Xxx wwe mms sonakshi sinha story ebony

Xxx wwe mms sonakshi sinha story ebony
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It was a Sunday morning, we where driving to church and chit chatting in the car. My wife Samantha ask if I remember the case where an IT analyst was raped and killed? of course I remember, i told her.

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He should just rape her and let her live. I told my wife and daughter that I'm always worried about their safety as they are very hot and sexy. I told my wife even though I've always fantasize about her getting rape but I didn't want her to die. It was too cruel that case.

My wife even told us that the IT analyst ended up submitting to the rapist and enjoyed the sex but he still stab her. She was so angry at the murderer and she was cursing in the car.

I told her to stop and pray for the victim and the murderer as a Christian we need to forgive our and love our enemies. I ask my wife to throw away her hate and told my kids not to learn from their mom. My wife pray for forgiveness. I told her she should tell the defendant herself, now that she has help push forward for the rapist to be hanged.

She nodded. We drop the kids to Church and my wife stay in the car while we look for parking. I ask my wife, why didn't she go down with the kids. She didn't answer, i put my hand on her lap and slowly move into her skirt. She was all wet, I ask her if she can arrange for me to interview the rapist.

She told me that will cost me some money. I gave her a kiss and told her, it's gonna be worth it.

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She gave me a lewd face and smile. On Tuesday, my wife called me around 2pm and inform me that we will be having dinner with the rapist in the prison from 6pm till 8pm. I reached around 5:30pm and my wife is already there. She was wearing her tight and short OL outfit.


She was so sexy, nobody knows her age is 34 if they didn't ask. She look like 23yo-25yo with her baby face. Her body was still as slim, tight, her skin was so white and smooth. She spend lots of time in the gym and learn kickboxing too so her abs was stunning. She bring me in with a special pass and into a room. I was looking around for camera, my wife smile and told me that this room is a private room for the defendant to confess everything to their lawyers.

I ask my wife how much I need to pay them. My wife whisper to my ears "I promise the warden i will stay over in lockup for a day & RM 10k". I look at my pretty wife with her big eyes and her fake long eye lashes.

I told her she was so pretty and I'm so lucky to have her. I couldn't resist not kissing her.

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We kissed for few minutes and police came in. He brought us prison food. The food was just plain rice with curry on top of it. Then we saw Ahmed Najib the rapist came in with handcuff and chain around him.

They took out the handcuff and he took the sit. He stared at my wife as first but slowly he just look away. Feeling annoyed, he ask us what do we want with him. I told him that my wife is here to apologize to him and ask for his forgiveness for helping the case to be brought forward.

He nearly broke down but he saw my wife had tears in her eyes. I told him my wife sincerely felt bad about it and ask her to stand and kneel before him. Samantha stood up, walk close to him and kneel on the ground. I ask her to unbuttoned her shirt and showing her cleavage. Ahmed was shocked, he look at me and gulp. I told her to look at the whore on the floor. She was taking off her bra to show him her breast. I say she is all yours for 2 hours.

Quickly, he push all the plates to the ground and pulled her hair up. He put her body on the table and start to caressing all over her body like an animal. She just lie on the table obediently and looking at me as if she is asking me for help. I hold her hand and smile. Ahmed was rough and violent, he pulled down her skirt and panties and started to lick & bite my wife shaved pussy. My wife bite her own lips to try not to make sound, he then rushes over the her mouth and kissed her disgustingly and spit on her face.

He wipes his saliva all over her face. He took out his dick and forced it into her mouth, deep throwing her. My wife head was over the edge of the table and I can see her throat bulge whenever he deepthroat her. He didn't stop until my wife puke a little. He went to the back and start working on her pussy, slapping her cunt, i pulled my wife hair up so she can see what he is doing to her pussy.

He was slapping her cunt so hard she scream so I had to cover her mouth. Each slap, she tries to close her leg but I whispered to her ears and ask her to spread her legs. Her pussy was all red and he pushed his dick deep into her. Moving so fast like a bunny. My wife moans, he pulled her nipple and slap her breast non stop as he fucking her. Samantha was taking everything like a champ, While I'm kissing her.

I took out my phone and started recording. He slap her right across her cheek and ask her to apologise. She say she is sorry in a shaky tone as he was pumping his dick violently banging her pussy. He then put both his hand wrap around Samantha neck and choked her while he fuck her deep. Samantha look at the camera when i walk close to him. She say to the camera, choke me harder, strangle me please.

Ahmed choked her harder and my wife face turned red. Her saliva dripping out and her eyes rolled up, turned white. He let go a while and my wife gasp for air. His hand print all over her body, neck and her face. My wife was rubbing her pussy roughly and ask for more. Ahmed says to the camera "this whore pussy get tighter when she is choked".

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I told him, then choked the fuck out of her. He started choking her again. Her face turn red again and her hand was still rubbing her pussy. Then she stop and started kicking a little and both her hands tries to stop him from choking her. Again, her eyes rolled as he cum deep in her. Samantha tongue was sticking out and saliva dripping all over her breast. Ahmed let go of her neck and her whole head knock on the table. Samantha was gasping for air as she was breathing heavily. Ahmed also was breathing heavily.

Without noticing, 1 hour had passed.Ahmed told the guard to give new curry rice as most of the food is already on the floor. They pass Ahmed new food and drinks. Samantha was still lying on the table.

He was holding his food and drinks so he got no hands to move her away. He look at me but I told him im busy recording. He used his leg and push my wife body off the table. She fell to the chair before hitting the floor and rest there until Ahmed finish his dinner. After Ahmed had his dinner. He pulled Samantha over to the food on the floor and rub it around the floor before feeding her. At first she refused and Ahmed tossed lots of the curry on her.

Slowly she began to eat some but complaint that the curry had dried up a little so Ahmed pee on it. Ahmed then force her face down to the food and ask her to eat faster as he had limited time to play with her.

Samantha whole face was planted to the dirty food, he laugh at her and say "how low you can be? you've studied so hard to be a lawyer, now you are here being fuck by me.

You think I'm a low life scum?

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then you must be lower than me. Look to the camera you fucking dirty little gook and say you are a low life whore." He pulled Samantha hair up so she can face the camera, "I'm a low life human being, I don't even deserve to be called human, Please put your dick in me, please." Samantha was begging for a cock to be in her while she is eating.

Ahmed ask her to crawl to the door and beg the guard to borrow her their baton. She crawl over and beg for the baton, the guard slap Samantha face so hard she fell to the ground, again she sat back up and ask politely.

The guard pass it to her just so she can get her disgusting messed up face away from him.

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Her pretty face was messy because of Ahmed pee and curry. Her fake long eye lashes fell out but her eye lashes is still long. She crawl back over to pass Ahmed the baton. She continue her food, eating in a position as if shes a dog while Ahmed mercilessly fuck her from behind. He wet the baton with his piss on the curry and slowly pushes it into Samantha anus.

Her anal hole is very tight as we seldom have anal sex.


She scream in pain a little but that causes Ahmed to get excited. He forced it hard into her as she move around to avoid it so I had to walk over to help. Samantha gave me a look that is expecting me to help but instead Ahmed ask me to hold her hand. I told him i need to record this so he ask Samantha to put both her hands together and put it in front of her.

She did it like Ahmed asked her to and ask me to step on her hands so she cant resist. I knew it gonna hurt so I took Samantha pantie and stuff it into her mouth so she cant scream too loud. Only then i step on both her hand while I video her getting anally fucked by the baton.

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Ahmed push it hard into her anal and she was screaming but because there is pantie in her mouth, the scream wasn't loud. Ahmed pass me the baton and i took her pantie out from her mouth. I asked her to clean it so we can pass it back to the guard, I deep throat her with the baton until she gag and vomited some of her curry out.

Ahmed turn into her anal hole and started fucking it. Samantha looked to the camera with tears streaming down her face and said "mommy & daddy, are you proud of me now?

i did my job as a wife". Ahmed about to cum as he fuck her hard, he grab and spank her ass roughly. He cum in her anal hole, I zoom the camera to her anal hole and put 2 fingers in her gasping hole to dig out some of his cum out. I put it near her mouth and she went to lick it clean without me telling her to.

Ahmed ask the guard for tapes so he can put the remaining food into her pussy and tape it so it wont drop out. He laugh and say "Chinese food takeaway". Ahmed stuff the food into her pussy and taped it "bring it to the warden" he said. The guards came in to bring Ahmed back to his cells, They look disgusted by my wife messy look.

She still look beautiful but no doubt she look messed up. She hug me and ask if I'm proud of her, I replied "of course!

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now is time to serve the warden?". One of the guard replied "warden went back home already, he will need your wife to come over again tomorrow". I dress Samantha up and she wrap her hands around my belly to support her body. We walk out of the prison with curry rice still in her pussy.

My driver Raj, was already waiting for us. I help my wife up to the backseat of our Toyota Vellfire. My wife was tired so I just leave her to sleep. We were on our way home, I saw a homeless guy on the street. I ask Raj to turn around and I talk to the homeless who look in his 50s and at least half of his teeth is gone.

I ask if he is hungry, he nodded. I invited him into the car while I ask Raj to drive around. He wanted to climb to the back seat but i told him is ok, I push my wife seats back a little so he had space to sit near my wife leg room. I pulled up her skirt and took out her pantie, exposing her long leg and pussy. The homeless guy look confuse, I pulled out the taped and the rice came pour out at little.

I told him the food is in her, he roughly put two of his finger in her and started to dig the food out to eat. That make my wife woke up to a stranger who look and smell really bad eating her pussy. She wanted to push him away at first but she saw me next to her, so she just enjoy the whole process. She even took out all her clothes exposing her breast to the homeless guy and hold his head while his tongue went deep into her vaginal.

The homeless guy say he is still hungry, I told him to squeeze her breast real hard and there is milk. He squeeze with all his might and true enough, there is some milk come spitting out from her nipple. He suck her breast like an animal as if he haven't eat for weeks and suddenly Samantha scream as he started to bite her breast. Samantha pushes him away, there is a bite mark on her right breast.

He then rushes back to her left breast, she didn't resist until she scream the 2nd time as he bite her left breast. This time softer, I wanted to push him away but Samantha stop me with tears in her eyes. She say she can take it as he doesn't have much teeth left. I ask the uncle where he stay, we will drop him nearby, he told us he stay at a big sewer nearby underneath a bridge.

We reach the uncle place and he thanks me, it was late at night already and it was really dark. We saw the uncle carefully climb down to the open sewer. Samantha hug me with tears in her eyes, she felt sad because she couldn't help the poor uncle. I smile at my kind lovely wife, I told her lets get down there to help him. She nodded, she wanted to put her clothes on but i told her she wont be needing it.

She got down from the car naked, she is like glowing in the dark as she was so fair. I slowly help her to get down and we saw 3 pairs of eyes glowing from far, the uncle wasn't alone. Samantha was afraid at first but she still go either way. I started to video with flash and they look afraid. Samantha was hiding behind my back as i walk closer to them. They seems startled but the uncle quickly knew it was us. He ask them not to panic. He ask why are we there, before we could answer.

He continue with one of his mate there is wanted for raping a girl not long ago, is best we leave as he didn't want anything bad happen to us. I told him, my wife is here to help. I push Samantha forward, the uncle quickly came over and stop me. He say his friends couldn't hold and they are insane people.

Samantha might be used in a rough manner. I just smile and left, I told the uncle I will come and collect my wife tomorrow night.