Boys having sex movies and filthy nylon stories gay porn full length

Boys having sex movies and filthy nylon stories gay porn full length
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Getting away for the weekend was the best idea yet.

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I needed to get away and sort some things out. I thought I was straight and only wanted a man to use me for his sexual pleasure. I loved a man taking me roughly and demanding I take the position for use but now my head is confused. I am sitting out on the patio of the room I have taken at the beach. I told everyone I just needed to get away and sort things out.

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I don't know who I answer to any longer sexually. I am only submissive sexually and now I am confused. Tammy and I had been friends for so long and I always thought it was strange as cute as she is that she did not have a boyfriend. Some women have been burned so badly by a man that they can't be with one without the horrors resurfacing. I think that is what happened to Tammy. I shared my choice in men to use me and dominate me and she said she did not agree with that.

She preferred to be the dominating one in a relationship. I assumed she meant a man woman relationship. We were going to do some hanging out and I told her I would cook dinner for us. When she came into my place I told her to make herself comfortable I was just checking on the meal. It would be done in about an hour. I had decided to make a pot roast with everything in one pot and the potatoes were taking their sweet time at cooking I told her.

She had gone up to the bedroom and so I went up after her. She must want to see the new stuff I had hung on the wall up there. As I rounded the corner from the stairs she was standing there waiting for me. She had a paddle in one hand and was dressed in a sheer robe. "What are you doing?" I ask. "Playing the role of dominatrix and you will be my submissive." "Hey, I did not know you were into this stuff.

I usually prefer a man dominating me.

Did you invite someone over that will dominate me and let you dominate them," I asked innocently. "Strip down to nothing and go lay on the bed, face down," she said rather sternly. I without thinking fell into submission and did as I was told.

"You will be spanked into submission each time I meet with you and then you will do as told." "Yes Miss Tammy," I answered sheepishly. I spread my legs a bit and lay in the position I took for spanking. I did not have to wait long before the first swing came, then another and another.

I subconsciously counted 15 before she stopped and rubbed my ass. "Do you feel you are ready to serve my needs today?" "Yes," "I don't think so," and another five were given. "Do you feel submissive to me, now?" "Yes, Miss Tammy." "Get on your knees before me." I got on my knees and kept my eyes downcast.

She ask me if I wanted to taste her? Suddenly, I realized I did. "Yes, Miss Tammy may I taste of you?" "Not yet, I want you to spread yourself for me to taste you first." I stood without question and laid on the bed and spread my legs raising my knees up and open for her to taste me.

I knew I was wet from the spanking and submission. She moved between my legs and began licking at my clit and inserting her tongue into my hole. She reached up and pinched my tits. I was really getting hot from this play and suddenly she stopped and told me enough for now. It was torment. "Dinner should be ready and I think we need to have some dinner." We went downstairs and I was nude and she was still wearing her sheer robe.

I served her dinner and I was shaky. I knew she had teased me enough to make me want more. We ate dinner and talked like we always do about what we had been up to. I put everything in the dishwasher and then she led me upstairs by the hand again. This time she told me to lay on the bed. I through the comforter to one side. She told me to lay up on the pillow and get comfortable. She went to a bag she must have brought in and produced a dildo.

She began to straddle my face and told me to begin licking her clit. She bent down and licked mine also. The wetter I got the more I wanted to make her cum too. Soon it became obvious she would use the dildo inside my pussy. She slid it in easily due to my wetness. I fought to keep from letting go. She too was close to release in my mouth. I liked her taste as she began to get wetter each insert of my tongue. I found myself bucking and about to cum when she let go of herself in my mouth.

I sucked and teased her clit till she could cum no more. She took the dildo from my pussy and rammed it into my ass as she inserted several fingers into my pussy and thumb on my clit. It was so intense that I came immediately.

She pulled everything out and told me to roll over. I did not know what was next but my body still trembled. I suddenly felt the whip hit my backside. "Don't ever cum without permission again." "Yes, Miss Tammy. I am sorry." "Your punishment will be mild but if you don't obey you feel much worse." It stung with every encounter to the skin.

I felt it and yet I still knew I wanted to be punished and obey. She let me up and told me to kneel facing the wall. I did as I was told and felt her swing the whip a few more times to my back side. My arms hung loosely at my sides and my head was down as I took all she wanted to give to me.

I had failed to please her and wanted to be punished and learn from this. "Get up slave." I got up but kept my head down. I needed to learn what pleased her. "Bend over the bed with your ass presented to me for use." I moved to the bed with my head still down and laid face down with arms above my head, ass in the air and legs spread.

I felt her crawling on the bed behind me.


I felt a dildo slide easily into my pussy. I was still dripping wet. Then I felt something that felt like a cock entering my ass. I leaned into it and tried to allow it to enter easily but it was hurting.

Suddenly it went in with a force. I realized it was a strap on. "Hold the dildo in your pussy and prepare to be used like a slave is to be used. You may not get pleasure from this until I say so." I moved a hand beneath myself and held the vibrator/dildo into my pussy. The ass was getting used roughly by the strap on and I could feel my need for release and fought it. I wanted to release and cum. "Don't cum until I say so," I was reminded.

I could not say a word for fear I would release.

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"Do you desire to cum for your mistress?" "Yes, very much so," I answered. "Good girl, hold off till I cum then you may cum." She was tearing my ass up with the dildo and I was so close to loosing it when I finally heard her release. "May I cum now mistress?" "Yes, cum!" I did and shuttered with the strength of it.

I could not quit shaking. She pulled out the dildo from my ass then removed the one from my pussy. "Relax now." I slumped forward and lay there convulsing. I felt such release. She stroked my back as I lay there spent. "Did you enjoy yourself?" she ask. I thought for a moment and realized I did very much. "Yes, very much." "Are you comfortable serving a woman as well as a man?" "I don't know.

I have mixed feelings. I have served a woman at a man's request and enjoyed doing it to please him. Now, I realize I enjoyed serving you as much as I did any man." "You are confused and that is understandable. You now know a side of me that is very private. You may choose to serve me or I will take what I want from you when I so choose it. It is your choice but you are now my sex slave to do with as I so choose.

That may include sharing you with other women or men." "I understand and accept your use of me for your pleasure." "Think about it because when I so choose you will serve me. You need punishment regularly to keep you in the submissive role because you are so dominating in your regular life.

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Are you understanding, I am offering you here. I will use you and at times it may feel like abuse but it is nothing you can't handle and don't need. I get pleasure out of spanking and using the flogger on you so it will be done frequently and you on the other hand are very undisciplined and need a lot of discipline.

I will use you and abuse you as often as I feel needed. Are you understanding that today has opened you up for me?" "Does this mean you think I should not date men and just submit to you?" "That will be your decision but at times when you get through with a date you will have to serve me too in the same night." "Can I have a Master and you?" "I suppose but I will never touch him but he can watch how I handle you and the right man may even work as a team with me on your discipline and use." I lay there and had a million things running through my mind as she stroked my back.

I knew I needed to get away and think about things. So, I told Tammy and Edwin whom I had been seeing and submitting to that I needed some time alone. I was required to tell them both where I was going but they both knew about the other and understood my confusion.

Edwin liked the idea of me serving a woman as well as him. Tammy could care less as long as I was serving her needs.


So, I sit on the patio looking out at the water and wondering what I should do? Enjoy both of them or give up one for the other. I hear a knock on the door and figure it is the extra towels I had ordered. I open it to find both Tammy and Edwin standing there with towels in their hands. "We understand you have ordered towels to be delivered," Edwin says with a grin on his face.

"Come in you two." "Strip immediately!" Tammy and Edwin say simultaneously. I don't even think about it but do as I am told. "Prepare for readiness," Tammy says and I move to the bed and bend over presenting my ass. It seems they both are hitting me with a paddle as I take it and feel a relief flowing through me. I don't even count. Spread your legs more for inspection comes from Edwin. He loves to explore his property as he puts it.

He probes my holes and runs his hands up and down my body. Tammy while he is doing this is strapping on the dildo Edwin lays down on the bed and tells me to mount his cock but bend forward. I do as told and she lubes my ass for entry too.

I think they are going to tear me apart and say so only to find Tammy's hand land hard on my ass and tell me I will be punished for that.

They go at me and I feel myself climbing.

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I want to cum from the intenseness of the use. I want to but don't let myself feel pleasure without permission. Edwin can tell I am close and fighting it. He likes to tease me when I am in this state. He nibbles on my tits and then reaches down to rub my clit.

I take a deep breath trying to resist. He likes it when I loose control because it gives him a reason to discipline me. I think I can resist no longer when I feel the shuddering of Tammy's body and know she is releasing as it runs down onto my backside and legs. I let go and Edwin follows suit. We lay in a jumbled heap on the bed.

"We both still owe you a punishment and will take it out on your ass but do you see how easy it will be to serve two? You must obey both of us and at times we will work together and at times it will be separately. It is something we both feel you want and need. How do you feel about it now?" Edwin ask. I lay there so satiated. I know this is exactly what I desire and can't believe I was worried about it. I like being used by two and it is comfortable that they both understand of the other. This is the first time we have done anything like this together but I have found I just want to please each of them, obey them and yes be disciplined by both of them.

"Yes, I do want to serve both of you." "Good because we have something for you," Tammy says as she presents me with a present. I look at the two of them and you can tell they are waiting to see how I like it. I tear into the gift and find a beautiful sterling silver necklace/choker. Hanging from the choker is a ring with a charm/disc which on one side has a T and the other side E. On the inside of the choker is engraved "to our loving slave from Mistress Tammy and Master Edwin.

I am crying and holding the gift up looking at it. They could not have given me something more special if they had tried. It was symbolic of being collared but yet no one in the outside world would know because of the design of it. I held it out and let Tammy fasten it around my neck. It fit comfortably and I wondered how in the world they knew my size. Edwin walked forward and attached a leash to the collar. It was very symbolic and touching to me. I now knew I belonged to the two of them completely to be their sexual slave for use and abuse as they saw fit.

We spent the rest of the weekend bonding. I did get my punishment from both of them as well as individual sessions and joint. It was a weekend that settled my issue completely and made me complete.