Hot MILF works out naked

Hot MILF works out naked
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It was rough for the week. I ignored Ms. Harper and avoided eye contact at all costs. I'm going to be honest though, I missed her; her taste, her touch, her scent.

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Pretty much everything. On friday I was dreading on seeing Ms. Harper but it was inevitable. We should talk. We needed to. I told myself I would talk to her. I finally reach my last class of the day, her class. She walks in the classroom, a minute late as usual. Our eyes meet and I see a smile playing on the corners of her lips. I gulp and my eyes move down her body. I missed looking at her body. I hadn't let myself for the past few days but now it seemed okay. Her gorgeous legs, beautiful breasts and last but not least, her breath taking eyes.

She starts to talk to the class. Yet again, she passes out a work sheet which was slightly harder but I finished it in good time. I set my pencil down and glance up at her a couple of times. She meets a few of my glances with a small smirk. Ugh, she's so smug about the whole damn thing.

After a few minutes she starts to teach again. Soon the bell rings and my classmates are pushing out the door. I take more time to pack up my things until the last person is out of the classroom. I look up and my eyes meet Ms. Harper's. She looks away. I stand up and walk to her desk. I set my bag on the floor next to her desk.

I finally look at her and she looks at me. "What do you need Emily?" She says with a curious look. I sit down in the desk where she first started her seduction.

"I want to talk to you. I just.I think we should talk about what happened, Ms. Harper." I say her name formally. I didn't think she would want me to call her Kelly at school.

Even if no one else was around. She nods her head. She looked a little sad. "Oh.well, go ahead and talk." She says as she gets up from her seat and moves in front of me to lean against her desk.

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Posing in a way so that her legs look simply irresistible. I quickly distract myself. "I want to say that I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly on friday.

I shouldn't have done that. I was just a tad bit overwhelmed with it all." I look up at her and She moves so she is sitting in the seat next to me but turns to face me. She gives me a small smile. "I'm not mad. I understand why you ran out.

I'm concerned about your life and my life because we can never tell anyone about what happened, Emily." I instictly move a hand to her knee and try to reassure her. "Dont worry Ms.Harper. I won't tell anyone. I promise and I had a lot of fun on Friday.

A real great time." I shoot her a sweet smile. She smiles back and nods her head. "I'm glad we talked then and I'm glad you had a good time." My hand stays on her knee and I start to move my fingers across her skin. We look into each other's eyes and suddenly the room was filled with sexual tension. I look over to the door, nervous that someone might come in, then back to her.

I'm taking a chance here. "What if I want to do it again?" I ask nervously. She smirks. She knows I want to do everything again. She stands up. She grabs my hand and pulls me up to her. I gulp and she moves a hand up to my cheek. "Then kiss me and we can do it again." Like before, she didn't want to push me into anything. I look at her lips. I did. I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to have that same lust in between us.

I lean forward and kiss her softly. She moans and kisses me back. I move my hands to her hips and pull her closer. She moves us and suddenly I am slammed against the wall.

I groan as my head thumps against the wall. She smiles into the kiss. "Sorry." The same smugness was showing through the apology. She wasn't sorry for pushing me up against the wall and claiming my lips. I kiss her harder. She moans softly and moves her hands to my sides.

She grabs my t-shirt and raises it just barely and slides her hands across my stomach. I shiver and she smiles again.

She starts to pull my shirt up and over my head and I let her this time. I didn't care if we were in the school. I wanted her. I break the kiss to tell her just that but she talks first.

"Do you want to go back to my house?" Hmm, wait another 20 minutes for her to fuck me or do it now and get extremely turned on by the fact that we were still in school? What a hard decision. Ha. Not. I smile and walk past her.


She turns to watch me. I walk to her door and pull down the blinds over the window. I lock the door and turn back to her. My heart beats faster and she smiles. I walk to the middle of the room and smirk at her.

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I reach down and unbutton my pants. I shimmy both my pants and panties down my legs. I kick off my shoes and socks along with my pants and panties. I stare into her eyes as I reach behind my back and unsnap my bra. She eyes me with lust as I slowly let my bra fall to the floor. I walk to her desk and lean against the side with my legs spread apart. "I want you. Now." I say huskily. She smirks smugly at me then starts to walk over to me. She stops in front of me and reaches in between my legs.

She wasn't a woman who wastes time. I gasp as she slides her fingers in between pussy lips to my entrance. She stares deeply into my eyes. I was already very wet so she slides one finger deep into me. I moan. I'm tempted to close my eyes but I hold the stare we have. She starts to pump her finger in and out of my wet pussy.

I groan and grab the back of her neck and pull her into a hard kiss. She moans into my mouth and thrusts harder. I moan. "More." I mumble against her lips. She moans and slides her fingers out and pushes another finger in. I groan and kiss her harder. She pumps into me. Faster and faster. I break the kiss and grip her shoulders tightly. "Oh my god, Ms. Harper." She dips her head and kisses my neck. I moan and tilt my head back to give her more access. Her other hand comes up to cup my breast.

I moan as her fingers tweak and pinch my nipple. My body was surging with pleasure and my orgasm was getting closer and closer with each thrust. My nails dig into her silk blouse as I arch my back. I moan out loud again and put one hand behind me on her desk to keep myself balanced.

She moves her mouth down to my other breast and sucks on my nipple. She bites the sensitive bud of skin and groan. I was on the edge.


"Oh my god. Fuck me Ms. Harper. Fuck me hard." She groans at my words and does exactly what I say and fucks me harder. My mouth opens in a silent scream and my body is rocked with an orgasm.

She kisses my neck softly as she brings me down from my high. I pant and lean back against her desk. She pulls away from me and smiles. "That was very spontaneous and sexy of you Emily." I chuckle and nod my head. She gingerly pulls her fingers out of my pussy and I close my eyes and groan softly at the loss. She leans forward and presses her lips to mine. I moan and break the kiss. I smile and bite my lip. I bring my hands up to her blouse and start to unbutton it as I lean closer.

She smiles "Unbutton your pants for me." I whisper against her lucious lips. I unbutton the last button and pull her blouse down and off her arms. She doesn't move her hands and I shoot her a playful smile.

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I chuckle to myself. No way did I paralyze my stunning blonde teacher by smiply cumming for her? I run my hands over her stomach then up her back to unsnap her bra. "Unless your going to make me do all the work ?" I tease her. I pull down her bra and fling it to the side. She licks her lips as I kneel down in front of her. "Take them off. Please." She gets out.

I smile and decide to try out my dominant side. I have the need to be in control. I grab onto her slack clad hips and lean forward, nudging my nose into her crotch and successfully smelling her arousal in the proccess.

I moan softly. She groans at the soft contact. I smile up at her to see her eyes closed. This will be fun. I smack her ass. She jumps and gasps as her eyes fly open to look down at me.

Once our eyes connect I lean forward again and take a long lick of the slit in her pants. She shivers and moans. I move my hands back to her front and unbutton her pants. I pull down the zipper and pull them down and help her out of the pants, panties and heels she was wearing. She naturally spreads her legs wider and I slide my hands up her thighs.

I break our stare and look at her beautiful clean shaven wet pussy lips. I moan softly and lean forward again. I touch my tongue to her pussy lips and slowly lick her slit. She shudders. "Emily." She moans out my name softly. I moan back and grip her hips firmly and dive into her delicious pussy. She moans loudly as my tongue slides across her clit. I flick her clit over and over again. She reaches down and tangles her hands in my brown curls as she pushes me deeper into her wetness. I groan and look up at her to find her looking back at me.

There it was. That wonderful moment when we lock eyes while I please her, my teacher. Hopefully, soon to be my lover. No way in hell was I going to give this woman up, again. I move a hand to her entrance and push two fingers into her wet pussy. She moans and bucks her hips on my fingers. She throws her head back and moans. It didn't take but a few more thrusts of my fingers and a couple flicks of my tongue on her clit to bring her to the edge. She was panting hard and her grip had tightened in my hair.

I start to suck her clit, starting soft then sucking harder and harder until her whole body tenses and she screams in pleasure. I stop sucking her clit to look up at her as she writhes on my still thrusting fingers. I sit up a little more and place feathery kisses across her lower stomach. I slow my fingers as she relaxes and when I know she is ready I pull my fingers out of her dripping cunt. She moans quietly at the loss and lets her hand drop from my hair.

I bring my fingers up to my mouth and suck them clean of her juices. I look up to see her watchng me with nothing but lust showing in her eyes. She reaches down and cups my chin in her hand and pulls me up into a kiss. I moan as her soft lips meet mine. I slide my tongue in between her lips to be met with her own wondering tongue. Our tongues gentley exploring the others mouth with passion.

I moan softly and run my hands up her slick back. Her hands find my hips and one inevetablly lowers down to my ass and gives my ass a nice firm squeeze. I moan again and rest my hands on her shoulders. Her nails lightly scratch across my ass and I groan into her mouth.

I could feel myself becoming more aroused. My hands move up her neck to her cheeks and I pull her deeper into the kiss. She moans and I know she is becoming more aroused too.

I move myself until I am straddling her leg and my thigh is pressed against her hot wet pussy. She groans and kisses me harder. She runs her nails up my spine and I shiver deeply. Fuck. This woman was making me wetter with each touch. I couldn't help myself any longer and I start to grind into her hip.

I moan deeply and pull back just enough to suck her bottom lip into my mouth and nibble on the soft flesh. She moans and captures my lips in a scorching hot kiss as I let her lip go. I slide my fingers into her hair and press her harder into me. She reaches down to my ass and starts to grind on my thigh, using my ass as leverage to grind on me harder. My knees almost buckle under the intense sensation. I wrap my arms around her neck and roll my hips down onto her hip.

I moan and she breaks the kiss. She moans and glances off to the side. Before I can ask what's wrong she moves me up against the wall, hard. I groan as I manage to just hit my back this time, nonetheless making me gasp as the air is forced from my lungs.

She smirks as she dips her head down to kiss my neck. My head rests back against the wall as she bites my neck and whispers in my ear. "I'm definitely not sorry for that." I groan and grind harder into her. Her hot breath washes over my ear as she starts to pant. I shiver and whimper. "Ms. Harper.don't stop. I want to cum with you." She groans and humps my leg faster, making her hip grind back against my gyrations.

She slips her fingers in between mine and surprises me by raising our hands above my head. I moan and she kisses her way back up my lips to give me a soft kiss. "Your. Hands. Stay. Here. Understood?" She whispers against my lips demandingly. I'm not totally sure what she said exactly but I nod my head feverishly. Quick to comply to her demands.

Quick to obey. Quick to be submissive, all for her. "Yes. Yes. Yes, anything Ms. Harper. Fuck me." I plead with her. She lets out an animalistic growl and attacks my lips with a new determination. She kisses me so hard it feels like she was bruising my lips. I moan deeply as she grinds down on me.

I bury my face in the crook of her shoulder and let out a gasping moan. "Oh my god." I moan out. She moans back and nips at my neck, hieghtening my arousal more then it already was. I arch my back against the wall and feel drops of sweat moving down my back. I feel myself reaching the edge quickly and I riskilly move my hands off of the wall and claw at her shoulders and back.

Desperate to pull her in closer to me. She groans in lust and I know she is close also. I lift my head from her shoulder and turn my head to give her a wet sloppy kiss full of lust and tongue. She moans into my mouth as our tongues wrestle for dominance. Suddenly my orgasm is on me and my body goes rigid. I moan and break the kiss to throw my head back. She continues to grind on my leg and successfully brings herself to orgasm a few seconds after me.

My legs buckle and somehow she manages to hold us both up until I am able to stand on my own. Yet I still lean against the wall and pant hard. She pulls away from me and straggles over to her chair.

She sighs and closes her eyes. I open my eyes to glance at her and I smile. "I'm so good you can't stand, huh?" She smiles and licks her lips before she talks, still not opening her eyes. "I believe I made you cum so hard that I had to hold you up." I chuckle and nod my head and make my way in front of her desk. I grab my clothes from the floor and set them on a nearby desk. I pull n my panties and bra. She finally opens her eyes and looks at the source of the movement. "Where do you think your going?" She says with a small smirk.

I look at her and shrug my shoulders. "I'm going that okay with you?" I smile playfully. She gets up and walks to me with a hard look on her face. I look at her curiously and stand up straight, it felt as if I was being looked over. "No, that is not okay with me Emily." We've been fucking for I don't know how long. We've both had two incredible orgasms.

Was she this insatiable? She casually brings a hand up to my cheek and uses her thumb to trace my bottom lip as she stares intently into my eyes. She trails her fingers lightly down my neck and traces her fingers across my collar bone. My eyes flutter closed at her touch. She moves her fingers down my taut stomach to stop at the top of my panties. I bite my lip and groan softly as she teases me again. I open my eyes as she starts to speak.

"I want to take you. Over and over. I want you at my will for the whole night. So I can tease you, just like this. So I can make you cum for me like you did only a minute ago." I gulp at the image this powerful woman has embeded in my mind. My legs were trembling and my breathing was more erratic than normal. God, the affect this woman has over me is ridiculous. She takes the last full step forward and she is only cennimeters away when she whispers in my ear.

Her torturous fingers traveling to my slit, making my eyes close yet again. "So you can scream my name when you cum for me more times then you can count." I let out a whimper of surrender and spread my legs wider, silently begging for her to touch me. She smirks as she sees this and quickly flicks my clit through my thin gauzy panties. I moan softly but her hand retracks from my heated core. I open my eyes and pout my lip out in disapointment. She groans at my gesture and quickly leans forward to take my bottom lip in between two lines of straight pearly-whites.

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Tugging softly on the spongy flesh and biting slightly. I moan and lean forward to deepen the arousing antics but she pulls away and pushes me back against the front of the desk. She looks into my eyes as her hands rest on the desk on either side of my hips.

"Is that a yes, Emily?" I quickly nod my head and cup her cheek in one hand. I lean forward and whisper against her lips. "It's a fuck yes, Ms. Harper." I lean in the rest of the way and claim her mouth with a heated, needy kiss. She moans softly and smiles into the kiss. I move my other hand to cup her face and deepen the kiss by pushing my tongue past her still grining lips.

Her smile finally fades as I seek out her tongue and she kisses me back with the same passion. I moan. This was going to be an intresting, sleepless night. I shiver deeeply simply at the thought of it. Fingers and tongues plunging into sweet wetness.

Teeth grazing nipples and teasing across the sensitive skin of necks. The aroma of female arousal filling the comfy space of her bedroom. Backs arching off of satin sheet covered beds. Lips sucking harshly and softly at sensitive clits. I shiver deeply again. Oh, yes. This will be a sleepless night.