Fat boy fuck gay porn video Chris brought Reaper with him because

Fat boy fuck gay porn video Chris brought Reaper with him because
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It started with an ad. "Dominant mistress seeking submissive slave to dominate and train over text." Or something of that nature. I had posted it online, in a 'personals' section of a sexual website. I also posted my number, and got many replies. Being picky, I only used one or two until him. Adam. I got a text almost a month after I had posted the ad.

I was laying in bed, exhausted from a day of heavy housework. I had planned on a shower, but as soon as I was undressed, I received the message. "Hello, my name is Adam. I saw your ad online, you were saying you were seeking a sub? I'm not the most attractive, but I make up for it with eagerness and a willingness to do anything to please you." "Hello Adam, my name is Celia.

You will not call my by my name, unless it is following "Miss". You have the options to call me Mistress, Miss, Master, Madam, or Ma'am." "Yes Miss Celia, I will obey anything you ask of me," was his reply, and at the time, I smirked.


This boy was amusing. Anything? Doubtful. "Age? Description?" My answer was short, because my doubt had settled. 'If he is willing to do anything, he's probably very unattractive and old,' I muttered to myself, laying back on my bed, phone in hand, my satin sheets sliding against my naked body.

"Seventeen, ma'am. I have medium length black hair, I'm 6'2 and 130 pounds. My eyes are blue, I'm pale.my cock is 8 inches fully erect, in case you wanted to know." My heart skipped a beat, and I imagined what he looked like. Suddenly my phone rang. My boyfriend Aaron was calling. "Hello?" I asked, my breath catching in my throat. "Hey babe, whatcha doing? My bro's locked himself in his room, probably chatting up some chick online. I'm bored," Aaron replied, his raspy voice pleasing to hear, although I felt caught redhanded for some reason.

"Just browsing the net. Whatcha wanna do tomorrow?" I asked, in a hurry to get off the phone as I heard my phone's text tone squeak. I yawned, trying to sound tired.

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"Wanna go fool around in the forest? I've had a raging woody all day," he said, "but we can talk tomorrow. Get some sleep, boo. Love ya!" "Love you too hun, goodnight," I said before hanging up.

I then went to my text menu and checked it. "Mistress? Would you like for me to send you a picture?" I quickly texted an affirmative, feeling my puss getting a little wet. I didn't consider it cheating, but it felt dangerous, and made me horny.

*bleep bleep* my phone squeaked, and I quickly opened the multi-media message. "Holy fuck," I said, looking at the naked upper body of the boy on my phone screen.

How could this happen? How did I not notice the local number? How could this be.Aaron's brother? He told me his name was Mikey when we met in person.I quickly pulled up my boyfriend's name up on my phone and called him.

"Hey baby, something wrong?" he asked, answering on the first ring. "I was just looking at baby names online as I fall asleep, you know how I get. What's your brother's full name?" I asked. I was only sort of lying.

I did have a tab up on the computer with baby names that I looked at earlier. "Adam Michael Parker," Aaron answered, "but you know he goes by Mikey." "Yeah, right! Alrighty, I'ma crash. Love you, night!" I said quickly, hanging up after he said "i love you" back. 'FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!' I screamed into my pillow, unsure of what to do. I had been hot for Mikey for a while, but I loved Aaron despite his brain living in his pants.

Mikey was delicious, but not seventeen like he claimed. He looked the part, but he was really fifteen, three years younger than me. He had stereotypical 'emo' hair, and piercing blue eyes. And now I could have him. To play with.

To use. could I manage it in person? "Delightful. Where do you live? Have you done this before? Would you do it in person?" I asked quickly, my fingers flying on my phone's keyboard. The time before the next text seemed like eternity. "I live in _______, Arkansas. I've been interested in this before, but this is my first time persuing such a dangerous thing.

I'd love to be used in person, but I'm a virgin and wouldn't be able to please a woman." "I have an idea. I'll let you know when I've set it in stone." I typed quickly, setting my phone down and going online.

I looked up a hotel a few towns over, and noticed you could pay online and pick up your room key at the desk. I quickly filled in my information, then texted Mikey.Adam. "On Saturday, you will go into this hotel lobby at noon. You will pick up the key for room 212, get inside, place the key under the welcome mat outside, strip down, blindfold yourself, and wait for me." I sent it with the hotel address, inhaling deeply.

Tomorrow was Friday, I had a day to make up an alibi. "Yes Mistress. Shall we continue talking, or shall I wait until Saturday to speak to you again?" was the reply, and I just didn't answer.

I was suddenly very tired, and needed rest before a day of planning. --------________---------________--------_______---------______ The next day, I hopped onto my motor scooter and rode over to a sex shop deep in the heart of town. The area was very sketchy, so I knew I wouldn't see anyone I'd recognize. Or, I thought I knew. 'Do you have blindfolds?' I heard a familiar voice ask at the counter as I entered, and flinched as I saw Mikey(Adam!).

'Right over there,' drawled the fake-blonde girl behind the counter, pointing her long red nails at the shelf next to me. Adam looked over and we locked eyes, our faces turning red. 'Hey,' Adam mumbled, and I raised my hand in a little wave of recognition before going to the costuming area, picking out a bright red corset and thong I tried on once. It had fit, but I had no reason to buy it. Now I did. I moved to the toys section, picking out a small vibe I would have Adam use on me later.

'C-Ceely?' Adam asked, sidling up to me nervously. I stared at him, heart stopping, and tilted my head. We never spoke, and I didn't want him to recognize my voice the next day. 'W-would you prefer someone to wear this blindfold, or this one?' he asked, holding two up.

The first one was baby blue, with lace. I almost laughed. The second one was black, and said SLUT in curly red letters. I pointed to the second one before turning away. I wasn't being cold, this is how we were.

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He was my boyfriend's kid brother, there was no need to be friendly. He made his purchase, and I walked up to the counter after he left. 'Kid doesn't know what tomorrow has in store,' I said to the girl at the counter, smirking. 'Now, what do you have that'll keep a hard-on going for an inhuman amount of hours?' After I made my purchases, I went home and called Aaron.

"Hey baby. I have to go a few towns away to pick some art supplies up, this town sucks," I muttered, laying in bed. "Alright babe, can I come over for a bit? Still hella horny," he replied, and I rolled my eyes. "Sure, just come in when ya get here, I'm going to take a shower." We said our "love you"s and goodbyes, and I hid the purchases I made at the sex shop before turning on my shower.

I wanted to be soft as a baby's butt, so I shaved just about all my body hair off. Then I washed my hair, putting color-safe conditioner in my long raven locks. Last of all, I used my pheremone body wash, making myself irresistable.

When Aaron got there, I had a towel around my body and one on my head. He quickly pushed me onto the bed, pulling off my body towel and his pants.

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He pulled his cock out, a decent 5 inches when hard, and rubbed it between my netherlips, making him moan. 'Babe, no sex today, k? I'm still sore from Wednesday,' I lies, wanting to be as tight as possible for my virgin pet. Aaron looked a little disappointed, but like I said: his brain's in his pants. He lifted me up, standing me up next to the bed and laying down, his throbbing manhood at full attention.

'Suck it,' he whimpered, and I knew he needed to cum. I wanted some pleasure too, so I got on top, postioning my clean-shaven puss over his lips. I quickly took his dick between my lips, flicking my tongue over it. Aaron moaned, and I started sucking his dick hard and fast, grinding my wetness over his mouth. He started to tongue fuck me, and I moaned load, my voice sending vibrations down his rod. When his fingers moved to my clit, I knew we were both going to cum soon.

Moving one of my hands to his balls, I massaged them softly as I started to spasm with my orgasm, coming up to cry out in pleasure. As I squealed his name, he came all over my face, thick ropes of cum dripping down.

We stayed like that for a second before getting up, still weak from the pleasure. I turned around and stared at my boyfriend as I used my finger to scoop up all the cum, licking it off, and swallowing. Aaron smiled, and I walked into the bathroom, still naked, and used a warm washcloth to get the remnants of his seed off of my face.

Then I pulled out facial masque to clear out my pores and my face, then looked at Aaron, putting his flaccid cock away. 'I'll miss you tomorrow,' he whimpered, walking up and hugging me from behind. 'I'll miss you too hun, but I'll let ya know as soon as I get back to town,' I replied, 'but you gotta go, I'm going to bed soon.' We kissed goodbye and not soon after, my phone's text tone went off.

"Mistress?" It was Adam. "Yes pet? Why are you messaging me, did you no get the hint?" I asked, a little frustrated. "I'm very sorry ma'am, I just wanted to verify all the information we talked bout." "Be blindfolded, leave me the key under the mat, room 212.

Do you have the blindfold?" I smiled a little, waiting for the next text. "Yes Mistress, but my brother's girlfriend was at the sex shop I went to. It was very humiliating, I asked her which blindfold I should purchase." "Humiliation is a big part of this.

I'll see you tomorrow at 12:45." "Yes Miss Celia, goodnight." I smiled again, and went to bed with my facial masque on. -----_____-----_____-----_____-----_____-----_____-----_____--- The next morning, I awoke at 10, and went to the bathroom to peel off the masque, my face feeling clean and clear.

I showered again, re-doing everything except the shaving. There was no stubble yet, so there was no need. I then curled the ends of my hair and sprayed it with very strong hairspray, giving myself a sexy Jessica Rabbit style. After I brushed my teeth profusely and rinsed with mouthwash, I got out the corset and thong, putting it on.

The corset made my D-cup breasts bulge and have large cleavage, and the thong didn't leave anything to the imagination. I then put on red lipstick and thick black eyeliner, making my grey eyes look more.intense. Over the corset, I wore a knee-length female peacoat, and some red heels I had also picked up the day before.

I glanced at myself in the mirror, surprised at how mature and delicious I looked, and buttoned up the coat. I put the vibe and the few other things I had picked up in my red purse, and called a cab. It was 12:00 exactly when I arrived at the hotel, directing the cabbie to park near room 212 and turn off the car, not looking too suspicious. I watched Adam come out of the lobby and open the door, leaving the key under the mat. He then closed the door.

He had been wearing a very tight pair of black jeans, and a black hoodie. He had a small plastic bag from the store, but it looked like it had more than a blindfold in it.

I sat in the cab until 12:43, making small-talk, before paying the cabbie plus tip and getting out, purse in hand. I walked over to the room, picking up the room key and entering the room. Adam was on his knees on the bed, blindfolded, and on the table there was a vase with roses and a box of chocolates. How sweet. I could see Adam shaking a little, and I pulled off my peacoat in near silence, then put a CD in the hotel dvd player, which started quietly playing The Word Alive's newest album.

Adam perked up a little, and I knew I had chosen his type of music. He stayed silent though, and as I pulled concentrated (illegal) viagra-like pills out of my purse, I saw his dick twitch. It was about five or six inches flaccid, bigger than his brother's already, but I walked over to him, tapping his lips to make him open so I could slid two pills into his mouth. 'Swallow,' I whispered, and he complied quietly.

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I pushed him softly down onto the bed, his legs unfolding as he lay down naked, his dick starting to grow. I got between his legs and licked up the length of his hardening rod, from base to tip. Adam moaned, and I felt myself become aroused. 'So, you're a virgin?' I asked, still whispering, and continued to lick his dick all over, giving his balls and perenium a little attention with my tongue. 'Y-yes Mistress,' he replied, twitching with pleasure.

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'Have you ever done anything with a female?' 'No ma'am, I've only seen pornography. I've also read stories where things like this happen, and-' I cut him off with a slap. Not too hard, but hard enough to make him stop talking. 'I did not ask you that, did I? You do not babble, you answer my questions, that's it,' I scolded, and got up, leaving him there with his 'soldier' at full salute. I pulled handcuffs out of my purse, and cuffed his left wrist and ankles to the bed, then moved up to his right hand, uncuffed.

I pulled it to the front of my thong and said, 'Finger me,' and stood there. His hand first rubbed me through the thin material, then pulled the thong down my thighs to my knees, moving his hand back to cup my pubic mound. 'You're so soft,' he whispered, then flinched. He knew he had talked out of turn. 'Keep going,' I instructed, opening my legs a little bit. His index finger slid down my slit, then made contact with my clit, causing me to spasm a little.

He must've felt it, for he moved his thumb to my clit, rubbing it in circles, as his middle finger pushed into my entrance, slowly pushing in and out. I mewled and moaned softly, twitching and wincing at the pleasure of his virgin fingers pushing and rubbing. I started to get close to climax, and pulled away. Adam's hand reached out a moment before going back to setting it on the bed.

I silently moved back between his legs, his cock still wet from the tongue bath he received. I took the head in my mouth and sucked, flicking my tongue on the sensitive underside where his urethra is. He moaned, and I slid up his body, taking a nipple in my mouth and sucking.

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His hips bucked from the surprise pleasure, and his throbbing manhood pressed against my bare puss for a moment.

I had slid off the thong, putting it in his pants pocket with a smile. I moved to his other nipple, and sucked a little before biting it softly, making him cry out a little. Then I moved back to his cock, beginning to suck eagerly.

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My lips were the first to clench this cock, my tongue was the first to taste his salty sweet pre-cum. I came up for a moment. 'You may place your hand on my head and direct me a little if you wish,' I whispered, and his hand quickly went to the back of my head as I went back to his cock. He pushed softly, his hips moving up, gentley fucking my mouth. I pulled up again. 'Rougher, you little boyslut,' I demanded, and he complied, pushing my head down and making me deepthroat his cock.

I gagged and a couple tears sprung out, but it made me hornier and I kept going. 'M-Mistress, I'm gonna cum soon!' Adam exclaimed, and I quickly moved away, pinching the tip of his cock. The pain he must've felt made his orgasm recede, no cum flying out. 'You must ask PERMISSION!' I told him, and got up, pulling the small vibe out of my purse and turning it on.

Then I straddled his face, not yet lowering my pussy onto his mouth. 'You will bring me to orgasm. Use this vibrator and your tongue, and if you succeed, we shall continue,' I instructed, handing him the vibe. I then lowered my puss onto his waiting lips, instantly feeling his tongue finding my clit, flicking it as he slid the vibe into my tight wet hole.

I moaned and grinded my pussy against his mouth, clinging to the bed's headboard and moaning. Now was the time to remove his blindfold. We would see if he could continue pleasuring me once he was surprised by my identity. I reached a hand down and pulled the blindfold off, looking down at Adam. His eyes widened and his tongue stopped for a moment.

'Do you want it to end here?' I asked, 'because you've stopped attempting to make me climax.' Adam shook his head and went back to work, this time with more.urgency. I moaned loud, reaching down to pull his hair, and with a loud scream, I came, my juices dripping into his mouth.

He removed the vibrator and switched it off as I spasmed over his mouth. It had felt wonderful, and I almost couldn't move. 'M-Miss Celia?' Adam stuttered, his eyes still wide with surprise. 'Yes?' I asked in a choked whisper, sitting down in one of the chairs, still twitching with pleasure.

'Does Aaron know?' he asked, and I got up and slapped him. 'No, and we're keeping it that way,' I told him, then smiled softly, 'Now, pet, have you ever seen videos of a girl getting tit-fucked?' Adam nodded, and I uncuffed him.


'Titfuck me,' I instructed, pulling scented massage oil from my purse and removing my corset, my tits spilling out. Adam sat at the edge of the bed, and I poured the oil onto my chst, spreading it all over and getting on my knees in front of him.

He put his hard cock between my tits and I pressed them together. He slowly began to thrust, and I watched his manhood squeeze between my breasts. He started going faster, and I loved it. 'May I cum?' he asked in a strangled voice, and I shook my head, pulling away.

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'You're going to fuck me, but first.,' I trailed off and laid down, opening my legs, 'eat me again.' Adam quickly got between my legs, pulling them over his shoulders and burying his face in my puss, his lips and tongue all over, sucking and nibbling at my clit. I stopped him and whispered, 'now,' beckoning to him. He got on his knees between my legs, and positioned his cock between my legs. 'Thank you Miss Celia,' he said graciously, and pushed his thick cock slowly into my waiting wetness.

We moaned together, and he slowly started thrusting, pressing his bare chest against mine. My arms went around his waist, my nails digging into his back. It felt so goddamn good, and I knew Adam would be asking to cum soon.

His hands went to the headboard behind me, grasping it to thrust hard and deep into me, and I squealed his name, losing myself in the pleasure. 'Mistress! May I pull out and cum?' he begged, and I shook my head, wrapping my legs around his waist.

'Cum inside me, pet. Fill my pussy with your hot virgin cum,' I said, looking into his eyes and smiling. He nodded, pushing out an almost silent 'thank you' as he thrust in a couple more times, hard as he could, before letting out and animalistic groan and coming inside me, collapsing against my bare body.

'Now lick it up, dirty pet,' I directed, and he weakly moved down, sucking his cum out of my pussy. 'Don't swallow, I want to taste it,' I directed him, and he came up to me, spitting the cum into my open mouth. I swished it around in my mouth, and swallowed.

'Now get dressed, it's time to go,' I told him, watching him get up and put on his tight black briefs and jeans, then his black sweater, no shirt underneath. 'We'll do this again, right mistress?' Adam asked eagerly, sitting down and putting his shoes on.

'Of course, maybe even in your brother's bed,' I said, pointing at the door, 'now leave.' Adam got on his knees in front of my and kissed my hand, looking up at you. 'Thank you, thank you so much Mistress,' he said, then left quickly.