Indian gay sex shitting movies Who could have imagined that the

Indian gay sex shitting movies Who could have imagined that the
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Young Adaline always acted mature for her age. She always appeared older than she actually was. She was an only child, the apple of her father's eye, and could do no wrong. Incredibly smart and confident, even in her young teens she was fully aware she turned heads everywhere she went. She grew up used to it and didn't know a world without that kind of attention existed. At least not until she was 16 and her father brought home a work companion for dinner.

David Jamison. She was immediately alerted to something out of the ordinary when she was first introduced to David. She noticed even though David looked at her, he didn't peer.

He didn't stare as long as most others do. He was kind to her.

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His greeting was pleasant, and his smile seemed sincere. Except he didn't seem to desire anything more than that.

This confused Adaline. She was beautiful, she knew it. How did he not see it? At dinner she sat across from David. Whenever her father wasn't paying attention she would gaze at David waiting for him to notice how seductive she was. Her mother could see it and said nothing.

Neither could tell if David saw it. David ate, joked, smiled and charmed the table twice over. He charmed young Adaline into a silent fury. How dare he ignore me. How dare he not see how desireable I am. How dare he not imagine himself with me… David never seemed to notice a single bit of it, and if he did he never let anyone see it phased him in the least.

Over the course of the next year David would have dinner with the family on a number of occasions.

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By this time he had introduced his beautiful wife, Jenna, to the family. She too had charmed her way onto their hearts. Adaline envied her. Her beauty. Her Husband. Adaline would often sit at the table with them at dinner and imagine how beautiful the two of them look tied in a knot together, twisting sensually. Jenna was something straight out of a magazine.

She had dark brown eyes and an attentive stare armed with a half cracked smile wrapped in two beautiful red lips. She was incredibly kind to Adaline and always treated her as an adult in both passing and conversation.

She too could see Adaline's uncommon interest in her husband. Jenna never made mention of it too David until one night when Adaline was about 16 and a half. After almost a year and a half of Adaline throwing suggestive glances at her husband, flaunting her toned firm body around him, and occasionally positioning herself to showcase her assets, she grew more bold and made a comment in front of the wives one evening.

Adaline was smart, she never used David's name or even eluded to him, but Both women could tell exactly what she was talking about when she responded to a piece of the conversation they were having in the kitchen as she entered from the dining room. Jenna and Adaline's mother were talking about the deserts as Adaline entered the kitchen and overheard, "I think everything is out there." She never looked their and without missing a beat she said, "Not all the sweets are sitting on the table." Her eyes widened as each word fell out.

Silence stretched across the kitchen as the conversation at hand slowly changed into silent thoughts of wondering what had just been said. Shocked with herself, Adaline kept her focus on the floor and left the kitchen red in the face. She never once appeared again that evening. Adaline had been maturing, there was no way around it, her mother saw it, her father feared it and pretended not to see it.

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He pampered her more in hopes it would keep her with him, at his side, innocent a few years longer. He was wrong. Little had he known young Adaline was experienced and she had been practicing for a few years.

Adaline's young breasts were filling out. She was already wearing a c-cup. Her slender frame wore them well. They sat perfectly above her manicured abdomen laced with hard lines of definition across her flat belly down into her tight bottoms.

She had long slender legs and her beautiful flowing blonde hair had grown out to the middle of her back leaving enough room to see her tight little ass.

It wasn't much of an ass, but it complimented her firm slender frame and she knew exactly how to move it to get what she wanted. That night Jenna asked David about Adaline on the drive home. They were barely off the street before she asked what he thought of her tame advances. At first he seemed a little worried about the line of questioning. He was defensive, preparing to get himself out of trouble for doing nothing wrong.

He kept his hands at 2 and 12, and never took his eyes off the road.


Then he noticed a glimmer in his wife's eye and the edges of her beautiful red lips turning upward just a little bit as she pressed the question. David could tell she wasn't mad. What is she thinking? "I don't know," David said, "I try not to pay it any mind. She's a child.

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It's an innocent crush." David's wife responded immediately, "what if it's not?" David seemed puzzled. "What if Sweet innocent Adaline knows exactly what she thinks she wants? What if sweet, young, fresh, firm Adaline want's more than to flirt?" Jenna asked as her hand came to rest on David's Lap. She whispered, "What if she want's to experience you," as she slid David's zipper down and her hand made it's way into his pants.

"What do you suppose she wants?" David asked as an eager grin slowly crawled across his face. "You tell me," his wife replied as she slowly began stroking his semi-hard manhood. He had obviously been considering his wife's words more than he let on. David took his hand away from the wheel and looked his wife in the eye as he reached towards her and pulled her in for a quick kiss.

"I love you," he said. His hand moved towards the back of his wife's neck as he turned his gaze back onto the road and tightened his grip. He guided her head down to his still growing arousal and in a calm demanding voice said, "I think you know exactly what you want from me.

You might even get it, Adaline.


But before you do. You'll show me how bad you want it by making me harder than my wife does. Have you ever sucked a cock before, young miss?" His eyes never leaving the street. His lips thin. Jenna grew innocent, almost bashful.


she dropped her posture and relaxed her shoulders. In an instant her body language had completely changed. She nervously worked his shaft with her lips. Teasing his head with her tongue. She worked him all the way up. Fully hard he was more man than she could swallow. She gagged as his full length and girth left little room in the back of her throat. Jenna rose her head gasping for air as a thick line of spit stretched from her mouth to his bulging cock. She wiped the gag induced tears away from her face as she looked back at him, avoiding making any serious eye contact.

"How am I doing Mr.' Jamison?" She asked with a schoolgirl smirk and a sexy bat of her eyes, still avoiding eye contact. "You'll know you've done a good job when you've finished me." he responded as he guided her head back down to his spit covered erection. She could feel his balls slowly inching closer and closer to his body as she used her free hand to help guide her mouth up and down his wet shaft. She watched his veins bulge beneath the skin as she tightly gripped the base of his cock and slowly squeezed upward causing his head to triple in size.

She held her hand steady as she teased the tip of his swollen cock with her tongue. Flicking and licking it like a solid piece of candy needing to slowly be worked down into a manageable size. Except all her efforts made his cock continue to grow in her hand. Jenna surrounded him with the warmth of her mouth again and sucked as hard as she could on his flesh. drawing blood deeper into his shaft. She could feel the head of his lust in the back of her throat starting to pulsate.

She could feel his shaft slowly starting to jerk without his control. His throbbing increased, the spit surrounding his cock created a thick wet churning sound as she tightly gripped him, squeezing spit between her fingers. His head continued to swell turning red under the flex of his body and the squeeze of her grip. His approaching orgasm released lustful tremors, echoing the length of his cock and resonating at the tip of his head.

One intense ripple at a time. David's knuckles turned white as he gripped his steering wheel. He had slowed his heavy breathing trying his hardest to keep himself from cumming. His wife felt the tension hit Davids legs. His whole body was beginning to tighten up. He was beginning to slowly grind his hips in sync with her. She knew he was close. She released her tight grip and brought her fingers to the base of his balls where she slowly began massaging him.

Softening the grip with her mouth she slowed her pace just in time for his first explosion. David's desire for a younger woman sprayed into the back of his wife's throat.

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She didn't flinch. She managed it and continued to slowly ease him into his second explosion which followed almost immediately. She could feel the bottom of his cock swell with each short aftershock that followed. His body relaxed with each pulse. his mouth slowly dropped open and his rigid arms fell into a relaxed hang allowing his fingers and shoulders to hold them up. His wife rose from his lap after making sure his last tremor had passed and he was sufficiently drained. She smiled at him with affection, and said "I bet she can't swallow like that." David responded with a smile, "perhaps you can show her." The two drove him and never revisited that train of thought for almost six months.

Adaline had embarrassed herself that night. more important to Adaline, though, is that she guaged a very tame response from the two mothers when she made her comment. Adaline would continue to make her way into David's now open and aware eye until her Seventeenth birthday when she would once again cross the line of good judgement.