Voyeur boyfriend recording their fuck

Voyeur boyfriend recording their fuck
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I was on my hands and knees on the unmade bed. One guy was in front of me with his hands on the back of my head while he fucked his hard seven-inch dick down my throat. A second guy was behind me, holding my hips as he plowed his thick six inches full depth into my ass hole. After four beers I was so drunk that I didn't give a shit that I was totally naked even before I was taken to this room and that I didn't even know these guys.

I hadn't even asked their names. Every time the guy behind me slammed his rock hard cock into my ass, my big black D-cup tits bounced hard enough that they hit me on the chin and I was loving every inch of the two white cocks that were fucking me. My name is Deborah and I'm a local high school girl that had been invited to a frat party at the local college.

I'm 5'4" and weigh 123 pounds. I've got D-cup tits that hardly sag at all. My skin is like coffee that is half milk. I live with my mother and two brothers.

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I have never known who my father was. This was my first frat party but not my first fuck. My two older brothers have been filling all three of my holes just about any time they feel like it for about a year now.

It started when we were in our pool and they untied the strings of my bikini, stripping me in the water and then raping me beside the pool when I tried to get out. After that it was not rape any more because you can't rape the willing.

Mom caught us about a month after we started. She didn't raise hell. All she did was to get me on the pill. After that, I started seeing my brothers also going into Mom's room. Mom is a really loud fuck. I was coming closer and closer to an orgasm as I could feel my mouth and ass being plugged. Just for fun I clamped my teeth down lightly on the shaft in my mouth. His cock jumped and I heard him say, "Hey, watch it." I laughed to myself but that also brought him to the point of no return and he exploded in my mouth.

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I held just his head between my lips and licked the underside as it pulsed and several ropes of his thick salty cum flew into my mouth. I quickly swallowed and took his softening prick back into my mouth, nursing it as it shrank.


The stud in my ass kept pounding away at my shit hole. My tight anal ring gripped him as he slid in and out of my poop shoot. It felt great. Off to the side I could see two more guys standing there naked, slowly stroking their erections as they waited for a turn at me. One was another white guy that I did not know and the other was Jamul, the black guy that I met in the mall and the one that had invited me to this party.

I pushed back each time the guy behind me stroked into my ass. Then I reached my climax. I released the cock in my mouth and yelled out, "Oh shhhhhhit yes.

Fuck me. Fuck my fucking ass hard. Fill my shitter full of your hot cum." Before I came down from my climax, he reached his and spewed his seed in by bowels, bringing me to an even stronger feeling of release.

As he pulled out, I collapsed flat on the bed, quivering. I could feel cum leaking out of my ass, running down and puddling on the bed. The guy that had just fucked my ass came around to my face and pushed his prick at my mouth.

I never liked sucking a cock that had just been in my ass but my oldest brother, Derrick insisted on it every time and I learned to accept doing it. I could taste his and my cum as well as the sharp taste that was from him being in my shitter.

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I sucked him clean then the two of them got off the bed. Jamul pushed me to the side and got on the bed on his back holding his stiff black prick in his hand. "OK, get on top and ride me." I was still recovering from my first fuck and orgasm but I threw one leg over Jamul's hips and positioned myself over his erection. I lowered myself and he positioned his prick head at the opening to my cunt. Then I dropped down till I was sitting on his hips with him buried deep in me.

I started bouncing up and down, fucking myself on his shaft. The fourth guy that was in the room then straddled Jamul's head and brought his cock to my face. I didn't hesitate in opening my lips so he could push in. I sucked hard as he face fucked me. The three of us had been at it for about three or four minutes when the first guy that I had sucked off announced that he was hard again and wanted more.

The guy in my mouth pulled out. Jamul pulled me down onto his chest, pressing my tits tightly against him and holding me still. Then I felt a cock touch and then push its way into my already well fucked and cum filled ass hole. Jamul let me loose and I lifted up a little and took the abandoned cock back into my mouth.

This was the first time I had had all three of my holes filled at the same time. I hope it's not going to be the last time.

They never did get into a matching rhythm but each did their own thing. We lasted five minutes or more. I had two more orgasms but not as hard as the first one.


I moaned but could not yell out because of the cock fucking down my throat. The guy in my ass was the first to come, even though he had already shot a load down my throat earlier.


The guy in my ass was next, filling my rectum with a second load of cum. He pulled out and cum dripped out, running down and onto Jamul's cock and balls. I then orally cleaned another prick that had been buried in my butt. Jamul kept going and for several minutes more I rode him and he pounded up into me.

Finally he grabbed my hips and held me down as I felt the surges of cum rush thru his prick and erupting into my cunt. He took my big black tits into his mouth one at a time and chewed gently on my nipples before pushing me off. Without him asking, I spun around and engulfed his manhood in my mouth and sucked till every last little drop of his baby juice was spent. Someone threw me my clothes. "You're one great little fuck.

We'll be inviting you back to our next party." When I got home I entered quietly hoping to get to my room without my brothers knowing I was home. I hoped neither of them was in the mood to fuck me that night. Honestly, I had had enough for one night. As I walked down the hall to my room, I heard Mom scream out in climax. I went to her room and opened the door.

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Derrick was on the bottom with his prick in Mom's ass and my other brother was on top, pounding into her cunt.

I thought about going over and squatting my cum soaked pussy over Mom's face but I just spoke out. "Goodnight everybody." Jamul looked over, "Goodnight Sis." I went the bathroom and washed my sloppy bottom and then went to my room. Within five minutes I was sound asleep, even with all the noise coming from Mom's room.