Alice Judge In Tattoos big tits and long legs

Alice Judge In Tattoos big tits and long legs
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Melissa had started taking sleeping pills. Jack had begun to notice the effects as she lay nearly comatose on the couch when he returned from from school.

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Mom didn't seem to care, as she was overwhelmed at work. She was a stunning beauty. Dark hair, long tanned legs, pedicured feet, and a bright smile that always cheered Jack up. However, he wished she would exercise more modesty with her outfits. Her skirts did nothing but entice him, seeing her sprawled out on the sofa in the evenings.

She would eventually stagger back to her room and collapse in bed.

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He would often sit next to her and play video games. He indulged his sexual appetite by stroking her long smooth legs and massaging her adorable feet. She never even flinched.


His heart pounded looking up her legs, he could see just a bit of her white panties.But his courage failed him. He didn't dare try anything like that. The next day his friend Adam came over to play Call of Duty with him, and sure enough, Melissa was snoozing on the couch. Her lovely feminine form stretched out on the sofa like some kind of queen of the Nile.

Adam took notice, but didn't say anything. He would frequently look over at her legs, and his gaming was not at its best. He began asking questions about where his mother was, and why was his sister sleeping out here."Oh she's been on sleeping pills.

That sofa's been her bed now for a while, she never makes it to her room before they kick in." Jack explained. "So she's passed out?" Adam laughed and put down the controller. "No way."He walked over to her couch and lifted her hand, it dropped limply. He laughed more. Jack felt slightly nervous but kept playing, as the next match had started.

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Adam moved her hair out of her face and whispered,"Melissa?.Hey sleepy head.Wake up!" He shouted. But she didn't flinch. "Uh Adam she doesn't really respond on those pills okay?" Jack says feebly."Well duh! Obviously!" he slides his hand down her thigh and starts caressing her leg.Jack continues to play, uncomfortable that his friend is groping his passed out sister.

But he doesn't know what to do. Adam lifts her legs up and sits down, with her legs over his lap. He's chuckling. "Damn dude.I cannot believe how out she is! Haha!" He looks at her face and continues stroking her legs and playing with her feet. Jack continues playing and says nothing. He tickles the bottom of her feet and says,"Melissaaaaaa!" she doesn't stir. Adam bends her legs slightly and her feet rest now in his lap. He makes small motions.

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Jack ignores this and keeps playing. "Damn she is out dude." he says softlyHe keeps rubbing her feet on the bulge in his pants, and Jack gulps nervous.

He keeps playing pretending he doesn't see. Her soft toes slide back and forth on him, and he slowly unzips.and pulls out a fat 9 inch cock.


He positions it between her feet and moves them up and down. Melissa continues lying on her pillow, eyes closed as if in a blissful dream. Adam moans softly, sliding his dick between her soft arches. He slides his hand up her legs and under her skirt.

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He massages there for a bit and then slowly pulls her panties down to her knees. Adam lifts her feet and pulls her panties down. One leg drops down the couch, the panties clinging to her ankle. Jack looks over and they make eye contact. There is an awkward moment, but Adam looks defiant and Jack cannot say a thing. He's too scared and a little turned on. Adam moves up between her legs and lean into her now bare pussy. Jack sees her perfectly smooth slit, so adorable and small, exposed for the first time.

Adam presses his lips to her pussy and starts licking her. She remains asleep, but her toes curl suddenly. Jack watches his friend stroking his big cock while licking his passed out sister. He feels himself getting rock hard and he can feel his pulse in his own throat. He gulps. Adam leans back up, his chin glistening. He scoots closer between her legs.stroking his cock. He lines his swollen head up to her pussysliding it up her down her wet slit.Jack is yelling in his own head- Stop this!

Tell him to stop! He's going to put it in her! But he cannot move. He sits silently.Adam reaches down and spreads her little lips with one hand, and places his rock hard cock right at her entrance.His mind screams-Stop this! Don't let him fuck your sister! Then Adam presses forward. His cockhead presses against her little opening.and slowly squeezes past. His cockhead starts to sink into Melissa. Jack watches in shock as his thick cock presses into her pussy.

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She is obviously very tight, and Adam-quite large. He groans and slowly works his cock back and forth, his cockhead sinking deeper a little each time. Her pussy grips his thick shaft as he ruts with her, now that half of his cock is inside her.

Her face remains expressionless, though her breathing becomes deeper. He watches her toes curl periodically, the panties shaking as they hang on her ankle. His friend groans and fucks Melissa faster, and after a few minutes he has worked all of his cock into her. She starts moaning softly, and Jack can clearly see her pussy spasming around the base of his cock. Adam laughs and continues fucking her while she orgasms.

Melissa's toes curl as she moans, her hips thrusting back slightly into his as he fucks. "Fuck she's so tight!" He says as he pants, pumping her, holding her hips. Its clear he is getting close to cumming."D-dont!" Jack squeaks. His courage finally showing itself. "N-not inside her!" Adam doesn't reply but groans, and thrusts into her hard.

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He leans down and kisses her. He groans and slams his cock into her leaning up. Melissa is panting with her lips slightly open. Adam fucks her harder and faster and then holds it in deep.

"Arghhhhhhhhhh! Nnnghh! Nnnnghh! Yesssss!" Melissa's toes curl again and her pussy is spasming. "D-did.Did you just?" Jack asked. Adam sighs very contentedly. He holds his position and looks down at Melissa, admiring her. "Wait a second! Did you just cum in her?" Adam refuses to answer, ignoring all but his blissful victory. Adam left without another word to him. Now Jack was left to clean up his mess. Jack pulled her panties back over her feet, and up over her cum filled pussy.

Her slides her skirt back down, and lays her back in a more dignified manner. Jack slides his hands under her and picks her up with a grunt. He's not very strong, but he carries her to her bedroom, and tucks her in. She curls up on her pillow and smiles happily.

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