Glamour Goddess Zafira double penetrates herself to Orgasm

Glamour Goddess Zafira double penetrates herself to Orgasm
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One day, i woke up to a slap to my face, it was my girlfriend looking at me with anger. "What the hell were you dreaming about?!" she asked, i didnt know what she meant until i looked down and realized i had a major boner, it was as hard as a fucking tree and i had to improvise since i couldnt even remember. "I was thinking of you." i said and i looked down and saw her erect nipples.

"How the fuck is that gonna make me happy you pervert." i was actually getting turned on by the fact that she was half naked, with a light shirt that would let you see her nipple color and it was so tight that you could see her nipples even if they werent erect and trust me they were.

"Im sorry please forgive me." i said. "Okay, to make it up for me your gonna have to. do some things for me." "I am not gonna cook breakfeast for you." i said. "NO DUMBASS! I want you to fuck me." i looked at her and she looked at me with the most sexiest grey eyes. "Youll have to give me a blowjob." i said. "And you'll have to finger me and ssuck my titty milk." "I am so happy your son is visiting your mom." "Uh huh." and that's when she started taking off her clothes.

"Youre going to lick my pussy first okay, and after that i'll suck your dick." "Whatever you say." i said. she then took off her sexy underwear and i saw her wet pussy. "You're wet." i said. "So start lickin." and i pulled her legs apart and kissed around her hair and ass. she obviously waxed earlier that week since it was in the shape of a heart and it looked new. i started licking her big ass and went back up to her pussy. i started licking and fingering her clit.

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i soon felt her hands on my head and her naild dig into my scalp. It actually hurt so i just fingered and licked her even faster and harder.

i stopped and started just regularly fingering her but i let my finger roam around the walls of her pussy.

"Dont stop Dont stop!" she yelled throughout yelling fuck and moaning. about five minutes later she climaxed and yelled at the top of her lungs.

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i dug my face back in and licked all of her juices. "OH GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVE YOU! This cant be your first time doing this." "Actually it is." "Well now i have to pay you back. i've had experience so you wont be disappointed." she said as she laid me down and started sucking my balls.


i already had to roll my head since it was just so amazing. then she went up and started sucking my dick. i put my hands on her head and thrusted her head back and forth.

"This is so fucking amazing!" i yelled.

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she kept sucking it as i laid my hand on her big ass boob their so large you cant put your entire hand on it but they can still support theirselves somewhat. i cupped on and milk started coming out as i pinched her nipples. she flinched somewhat but soon got used to it.

i had a good amount and started drinking it. i sooned climaxed after like eight minutes and she got up after licking up all of my sperm. "Now lets have regular sex and I'll give you a boobjob okay?" "Hell Yea!" I said. "Okay lets start and i got on top of her.

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i fucked her slow and hard at first but i could tell she was getting irritated so i started fucking her faster. "Finally ues oh yes kiss me kiss me." she yelled. We started making out but i wanted to stop since i tasted my sperm but i delt through it all. i stopped and started sucking on her nipples again letting the milk flow through me.

"I should pour some of this in my cereal." i said as she started laughing. "IM CUMMING!" i yelled. she pushed me off of her and put my dick in her mouth again.

"I want your cum inside of me not giving me a baby inside of me." She said. "Now it's time for that boobjob." "Okay." she said as she put my dick between her tits. i was surprised because usually I wouldnt be hard any more but for some reason i was even harder than before.

she put her tits between my dick and gave me a blowjob at the same time. i just rolled my head back and let her do her work. ten minutes later i cummed but she put my dick out and let the cum squirt on her face and tits.

"IM SORRY!" i yelled. i thought i did that but she smiled and put the cum that was on her head onto her middle finger and sucked on it.


"It was my fault and i did it on purpose." she said. "Now as my final trick, Im going to give you your very first footjob and maybe if im still horny we can do it doggystyle.

"Are you sure?" i asked. "Of course i am." she said. "Okay lets go." she said and she laid down in front of me while putting her feet in the air. i cautiously put my dick in between her feet.

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i was really happy i was part black, mexican, and italien because it was law that my dick was about thirteen inches if not more. she put her black painted toenailed feet on my dick and started massaging it. after about five minutes i wasnt really feeling it so she stopped and asked, "Are you even getting turned on by this?" "Um do you want the truth or do you want me to make you feel better?" "I want the fucking truth." "No not really." i said.

"Well lets fix that." she said as she got up and started giving me a handjob. "OH YEA OH YEA!" i yelled. after about two minutes(Thanks to the footjob) i cummed all over her face again. "I lick this mess up later now fuck me doggystyle." she yelled. i put my dick into her pussy and started pounding really hard and fast.

"SLAP MY ASS NOW!" she moaned. i started slapping her ass until it was bright red. "OH yea oh yea you fucking man fuck me fuck me." she moaned and repeated. and i gladly cummed on her back.

after about eight minutes. realizing it was now six o clock i had cummed like twenty time all over except for her pussy. "You really dont want any kids do you." i said as we laid on top of each other not fucking but my dick still inside of her. "I hardly even want my first kid. she said. "Want round two?" she asked. "HELL YEA!" i yeled. but this time she did something different.

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she brung out her phone and said hey emily want to do me and my boyfriend a favor? PART 2 CUMING SOON