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New gay porn gallery Pissing In The Wild With Dukke
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Part 4 The Family Together Mary and I packed up and did what was needed to be done, to close the house up. I watched as Mary was moving gingerly around, and you could tell that she was sore inside rather than outside. It was then that I thought that an explanation would be needed to tell mum of the reason for Mary's tenderness.

I spoke with Mary who supported my idea. After we left the house, Mary leant over and laid her head on my shoulder. I suppose that she did this because she felt safe and happy.

You must remember that Mary never knew our father or grandfather. The only male that she could love, could look up to, and to protect her, was me. I was the only male person that would never break her heart and love her for who she was. And feeling this little angel laying her head on my shoulder, who wanted to be apart of me, only made me love her more.

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When we arrived home, Mary was still a little sensitive and her movements were noticeable. I just hoped that mum would believe our excuse. I walked in and mum was at the sink getting dinner ready.

I moved up behind her, put my arms around her body and hugged her. I leant forward and kissed her on the cheek and whispered, "How was your day honey." Mum turned her head and I kissed her again on the lips. She said, "Mine was sort of good. How did you go down at the house?

Did you fix the downpipes?" I replied, "Yes. It's good now." It was then that she stopped what she was doing, put the implements down and turned to me. She grabbed me around the waist, something she never done before and kissed me full on the lips. I was taken back, but still responded to her. It was then she said, "I got to talk with you. But that's later. Go and see Beth for me, please." I kissed her again and told her I would.

I left her and mum returned to preparing dinner. I walked through the house, when I came to Beth's door and knocked. I could hear some giggling and on opening her door, Mary was walking out. I looked at Mary she had that sheepish grin, as she walked out of Beth's room.

Beth was sitting on the side of her bed, when she patted the bed next to her.

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She had this look about her, so I walked over and sat next to her. At that stage I didn't know whether I should put my arm around her or just wait for her.

In the end Beth broke the silence. She started with, "Honey do you remember the first time after the spa was finished and we went down to the house?" I looked perplexed and said, "Uh huh." Beth went on, "Do you remember that time? We made love with the condoms that you found there?" Again I said, "Uh huh." Beth then said, "Did anything happen then?" I said, "Why?" She said, "Honey, I'm pregnant and it's been over seven weeks now, since my last period." I was happy and sad all at the same time.

I didn't know what to do. Then just because I wanted too, I hugged Beth and kissed her full on the lips and said, "Darling will you have my child please?

I promise that I'll look after you and make sure the baby always knows who their father is." Beth smiled at me and said, "Yes.

Darling I love you very much." Then she said, "Mum knows and so does Mary. I suppose we'll have to talk about what we're going to do?" I hugged Beth for as long as I could, kissing her cheek and lips.


I said, "I'm going to talk with mum. You rest, okay?" So I left Beth and went back to the kitchen. Mum was there and turned around as I entered the room. She stopped what she was doing, walked over and took my hand and said, "Honey we've got to talk." So hand in hand we walked out through the back door out into the vegetable patch. I was afraid that mum was going to scold me for getting Beth pregnant. So we walked for a short while, when we stopped, mum turned to me, took me in her arms and kissed me.

Then she said, "Darling, I want to get pregnant too." I was stunned. I kissed mum again and said, "Okay, I think that's great. I love you even more." Mum went on with, "Well we'll have to think this through, but I'm not letting us start until hallway through Beth's pregnancy. Are you really happy?" I said, "Yes, I am Jen." Mum reached up and we kissed and hugged for several minutes. We stood there holding hands just smiling and talked some about having our baby and then about the consequences in town.

We walked back inside and I saw Mary sitting at the table, with that big grin on her face. I said, "Still a little sore?" Mary shrugged her shoulders then she nodded her head.

I smiled and mum looked at both of us and I waved it away, saying, "I'll explain tonight." With that I walked back to Beth's room.

I knocked and asked if I could come in. I heard a yes, so I opened the door. Beth was lying on her bed, with a smile that I'd die for. I walked over and sat down next to her.

I started to rub her back when she said, "Well you've got me pregnant and I'm happy that I'm carrying your child." I could see Beth was delighted.

I said, "Honey, I didn't do it on purpose and when your period came I thought that you were ok." Beth looked at me and said, "Well you can still get pregnant and then have your periods too." I felt stupid.

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I looked at Beth and lay next to her, rubbing her back. I moved my head in and kissed her gently on the lips. Then she said, "And mum wants to get pregnant too. How will I explain that to our child?" I said, "We'll explain it as best we can when the question is raised. Don't forget Mary wants to get pregnant too." Beth just shook her head. Then Beth said, "Well you don't have to wear them any more.

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So lock the door and let's have some time together okay?" So I got up made sure the door was locked and stripped down to my boxers. I was already sporting a hard on because I was so turned on by Beth's and Mum's pregnancy. I walked back over and lay next to Beth, who was still clothed.

She said, "It looks like a flag pole. And what's this you gave Mary anal. You never asked me if I wanted anal." I laughed at that and said, 'Well do you want to try it or would you like to be fucked by me?" She said, straight away, "Fucked by you." With that I started undressing Beth.

As I lifted up her T shirt, I found she wasn't wearing a bra, and with her arms stretched above her head it drew her tits out across her chest. So, without taking off her T shirt I lowered my mouth to her closest tit and sucked her nipple into my mouth. Beth began moaning almost immediately, her nipples were hard and her breast seemed to be larger than normal. I chew on her nipples, which always caused small moans to escape Beth's lips.

I reached down and let my fingers scratch across her stomach. This brought a shiver from Beth. Now I pushed Beth onto her back, while still holding the T shirt above and covering her head. I started on the opposite nipple, giving that the same attention as the first. As I reach the waist band of her shorts, I pushed my hand past and down to her groin.

I cupped her groin, letting my fingers rub her mons and pussy. Beth was now moaning deeply, and I cold feel ripples running through her body.

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I stuck my index finger into her pussy and it was wetter than any time I fucked her before. I wanted to taste her because I just enjoyed eating her pussy. I left her tits and started making my way down, when Beth said, "Darling no, don't eat me, just stick your cock in, I want a really good fuck from my husband." So I didn't wait I removed her shorts and T shirt and before I rolled on top of her, I was out of my boxers.

I kneeled between her legs and placed the head of my cock into her pussy. As I lay down upon her, I slowly pushed myself into her love tunnel, until I bottomed out and was touching her cervix, which felt different.

I started slowly withdrawing from Beth, and then pushed back into her pussy one more time. Beth hooked her legs around my waist letting her heels rest on top of my arse. I kept this up until I was sure that she was alright. Then I started ramming into Beth, who was moaning deep in her throat.

All of a sudden Beth started saying, "Fuck me lover, fuck me daddy. Just fuck me hard.' I loved the daddy part, so I told her to call me her daddy. Beth started saying, 'Fuck me hard daddy. Fuck your sister's pussy.' Her words and the way she was saying it, turned me on even more.

Now I was ramming into and I was ready to shoot. Beth yelled out loud also having an orgasm, with me, which sent her up and over.

Her legs squeezed my arse into her pussy and I couldn't hold it any longer I sent a more than a usual load of seed into her waiting pussy. As we calmed down Beth, holding me, said, "Honey, what's going to happen to us?

We can't live here any more, people already know about Donna and I know Mary or I haven't said anything. I don't want them to know about you." I nodded my head and I said, "Beth let me think about it and we'll discuss it later okay?" She said, "Okay darling I trust you." With that we got dressed and went out to the kitchen. Mum was finishing up with dinner.

Mary was sitting at the table reading, when Beth and I walked in. I sat at the table, and Beth sat upon my lap. Mum looked around and saw us, saying, "No, you'll sit at your seat thank you." Beth got off my lap and sat next to me.

I had to laugh because it was something so different for Beth. Mum came and placed dinner on the table, and we serving ourselves and started eating. Mum said, "Well you two made a racket, which gave me a thought. How are we going to deal with sleeping arrangements?' Beth said, straight away, "Well Terry can sleep in my bed with me." I could see where mum was going with this, so I said, "I suppose that Beth and I will share one night then Jenny and I will the alternate night." Mary said, "what about me?" I looked over at her and said, "Well every third night.

How does that sound?" Mary smiled and nodded. At that everyone was happy, when mum said, "Instead of Terry coming to our bed, I think I better buy a King size bed for him and we can come to his bed.' Everyone nodded at that. It was later when I was thinking of what to do about the town that I happened to be surfing the net for real estates, when I came across one where an island in the middle of the river gave us the perfect opportunity.

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The Island had only one road in and out. It had only residence and was used mainly for cattle. The nearest town was some 40 kilometres away and the nearest city 120 kilometres.

The Queensland Gold Coast was only a short drive away. It looked like a good prospect, somewhere to bring up children, fishing, swimming, farming and no one to disturb us. I told then girls all about this idea and that I would contact the real estate on the following day.

That night after fucking mum, I talked about the possibilities of the property and she agreed that it was a good idea.

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I also told her that we'd sell dad's and her home and use the money to buy this other property, keeping granddad's place for holidays.

She again agreed with me on this. Soon after we cuddled and went to sleep, enjoying lying in each others arms. The following day I made arrangements to drive to over and see this farm.

I met the real estate dealer at the farm. He had to drive 50 kilometres to meet me, and after showing me around and getting a little history of the property, I decided on buying it. Well we bought the property, and waited until mum's property sold. On selling it we made a pretty profit which helped us even more. We set up a manager to look after the fishing fleet and granddad's property, which all went well.


I decided to invest in cattle and started a breeding program, one bull heaps of cows. I leant how to fly a helicopter and we're wondering if this would help us, especially when going shopping to the nearest city. All in all everything was good. Mum got pregnant before Beth's 23rd week and Mary, well Mary got pregnant after tampering with a condom just after mum and I said, no.

Not until you're 18 years old. That was just after the Beth's 23rd week. Well I'm going to purchased an apartment down near the city hospital, that was we don't have far to travel when the baby's came.

We can travel to the apartment just before the birth. Well that's my story I'm looking forward to being a father.

I know Beth's child is a girl, but we're waiting for Jenny to have her check up and find out what my second child is.


So we're one big happy family of Husband and Wives now. The End