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Beautiful Blonde Play with Dildo
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I woke up in my den. I felt really warm. I slowly opened my eyes and my head started pounding the second I did. I sat up and realized I was naked. I wrapped the blanket around me and opened a window. The door was still locked. I noticed my clothes strewn across the floor. I started to dress in those clothes until I could shower.

I couldn't remember what happened. Who did I end up naked with? Why don't I remember? Why are we in the den? I unlocked the door and went down to the kitchen. It smelled like sweat and alcohol. Beer cans and solo cups were everywhere. I started to look for stuff to make pancakes. I went to the fridge and noticed something different.

John had written me a note. *Had to meet with coach. I'll be back around 12:00 with friends to help clean.* I looked over to the clock. It was only 9:00. I started to make some pancakes and then he came down. Brett looked really sexy. He had just his shorts on and his hair was all messed up.

He also had the whole "I just woke up and I'm too tired to open my eyes" squinting thing. I kept making the pancakes without saying a word.

He came up behind me and put his hands on my waist and kissed my cheek. "Good morning." He said before making a cup of coffee.

His voice was raspy from just waking up. I then remembered a little more from the night before. *We kissed for what felt like hours. Our tongues soon started to explore each other's.

They started to wrestle as the kiss got deeper. Neither of us moved. I put hands on the back of his neck and pulled him closer. He moved his hands to my waist. Brett's touch felt like electricity running through my veins. It felt like his was the only one I needed for the rest of my life. Yet again, maybe it was the drinks doing it.* I froze for a second.

When he walked away I snapped out of it. I still couldn't remember all of it, but I knew something happened. The pancakes were done after a few minutes and I put them on a plate then sat them and myself down at the table. Brett grabbed a plate and took some. We ate in silence. Almost as if it was awkward for us to talk to each other. I finished my food and put my plate in the sink. "Sooo.ummm.I'm going to shower, when you're done, just put the plate in the sink and you could leave if you want?" I said nervously.

He just nodded and I pretty much sprinted up the stairs to the bathroom. I turned on the water and undressed. While I waited for the water to heat up, I just stared at my reflection in the mirror. I tried to remember what happened, I just couldn't. I've gotten drunk before, but what happened this time? The mirror started to get foggy so I knew the water was warm enough. I got in and let the water run down my back for a few minutes.

I started to wash my hair. When I put the conditioner in, I started to wash my body. I soaped lower until I was close to my pussy and I realized how sore I was down there. *He slid his hands up and down my sides over my shirt.

It felt like heaven having his hands all over me. I moved my hands from his neck the the bottom of his shirt and slowly moved it up. We broke the kiss long enough to remove his shirt. His perfectly toned abs made him even sexier than he already was. His hands found the bottom of my tank top and Brett quickly removed it. We sat there shirtless.

Studying the others body for seconds at a time. We quickly went back to wrestling with our tongues.* It was a while before I realized I had spaced out again. I rinsed my hair and quickly finished up. I got out and wrapped my towel around me. I headed to my room and noticed the picture on my bed. I must not have put it back after Brett was looking at it. It was me and John with our dad on Christmas Day 2003.

I was about to turn 5 and John was 7. I don't remember much about that Christmas. I only remember getting a stupid purple bike that I never rode. I threw on sweatpants and a spaghetti strap tank top. I dried my hair a little and threw it into a messy bun. I headed down stairs and saw Brett in the kitchen doing the dishes. "You're still here?" I said surprised.

"Yeah. I figured I would help clean a little since you guys let me stay here the night." He said. "Oh ok." I responded checking the time, 10:45. John would be home in a hour to start cleaning. I needed to get Brett out of here before John got back. "You can go home now.

I mean, your mom is probably worried about you." "Your probably right. Sorry I couldn't help clean more." He said running upstairs to grab his shirt. About a minute later he came down with his shirt and shoes on and he fixed his hair. "I don't mean to be a pain, but could I get a ride?" His eyes sparkled with the light coming through the back door. "Yeah I guess." I said.

I grabbed my keys and headed to my car. I have a car, but my mom doesn't want me to drive to school. We headed out to my car and got in. I turned on the radio and he gave me directions. Other than the directions, we didn't talk. We got to his street and most of the houses were like mine, but the rest were huge.

Occasionally, there was a rundown shack or something like that. "You can drop me off here." He said. "My house is a couple down, I can walk to rest of the way." "Are you sure?" I asked. He didn't answer. He kissed my cheek and jumped out quickly. I could smell him as he got out.

He didn't put on cologne today, but he smelt like sweat and cologne, like a natural scent. *Our lips didn't leave each other's for a long time. We stopped to breathe for a second and he looked at me funny. "What?" I asked. "You're just so beautiful." He said. He put his hands on my hips. I moved my hands down his chest and abs slowly. I reached his pants and started to undo them even slower.

I climbed off his lap so he could take them off and he sat in his boxer briefs. They were black. It was really sexy. I took off my pants while I was off his lap. Instead of getting on his lap, he threw me on the couch and got on top of me. We stared at each other's eye for a few seconds until our lips found each other.* I realized I spaced again.


Brett was next to the car. "You ok?" He asked. "Yeah I'm fine, just tired." I said. He blushed. "Umm ok.I'll call you." He ran down the street and soon enough I couldn't see him anymore. I drove home as quick as I could. I tried to remember more, but I just couldn't. It was as if something was blocking my memory. The only thing I knew is that I lost my virginity.

I drove home and started to clean up the mess. I filled up an entire garbage bag of just cans and cups. Also it was just from the living room. How the hell did people drink that much?

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I just filled garbage bag after garbage bag until John came home. He cleaned up the rest of the mess and I went up to my room. I laid on my bed for a while trying to remember what happened. I kept remembering going to the den with him. Watching movies and then other bits. I drifted off to sleep because I was too tired. *We laid on the couch while our tongues swirled around each other. He had an arm on the couch to support himself so he wasn't putting too much weight on me.

His legs were between mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I pulled him closer. He stopped the kiss and we sat up. "What's wrong?" I asked. He looked really lustful and probably wasn't paying attention to the details like I was.

"Nothing just, are you sure you want to do this?" He asked. "I mean I know you had a couple drinks and all." I didn't answer. I just climbed on my knees in front of him on the couch and slowly pulled his boxers down. His cock was hard and sprung to life as his boxers came off.

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I started to stroke his cock and he groaned. I slowly slid the tip into my mouth and started to suck. I heard his grunting. "Stop teasing me." He whined. I started to move down his shaft slowly. I couldn't take all of it, but I took as much as I could. I started to bob my head up and down. I started out slow then got faster the longer I went. His moans told me that he was enjoying it and that I should probably keep going.

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I kept going up and down his cock. Occasionally I would swirl my tongue around the head and up the shaft. "I'm.gonna.cum!" He said. I kept going until I felt him shoot his load into the back of my throat.

I choked on it a little bit and coughed. It was a little bitter but also a little sweet. I swallowed almost all of it. I got a wick drink of water. "That was great." He said.* I woke up about 4 hours later. John was downstairs still cleaning and making sure everything was nice and neat how our parents left it. I looked at the clock on my phone. It was 4:10 and I had 2 missed calls and a text.

*Hey, give me a call when you get a chance. --Brett* I went downstairs and the house was almost clean. He just needed to clean the pool and take all the garbage away. I slid open the back door and John and his friends were picking up garbage. "Are you guys hungry?

I'll pick up a pizza or something." I had to shout so they would hear me. They all just nodded their heads. I headed over the the pizza shop in the middle of town. It was owned by Liz's mother. She loved cooking so she opened a pizza shop. It's the best in town. I walked in and was greeted by her mother.

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"Hi Kaylie. How are you today?" She said with a big smile. "I'm good. How is Liz? I heard she was sick." I said. "Oh, she wasn't feeling well last night, but she's better now. She's in the back if you want to talk to her." "Thank you." I said while heading towards the counter. I sat on a stool towards the middle. "Hey Liz, can I get 2 pizzas? 1 pepperoni, and the other cheese." "Sure thing.

Sorry I had to cancel last night." She said turning away. "It's fine." I said. I put my head in my hands and wiped my face with my hands. "You ok?" She said. "Nope. I have no clue what happened last night.

I remember hooking up with someone but I don't remember it." I said blushing. "Come on." She grabbed my wrist and led me to the office in the way back. It was a cozy office. It had a small couch and a desk with a big chair that a CEO would have. There was a shelf with some books and a small TV. We sat on the couch and just stayed in silence for a while. "What happened?" Liz broke the silence. "I don't know." I said assertively. "Ok asshole, I meant what do you remember?" She said.

I told her about the party and how I only had 2 drinks. I told her about seeing Brett in my room and our short conversations and watching the movies and I told her I gave him a blowjob. "That's a lot. Umm.what's the problem?" She said. "There's more to it than I remember. He told me to call him, but I haven't yet." I said motioning towards my phone on the desk.

"Call him now. I'll get your pizzas ready." She said leaving. She closed the door behind her. Even though she tried to do it quietly, it was a loud thud. I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. It took me a while to actually call however. Once I did it rang twice and he picked up. "Hello?" He said. His voice sounded raspy like it did when he woke up.

"You told me to call?" I said. "Oh.ummm.I was to see you again. Would you like to hang out tonight?" He said with more energy and less rasp in his voice. "Umm.i don't know.I might have to help my brother clean some more." I said. I didn't really want to see him until I figured out what happened. "Then maybe I can come over and help?" He offered.

"Ok sure.we just got pizza if you want to come over in like 10?" I really didn't want him there but I figured we would get the cleaning done faster. "Sounds good. See you soon." He hung up. I panicked a little. Liz walked back in with the pizzas. "How did it go?" She asked placing the pizzas on the desk. "He's coming over." I said a little shocked. "Yeah?

Well go home and clean up, you look like you rolled out of bed." She laughed. I playfully punched her arm. I got the pizzas and hopped into my car. I drove home kind of quick. I let John know that Brett was coming over to help clean and then bolted up to my room. Brett came a few minutes later. He jumped right into the cleaning while I "cleaned" upstairs.

After about an hour, everything was all cleaned up. They are the pizzas and then I heard a knock at my bedroom door. They slowly opened the door and slipped in. I turned from my laptop and it was Brett.

"Are you ok? How are you feeling?" He said sitting on my bed. He was sitting in almost the same spot he was when I found him the night before. "I'm fine.


Why wouldn't I be?" I asked. I spun my chair around to face him. "Because of last night. You had a couple drinks and I wanted to make sure you were fine." He said. I had my hands on my lap and he placed one of his on top of my right hand. His touch was warm. It was light. *I came back to the couch after grabbing a water from the mini fridge.

I grabbed his face and started to kiss him again. This time with more passion. I let our tongues wrestle slowly. He slowly reached behind me and undid the hook in my bra.

I took it off and my 36C tits were free. He started to massage my boobs. While I tongues were playing, his fingers were playing with my nipples and I let out a soft moan.

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I climbed off the couch and took off my panties. I climbed back on to the couch and we picked up where we left off. After some more passionate kissing, he fell on top of me and used one hand to support himself while the other rubbed my slit. I was very wet and very ready to do this. I pulled away from the kiss.

"I need you now." I said not losing eye contact. His lips fell back to mine while he lined his cock up to my pussy. He slowly pushed it in and reached my hymen.

He pulled out leaving the tip in and thrust forward pushing through my cherry. I winced in pain for a second. It took a few seconds for the pain to go away. He started to slide his cock in and out slowly at first. It felt incredible. I let out a moan slightly louder than before. He started to speed up eliciting more moans from me.

Soon enough, he was thrusting into me hard and fast and I was moaning so loud, I'm sure they could hear me over the party downstairs. "Oh.Brett.don't stop.oh my feels so good." I moaned. He started to slow down again and thrust slowly in and out. He soon came and pulled out. "That was incredible." He said catching his breath. He laid down next to me. I got up and grabbed a blanket and threw it over us in case John came in.

We finished the movie and fell asleep.* "Hey, Kay? Are you ok?" He asked shaking me back to reality. "We had sex." I said remembering the entire thing. "Umm yeah." He said with a slight condescending tone. "Why didn't you say anything?" I asked. "Why would I? We both knew it happened." He said.

"How drunk was I?" I asked. I was now starting to panic again. "You had 3 drinks. I don't know what you had but you had 3 of it." He said laughing.

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"Why?" "I didn't remember anything after kissing." I said. "Did I black out?" "No not at all. You were fine." He said. "But I wanted to talk to you." "Go ahead. Let me just grab some aspirin really quick." I went to the bathroom and took 3 then came back and sat down on the bed next to him. "Ok, what's up?" "I really would like to see you again. Like take you on an actual date." He said and grabbed my hand again.

I grabbed his hand back. "That sounds wonderful." I said. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I put my head on his. We laid down on my bed and watched movies on my laptop all night.