You can be a girly girl around me

You can be a girly girl around me
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Hi. My name is Shawn, This is my first story. Much of it is true. In it I'm 15, 5'6, and I never imagined that I could fall so far. That summer I experienced joys, happiness and sheer adulation like never before.

I also felt shame, desperation and pain. These episodes are my stories growing up, age 15 in a single summer, and will conclude on the day that my life changed forever. The 22nd of July: The Night I Suffered.


Hope you like 'em! :D (That Warning Again: If you don't like stories between minors, (particularly same-sex ones) you probably won't like this one no matter how hard I try) The Turning Game - Episode 1: Introducing Shawn The spring after my 15th birthday was a long but blissful one. We lived in a small but sparse village in the typical english countryside; not much to do, and everything was a trek away. Leon and I were biking the two mile ride home from school which weaved between rolling fields and little islands of wooded areas on the borders of the farmer's fields.

The spring sun had beaten the clay track dry and for the first time that year we could ride our bikes, flat out, down the dirt hill leading home. Leaf litter danced in our wake. Leon, being the stronger rider, rode ahead of me.

His pale, almost white hair and equally milky face shone ablaze in the afternoon sun. His freckles were coming out too, big orange things that speckled his nose and smiley cheeks.

His ass bobbed in the air; he hardly rode sitting; something he thought made him look cool. "Get your but out of my face!" I shouted Leon shook his hips in reply. I could imagine his bucktooth smile cresting from ear to ear. I was smiling too, a more thoughtful smile, framed by a crop of curly brown hair and tanned skin.

I had to admit he was blessed with that ass, almost as smooth and round as his mother's. It wasn't bad riding behind Leon.

As we hit the gravel drive that lead to home my heart thumped in my chest. We lived in two of seven cottages ( we were neighbours, you see) that were assembled in a little courtyard. Behind the silhouette of a behemoth manor house punctured the horizon. I had gulped the first time I had arrived here, but this time the nerves were for quite another reason. Hurriedly, we discarded our bikes in front of our respective porches, we exchanged excited looks. Leon opened his door and closed it behind him.

I checked about 4 pockets several times for my key and opened my front door as usual. I dumped my bag in the hall, as usual, and went downstairs to the den to pour a glass of milk; thus far very usual.

I glanced at the slightly less usual note on the fridge: "Shawn… blah blah blah… back late. Love Mum x… P.S. Pizza with Leon, in freezer." I then hurried back upstairs, took a very unusual detour through my parent's room, and then hurried to my room at the end of the hall, opened the door… and stood face to face with Leon.

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As usual. Yes, I'll explain. Leon and I lived in one of the few cottages that at some point had been divided into two separate houses with a temporary wall slicing through the master bedroom.

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I moved in when I was seven, and to my excitement this huge half-master bedroom became mine. Soon it's gothic design lost its lustre and for four nights I was haunted by the weirdest, most demonic sounds emanating from the vent in my wall. One night I woke shaking while terrible metallic shrieks mocked me from the evil vent. By the fifth night I was huddled beneath the sheets trying to convince myself the high pitched squeals and grunts were only inside my head.

Then I heard a very particular sound. One that I remembered, a metallic lingering sort of sound. I bounded out of my bed smiling, all fear gone, and peered through the vent. "Hey, you have a nintendo!" In hindsight, I was lucky the person sitting in the other room in their underwear wasn't a thirty-four year-old divorcée, or a sex pervert as so many people in my village seemed, (according to my mum) to secretly be.

Instead it was Leon. He was six years old, pale as paper, and wore the largest, toothiest grin I have ever seen. I ended up spending most of the summer with him, outside in the day and playing smash brothers at night.

That first day I had climbed through our windows, in the middle of the night, and fallen asleep on a futon with a controller still in my hand. At about 7am the next morning both our parents started screaming. Leon's mother had come into her son's room with a glass of milk, to see a boy who was definitely not her son sprawled on the floor with a cheetos-stained grin, and my mother who had checked my room to find her son gone and the windows wide open.

That's how our parents met each other - and critically our dads. Leon's dad helped us move the rest of the new furniture into the house, and became great friends. On my twelfth birthday they decided to break the temporary wall down that separated our rooms. One on each side with a sledgehammer -was their initial idea, until my mother put a stop to their stupidity and called a contractor.

By then Leon and I were like brothers. Despite him being 4 months younger than me (making him now 14) Leon always seemed to grow faster than me; he was a half head taller than me (though most of my friends were), Had thin wisps of white hair under his armpits and on his shins and had had his first kiss when he was 12. I on the other hand was more, petite. I was completely hairless, apart from the sweat spiked curls on my head (brows and eyelashes also) and, well, I kinda never really had my first kiss.

So. There I stood, wide eyed, puffy red cheeks, hands trembling and my heart beating as if I were cycling full out. In his recently broken, but still confident voice Leon said, "What have you got for me?" Breathless I pulled a scrunched up garment and held it up in front of me.

It was made of black and green lace with velvet strips tracing the triangle thong that would have covered my mother's pussy. The waistband was wide, also made of black lace and embroidered in golden thread.

I'm ashamed to say this was one of the more elegant items I saw in my mum's room. There were other, 'things', things that perhaps Leon would have liked more but I wasn't happy for him to know about. "I thought I said to bring a used one." he said testily "You're joking. That's gross!" "God! Of course, dummy!" He replied; though how truthfully, I wasn't sure. Despite his pure-as-cream complexion, Leon had a really 'edgy' side to him, one that most adults often missed lurking beneath his piercing blue eyes.


People at school thought he was 'cool'. "Here's your part of the deal" He pronounced with a smug grin on his face. At first I thought he was holding up the bottom half of a girl's one piece swimsuit. Then I was sure he was. "What do you expect me to with that, that, swimsuit?" Leon smiled, and in his most patronising voice said, "Its not a swimsuit little dummy.

These are my mum's pre-pregnancy pants" "You said-" "I said underwear, something your mother wears, and I would bring one of mine's. I expected you to bring something normal, not…" Leon took my mum's panties by the thinnest part of the crotch, "…these".

I was quiet, annoyed at myself, annoyed at Leon.

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He wasn't the only one who cooed over my mum. Practically the whole school new of 'Shawn's MILF' even the girls called her that. And on the rare occasions when she would pick Leon and I up, she would come in a summer dress, all legs and cleavage.

Teachers lined up to speak to her on parents evening.

Mr Russell even asked me straight out to my face, "How's things at home Shawn? Your mum coming to pick you up today?" Mr Russell had a thing for accidentally brushing my mother's cleavage or ass. I heard him telling one of the Gap students that he had seen my mum's brown aureolas. He was a weirdo.

I guess I got my crush on Leon's mum in a kind of retaliation. I think she's hotter even though no-one agrees. She had the same pure white skin and long white hair as Leon with a small but round, peach-like ass. She was shaped like the sculpture of a conservative perfectionist. Even with her 5 month baby-bump she was, the definition of elegant.

"Okay, sorry." Leon knew not to push me about my mum. "So… D'ya want to put them on?" Leon read me like a book. Getting Leon's mum's pregnancy pants on was actually quite easy, I had to strip off, but we had a mirrored privacy screen so that was no issue. The problem was that the pants were way too big and the fabric went all the way up to my nipples.

I tried to image Leon's mother in the mirror but all I saw was my mother's tan skin, her almond eyes and my chubby, slightly protruding ass which again, I owed to my mum. "Done admiring yourself?" Leon leaned edge of the screen casually standing on one foot. My mouth fell agape. I realised, standing in front of me, was the closest I would ever get to seeing Leon's mum naked. His white-wine hair fell over his eyes in a mean fringe. I followed his slender lines down to his bellybutton which looked like soft ice cream scooped with a pinky finger.

I continued down his hairless crotch to where the pattered lingerie popped against his snowy skin. His ass was much smaller than my mum's but it fit him really well, and, most stunningly off all, I could see the outline of his cock sheathed behind the mesh of dark green silk. The bulge it made was thick, and moving softly, up and down as he breathed, in and out… The panties made him look almost regal, I couldn't imagine my mum's chubby ass squeezing into that.

Actually, I didn't want to. "You should keep that" I said, in what I hope was a jokey voice while my heart thumped: desire. "So should you" Leon stifled a laugh. I remembered the huge cotton diaper I was wearing. With as much dignity as I could muster, I turned around picked up a pillow from my bed and launched at him, my feathery weapon thirsty for revenge.

Leon was quicker and met my blows with his own pillow and we duelled across the room throwing bedsheets and blankets at each other. Soon the sweat returned to my brow and Leon was panting too.

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I raised my pillow with and with all my might swung a vicious arc at his head. He did the same but ducked my blow at the last second and spun his cushion at my feet. For a second I felt myself tumbling in the air wondering what had happened, and then slammed onto the, thankfully, blanketed floor.

Leon wasted no time and was on me in a split second, pinning my arms above my head and on my stomach. I wriggled under his weight in vain. I hated loosing to Leon, I hated him winning and I hated his stupid face. "Submit!" He yelled I spat in his face. For a while he sat there in shock, then using one hand to pin both mine, wiped the glob of saliva off his nose and shoved it into my mouth, trying to force it back in. He was laughing. I clamped my mouth shut as the saliva spread over my face, mumbling curses and giggling.

It was strangely perfect. Soon I realised that I wasn't fighting back. I was bucking. Underneath Leon's panty-clad ass and my cotton condom, My dick stood at full attention. The head felt swollen and huge and as Leon tried to force my saliva back into my mouth I was pressing my bell-end into the crack of his ass. Leon had released his grip too and now followed my movements, slowly, up and down.

I felt his wet fingers at my lips and slowly let him in. He smiled. I gently nibbled his finger then sucked it. A slightly salty taste mingled with my saliva. He removed his wet finger from my mouth and slid down my cotton pants and hesitated over my painfully big erection… Until then I had never really jacked off much, because I thought it was weird having Leon always there in the bed opposite me.

Sometimes I woke in the middle of the night to some haunting sounds coming from Leon's bed and an eery light com in from under a tented blanket. First I would pretend to be asleep, then I started creeping as far as I dared towards his bed. Once I got close enough to see the shadow of his cock, made impossibly large by the light of his phone, and I saw liquid seep out of his head as slow and as long as the quiet moan he let out.

I had always been a bit curious as to what he was doing beneath the sheets but now I was fucking determined to have his wet, cum-sticky cock next to mine. With a curious expression he slowly wrapped his hand around my cock over the fabric. Just over an inch poked out of his palm- the biggest I had ever seen it. Underneath the super-soft fabric, my circumcised dick was in heaven.

Every pull felt like it was being swirled through warm butter, and every push made it grow a bit. The curiosity soon died on Leon's face and a frown replaced it. "This is gay." He said matter-of-factly, "I'm going to stop." My eyes widened in panic.

Why did he want to end this perfect moment? I had to say something to stop him- I was smarter than him, I could out wit him! "No, it isn't." I said sheepishly "This, is gay." He repeated half patronisingly, half angry. As Leon stood up, an icy cold breeze replaced where his body had pinned mine to the floor.

I felt angry and ashamed. Why does he want to stop my pleasure? Why does he have to spoil everything? 'He does't realise.' I thought to myself as Leon bent over to pull on his trousers, 'He doesn't know how it feels!' For a second I felt happy that I had experienced something BEFORE Leon, then sensing that I could save the situation, I raced over to leon who already had one foot in his trousers, pushed my hard and steadily dampening cotton-covered-cock into his ass and reached round and awkwardly grabbed his beautiful bulge.

It was huge and engorged. I liked the heat coming off of his body. "Ow! You- I, Alright, do it softer." He whispered as succumbed to my onslaught. I could feel his body bend to my will. As I rubbed his manhood his body turned to jelly in my arms.

I had won him over.

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His legs shook, so I lead him to his bed. Though he was taller, heavier and stronger than me, the power I had over him when my hand was wrapped around his cock was intoxicating. I laid him on his bed and, crouching over him rubbed his panty-covered cock with both hands. His head just poked over the top of both my hands. It was hugely thick too. "Use your nails." He said. So I traced around his meat tickling him with my nails.

He let out a silent breath which, from his squinted expression, looked more like a moan. I smiled, and emboldened my his enjoyment, (or maybe just my horniness) I lowered my mouth to his groin and sniffed. It smelt both musky and like coconut, from his body soap.

I opened my mouth and breathed on it. His cock jumped and hit my teeth. This time his moan wasn't so silent. He took my hand and started tracing his nipples with my nail. Now handless, I lowered my teeth onto the fabric of my mother's panties.

They were so thin. I could feel the outlines of every vein as I scraped my teeth up and down his length. His moans got much louder, and changed into words, "Ohhhhhh mnn, Ohhhh yes Shawn, you. Incredible.

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Dummy." His sounds excited me so I scraped my teeth over the outline of his foreskin. I could knew it was peeled back because when I hit his bulb-head he shouted an "Ahhh!" so loud that I threw my head back, scared I had hurt him. He was now using my fingers to pinch and twist his nipples, he was doing it so hard that it looked painful. I noticed his hips bucking up and down. His bell-end poked out of the waistband of the fabric. It was the first inch of other-boy's-cock I had seen since we were 9 and stopped bathing together at sleepovers.

It was beautiful and damp, covered in a strange clear gel. Heated and horny, with my left hand bringing me to climax over my panties, I bent down and slowly bit his head. After that everything happened quickly.

Leon let out the loudest moan I had ever heard and put two hands onto my head and forced it into his groin. His cock exploded with a jet of cum lacing my lips. Shocked I tried to battle his hands away but I was in a weaker position. I felt myself cuming violently into Leon's mother's pregnancy pants.

Semen started to drip out of the skin-hugging fabric. My face was soon smothered in Leons hot jizz. His every grunt was greeted by a ferm jet of semen as his cock desperately searched for my mouth.

I clamped my jaws shut and clenched my eyes as I counted the shots as his hot, semen-bleeding meat blindly battled for my mouth. Four, five, six, seven waves of cum were smeared over my face as I fought to hold my breath.

I knew what the white fluid was and I had no intention of tasting it. When he finally finished and he let me up to breathe and wipe my face I could see he was smiling that big bucktooth smile. He didn't say anything. I just breathed. And spat. His cum was dripping out of my nose and I didn't want to taste it. Smiling I crawled up his belly and sucked his swollen nipple.

He breathed and closed his eyes. I crawled further up him and conquered more of his body; his chest, his neck his ears with kisses. Then I moved to his lips and blissfully placed my tongue on his lips, waiting for my first kiss. Suddenly, he slapped me.

"What the fuck are you doing? Get off me you faggot" He shouted. His eyes burnt hot blue flames of anger. I was scared, so I got off him and ran to the bathroom in my side of the house. Bolted the door, took one look at myself in the mirror and started crying. "Why does he have to spoil everything." I cursed into the mirror. I had his cum in my hair, my nose my ears and all down my chest.

His hand had left a hot red mark on my left cheek. The pregnancy pants had stuck into my ass as I had run and now I became aware of the cold-dampness that my cum and his cum had made of his mum's panties. I slowly peeled them off, strings of white cum clinging to my body, and was surprised to see I was still hard. I had recovered quite quickly. I slowly jacked off tears still beating off my cheeks, and I imagined that if I ever fucked his mum, how I would slap her, and hurt her like he did me.

I imaged pulling her long white hair, sucking and twisting her swollen breasts till she cried for me to stop. And I would fuck her so hard that Leon's little brother in her womb would go crazy, and I would feel it kicking, as if it were a slave to my cock. When I finally came I had stopped crying and felt deeply ashamed. I ran the shower and stayed under its pounding hot water, motionless for two hours until the water ran cold. "Shawn?… Shawn?" Leon's voice echoed down the hall tentatively.

"Fuck OFF Leon" I shouted, my anger coming back, tears starting to fill my dry eyes. "Shawn? Its 9pm. Shawn? I made pizza, Its in the oven." "Shawn. Please." He sighed. "You're such an idiot. Leon. You're a fucking idiot and you know fucking nothing. Everyone thinks you're a twat, and a try-hard but I don't know why you try because nothing will ever get through that remedial, buck-toothed, dumb-as-shit skull you have." That didn't make me feel better.

"…I'm sorry man…" Leon sounded sad and his voice cracked. More than his voice sounded broken. I told myself that when I opened the door, and I saw his carefree smile everything would be behind us. But when I had put my dressing gown on and opened the door I completely ignored him and headed for his side of the house, for the pizza, leaving him trailing after me. Outside, the sun had gone down and the broken solar lights in the driveway cast their evil, blacker than black shadows on the bushes.

I felt as dark. Walking through our room was an odd experience. It was spotless. Leon had tidied everything, even the books on my desk had been replaced in height order on my bookshelf. I liked my room neat. Leon loved to keep it a pig-sty. He must have been really sorry. Still, I walked through the bedroom and let myself into Leon's hallway and remained silent until I got to the Kitchen.

There was also note from his mother on the fridge. He had laid out two plates, each with half a large pizza on them. Normally pizza was my favourite thing. I sat without saying as much as a word to Leon, and took a bite of the first slice. It was hot, crispy, juicy and cheesy. But I couldn't swallow, my throat was dry. Leon looked really sad, his eyes had turned a watery blue and he solemnly ate his pizza opposite me. I was feeling like a real dick-head. I tried to apologise to Leon but he beat me to it.

"Look Shawn, Im sorry for hitting you. And calling you a faggot." Leon said abruptly I said, "I'm sorry for calling yo an idiot.", but it took me a while.

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After an awkward pause Leon said, "Well you said more than that…" I said sorry again, but Leon was smiling and so was I. I was never as glad to see those two huge front teeth sticking out.

And then the awkwardness faded away. We talked, burnt our tongues on hot cheese, and laughed, and slowly I could feel us becoming friends again. epilogue We heard the taxi growl up the gravel drive at around 2am. Our parents, far too drunk, or in Leon's mother's case 'too pregnant' to drive, embarked on the short and treacherous walk to the the front door.

By the time they had checked on us (Leon's mum, and a while later my drunk dad) we had already switched Leon's new playstation off and had snuggled into our beds. "I thought of a new game" Leon said from across the dark. "You always win" I said, smiling. "This one is different," He replied, "It requires wits and cleverness and skill" "Go on" "Well firstly we can't jerk-off," He started, "If you do then I get a point. But we can make each other horny, to try and force the other to jerk off." I remembered how I had felt when I had wrapped my hand around his dick.

The power I had had over him; how easy it had been to change his mind, the smallest touch forcing him onto his bed, the way his wet-sapphire eyes had looked at me with admiration as I ran my teeth over his foreskin… "What's it called?" I asked.

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Leon always had a name for everything. He savoured a moment of silence. "The Turning Game," He replied, "because, you have to try and make the other one gay for you." "The Turning Game," I repeated.

I could imagine the smile on his face. Hell, I was smiling; imagining us trying to turn each other on, seeing him fully naked… and the best bit was, no matter how far we went, it was a game, Leon's game, and so it wasn't 'gay' it was 'cool'. I had been wrong. Leon was no idiot. I turned over to and peered over to Leon's bed where I could see the cobalt blue glint of his eyes in the dark.

"Alright. I'm in."