Barry filmed. Dad Johnny gave me a personal shower, feeling me up all the way. . All I had to do was lean against the shower wall. Dad Johnny did it all for me, as uncle Barry filmed. They then both got in the shower with the camera on the tri-pod and shower door open.

They showered and then began a slow licking of my wet body. My legs got weak, it felt so good. "A Queens Shower" I thought to myself&hellip. …Johnny and Berrys thoughts… …We were in sex heaven.

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We were doing everything young guys ever wanted to do to a sexy hot woman. We couldn't keep our hands off her, just incase this was all a dream. She had it all and we were in her toy box.

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We dried her off and I carried her down to the kitchen. We fixed us all some food. We hand fed her like the goddess she was. We just had to feel her body all we could.

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…Berry carried her naked up stairs as I filmed it all. She said she had something 'special' she wanted to do with us.

&hellip.We laid her on the bed. She had Berry lay beside her and then under her. As she lay on her back on him she reached down and jacked Berry. She then put his cock in her pussy. They started slowly fucking. She told me to put the camera on the tri-pod and point it at her pussy down low.


She was smiling so big as she pulled me on top of her. …I couldn't believe what she was doing. She started putting my cock in her pussy too.

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It was nice and tight and felt so good. We all were kind of a 'stack' of 3 people. She was really hot and excited now. Berry reached around her and felt her tits. Her and I tongue kissed and had to break for air a lot as we gasp. She moaned so hot as her hands felt us all she could.

.All she could manage to say was: ".oh yes,…oh yes!.".over and over. It felt strange to feel Berry's cock under mine as we began to fuck her together. Mom was in her own heaven and fucked with us, deep and hard.

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She could somehow tell we were going to cum in her. We all fucked faster and faster. Her pussy squeezed us right as we came.

Three people squirmed, moaned and fucked hard as she yelled out "Oh God Yesssss!" real loud. She squirmed and shook as we all felt the two loads of hot cum pumping in her. &hellip.I'll never forget the slapping noise the three of us made fucking her damp body. I thought '…this is awesome off the scale' as Berry kept slowly fucking her.

Cum was everywhere around her pussy. We didn't know she had squirted big time. The room felt like it was on fire with the heat. We felt her over and over until we all collapsed in a 'Queen's Sandwich', she called it…&hellip. ---------- &hellip.Many weeks later we all lay naked in her bed. We felt her and she felt us.

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We started watching our video&hellip.and again… we couldn't make it to the finish. Now we have lot's of videos to watch of us.

Mom keeps saying: "Sandwich anyone?"&hellip. ……so we gladly filled the Queen's request&hellip.