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It was a Thursday, and ordinarily on that day of the week Myrna would go to her friend Paula's house after school and wait until dinner time to actually go home. This day, however, her schoolmate had an appointment and Paula's mother had to take her to it. Unfortunately, her boyfriend Dylan had his own after school activities, so she couldn't go visit him either.

With nowhere else to go, the young black teenager headed for her apartment. Since the apartment was on the other side of town from her friend's house, it took Myrna two buses and well over an hour to get there. She went up the stairs to the second floor and was surprised to see a tall white man with wavy brown hair wearing a suit coming out of her apartment.

Even more surprising was seeing her mother in the doorway dressed in her housecoat. Instinctively, Myrna stepped back onto the stairs and out of sight. Peeking around the corner, she watched the man put something in her mother's hand before putting his hand on the side of her face. The young teen was shocked to see him move his hand down and open her mother's robe revealing the fact that she was naked underneath it. Gloria stood passively, her head bowed, while the man squeezed her bare breast.

Without warning the man turned and started walking towards the stairway. Gloria shut the apartment door. Myrna didn't want to be caught watching and there was no way she'd make it down the stairs to avoid him. So, she decided to bold it out and stepped into the hallway as if she'd only just come upstairs. The tall white man smiled when their eyes met. "Good afternoon," he greeted her.

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Given what she'd just seen combined with the fact that she found him rather handsome, Myrna wasn't ready to answer him right away. "Uh, good afternoon," she replied bashfully after an awkward moment. "You aren't Gloria Mason's girl, are you?" he asked. "Uh., yeah, I am," Myrna spoke hesitantly. "My, you're all grown up!" he exclaimed happily. "But, I bet you don't remember me.

I'm Mister Gantner, your mom's boss at work. Last time I saw you must have been ten years ago. Here you are now, a pretty young woman." Myrna blushed again.

She wasn't used to hearing such praise, especially from important handsome white men, like her mother's boss. She didn't remember him at all, but was happy that he'd remembered her. "Thanks," said Myrna in an embarrassed voice. "Well, I have to run," said Mister Gantner.

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"I'll see you later." With that, Mister Gantner went down the stairs. Myrna started towards the apartment door. The unexpected encounter with the white man had startled the girl, but now she remembered what she'd seen just before. She wondered what all her mother had been doing with him. Opening the apartment door, Myrna let herself in. Her mother was nowhere to be seen, but she could hear the shower running.

The young teenager changed out of her school clothes and was sitting in front of the television when Gloria came out of the shower.

"You're home already?" asked Gloria.

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"Yeah, Paula had an appointment so I couldn't stay at her house," Myrna answered. "Oh," replied Gloria. Myrna decided not to say anything about what she'd seen or that she'd spoken with Mister Gantner and Gloria didn't ask anything further. The rest of the evening was like any other, though Myrna couldn't get the picture of Mister Gantner fondling her mother's breast out of her mind.

* * * On Saturday morning, Myrna was already eating her breakfast when Gloria sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. The girl noticed that her mother was wearing the same housecoat she'd had on when she'd been with Mister Gantner.

"My boss at work tol' me how he talked with you in the hallway the other day," Gloria started uneasily. "Yeah, we just said hi," Myrna replied. "He knew who I was, but I didn't remember him at all." "That's right, you ain't seen Mister Gantner in a long time. Anyways, he's comin' to visit after lunch today an' I want you here to meet him." "Okay." Myrna wondered why he was coming on a Saturday and even more, why he wanted her to be there. After not seeing him for so many years, it seemed odd.

Still, the colored girl didn't feel like asking about it, given what she'd seen the other day. "You ain't curious 'bout why?" "I dunno. Work stuff?" "Hmmm," replied Gloria. "Maybe later on we'll do some. work stuff. But first, he really wants to meet you. You don't know this, but I've known him for a real long time. His daddy used to be grandma's boss years ago, an' both of 'em would come to visit us then. Now he owns his father's company where I work.

"Really?" Naturally, Myrna wondered if what Mister Gantner had done with her mother was also something he'd done with her grandmother. It was hard for her to think about the older woman that way. "Yes. Sometime I'll tell you more about it. Right now, I want you to get to work gettin' this place cleaned up." "Okay." Myrna's curiosity was whetted and she hoped that her mother would be telling her about Mister Gantner and her grandmother soon because her imagination was out of control. She finished her breakfast and set about straightening the apartment up for company.

* * * After lunch, Gloria went to find Myrna in her bedroom. "I want you to get dressed up a little for Mister Gantner," said Gloria. "You oughta look nice for him." "I can put my blue dress on, is that okay?" asked Myrna.

"Um, I was thinkin' of the white one with the flower pattern." "I haven't worn that one for a year. I don't know if it'll still fit me." "It looks nice on you, so wear it. All right?" Gloria left the room and Myrna went to her closet. The dress her mother was talking about was a light sleeveless sun dress she'd got when she was twelve. She stripped to her underwear and slipped the sun dress on over her head.

It was tight across the chest and showed off a good bit of cleavage. The bottom rode up on her hips revealing plenty of her thighs.


"It's too small," Myrna complained as she walked out into the living room. "I can't even button it up in the back." "Here, let me do it." Myrna stood with her back to her mother.

Gloria buttoned the buttons and the light fabric pressed against the young teenager's developing breasts. "Turn around," instructed Gloria. Turning to face her mother, Myrna was sure she'd see how much of her chocolate brown flesh was showing and have her choose another dress.

"See, it's fine," said Gloria. "You look real pretty in it." The young teenager couldn't believe her mother wasn't going to have her change into something else. "Now, let's brush your hair." Gloria had a brush at the ready and proceeded to brush Myrna's shoulder length straightened black hair. After brushing it out, she put it in two pony tails. "There, you're all ready," said Gloria. "Mom!" protested Myrna. "I haven't worn my hair like this for ages!" "I think it looks pretty that way and I know Mister Gantner will, too.

Now stop complaining about it and be happy that he really wants to see you. Not every girl has a handsome man like him making a special trip to see her." "I thought he was comin' over for work stuff." "Well, he is, but he came on a Saturday to be sure you were gonna be here. So, it's a special trip." Despite feeling a little exposed in the too small sun dress, Myrna was happy to know that Mister Gantner was going out of his way to see her.

She liked being noticed by him. It was great having Dylan so attracted to her, but Mister Gantner was a grown man. About half an hour later, the door bell rang. Gloria went to open it, and there was Mister Gantner.

He was wearing slacks and a polo shirt rather than a suit, but he still had an air of authority about him. Myrna blushed as he smiled at her and let his eyes roam over her body. "Hello, Myrna," he said warmly. "You're looking like quite the pretty young woman." "Thank you," replied Myrna, blushing even more furiously than before.

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"Thank you, sir," Gloria corrected her. "Mister Gantner is an important man." "I'm sorry," Myrna apologized, her eyes cast bashfully at the floor. "Thank you, sir." "It's okay, Myrna," said Mister Gantner. "We're still getting to know each other." "Can I get you somethin' to drink?" asked Gloria. "Iced tea?" "That'd be great," he replied. "Myrna, go get it," Gloria directed her daughter. Mister Gantner sat down in the big easy chair in the living room while Myrna fetched a glass of iced tea for him.

Gloria sat down on the couch, leaving the spot closest to him open. When Myrna returned with the glass, she had to bend forward to hand it to him. Her face flushed hot when she saw Mister Gantner's eyes looking down her dress. The young negro teenager also felt her pussy tingle at the attention. With the only open spot on the couch directly opposite the easy chair, Myrna sat down right in Mister Gantner's line of sight. She felt the sun dress riding up on her hips and kept her thighs together to keep from giving him an eyeful of her panties.

She felt quite exposed and vulnerable sitting there dressed in something a couple of sizes too small, but at the same time she was enjoying the white man's attention. "So, Myrna, what grade are you in now?" "Ninth." "My, you are all grown up. You must be sixteen by now." "Fifteen. My birthday's still a few months away." "I see.

Well, you're quite a pretty young woman." "Thank you., sir," Myrna blushed. "You look much like your mother did at your age," Mister Gantner went on. "Did you know I knew her then?" "She jus' tol' me that, yeah." "Your grandmother used to work for my father when he owned the company.

She's a fine lady, too. I still see her from time to time when I get out her way." Myrna continued sitting nervously with her legs tightly together, unable to think of anything to say.

"I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable," said Mister Gantner. "You seem a little tense." "Oh, no, sir, you ain't makin' her uncomfortable," Gloria assured him. "Is he, girl?" "No," Myrna told her. Mister Gantner was, in fact, making her feel a little self-conscious by the way he kept looking at her as if admiring something on display.

At the same time, however, Myrna was enjoying the attention and the way it was making her feel between her legs.

"Then sit back an' relax," her mother instructed her.


Not wanting to cause problems, Myrna tried to release the tension in her body. She let her weight rest more against the back of the couch and relaxed her thighs, but could feel them parting. Mister Gantner's eyes quickly darted between the young negro's legs, but she resisted the urge to clamp them shut again. "Doesn't that feel better?" he asked, looking her in the eye.

"Yes, sir," she answered, her pussy buzzing. Surely, her mother was aware of how exposed she was, thought Myrna. Was it really her intention to have her daughter show off for Mister Gantner this way?


It seemed unreasonable, but there was no other explanation that the colored teenager could imagine. "So, what's your favorite subject?" asked the white man conversationally. Myrna went on about the classes she liked and the other school activities she was involved in. Gradually, as the conversation continued, she felt herself relaxing more, but she remained very aware of how exposed she was sitting there in the too small sun dress.

She also was becoming aware of a distinct bulge in Mister Gantner's lap. Was it possible that he was getting an erection from seeing her this way? The negro girl felt a tingle between her legs at the thought of this handsome white man being aroused by her.

After about twenty minutes of friendly conversation, Mister Gantner sat up in the easy chair. "Well, Myrna, I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better. I've got some work to discuss with your mother so I'm afraid we'll have to continue our talk later." "Okay," said Myrna. "I liked it, too., sir." "Go an' get changed, Myrna," Gloria instructed her.

"You'd just be bored here with us while we's workin', so why don't you go watch that movie you wanted to see. I got some money for you so you can get a snack, too." Myrna was certain that her mother was getting rid of her so she could be alone with Mister Gantner and it wasn't for work.

Nevertheless, there was nothing to be gained by pointing that out, and she did want to see the movie. "Okay." After changing into jeans and a tee shirt, Myrna collected the movie money and headed for the door.

"I'll be seeing you again soon, Myrna," said Mister Gantner. "If that's okay with you." "Yes, sir." "Okay, girl," said Gloria. "Be careful an' have a good time." Myrna left the building and walked down the street towards the theater. She wondered what was going on between her mother and Mister Gantner back in the apartment. Maybe they were already "doing it", she thought. * * * Myrna bought a ticket and sat in the theater, but after the movie, she couldn't remember any of it.

Her thoughts were back at the apartment, wondering what exactly her mother was doing with Mister Gantner and just what their history was. Opening the door the apartment, right away Myrna could see that Mister Gantner was gone.

Gloria was sitting on the couch reading a book. "How was the movie?" asked Gloria. "It was okay.," Myrna answered. "Mister Gantner left already?" "Yes, we finished up a little while ago." "He said he was coming back soon to see. me. When?" "Soon," said Gloria.

"He's a pretty busy man. It ain't easy for him to make time to visit. But, I think he likes you. After you left, he tol' me he thinks you're turning into a real good lookin' young woman." "He really said that?" "Yes.

I think he really liked what you were wearing, too." Myrna blushed at the memory of the whole scene with wearing the tight fitting sun dress while talking with Mister Gantner. It still seemed a little strange, but she was happy that he liked it.

"Yeah, I kinda thought he did," said Myrna. "He kept lookin' at me the whole time." "Well, he has an eye for good lookin' women," explained Gloria.

"Plenty o' women like us wish they had a man like him takin' a interest in 'em. Like I said, you oughta be proud he likes you. I am. You understan' what I mean?" Even though she didn't say it, Myrna knew that her mother meant that she should be proud of the fact that a handsome white man that owned a big company liked her and that there were plenty of black women who'd be envious of her.

And, she was proud of that. The fact that such a man saw her as a grown woman and thought she was pretty made her feel good. "Uh huh," replied Myrna. "I'm glad," smiled Gloria.

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"When are you gonna tell me about you an' him when you were my age?" Gloria paused to think for a moment before answering, "After dinner." Myrna wondered just what her mother was going to tell her. It felt like she was about to be let in on some kind of big secret. Waiting until tonight to hear it wasn't going to be easy.