Redhead jap babe fucked hardcore takes messy facial in POV

Redhead jap babe fucked hardcore takes messy facial in POV
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The Breeders Life 4: Traffic Stop I was left alone for the first few weeks after my procedure, at least while I was at work the vibrator was turned on. A mic at the desk well hidden so I could not see it and another one in the office which were both connected to the vibrator in question, meant their were moments in the day when I'd be brought to a juddering halt if I was lucky or I'd end up crying out either in pain or pleasure, depending on what was being said at the time.

People had taken to walking by and calling me names just for the fun of it. Their was a note on the desk telling people how to address her, pick one word from a list and use it when you talk to her. She'd had more than one screaming orgasm whilst sat at her desk, Stephen's father had stood their for nearly twenty minutes one morning just saying the word whore over and over again.

He was laughing as I could not hold back the moans and cries or the juices that spewed out of me repeatedly while he did this. If the pills didn't make me horny, then the damn vibrator sure did the trick or brought me off more times a day than I could cope with.

I was so sensitive at times that a simple word could result in an earth shattering climax. I'd blacked out more than once at the desk and woken up to someone slapping me not so gently across the face.

Like I have said before to most of these men I and all women are nothing more than fuck toys to be breed at their pleasure. The latest degradation was a sheer dress body suit lace of course, the crotch was missing for easy access. He was tired of seeing me in dresses so now it was a new take on a pants suit for women. A lacy one piece body suit. My nipples were always a source of discomfort as now with the straps and or the dresses depending on his mood I was were well with in the sensor range or touching them it didn't make any difference.

So I got jolted with pain or pleasure depending on his mood every 5 to 10 seconds. The side effect of working for Stephen was that at the very least I could drive myself to and from home, as I now had a company car. Of course nearly two months on since the procedures I had under gone, I was no longer left alone by people at work. Which usually meant being made to do things which were degrading to watch. I'd been forced to take a 60 year old mans rancid cock in my mouth, he didn't wash very well and he stank as a result.

I had wanted to be sick before during and after what he had done. But I knew better than to argue with him or any man. I liked my freedom to much and I liked my job to much. So no matter how disgusting the job was at times, I went about it as I always did and gave it my best shot. Nothing a good long hot shower and mouth wash couldn't cure. I wasn't allowed to bring a change of clothes with me to work, so I came to work in the outfit he chose for me that day and went home in it.

Tonight it was the body suit, no panties because hell you know why by now or you should. I am driving along the highway heading for home after a tiring day. I ached and what I really wanted to do was have a shower and go to bed. That would be the ideal world anyway but like I said or maybe I haven't, this world is not about being fair it is just this world.

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I hear the siren behind me I look in my mirrors and see its flashing me, I sigh I don't know why I am being pulled over but I know that I have no choice but to pull over. It is the law after all, a cop pulling a woman over was okay if it was a woman doing the pulling over which was rare these days. The laws on women doing much of anything were getting tighter and tighter, as the repopulating the country laws got stricter and stricter.

If you were unlucky as you infrequently were then it would be a male cop after one thing and one thing alone. A quick fix to his horniness and not really minding one way or the other how he got it.

You hear about cops who act as spotters for the guys on the road.

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A quick blast of the sirens and you pull over an unsuspecting woman to do with as you please. Except that they aren't unsuspecting any more. If you really had some shit luck then it wasn't just one cop. I'd see a girl friend of mine pulled into the back of a meat wagon just after high school graduation.

She'd been raped by six different men, no protection used of course, why would you use protection. No this had been a gang bang rape by some horny cops who'd seen a big tit teenage female and decided that they had wanted a piece of that.

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My friend had lost her virginity in the most horid if hot way imaginable and since then had been little more than a baby machine, for the men around the neighbourhood where she still lived.

Rumor has it her cunt was one of the loosest in the state. Last time I had seen her a couple of months ago she was pregnant with child number eight. Multiple births ran in her family and that was the case with her to.

The cop is tapping on the driver window and I lower it. "How can I help you officer?" I ask him politely. His young maybe twenty four if a day, blond big blue eyes, looks like he works out a lot and I know he does. I can see it in his bulging biceps and huge thighs. Yeah you notice that sort of thing when you are kept perpetually horny and you like a nice jock.

which I am guessing he was if he isn't one now. "You were speeding ma'am 71 in a 70 zone. Would you mind stepping out of the car please." He says to me. Its lame as excuses go, I know it and he knows it, but it is all the excuse that he needs to pull me over.

He isn't going to give me a fine or anything, no he will fuck me then he will let me go on my way. It will be what he calls a let off. not that it needs to be let off. the actual speed limit being 80 on a interstate which is what I am on right now. 70 being the guide speed of course. "Sorry about that officer, my foot must have slipped." I say to him.

"Thats quite alright ma'am, if you'd just step out of the car for me." He says to me. I turn the engine off and step out of the car. I am sure that if he was less professional he would have wolf whistled when he saw what I was wearing.

As it was though he simply gave me a once over. The lace covering my tits made sure that I had vibrations going on downstairs. No mic's here so I wasn't in that kind of difficulty here.

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He couldn't control me like Stephen could and I had that to be thankful for. "My." He says. I have to resist the urge to roll my eyes. "I guess someone knows the meaning of easy access." He says laughing as he leads me to the back of his car. He doesn't quite shut the door when he pushes me into the backseat of his squad car.

He climbs in with me. "Look at you, a whore in sheeps clothing. Well lace in your case, but a whore none the less." He says his hands groping my breasts. I arch my back into the touch and moan in pain/pleasure a mixture of both.

"You like that don't you bitch." He says placing his hand on my pussy. "Oh yeah your sopping wet." He said laughing. "No, please." I beg. Pointless I know, but I have to try anyway. He is going to fuck me, I can feel his hardness against my leg as it is right now.

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I want it, I need it so badly. but not like this not on the side of the road with some cop just because he can. Oh but lord do I want it. I feel his fingers enter me and I grind down on his hand as a response, the need to feel him in me overwhelming my need for this not to happen. Damn that pill and damn that vibrator.

He can tell what is making my body respond the way and acts accordingly. Before I can think about what he is about to do he has moved my legs above my head giving him access to my pussy and his mouth is on me in an instant. I scream out in ecstasy as his tongue enters me and my legs clamp down around his head hard holding his head in place. "Bitch I can't breath." He yells at me forcing my legs away from his head.

"Move again and I will make you fucking wish you hadn't you cunt." He screams at me slapping my ass as he does making me cry out even more.

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I was in pain and yet I wanted him more than ever. His tongue moved away from the centre of my universe and I felt him push a finger into my pussy I groan. "You got a vibrator in your pussy whore, no wonder you are so wet. You dirty hussy." He says slapping me about the face.

I moan as a second finger joins the first one and thrust my hips up. "That's it bitch ride my fingers, fuck my fingers bitch." He yells at me. He uses his free hand to play with my nipples. Tweaking them and of course that has a desired effect down stairs as well. "Oh yeah I can feel your pussy vibrating around my fingers bitch. I bet you like that." He says laughing and slidding a third finger into me his fingers scissoring and pushing me to my limits.

"Oh please I can't take much more. Please stop." I cry at him. Pleading for this to end makes him just finger fuck me harder and he slaps my face harder than the first time.

I cry out, I know what my voice is saying but that is not what my body is saying. "Shut the fuck up you slut and take it from a man." He snarls at me a fourth finger in my pussy my eyes roll up inside my head and I cry out again. "That's it bitch take my hand." He says. "I'm going to breed you like the bitch that you are. plant my seed in your pussy.

Make you remember me for a week." He says. I feel extra pressure on my pussy and so when his hand enters I scream out definitely in pain. He has his fucking fist in my pussy. oh my god. One thing I have never done before in my life, is take someone's fist in my ass or pussy.

Oh shit the pain, I grab his hand and try to pull it out but he slaps my hand away. "Don't you fucking dare bitch, this pussy is mine to do with as I please." He snarls at me bringing it a little out before pushing it back in I cry out pleasure spreading through me little by little. "No please." I begged. "Oh yeah, you should see your sopping pussy bitch eating my hand up." He said twisting his hand making me moan even louder. "I want to feel that vibrator against my cock.

oh yeah I bet it feels pretty amazing." He says to me withdrawing his hand I groan, glad to have my pussy free of his hand. He lowers my legs and I notice for the first time that we are being filmed, by someone who has stoppped his cock is buried deep inside some poor bitch being fucked right there on the side of the road for all to see.

Completely naked.


"Look Sally, the slut will be on xtube tonight." The man says slapping his wife's ass. "Who the fuck would want to fuck that skinny cunt." The bitch said. "Nothing off her, small tits. oh yeah Johnnie fuck me oh yeah I want your babies." She cries out. I am disgusted, someone that fat, fuck that. You had to take care of yourself or you would end up looking. looking like that. I feel something pressing against my pussy and I know he is ready.

His cock presses into me and sinks in without much of a fight. I groan and arch up into him. My hands gripping his pant clad ass of their own accord pulling him into me with ever thrust of his hips. "I knew you wanted it." He said moaning as my hands slip down his pants and boxers, grabbing his ass digging my nails into his ass.

"Oh yeah you like it rough bitch." He said grunting as he slammed into me. I gripped hard to his ass as he pistoned in and out of me. "Oh yeah fuck me you cunt." I scream in his face. "I want your sperm, stop talking and fucking cum." I dug my nails in further meeting his thrusts half way.

The couple outside the car forgotten though I knew by their grunts that they were still going at it. Not wanting to lose my focus on him any and what he was doing to me, oh man he had technique and he fucking knew it. "Oh yeah that's it breed my cunt, I want your cum." I moan out. His pace picks up and he grinds himself into me when he bottoms out. I feel his balls against me and for the first time he leans down to kiss while.

"Oh I am coming back for seconds and thirds." He said to me. "Shut the fuck up and cum you cunt." I snap at him. Young and easily startled apparently. I probably would never see this guys again, I certainly hoped so. He begins to piston in and out of me, grunting louder with each thrust. I use my grip on his ass to get him deeper than he had been going. He is moaning now, loudly and I can't help but smile, I know he is close.

I however am not. I don't care though, I want this to be over, I want to be away from him and our audience before any of his mates turn up. I am bored with the sex that I am going through the motions. I clench down on him tightening my pussy. He moans loudly shouting out for his mommy as he comes deep in me and slumps against me. Dead weight on top of me, I note that the couple were still there fucking like bunnies, just as disgusting as they were before, I wanted to be out of here before he had any ideas of having me.

"Get off me." I mutter in his ear. "No thank you bitch." He growls at me when he finally has the energy to get up of me, his cock has slithered out of my pussy and I am grateful for small mercies. "Just another fuck and go for you slut is that it." He says slapping me across the face. "Well don't let me stop you." He snaps getting up off of me. "Thank you." I said to him as I climbed out of the car he handed me a penalty notice.

"This is for speeding." He snaps. Of course it is, he wrote me a speeding ticket petty off him.