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Busy teen slut screwed and creampied by hard man meat
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My Sister Sees Me, Then Teaches Me Part 1 This is a true story and this happened to me, not so long ago. And I love my sister for it.

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Cassie was a young girl, 13 years old, short blonde hair, beautiful auburn colored eyes, small body, small-budding breasts, and on the brink of puberty. She wasn't prepared for what was happening to her but her sister Jasmine was there to help her through it all. Jasmine was 16 at the time, she was quite more mature than Cassie and her figure clearly stated that. Jasmine had long-sleek black hair, breasts fitting of a woman at the age of 20, auburn colored eyes as well, and was quite a bit taller than Cassie.

Jasmine had already gone through puberty at an early age and now felt confident of herself, although she may have had her doubts and conflicting thoughts about her self-esteem but that was normal for any girl at the age of 16. As Cassie began to go through puberty, her sister noticed things changing about her.

The way she acted, the way she looked almost as if she was hiding something from. Jasmine knew that the flow of hormones was making her little sister into a woman and the transition was a bit troublesome but her sister seemed to act more unusal than most girls at her age. Cassie would stay in her room for long periods of time, not making any noise, hiding under the covers, not making a sound, and whenever she did come out her demeanor was very closed as if she was embarrased or shameful of something.

Jasmine passed this off as her sister having a difficult time going through puberty and comforted her and tried to talk to her as much as possible but to no avail, Cassie seemed to distance herself even more. Their parents never noticed anything different, Cassie's mom always convinced her husband that Cassie was just struggling going through puberty so they labeled Cassie as just growing up and never bothered to approach the subject of why she was so hidden from everyone.

Weeks passed and Cassie stayed the same. Always locked in her room, hiding under her sheets, but now at night Jasmine could hear odd moaning and then crying coming from Cassie's room. At school Cassie looked and acted as if everything was well and interacted with her friends quite gaily but when she returned home, she seemed completely different and she just went back upstairs to lock herself away.

Jasmine knew how it felt to be going through what her sister was going through and she left her alone for quite some time so she could sort things out on her own because that's what she needed when she went through puberty. But as time progressed, Cassie became more desolate to and oblivious to everyone until one night. It was a friday night and Cassie and Jasmine's parents walked into the living room where Jasmine was sitting, watching television and they told her that they both had to go out of town for a few days on an emergency business call.

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They asked if Jasmine if she would be alright with her sister alone until Sunday when their aunt would be over to check on them and she assured them that everything would be fine so they left that night. Jasmine's parents didn't go up to Cassie's room for fear of worrying her with their departure so they left the news of their leave with Jasmine. A little while after they had gone, Cassie came downstairs to get something to eat and then asked "Where's mom, I need to talk to her?" and Jasmine replied "Oh, I meant to go up and tell you but mom and dad had to go out of town for a few days on an emergency business trip." and Cassie responded "Alright." and began to walk back up the stairs.

Jasmine replied quite quickly "Hey, you know if you need someone to talk to, i'm always here." and Cassie responded "No, that's okay.

I just needed to ask mom something." And she walked back up the stairs quite light heartedly as if she was relieved to know that her sister was there for her if she needed her. The hours passed and it was almost midnight and Jasmine decided it was time to go to bed so she turned the television off and headed upstairs. She began to walk down the hall as she got up the stairs and when passed Cassie's room, Jasmine could hear soft moaning coming from the room.

Jasmine decided to check on her sister and as she peered in, all she could see was her sister tossing and turning. It appeared that she was having a bad dream and didn't dare wake her for fear of scaring her even more so she exited the room unoticed. As Jasmine prepared for bed, changed into her nightie, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, and made a few phone calls.


She thought she heard sobbing but passed it off as old creaks of the house but when she returned from checking that all the doors and windows were securely locked, she could tell that the sobbing was real and she knew where it was coming from. Jasmine quietly opened the door to her sister's room and walked in ever so quietly.

She approached her sister and kneeled down by her side and said "Cassie, what's wrong sweetie?

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Did you have a bad dream?" and Cassie responded, still sobbing "No, I haven't been able to sleep." and Jasmine replied "But I checked on you a little while ago and you were sleeping but it looked like you were having a bad dream." and Cassie responded "I wasn't sleeping." and Jasmine replied "Then what were you doing?" Cassie responded "I can't tell you." and Jasmine replied "Why not?" and Cassie replied, still sobbing "Because, if I tell you, then you'll tell mom and dad, and then they'll send me away for being a freak." and Jasmine responded "Woah, woah.

Slow down. You're not a freak. Tell me what's goin on. I promise I won't tell mom and dad." and Cassie replied "You promise." and Jasmine responded "Yes, I promise." and Cassie began "Well lately I've been having these weird feelings, feelings about one of my friends." and Jasmine replied "Sweetie, that's normal." and Cassie responded "I know it's normal for some people but not for me." and Jasmine "Why do you think that, tell me which boy it is, im sure he likes you as much as you like him?" and Cassie halted and slowly replied "That's the problem, it's not a boy, it's a girl." Jasmine looked shocked from the unexpected remark from her younger sister but responded immediately "Oh honey come here, it's okay.


I understand. When I was your age, I had the same kind of feelings for another girl too. You don't have to tell mom and dad but i'm sure they wouldn't consider you a freak if you told them." and Cassie replied "Really?" and Jasmine responded "Yes, it's normal for a girl to have those kind of feelings. So do you want to tell me about this girl?" and Cassie replied "Kinda." and Jasmine replied "Okay, well tell me how she makes you feel." and Cassie replied with a slightly less serious demeanor "Well everytime I see her in school, I get butterflies in my tummy and when I look at her body, I start to get really itchy down there and my tummy gets really warm." and Jasmine responded "Well it sounds like you really like this girl and she maked you feel really special.

But what do you mean that you get itchy down there?" and Cassie replies "You know, down there." and Jasmine responded "Oh I think I know what you're talking about, so do you know how to get rid of that itch." and Cassie responds "Well I go to the bathroom and rub it to try to make it go away but it just itches more and by the time i'm done rubbing it, i'm all sweaty and it just makes me feel like I have to go pee-pee, and then I do it when I get home and it still itches and it never goes away." and Jasmine replies "Umm Cassie, have they taught you about masturbation in sexual education." and Cassie responded dumbfoundedly "No." and Jasmine replies "Sweetie, what you're doing is masturbating, it's a from of self-pleasure that all girls use, and if you learn how to do it correctly, it can make that itch go away.

Jasmine wasn't ready for what Cassie was gonna say next but it would change everything for both of them forever. Cassie replied "Ummm Jassie, can you teach me?" Jasmine looked at her, thinking of what she should do and how wrong it would be to masturbate or help her sister masturbate but her sister began to complain "Please, Jassie.

Help me make it go away, everytime I think about Karen, I get all warm and itchy down there and it never goes away." and Jasmine did something she never thought she would do and she said "Okay, if I help you, you have to promise to never tell mom and dad or anyone else, okay?" and Cassie replied excitedly and happy that she'd finally be able to scratch her itch "I promise, so how do I do it?" Jasmine replied "Maybe, it'd be better if I showed you first." Then Jasmine slid into the bed with her sister and began to remove her panties and nightie, and for the first time, Cassie saw her sister naked and loved everything about her, her gorgeous breast, slim stomach, and her small patch of hair leading down to her forbidden treasure; and it made her moisten in her own panties.

Cassie didn't know why she did but she liked seeing her sister naked. Jasmine looked at her sister and told her "I'm going to start now, pay attention to everything I do, and if you don't like what i'm doing, just tell me and i'll stop." and Cassie replied "Okay." Then Jasmine began by rubbing her breasts gently at first, then faster, then she began to tweak her nipples.

As she did all of this, the images of Jasmine touching herself were burning in Cassie's mind and wasmaking her wetter by the minute. Jasmine continued to massage her breast ever so gently, enjoying it, and surprisingly excited to be watched doing this.

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Jasmine began to moisten as the rubbing of her breasts was really turning her on, and she didn't want to admit it but having her sister watch her was also getting her pretty wet as well. While she did all of this, Cassie had her eyes peeled, watching Jasmine's every moment and enjoying it all, wishing that she could touch her sister as she touched herself.

Cassie didn't know why she was feeling these things but the erotic image of her sister pleasuring herself was making her want to touch her. As Jasmine began to close in on her private treasure, she opened her eyes to see her sister looking at her as if she was a dog in heat.

Both of them had built up sexual tensions and as they looked into each other's eyes, without thinking they shared a strong, embraceful kiss. Neither of them knew what they were doing but they both liked it, Jasmine was unsure if it was okay to do it.

She knew that what they had started was incest but the heat of the moment was washing over both of them and she couldn't hold back anymore, and she didn't care that it was incest. As the two of them shared their first kiss, Jasmine and Cassie began to embrace each other's body.

Cassie loved the feeling of her sister's naked body pressed against hers, and the warm feeling that she was feeling earlier started to feel really hot now. The two of them began to get into the motions of their kissing and Jasmine probed her sister's inexperience mouth with her tongue.

They cherished the soft tongues in each other's mouths, Cassie had never kissed anyone before but she she picked up the motions quite quickly. Soon, their experimental probing of each other's mouth became passionate kisses that looked as if shared by lovers.

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Jasmine initiated more touching between the two of them and as the touching began so their wetness seemed to leak out of them. The slight warm and wetness that they both felt soon mounted into a leaking mess coming from both of them. Soon, they started gyrating their hips, rubbing up against each other, relieving some of the pressure on their pussies but both of them wanted more.

Just as the kissing seemed to never end, Jasmine broke it and spoke up "Are you sure you want to do this, because if we go any further, there's no turning back for either of us?" and Cassie replied ever so sweetly "Yes, I want you. I want you to show me everything you know.

I love the way you make me feel." That was all that Jasmine needed, although shocked by her sister's confession of having feelings for her, she couldn't help herself. Jasmine wanted to ravage her sister's body and she wanted to show her every pleasure she knew of that two women could enjoy. Once they were done with the formalities and agreements, Jasmine started to pleasure Cassie in many ways.

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First she started by kissing and licking her sister's little-budding breasts and with each lick, Cassie started to quietly moan with a little "Ohhhh" each time but as the licking/tweaking of her nipples continued, her moans began to become louder. Jasmine continued to lick and tweak her nipples for several minutes until she knew for a fact that her sister had heated up from all the attention she had gave to her nipples.

And as she stopped kissing Cassie's nipples, she trailed her way down her slim stomach, kissing her ever so softly inch by inch, under her little breasts, down her slim stomach, in her belly button and around it, then stopping at her naval.


Cassie wondered why her sister had stopped going down because that was all she could think of at that moment. Jasmine sat up and said "Cassie, I know that you want me to show the pleasures that i've learned but maybe it'd be better if you learned how to pleasure yourself first." and Cassie replied "Okay, sure, just help me please, im aching for release." Then Jasmine sat up directly across from Cassie and spread her legs then directed Cassie to do the same, and as they did so, they both looked at each other's most intimate body part and moistened at the sight.

After the excitement of seeing each other finally passed, Jasmine began to rub herself softly, rubbing each of her outer lips, then rubbing her whole pussy with her hand and she directed Cassie to do the same. Cassie had stumbled around before, trying to get rid of her 'itch' but could never succeed and she seemed to be having problems doing it correctly at that time too.

So Jasmine got up and kissed her sister then quietly whispered "I can see that you're having problems with doing it yourself and maybe that's a sign that you need me to help you so that is what i'm going to do." Jasmine lowered herself down between her sister's legs and began. She started by making sure her fingers were well lubricated but she could clearly see that she wouldn't need it due to the wetness already seeping from her sister's moist opening. She licked her fingers then gently started to rub Cassie's outer lips, and at the first touch she could see Cassie stiffening up but enjoying the sensation at the same time.

Jasmine just kept rubbing and massaging Cassie as if caring for her sister's pussy in a motherly way and throughout the whole thing, Cassie had an expression of pure pleasure over her face. Cassie just kept moaning "Ohhhhh" with every stroke of Jasmine's hand over her pussy. Jasmine loved to hear her sister moan and see that she was receiving great pleasure.

After only a few minutes of being played with, Cassie began to moan louder and started saying "Jasmine, I feel like I have to pee. See, this is why I told you I can never get rid of the itch" and Jasmine replied "Listen to me, you're not going to pee and if you do, it's okay but trust me, when you feel it coming, just let it happen." and Cassie responded as Jasmine went back to work on her "Okay." Jasmine continued to rub her sister's outer lips and then started opening her up to get more access to her clit.

As Jasmine finally got a hold of Cassie's clit, Cassie moaned loudly in pleasure, Cassie's back arched and her whole body stiffened waiting for more pleasure. Jasmine had found her love button and continued to twist it in her fingers and rub on it, and as she did that her sister was enjoying it, she knew she had more thing to do.

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Jasmine kept one of her hands on Cassie's clit which was enough to keep her moaning and while she did so, she began to slowly slide two of her fingers into Cassie. Cassie jumped at the unexpected movement of her sister but liked what she was doing. Jasmine wasn't worried about breaking Cassie's hymen because a few years ago, she got into an accident on a bicycle and the seat broke her hymen by accident so that wasn't any issue.

Jasmine continued to rub her sister's clit more and more which released more moans "Ohhhh" from Cassie and the further Jasmine slid her fingers into her, the more Cassie would moan. Cassie was very tight and Jasmine could feel that she had never been penetrated by anything before so she made small strokes as she fingered her little sister.

After some time of gentle rubbing, Jasmine picked up the pace. Her fingering became rapid and she was rubbing her clit furiously, Cassie began to moan and scream "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD.OH, OH.YES, YES JASSIE, YES!!!!!".

and as Cassie moaned, she bucked her hips wildly and arched her back as the pleasure had built up to it's highest peak, then she yelled out "YESSSS!!!!!" over and over again as she had her first orgasm, Cassie opened up as she came and came so much that she was leaking girl cum as she finished.

Jasmine loved the smell of another woman's cum and couldn't help herself from taking a taste of her sister's cum, Cassie was recovering from the most intense moment of her entire life until she glanced at Jasmine and looked dumbfounded at her sister as she tasted her sweet pussy nectar then Jasmine said "Here, take a lick.

It tastes so goood." Cassie was still regaining her strength but she listened to her sister and trusted because she hadn't dissapointed her yet. As Cassie licked the cum off of Jasmine's finger, immediately she thought it tasted bitter but sweet at the same time and began to want more for the delicious taste that it left in her mouth. When Cassie finally recuperated, Jasmine got up and began to change the sheets because she knew that their moistness was all over and their parents would ask what the smell is if they came to her sheets covered in pussy juice.

Once Jasmine finished changing the sheets and placing new ones, they both got into the bed together, still naked, pleased from what had transpired between them and happy to be together. As they got ready to sleep, they embraced each other in a deep, loving hug, shared a passionate kiss and Jasmine said "Goodnight sweetie, get your rest so you'll be ready for what I have planned for tomorrow." It was clear to Cassie that they would be spending the whole weekend loving each other in many ways and she was excited for it.

The last thing she did before finally falling asleep was whispering to Jasmine "I'll always remember this and I hope you will too." And as Cassie started shutting her eyes, she thought she heard a whisper saying "I will."