Gay twinks videos piss Nolan Loves To Get Drenched

Gay twinks videos piss Nolan Loves To Get Drenched
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Have Hands—Will Travel.First Sex-- #3 After my parents left for work Le'Lu and I sat on the porch swing with cold lemonade she had fixed.

As we swung in the warm breeze, she began talking about our afternoons together. "Danny, you have the coolest parents I've ever met.

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They asked me if I was happy here and if they were paying me enough. I wanted to tell them I'd have kept you here for nothing!" Her cool hand slid up my thigh to my underwear. Her slim fingers toyed with my balls-- as if I need any encouraging to get hard. "You don't need these on under your shorts. I want to be able to feel 'him' when I want." I jumped from the swing and ran to my room.inside I peeled the shorts and underwear off, and pulled the baggy shorts back up.My cock was already hard from her suggestion.

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I made it back outside just as she rose from the swing. " I have a great idea. Let's really get the treehouse looking good- hang curtains, maybe some throw rugs, a nice tablecloth on the table. We may even talk your parents into letting us stay the night up there." My young mind was trying hard to soak this up as she continued.

"I want to show you so much more. We need that kind of privacy up there for what I have in mind. There's a thing called sixty-nine I want to show you. Then there's the old fashioned 'blow job' I planned for today. I'd love to sleep with you in your double sleeping bag. We could do it all night long!" My cock was like stone. She said "Do it".I knew what that meant.the other things could wait till she explained them better. We had our hands full the next hour or so hauling things up to the treehouse.

I was the 'gopher'- bringing the stuff up while Le'Lu arranged it the way she liked it. Soon it looked as good as any room in the big house below. All it lacked was running water and a restroom. Having worked up a sweat, we took a break after four thirty. Le'Lu suggested we shower and have some of the lemonade and sandwiches she had made earlier.

I stood under the warm spray as I soaped my cock and balls. It was so hard I hung the wet washcloth across it—and it held it.didn't drop an inch. I smiled at the thoughts of masturbating, but rinsed quickly and dressed, knowing my sexy nanny had other plans for me. Le'Lu met me in the kitchen. My eyes saw her in the most revealing outfit yet. She had a white t-shirt on, cut off right under the swells of her cute breasts.Her gym shorts were from her college, very loose in the legs but hugged her tight asscheeks well.

We ate quickly, and made our way back to the ladder. She climbed fast, and as I tried to keep up, I looked up her shorts to see she had no panties on.

I was a foot away when she suddenly stopped. My face ran right into her asscheeks and she wiggled them, giggling.Her smell was ambrosial, impossible to describe, but the best thing I'd ever had my face in. I inhaled her scent deeply as she spoke. "You like that Danny?


I'll show you soon what to do with it to make your mouth water!" As we stood in the room, Le'Lu put her arms around me and kissed me deeply.

Her hand went down my shorts to grip my cock that was already stone-hard from smelling her sex. My hands were under her cut off tee squeezing her perfect breasts. She broke the kiss long enough to slip my shorts to the floor.I had the good sense to skin my tee over my head.I helped her do the same as her shorts hit the floor.

Le'Lu took a small throw rug and my hand.

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We stepped carefully into the canopy of thick limbs that anchored the house. This was an old red oak-at least a hundred years old. It's strong limbs and branches had an endless array of possibilities for climbing and exploring. Le'Lu stepped here and there till she found the spot that suited her about twelve feet higher in the limbs.I followed like a dog smelling a bitch in heat.

Li placed the rug into a fork and turned me to lean back onto it. "This is called a blow job.I'll do you then you can do me." She smiled as she made herself squat and level with my hard cock.Her tongue came out as I held my breath.

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Licking all round the glans, her lips parted as she put incredible suction on it, sliding it to the back of her throat. Le'Lu's hands were busy also, cupping my fat balls with one while the other was squeezing my asscheek.

To this day I still have trouble finding the words to describe the feelings her hot mouth and tongue gave me.My eyes squeezed shut- rolling upward while feeling the tingling in my ass and balls.

I saw white flashes of light on the backs of my eyelids.Like seeing lightning off in the distance, but not hearing the thunder. My young hands held her face as she pumped my cock quickly, moaning-- the vibrations from the moans traveling down the length of my shaft. Her hand on my asscheek worked into the crack and she used two fingers to tickle the spasming butt muscle. This was more than good-- it was better than cumming in her pussy or ass I thought -- I never wanted it to end.

I soon realized she had other plans. My cock swelled as the cum boiled up my shaft. My fingers gripped her hair tightly as she sucked the juice from my body. I screamed loud when she swallowed the first mouthful.Her finger had plunged into my virgin ass to tickle my prostate. Le'Lu did not let up, sucking down two more spurts that she pulled from my cock.


My whole body trembled from the intense orgasm.Two or three pails of happiness washed over my whole being.It felt as if I had fallen from a great height-- it took my breath away. If the fork of the tree had not been there, I was sure we would have fallen to our deaths.Her mouth finally let the shaft slip out and she attacked my balls—sucking each one in turn to keep me in aftershocks from the numbing cum she had given me.I was panting like a runner that had finished a hundred yard sprint.

I looked down at her—dizzy from the sudden rush of emotions. "You like that Danny?" I could only smile and nod yes weakly, my body trembling from the mind-blowing orgasm.

"Now—we swap places and I'll talk you through the fine art of eating pussy!" Le'Lu sat in the fork and extended her legs to leave her creamy upper thighs and crotch completely exposed to my face. "Lick here—high up on my inner thighs. Suck all around my pussy first. Then lick the lips up and down to get them really wet!" I did as instructed.

She moaned her approval. Her fingers spread her lips and she pointed at a pea-sized nub in top of the folds. "Lick on this a little—then suck on it like I did your cock." She leaned back and closed her eyes as I licked the swelled clit.Her moans were a signal that I was giving her the same pleasure she had given me.

Her hands pulled my head and lips closer as she told me to suck it inside my mouth. I tasted a wet pussy for the first time in my life. I decided then it was the best thing on earth to do besides fucking.

My tongue was lapping at her clit as the suction made her moan and hunch her whole pelvis into my face. "Oh-O-Yes Danny—stick your fingers inside my pussy—p-please!" I shoved two fingers into her warm tunnel as she screamed. She told me how to hook them up and find her nub from the inside—her 'G-spot' she called it.

When I found the swelling she spoke of she moaned loudly and told me to mash it. I did and her screams filled the tree as she spurt fluids all onto my chin and neck. Pulling my face down, the next spurts hit my lips.

I instinctively began to suck her juices down,driving my long tongue deep to lap it up. It was fortunate our house sat well off the main road. Her moans and screams sounded like I was killing her.

Le'Lu shook all over—her body spasming and jerking as if in a seizure. Her hands still held me to her as I lapped all her juices from her dripping lips.I moved my head enough to lick and kiss her thighs up high again—making her moan in pleasure. My fingers were still embedded deep inside. She used her shaking hand to push them out of her pussy. Her breath's were very ragged and shallow, and her chest was heaving as if she had ran the same sprint as I had earlier.

She pulled me up to kiss her lips, tonguing me deeply—she called it 'Frenching' .I could care less about the names now, only the things I had learned in so little time.

My cock had swelled back to his full hardness, and with it so close to her pussy, I guided the wide head inside.It split her soaked labia and inner lips in one smooth stroke, going deep enough to make her gasp in pleasure. "O-Oh Yes—my young stud! F-Fuck me.Fuck meeeee!!!!" I was learning very fast what really turned Le'Lu on.I slammed my cock as far in as possible and held it there while she squeezed it pulling it back to leave only the tip inside, then pushing inside again.We fucked for several minutes till she exploded all over my cock, her cum so very warm around my thick cock.Mmmmm.I came very hard inside her spasming pussy.

We 'Frenched' again as my cum mixed with hers to run down her asscheeks and thighs. We were drenched in sweat and cum. I thought back to the old movies I'd watched about Tarzan-and Jane.They would have been proud of us.

We made our way back down and into the house.I took the tub while she showered in the parents room.The tub filled with hot water was my favorite. I sat letting the water soothe away my aches when Le'Lu knocked once and just came in.She was naked.and still dripping water. She stepping in with me as my legs folded to make room.

"Mmmmmm--This water is so hot! How do you stand it this way?" "I love hot water, it melts the sweat and grime of you without having to scrub with the soap and water. I used my own brand of bubble bath that says no scrubbing necessary" She sat at my feet, using hers to tickle my balls and cock.

It wasn't two minutes till the head poked up like a periscope. "Stand up Danny, and let me give him a good bath." I stood facing her as she lathered a washcloth and went under my balls, soaping them well.Her hand extended all the way back to my asscheeks, soaping the anal muscle too. That move brought me to my tiptoes, as she worked a soapy finger inside .She rinsed the soap from my cock and licked at the glistening head while her middle finger pumped my ass.

Le'Lu immediatley tried to deep throat my cock, getting all of itbut gagged slighty. Her finger pulled from my ass as her tongue worked it's magic. Once she had me stone hard, she had me lay on my back in the water. Her thighs were shaking with desire as her lowered her pussy onto my cock. It was fortunate there was only a couple of inches of water left inside the tub. "Oh-You are so hard!--Push it! Push it up deep Danny!" I was only too happy to oblige.My confidence soared at the thought of pleasing this wanton teenager.I shoved my cock deeply as possible, only to be pounded back to the tub's bottom.

She seated my cock firmly inside and rolled her full hips in circles. Le'Lu pinched my nipples as I pinched hers—making us both moan in pleasure/pain.She reached behind her to pull my fat balls into her asscrack, adding to the pleasure.I felt her tight muscles inside as they milked my cock.

Her breathing was in short gasps—the kind I knew that signaled an approaching orgasm. My nuts bunched up as an orgasm ran up my shaft and sprayed her insides with my warm cum. "N-No!!

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Not yet sweetie! I have another thing to show you." She stood legs still trembling and pulled me from the tub.She spread a large towel on the floor and lay me on my back. Suddenly her ass was in my face and her mouth on my still dripping cock. "Eat me!--Suck my clit Lick my pussy Danny.This is the sixty-nine I told you of earlier." I licked her clit -sucked it inside my lips and rolled my tongue over and around it while she ground it into my face, moaning.Her mouth worked it's magic on my cock, keeping it hard to leak the cum down her throat.Her orgasm seemed to peak as I stuck my long tongue deep inside the tight pussy, her cum flooding me.My cock was about to explode when she suddenly shifted her body, leaving my cock sticking straight up in the cool air.

Le'Lu helped me to my feet and we walked naked through the house to her room. She pushed me to my back onto her bed, and slowly began to kiss me. Beginning at my feet, her educated lips and tongue traced a path up past my knees to my warm inner thighs.She knew how to hold my pleasure on the very edge as her tongue traced a path in the tender recesses of my groin,lapping all round my throbbing cock but never touching it. My hips bucked and jerked as she moved to the other thigh, her tongue snaking out to lick my balls.Moving up she licked my navel, sucking it a moment to drive me into spasms.

Her wet lips kissed each breastthen circled each nipple to suck them.rolling her stiff tongue all round them.Her hand cupped my balls as she swung into position over me, impaling her tight pussy onto my thick cock. It took only a few strokes till I was shooting long streams of cum deep inside her gripping tunnel.

She flooded my crotch as well, soaking my shaft and balls with her sweet juices. We heard my parents pulling into the long driveway and I barely had time to wipe up and get in bed before they came inside.I faked being asleep as Mom peeked inside my room.

I could hear them talking with Le'Lu as my last thoughts were of her sweet pussy cumming on my cock.What an incredible day.