Borrachos con la vagina rasurada

Borrachos con la vagina rasurada
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Part IV Once we got back to the camp from the lake dad put on jeans, mom slipped into her short dress and I was kind of relieved to be able to wear clothes again.

We had planned to go on a canoe trip to Lindern Island but dad looked up at the sky and suggested that the weather was questionable and we should probably stay close to camp. Maybe the weather would be more promising for our trip tomorrow.

I was fine with the plan; it wasn’t like we didn’t have enough to do at the site we were at.


We still had hiking trails we hadn’t been on, more fishing, canoeing close by, and just being around mom in her dress was fine with me. We all kept busy at the camp doing our own thing, we made and ate lunch and the day slipped by rather quickly.

It wasn’t until we were sitting around eating dinner and I was staring at mom sitting across from me with her big round tits clearly visible to me that I was reminded by the tingling in my balls that I had not had a chance to jerk off all day and was fast filling up.

This was serious as I was use to cumming four or more times a day to avoid pain in my balls or the situation where cum just involuntarily starts to pour out of my opening. I don’t have an orgasm but cum just comes out on its own. The biggest difference is that only a small amount comes out and it doesn’t shoot out like a pressure hose the way it does when I orgasm.

Well, you get the point and I was getting the point also that I needed to cum or I would be in trouble trying to sleep with my balls bursting. I figured that when we cleaned up after dinner I’d sneak off to the outhouse. But as we were cleaning up a crises arose. “Oh shit!†dad yelled. “I’m so fucking stupid†. He was jelling inside the tent and mom and I ran to see what the problem was.

Dad was inside the tent next to a big wet spot on the tent floor and holding up a soaked and dripping sleeping bag.

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“I must have left the spigot slightly open when I filled the canteen for our hike and it’s been leaking here ever since. Now were down to only one sleeping bag, it will never dry by tonight†. By the time we dragged out the soaked sleeping bag and found a low branch to hang it on and had mopped up as much of the water on the floor of the tent we could it was getting very dark.

I thought that this was my chance to finally head to the outhouse and take care of my own problem.

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I yelled out to my folks that I was going to the outhouse but dad hollered back “Not in the pitch black; you’ll break your neck on a chipmunk hole or a tree root†. “I’ll walk with you with a light, it’s not much but it will help†dad concluded. Matters became worse when he decided to hold the door open and talk with me while I went. I tried to object but he ignored me and stated to talk.

“Tell me what you thought about our hike today†he started. I hoped he wasn’t thinking about the part of the hikethat included mom being naked. “It was great exercise and one of the nicest trails here†I answered trying to be tactful. But dad wouldn’t let it go at that and said, “Yes, but I mean how was the climb in particular†.

“Well†I said, “I was impressed how strong of climbers you and mom both are†. I hoped dad was going to end it there but I was getting nervous and uncomfortable about where he was going with this line of questioning. Frustrated and going right to the point this time dad asked me “and what did you think about the view up mom’s dress?†Wow, now what do I say to that, I thought.

I was truthful and told dad I had never seen a naked woman in real life and that mom was real sexy†. I added, “Mom is really hot!†“I thought so too†dad said, “but I wanted your opinion†. “Thanks†was the last word he said as I stood up from the one holerand held the light as dad switched places with me. We spoke not another word on our way back to the tent but I was thinking all the way how dad wasn’t the least bit upset or angry that his wife had exposed herself to her son and that he was, instead, really happy that I saw her that way.

All of this was no help in my relieving the pressure in my balls and actually added to the pressure. Back in the tent we had a major catastrophe to deal with. Only one corner of the tent was dry, we now only had one sleeping bag for three people and it would be cold again tonight, maybe even colder because of the clouds and bad weather moving in. I truly had a worried sound in my voice when I asked my parents “What are we going to do?†Mom sensed my worry and took immediate control and spoke with authority.

“Look†she said to me and dad, “what is, is, and we have to make the best of it†. “The key thing is that we stay warm and rest up for tomorrow†she explained. “We’ll use the one dry bag we have as a cover for the three of us and we will scrunch together to generate heat and we will be fine†.

“We’ll generate and share the heat much better without us being individually dressed so we will have to sleep naked†she concluded. “I think it will work and we’ll be fine†dad chimed in. “So†mom instructed, “clothes off, it will be dad on the end, then junior and then me†.

Dad was naked in a flash and under the open sleeping bag which was more of a cover than a bag at this point. He was on his side facing in. “Now you come here in front of me†he said to me patting the tent floor by his side.

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I undressed in front of them trying to remember what they said at the lake that morning and to not be embarrassed. It was now mom’s turn to get in and since dad and I were already in place we had nothing to do but watch her every move as she pulled off her dress. I could feel dad’s dick push against my back as he and I took in the site of mom standing there naked. It would normally be too dark to get much of a show but dad thought to hold on to the keychain light (“In case we need it in the dark†he said), but he used it to throw a spotlight on mom’s naked body letting the light move from her breasts to her pussy and down her legs and back up to her nipples.

Oddly, mom made no objections. Dad’s dick wasn’t the only one growing under the covers. Mom finally moved under the cover and backed up until her back was touching my chest and her ass was pressed against my thei. My cock, of course, was back in position running up her ass crack and pointing up her back just like it had two nights ago; a situation both she and I were familiar enough with. Dad was in the same position with me that I was with mom.

There we were, the three of us in the dark, dad’s dick poking at my ass and my dick poking at mom’s. We lay there for four or five minutes in silence and then dad spoke. “There’s no room for our arms this way unless if the two guys bring their left arm up and over the person in front†With that he lifted his own arm up and dropped it over the side of my chest and let his hand fall at rest across the front of my chest torching mom’s back and my nipple.

I followed his lead and lifted my left arm and dropped it in the same way as dad’s over mom’s side except that my hand came to rest on mom’s left tit and squarely on her nipple.

She made no sound or effort to move my hand so I just left it there delighting in how soft and round and full her tit was under the weight of my hand. I would have loved to start kneading her tit but I was afraid that it would end everything and we would shift places under the cover so I just stayed frozen like that.

Nothing more was said and nothing more happened for what seemed like an eternity. Dad’s dick was still hard and pushing into me and I was even harder and pushing into mom and I could tell from everyone’s breathing that no one was going to get any sleep. Then silently and slowly dad started to shift his hips a bit.


I could feel the tip of his dick moving from my back to my crack to where my legs met under my ass. His dick seemed to be searching for something and I got a notion I knew what it was. Dad was trying to get comfortable the same way I told him I had with mom and the same way I ended up with him.

And if I didn’t let him how could I explain why mom and I and he and I had to do what we did. Dad said nothing and I said nothing as his dick searched for the right spot. I was resigned to what had to happen so I quietly tilted my hips and ass up and back and when he felt my assistance he increased his effort until he was finally touching my round opening with the end of his dick dad pushed toward me and I pushed back and at that point I realized mom had to feel my movement and had to know something was happening under our half of the blanket.

She said nothing, however and lay perfectly still. Dad finally poked throughmy tight hole which really hurt and I let out a yelp. But as soon as he had only the tip in me he stopped and stayed like that for a long time; long enough for the pain to stop, for me to stretch open for him, and for it to actually start to feel good.

Then, inch by inch he pushed into me and after a while he was all the way inside me and I could feel his balls and hair on my ass.

Having done that he just stayed that way and I thought that maybe that would be all that happened and he just needed to get his dick out of the way like I had attempted the previous nights. Dad made no other movements or sounds. I figured he was going to go to sleep now.

But I still had a problem and my hand on mom’s tit didn’t help not to mention the feeling I had never felt of being filled with a hot dick up my ass. I decided to do what dad had done and without saying anything to mom I started to tilt my pelvis in an effort to reposition my dick. I was sure she could feel my dick moving to a lower position and I was sure dad could feel what I was doing also since he was so closely attached to me.

Luckily, neither one said anything. In addition, as I tilted my hips trying to find my way to mom’s pussy I wasinadvertently working dad’s dick in and out of my ass at the same time. My over filled balls and copious amounts of pre-cum helped me slide right past moms legs between her slit and she helped by tilting her ass up to me.

Then she reached behind herself and grabbed hold of my dick and as she positioned it perfectly with her pussy she said to me louldly enough for dad to also hear, “Let me help you put that in me†and with that she pushed my dick right into her cunt. She moved her hand away as I pushed deeper and deeper and deeper into mom’s velvet pussy and I heard a low moan from her just about the time I hit bottom in her.

I had a little more to give her but I just stopped touching the tip of her cervix and rested there. At the same moment when mom moaned and I stopped tilting my hipspushing into her dad let out a little moan of his own as if the two were communicating about something. For the next couple of minutes the three of us were locked together, closer than any family could dream of being.

While I lay there I had the thought that dad must be very happy that he is finally sharing his wife and that someone else is feeling the warmth inside her body. It was great just lying still the way we were but I knew it wouldn’t last and I knew we could never get to sleep that way.

Dan continued to stay perfectly still inside meand I was afraid to make the first move. All of a sudden I felt mom tighten her pussy down on my dick and start to squeeze and let go and then squeeze and let go again. It was like she was stroking my dick with her cunt. Although I was sure dad would instantly know what I was doing when I moved I started to tilt my hips and began pumping in and out of my mother’s warm cunt.

Mom stayed perfectly still while I started to do this. My movement in and out of her meant that as long as dad stayed still then his dick would now start sliding in and out of my tight ass. So each time I pushed into mom dad’s dick slid out of me and every time I slid my dick out of mom I wound up impaling myself on dad’s dick. My strokes were slow and long at first but gradually I stepped them up until it was all out fucking of mom and everybody in the tent had to know it but not a word was said by my folks.

About the same time I started to pound my dick into my mom I started to squeeze and kneed her left tit and to pinch and squeeze her hard nipple between my thumb and first finger. I was pumping in and out of her like a dog in heat and at the same time grabbing on to her tit like it was a handle and kept me from falling off of her.

I could hear dad breathing hard and figured he didn’t have long before he would cum. I had much too much cum in me to last any longer myself and with a final push I worked my entire dick into mom.

I heard her yell and I stopped pushing in and started shooting cum into her. Dad had to know from my stopping and mom’s yell that his son was filling his wife up with hot teen cum right in front of him. After the first two squirts dad rapidly moved his left hand away from my chest and reached down my belly until he could wrap his thumb and first finger around the base of my dick above my balls. He grabbed my dick and squeezed like someone taking a pulse on someones wrist and then I realized that he was doing that because he wanted to actually feel my dick pulsing as it pumped the cum into his wife.

He wanted to feel me cumming inside mom; feel every pump. I was squeezing mom’s nipple between my fingers and dad was squeezing my dick and I was pouring a ton of cum into his wife. When I stopped my pulsing dad started to pound into me as I rested inside his wife.

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In a matter of a few seconds more he made his final push into me and I got to feel what mom and dad were familiar with, hot cum shooting into me. I liked the warm feeling of being filled and I wished dad came like I did and had had more to put inside me but I was happy for what he had to give.

It took a while before we three could get back to normal breathing. It was actually even sexier in a way that this had all happened in near total darkness and that it was only the sense of touch mostly that got dad and me off. Now, as dad rested in me and I rested in the warmth of mom we each in turn fell asleep.

I wasn’t surprised when I woke up a couple hours later. From mom’s shallow breathing and dad’s snoring I could tell they were both sound asleep.

My first sense to come alive was the realization I was still very much inside mom’s hot and now very wet and full pussy. It was a real kick to picture my dick resting in a pool of my own cum trapped inside my mom’s cunt. My next realization was that dad’s dick was still resting inside me and he was pressed up against my back. I could also tell that although his dick was in me it had shrunk and only the head and a couple inches were still up my ass.

My hand was still on mom’s tit and my first instinct was to start to gently knead it but I held off. What I couldn’t hold off on, however, was how hard and big my dick was starting to get inside mom. I knew I had to fuck her again but doing that wedged between her and dad while keeping them both asleep was going to be a real trick. It was a chance I had to take and since I was already deep in mom I just started pumping in and out of her slowly trying to move only as necessary and being quiet as a mouse.

I wanted so much to caress her tit but I decided not to take the chance and remained content just sliding in and out of her pussy as I tried to deposit my second load and get back to sleep.

I was speeding up my fucking of mom, getting closer to cumming when mom startled me by reaching for my hand and putting it firmly over her tit and then she started to make my hand squeeze. Wow, she was awake and helping me play with her tit and cum inside her.

The next surprise of the night was that I felt dad’s dick grow inside me as I pumped into mom. I guess he was excited about his wife being fucked again with him only inches away.

My fucking mom and playing with her tit while dad’s dick was in me continued for a few minutes when dad reached over me with left arm and once again took firm hold of my dick, not with just his thumb and finger but wrapping his entire hand around my shaft.

I was startled enough that I stopped my pumping in and out of mom which, apparently, was exactly what dad wanted. At that moment when my dick was only a few inches inside mom’s pussy dad took a grip around the base of my dick and started to pump it up and down in a motion like jerking off. Dad was stroking me off while my dick was still inside mom. I stayed still in that position as he speeded up stoking me.

He was jerking off his son so I would cum and fill my mom. How crazy does that sound?


Dad was pumping me knowing it would make me shoot cum intohis wife. Dad was not only approving me fucking his wife he was causing me to shoot cum into her.

I wasn’t putting my cum into mom, dad was putting my cum in her. I wondered what mom must have thought happened with this change from fucking to stroking and if she thought I was jerking myself off in her. Dad, however, took away any chance of a misunderstanding by calling out to mom “Here it comes hony, I’ll have junior pumping a fresh load of his cum in you any second†.

I was equally surprised when mom answered him and said “You’re too good to your wife, honey†. Dad got back to stroking me and seconds later my dick started to pulse. “Here it comes†dad said, “I can feel it pumping†. “I can feel it too†mom answered, “And it’s really hot†.

I kept pumping and when dad felt the last squirt he took his hand off my dick and neither he nor mom said another word.

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It took me a pretty long time to get back to sleep thinking about what had just taken place and playing back in my mind the events of the night. Basically, dad had put my cum in mom and mom liked it; they both liked it. I kept my hand on mom’s tit and felt perfectly comfortable squeezing it every now and then, just feeling at liberty to use her body any way or any time I wanted. I had dad’s permission.

Eventually I fell asleep; I don’t know when they fell asleep. I woke up close to dawn with my cock stuck in my mother needing to come again. This time, instead of just starting in to pump mom’s pussy I called to dad until he woke up. I called, “Dad, hey dad, wake up!†. “I need some help again†. “My God†he finally said groggy, “it’s great to be a teen isn’t it?†.

Then he told me “Take your mom’s tit and work it until she wakes up†. “She would want to feel you cum in her again, I’m sure†he added.

And so I did just that, while dad started stroking my dick that was sticking out and into his wife’s pussy. Mom started to wake and at some point she started to moan, “Come on now baby, give it to your mom†. When I finally started to shoot inside her dad felt it and called out to mom, “Here comes load three, is there room in that pussy?†Mom replied, “Your son is going to make me explode†.

It took a while but I shot my jets of cum into mom’s wet cunt again. After I finished cumming dad took his hand off me and played with my balls for a little while almost like the way you cool off a fighter after a tough match. When morning finally arrived it found me with a hand full of tit, a pussy full of cum and a semi hard dick in my ass. I was amazed we had stayed that way for the entire night.

I layed there waiting for my parents to wake up and wondering how the morning was going to play out. Mom woke up before dad, probably because she could feel my dick growing inside her pussy swollen with my cum. She put her hand on my hand which was, of course, holding her tit.

She patted my hand as she called to dad, “Honey, honey, wake up†. Dad finally woke up and when he was lucid she said to him “It’s my turn now bud†and you can start by cleaning me up. Having said that as preparation to dad she quickly pulled herself off my dick, pushed away the one cover we had and she squated down facing dad’s face and with her pussy over his lips.

Her knees were on both sides of his head and she was kneeling over his face lowering herself to him as needed.

Dad hummed, ummm,ummm and licked and sucked and swallowed again and again and again for a long time. I could see that even with his best effort there was some cum that he couldn’t handle and it would slide past his lips and chin and down his neck. He kept licking mom and sucking my cum out and mom kept lifting herself slightly off his mouth and then down on to it again. Sometimes she would say to him, “Oh, I can feel more of it coming out†or, “It feels like there’s still lots more in there†.

Finally, when things slowed down mom said to dad, “You did a good job cleaning up after your son†. Then she layed back on the tent floor and told dad, “now make me cum†and dad got down on her pussy with his mouth and licked her for a long time with her moaning directions of where to lick.

Finally, her body shook and she yelled and I saw for the first time what it looks like for a woman to have an orgasm