Twinks Troy and Andy Foot Fetish Fuck

Twinks Troy and Andy Foot Fetish Fuck
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Last week I had a terrible experience. I once again met a guy named Pape, a peddler senegale's, whom I met on the beach a few days At the first meeting I made ​​a blowjob to guy. Everything seemed to end well.

It seemed a pleasant encounter that promised future ? I never imagined that after the blowjob did to the boy are become his whore.So Pape believed A whore of his property. When I met for the second time Pape, a meeting that I really wanted and tried, I also suffered the devastating consequences of his violent and macho culture.

At the second meeting Pape came with a young, Rasul, I later learned was his slave, his whore. Pape also considered himself my master and that is why I had sold this to other its friends.

Despite a tremendous afternoon, during which Pape and his friends have me beaten and sexually abused to meI'm in love with Ely, one of the boys. Maybe it's more correct to say that I am in love for the black and big cock of Ely, and to the way was fucked in my ass and the abundant cum shots to my mouth. I had to say what happened to my sister Marisa. The bruises from the blows of the whip i received were too obvious on my body. My sister would have seen my bruises the same night because always we do a shower together.

After the shower my sister put the cream on my bruises and checked my sore asshole. "My god it's terrible what they did to you. My love You've certainly suffered a lot." said my sister Marisa. Marisa with her experience as a nurse quickly realized how much devastation has done, in my ass, the big cock of Ely. The night my sister and I have not had sex.

Marisa has been embraced me and we talked a lot. Before going to sleep Marisa said "Matthew you have to think very carefully before you begin a relationship with Ely. The culture of this young man provides for you the role of humble submission. You must be ready to further humiliation and beatings. Ely Maybe not bad but its sexual culture is very different from ours. If you decide to continue with Ely I want to know all " All night I thought of the words of my sister.

Marisa is very much in love with me and I am afraid to disappoint her with my love for the young Ely. When we wake I kissed my sister with the usual hot passion. Even today, the kiss of Marisa continued on my naked cock A long and passionate kiss, my sister has forgiven me. The mouth of my sister today I feel much more warm and desirous, my dick reacted immediately and I do not use too long to give vigorous cum shots. Then our mouths come together once again.

Marisa smiles serene. I'm happy and I say to Marisa "I love you" In the days after my sister and I still speak of Ely. Marisa is curious and asks every detail of my intercourse with the young boy. I tell how I have been pleased with his first whipping. Story of his mouth kisses in the data before and after his huge splash of cum. I say my orgasms with Ely's cock in my ass. To my sister I must confess my desire to have again sex with Ely. Marisa proposes a meeting between us and Ely, to know what he really wants from me.

I express the fear that Ely could misinterpret our invitation and think that Marisa is available to have sex with him.

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My sister laughs a lot and say "could be very pleasant," then says, joke I think not. I saw a light of excitement in the eyes of my sister My sister was a virgin when five months ago we started having sex. Might want more now. Maybe Marisa joke really but I say "Marisa share the same man could create jealousy among us.

But you're right, a threesome might be interesting and enjoyable. You know Ely, for money, he could sell me to his friends" and I ask my sister, "Ely would think of making money with you sale. what do you think?" Now the eyes of my sister is very severe, even his tone of voice changes. Marisa says that the meeting with Ely should serve to clarify everything, to avoid stupid misunderstandings.

" I do not share your availability to be sold by him to other men, but it you who must decide," says my sister. Ely I call on the phone to arrange a meeting at my house He is at the beach and says coming soon.

He knows my house. Evidently Pape said that I live in the house near the beach. See Ely again excites me. He is wearing a long white tunic. It really is very beautiful my young friend. I still wear only the little red thong and black top worn after showering. Marisa, my sister, is in green panties and bra. We do not expect so soon Ely. I see that my sister is surprised by the youthful beauty of my young friend I'm going to meet Ely and he gently kissed my cheek.

Then shaking hands with my sister. A long silence falls between us three. I see my sister get away and I think he went to put clothes. When Marisa back in the garden is still wearing only her panties and bra green. My sister brought drinks and fresh water. Marisa sits on my legs, as if to say that I am his. To my surprise he kisses my mouth and says "Your young friend is very nice " Ely seems to have a moment of confusion when I say I love my sister.

The kiss between me and my sister excite my young friend who says "this is the first time I see her brother and sister kissing with tongue in our mouth" My sister in Ely replied saying "you too have already kissed my brother in the mouth" Then Marisa gets up from my legs and told me "Matthew you do see damage done to your ass" and with a quick motion my sister off my red thong.

My sister tells Ely all the wounds of the frustrates and he accuses of being bad "and invited Ely to look even my asshole purple for great sex.

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I understand that I must put an end to the war between my sister and Ely. I say "Ely has not been unkind to me, he had to act to prove to his friends that I only wanted to be his whore." Ely approaches me and asks if she can kiss me. I do not lose time and my lips meet his, while Ely kisses me sensually caressing my ass, and I feel his big cock to become turgid in my belly.

I raise the tunic of Ely and shake vigorously up his cock in my hands. My sister who looks at us sitting in the garden, her face red with excitement and not keeps he from saying "I have never seen a cock so enormous, even in hospitals where I worked." Ely and I laugh and he apologizes for the exhibition.

My sister can not resist the curiosity and standing next to us asks to Ely permission for to touch his huge cock. Ely in a nice answer to my sister said "Laura is required to give permission to touch my cock.

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Laura is my mistress as I am its owner" My sister takes two hands with the big black dick Ely, excited evaluate its size and hardness and with his lips kissing the huge cock head, then looks at me and kiss me before I say "the three of us can be happy together" Kiss my sister and moved again say "Marisa this is the happiest day of our lives" Ely sees me and my sister moved worried and asks if he has done wrong things.

I hug him for say that my sister and I are happy. It would be impossible to explain in Ely now the joy of myself and my sister. I am still not sure that my sister is actively involved in sex play between me and Ely, Marisa has only said that we can be happy in three. My young friend is a street vendor on the beach and my sister asked to wear certain clothes he sells.

Ely very kindly choose some clothes and some beach bikini and says Marisa to choose a gift for her and for me. Marisa does not hide his joy and happily examine the dresses and bikinis. Choose a mini dress in white and wearing turquoise and try it. To see the transparency of the first mini dress my sister off her bra and panties. Her naked body under the dress is wonderfully sensual.

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Ely is not indifferent to my sister's nakedness. Look at me with a beautiful smile and says, "Laura you're lucky. You have a beautiful sister and lover" My sister keeps the mini dress, I look at her pussy and her thighs wet.

The nipples are turgid and the tits are swollen. I pass my hand on the legs of Marisa and I collect vaginal fluids and voraciously lick. With hands still wet from vaginal fluids of my sister I take the cock of Ely. Almost immediately the hand of my sister joins with my hand on the big black cock of Ely.

Ely slips the tunic to his feet. Now it's all naked. Ely with his hands down my thong.


My sister with her free hand takes my cock and squeezes it with the cock of Ely. My young boy with a hand touch my ass and with her other hand squeezes her tits of my sister. In the face of my sister, I see only great pleasure. Marisa's eyes are bright and enlightened by For the first time my sister and I share the same man.

My sister is the first time he touches the cock of another man. I know well my sister and I understand from his face and his movements that soon will have an orgasm.


Ely's hand touches her pussy and ass together my sister. Marisa tightens her thighs and opens her mouth. I kiss my sister, my tongue is filled with sweet spittlespittle coming out of the mouth and wets her tits. The groans of my sister excite me and my young boy. Marisa reaches her orgasm, writhing with pleasure, holds the bulk of Ely black cock between her thighs very wet with vaginal fluid. Ely embraces my sister's back and the head of his cock out between the thighs of Marisa, the abundant vaginal fluid that bathes the big cock of Ely seems semen.

I bend and lick at the same time my sister and the big cock head of Ely. For the violent orgasm my sister relaxes the whole body, while my mouth between her thighs suck the cock of Ely, a warm piss Marisa mingles in my mouth with generous splashes of cum from my boy. Even my body is overwhelmed by the tremors of orgasm for the semen of Ely and piss my sister put in my mouth. Me, my sister and my young boy we have achieved together the most beautiful orgasms.

Marisa was right, the threesome makes us truly happy. My sister Marisa exhausted from the orgasm is lying naked on the lawn of the garden, telling me to get close to her very gently licks my face still wet from his piss and sperm of Ely. Marisa for lick my face raised her ass, my young boy tries to put his dick between her buttocksMarisa gently tells to Ely that only I can fuck her ass and her pussy. Finished licking my face, my sister sucking my cum from my legs and my cock briefly.

Marisa, which recovered from the orgasm, she asks if I intend to satisfy the desire of ass which has Ely. Before responding to my sister i look my little boy, once again I marvel for at the size of his cock. Although not fully erect the cock of Ely now seems even bigger. It's wonderful. I ask if you want Ely to fuck my ass, ask while I kiss and lick his balls.

My young master keeps my face in her hands and said she had a great desire to fuck me now. I need not give the answer to my sister. She has heard it all. A smile lights up the face of Marisa that asking me "before that Ely fuck your ass I can take his cock in my mouth?

Is so big and I want to try." I kiss the mouth of my sister and I say I'm happy that she sucks the cock of my boyfriend. Me and my boyfriend lying on the lawn, our sensual kisses accompany our caresses, my sister comes to see and touch the big black dick to Ely Marisa puts both his hands on my boyfriend's big cock, the cock still erect but hands are able to cover only half.

Even among Marisa's breasts, not small, the big cock emerges majestically. My sister continues to give little cries of amazement and wonderEly and I continue to kiss passionately. The tongue of my big sister stimulates the tip of the big black cock that appears more and more Marisa greedily takes all the great head of the cock in her mouth.

tries to suck all the long black cock, my sister's throat seems to swallow up the long black shaft. Marisa's cheeks swell due to the stimulation of vomiting caused by the cock on throat. Copious amounts of spit runs down the balls of Ely.

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It's a wonderful vision to see my sister passionately committed to doing slutty blowjob to my boy. Ely stops kissing my mouthhe wants to fuck my ass and tells me to put my back to the ground and lift my legs, my sister must, with regret, stop sucking the big dick of Ely. Marisa has a mouth full of spit, not swallow, the spits out in my buttocks where the big black cock of my boy is ready to fuck my ass.

My boyfriend lifted my legs up behind her and starts to push his cock into my asshole. My sister kneeling next to me stroking my face, kiss my lips, and whispers words of encouragement whenever I emit moans of pain. Slowly the big cock head of Ely overcomes the resistance of my asshole, my boyfriend takes his dick with one hand while continuing to push with steady pressure on the big black rod in my ass damned close. The other my boyfriend's hand is between the legs of my sister who languidly groans for masturbation of the clitoris, my sister alternates the kisses of my mouth with spittle on my boyfriend's cock.

My boyfriend's dick gradually enters into my tight ass, the penetration is much help from my sister's still spitting lubricants. I raised my pelvis vigorously push towards the big cock and scream in pain.

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My sister moved and excited cries and continues to encourage me to endure the pain. I watch my sister and softly say I'm enjoying it. Marisa smiled and vigorously began to suck my dick.

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I feel drawn to the throat of my sister my dick and my cum shots goes directly into the throat of Marisa. Marisa has done me the blowjob opens his mouth and makes them see my boyfriend as she swallowed it all. My sister asks Ely, my lord guy, you also have all of his cum shots. I know that produces Ely rivers of cum shots, I already drank with my greed his cumshot, I ask my sister to keep our mouths open and get my boyfriend's cumshots together.

By dint of vigorous thrusts of my boyfriend's cock is almost everything went in my ass. My sister is amazed by how fucking I took. The wonder of my sorela increases when he sees my ass dilated, which contains over half of the fucking Ely. My boyfriend, with rapid movements of his cock in my ass, accelerates the arrival of her orgasm. My sister and I have open mouths for cumshot of my boyfriend. My young lover did not disappoint me and my sister, her abundant cumshot horny meets our mouths.

My sister and I greedily lick the big cock of my boy.

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Our mouths filled with sperm unite to share the exciting content. My boyfriend sees us happy and continues to offer his big cock in our mouths. My sister and now we are more united, we have the same man.