Free gay sex films and without registration xxx Max Martin and Ryan

Free gay sex films and without registration xxx Max Martin and Ryan
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Diaz was well liked by a lot of her peers and her family couldn't get along without her at least that is what she Harley thought. The truth was many of her school friends thought she was insufferable always bragging about what a great inventor she was. Her family thought the things she built were stupid and not very useful.

The only thing she had going for her was many guys thought she was hot but even there they also thought she was a tease.

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To be fair Harley did the things she did without thinking she didn't do them to tease she just didn't realize what she was doing to the guys around her. One day some of the girls watching their boyfriends once again drooling over Harley wearing a sexy outfit came up with a plan to teach Harley a lesson and give their boyfriends what they have been dreaming about.

The next weekend was the school carnival and as usual Harley was building one of the stands so the girls volunteered to help her. They got the game built it was supposed to be a game where someone would get locked in place and pies would be thrown at them but the girls had adjusted it at the last minute. The morning of the carnival came and Harley got to the stand early with the other girls.


The girls convinced her to test out the device to make sure it was working properly. They had her put on a tiny two piece bikini and had her kneel on the padded platform putting her head and her hand through the appropriate holes which once she did they closed the cuffs on her wrists and shifted her ankles into position locking them down also which spread her legs and raised her ass up.

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Then they put the head frame into place which held her head in place and a ring kept her mouth wide open and her throat straight and level. Harley couldn't move or make much of a sound as she felt her bikini being removed and she was moved out to the front of the stand. She now saw that a long line was in front of the stand and various sex toys hung and lay at the front of the stand.


A sign now hung out front that stated for fifty dollars you could fuck Harley with a toy of your choice or your own tool in any one of three of Harleys holes. She saw the first in line was her best friend in the family Ethan Diaz as he paid his fifty dollars walked to her rear and she felt his cock unceremoniously slam into her dry anus she screamed in agony as laughing her tore up her asshole unmercifully fucking her until he ejaculated into her bowels.

Don't worry Harley I'll be back for more I've got four hundred dollars and I'm going to fuck you up good. She started to sob until she saw the next in line.

It was Georgie her sister who paid her one hundred dollarsyes Harley this costs me double because it will take you virginity but it's worth it you don't deserve to lose your cherry to just anyone and laughs as she whistles and a large bear of a dog comes running to her side. Harley this is Bear I've been training Bear for months now to do this one thing to you. As Bear and Georgie start walking to the rear of Harley she starts to struggle making muffled nono sounds struggling even harder as she feels and hears Bear position himself at her cunt his large body straddling her petite form.

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She saw many of the people standing around her booth had their phones out and had started recording. Georgie said okay Bear get the honey and he thrust forcefully forward entering her vagina tearing through her hymen and slamming deep into her womb.

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Look at that she heard one of the girls along side of her you can actually see his cock sliding in and out of her cunt through the skin of her stomach. Yeah she heard another say I bet you could feel it and she felt a hand on her stomach press into it. You can a girl screamed and so others felt her being fucked by a dog by putting their hand flat on her belly. One of the boys stood in front of her yelling this is to much as he tossed money to the booth operator, unzipped his pantspulled out his penis and shoved it into her mouth and down her throat.

She gurgles as she struggled to breath and then felt him cum spewing down her throat and into her stomach but it was too much as some of it came back out running from her nose in great white sticky gooey gobs.

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Many of the female watchers started laughing and she heard her oldest sister say this was worth coming back from Paris for it's a great look for you Harley so much better than the one at your Quinceañera. Rachel laughed as she took Harleys picture and left her to be fucked by the crowd waiting patiently for their turn. After almost twelve hours of being continually fucked in one hole or another the girls released her from the frame holding her and walked away.

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She made it off of the raised platform but her body wasn't working after being locked in one position all day so she collapsed on the ground she finally worked up the energy and strength to rise off the ground and stumbled her way towards home.

When she was almost there she realized why am I going home I don't have a home after today. She entered the back yard and needing a place to sleep crawled into the dog house.

She lay there crying herself to sleep when her dog came into the dog house.


Finally she thought my best friend will console me as she snuggled up to him. Then her dog started sniffing and licking her crotch she realized even he wanted to use her so she crawled back out of the dog house but before she could stand up he mounted her and she screamed as he fucked her already sore and abused pussy but then he started alternating. Between her pussy and her just as abused anus until he flooded her womb and bowels with his doggy sperm.

She collapsed again as he dismounted and reentered his dog house. This is where her family found herthey helped her rise up and go back into the house where they cleaned her up and lay her still naked in her bed put a blanket on her and left her to sleep.