Young amateur leaves aged chap to fuck her very hard

Young amateur leaves aged chap to fuck her very hard
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My parents were going away on holiday for three weeks and leaving me behind. This was nothing new as they had done it last year as well, even if only for a third of the time. Except this year I had to go and stay with a family member, because last year my parents had come home to a mess after a two day long party i had rather foolishly had on the two nights before they were due to come back.

It could've been worse though, I had been going to my Aunt Gladis' house, a fat, wrinkly old woman that stank of BO and carpet cleaner. That was until she had a fall and had to go into hospital. So fortunately I had to go to Nat's. Aunt Nat was only slightly older than me, i was 18 and she was 21.

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She was 5'4'' tall and about 120lbs. She had long back-length brown hair that she wore curled and with blonde highlights. Her 32C tits were almost always in some kind of push-up bra that made her breasts perfectly round and smooth, not that she needed it. And if she wasn't wearing a push-up then she wasn't wearing one at all.

She had a tight little round ass that she would constantly flaunt in a tight pair of jeans, and long slender legs. Everywhere she went she was stared at by men and women alike, all wanting to touch, suck and fuck her.

When we were younger we had played together like brother and sister or close cousins. She was the drop dead gorgeous, fun loving aunty that everyone wishes they had. The last time I had seen her had been two years ago.

As a sixteen year old boy I had hormaones all over the place and grew increasingly uncomfortable in the presence of such beauty. Now i was 18 and I thought I'd have all those dark fantasies under control.

Thought being the main word. My parents dropped me off at my Aunt Nat's place on their way to the airport. I glanced up the path and saw Nat stood on her porch, leaning against a support piller in a thin-strapped flowing dress that finished a few inches above her knees. She had her arms folded under her breasts, lifting them slightly as she smiled at me as I walked quickly up to her house. I saw her and mimiced her beaming smile, holding my bag infront of my crotch to hide the erection i was getting just at the sight of her.

"Hey Mike, long time no see, how've you been?" she asked cheerily, unaware of the stirrings in my pants. "Hey Nat," i said as i got to the step, heaving my bag up onto the porch and hugging her as she kissed my cheek. It was a good thing the bag was between us, otherwise my favorite aunt would've felt my dick pushing right into her stomach. Her skin felt so smooth as she kissed me, and she hugged me so close and gently, she was the perfect woman. We walked to her door side by side, with one arm around each other like a favorite aunt and nephew would do.

I kept my bag close to my crotch though. The first night i had needed to jerk so badly. I couldn't look at my aunt without thinking about how her lips would look around my cock, or how her tits would look with my cum splattered all over them. Over the first couple of days i got more comfortable again. Living with Nat 24/7 not only showed me that she looked absolutely stunning with or without make-up, but also showed me her body in varying states of undress.

The first morning I saw her cooking breakfast in a long t-shirt that drooped over her chest and stopped mid-way up her thigh.

This gave me a raging hard-on but because I was sat down Nat couldn't see it and it didn't need much rearrangement. The second night I had stumbled sleepily into the bathroom to find Nat just coming out of it dressed in only a silky black bra and panties. With time I might have wondered why she was wearing them, seen as she wasn't dating anyone, but right at that moment I had to use the bathroom for a different reason.

I locked the door and jerked off the massive hard-on i had, shooting onto the large mirror and only just remembering to wipe it off again.

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Just as i had turned off the light, I turned around to pick up my boxers, which I had quickly dropped in the heat of the moment. I saw a thin beam of light coming from the wall of the room I was staying in. I went right up to it and found i could look through it and see most of my room. Dashing from the bathroom to my room I looked through the hole and found I could see the bathtub and shower easily from here, as well as the space in between the two and the towel rack.

Unfortunately for me, Nat was an early riser and had showered, dried and dressed before i got to the hole. I was happy in the fact that I saw her in a set of underwear similar to last night, except white, and rubbing her face and the top of her tits with a moisturising cream. I had my dick out and was stroking for all I was worth, trying desperately not to make any noise that might alert my aunt to the fact that I was watching her.

I got a dirty thought in my head and grabbed my towel, holing it over my erect cock I went to the bathroom and politly knocked on the door. "Just a second," came Aunt Nat's voice through the door. She walked out and I smiled at her as i realised i had made her rush the moisturiser.

"What are you smiling at?" she asked in a pouty and very sexy way. I pointed to her chest and said cheekily, "What have you been doing?." I would have never said that to my aunty Nat before, maybe my hard-on brought me courage.

"Thanks hun," she said as she found the gob of moisturiser.

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She wiped it off with her finger and spread it down my muscular chest as she nonchalently put her hand on my shoulder and slid it down to my abs. "See you in a little while, stud," she said with a cheeky grin as she hurried off. Just seeing her in those matching white underwear from this close had made my boner even bigger, and I needed a release. I found my aunts moisturiser and took off the top, a strong scent of coconut hitting my nostrils, that would cover the smell of my cum nicely.

I jerked off thinking about my aunt Nat in her underwear, smeaering the moisturiser on herself and then of her touch just a moment ago. Soon i was shooting my wads of semen into the tub. I closed it up and put it back where I'd found it. Aunt Nat asked whether I wanted to go to the mall, as she needed to pick up some things, but i said "no, i'm gonna get my homework done so the rest of my time is free." She beamed at me on her way past the couch to the door, making my cock hard again, as soon as the door closed I jumped up and waited for the sound of her car starting up.

As soon as I heard her new mercedes pull away I ran into her room and opened up the laundry basket. I spotted what I was looking for at the top of the pile, the black panties I had seen my aunt in last night. I put them up to my nose and inhaled deeply, letting the tangy smell of her pussy invade my nostrils.

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I was so wild with lust and desire by this point that i ran into the bathroom, opened up the tub of moisturiser and rapidly stroked my hard-on with my aunt Nat's silky panties.

It took around five minutes of furiously beating off with my aunt's underwear before I felt the need to cum rise up in my ball sack.


My cum spewed out unusually fast, the first dribble landing in the panties before the following shots all hit their mark of the tub. I came more using her panties than I ever had before.

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The half empty tub was now full with thick, white, creamy cum that blended in with the moisturiser perfectly, and the smell of coconut masked that of my cum. Once again I brought the panties to my nose and pressed the inside of the crotch to my face and inhaled the smell of my aunty's pussy. I was instantly hard again from the smell and the dark incestuous thoughts that ran through my mind.

I opened the panties and grasped my cock with the inside of the crotch, imagining I was actually fucking the cunt of my favorite aunt. I came a good quarter of an hour later with an almighty grunt, leaning against the wall to stop myself falling over as I shot my depleted load into my aunts panties, moaning her name over and over as I orgasmed. I threw the panties, cum and all, back into Nat's laundry hamper and went into the kitchen to get some food. Nat came home while I was eating and took all of her shopping into her room.

"Anything for me?" i called out hopefully. "Nope, you didn't want to come!" she called back cheerily, "I'm going in the pool. Care to join me?" "In a little while, just a little bit more work to do," I lied. I rushed upstairs to my room as Nat went out to the pool in the back garden. i stood at my window, watching my sexy aunt unwrap her towel and drop it, revealing her bright yellow bikini, and her magnificent curves.

i got my cock out and started to beat it off, stopping only to get a better view of what i thought i could see. My aunt Nat had her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and was moving it in little circles. i stashed my cock back in my shorts and went downstairs, i was hesitant about asking when i had first arrived at her house, but now i was sure.

i got to the downstairs window that overlooked the patio and pool, slid open the door and (taking a quote from American Pie) ''need a hand?'' Nat looked over at me, her hand still in her bikini, and smiled. ''I've been wondering when you'd get the courage to ask me that'', she said sexily as she got up and walked past me, gently touching my cheek with her fingers as she went. she stood infornt of the couch and untied all of the straps holding her bikini on her body.

her top fell away first, exposing her beautifully full tits to me, her nipples standing at attention and surrounded by nice large aereola. As her bikini panties fell away i saw she shaved her pubic hair, and the lips of her pussy.

She sat on the couch and said, ''get out that cock of yours, i want to taste more of that cum'' ''More?'' i asked. ''mmmm, yeah. i had to clean that mess off of my black panties before i could wash them properly,'' she said as i walked nearer and she pulled away my shorts, leaving me naked infront of her.

my cock was semi-erect, ''that wont do will it?'' she asked rhetorically as she grasped it with her hand and pulled me closer, massaging my balls with her other hand. i was hard in no time and she was soon sucking on my cock, her hands on my ass, holding me in place (not that i was going anywhere).

she sucked deeply on the first couple of inches of my cock, flicking her tongue around the tip and over my piss slit. she backed away and said, ''i want that cock in my pussy, right now'', lifting her legs up and her knees against her ample chest.

Now despite my age and the number of parties i go to and throw, i was still a virgin. the sight of my aunt Nat spread out infront of me like that nearly made me cum, it was a miricle the short blowjob hadn't. I walked up to her and kissed her, lining my croth up with her, she reached her hand down and guided my cock to her opening, rubbing the head up and down her pussy lips, before pulling me a little into her. I went slow, trying my hardest not to cum straight away.

Before i knew it i was fully inside her, and my virginity had been lost to my aunt. I slowly started pumping back and forth, watching my aunt Nat squeezing at her tits and pulling at her nipples, gasping when i got balls deep inside her. I sped up, thrusting harder. This made Nat arch her back, her tits raising in the air.

i kept thrusting, concentrating on not cumming, sucking at her tits.

she was meeting my thrusts and grinding on my cock as i sucked on her aereolas and flicked my tongue over and around her nipples A few minutes later i heard Nat's breath getting heavier and more ragged, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me fully into her. I didn't know why she had stopped until i felt her pussy gripping me tighter, like a vice.

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If i wasn't close before, i was now - about to shoot my cum deep inside my aunt's pussy. ''Cum in my mouth and on my face. I wanna taste that hot cum straight from the source' this time' she gasped as her orgasm subsided, her cunt loosening enough for me to pull my dick out and aim it at her beautiful face.

I grunted as i felt it rush up my shaft and escape onto my favorite aunt.


She moaned as the first little spurt hit her on her neck, then she opened her mouth and i shot four spurts of thick, white cum into her mouth. her tongue was coated and her mouth was half full. Nat closed her mouth and swallowed my whole load, wrapping her lips around my cock to get the remaining cum from my balls. I collapsed next to her when she had finiched, and sat against me, one hand on my thigh, the other on my chest.

I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and let it rest on her tit, occasionally squeezing. I felt her head rest against my shoulder as i entwined my other hand with hers on my thigh. We both fell asleep like that, wrapped in each other and covered in sweat and each other's juices.