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Naughty playgirl gets hardcore fucking from horny fellows
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That bully Brian Lorenzo had gotten the better of my sister and I at my 16th birthday party. His stupid idea to try to administer a birthday spanking to me had lead to my older sister, Michelle, intervening.

But she was no match for Brian and ended up getting spanked by him in front of my high school classmates. Worse than that, he stripped her nude during the spanking and then fucked her doggy-style over the picnic table in our backyard. My classmates loved it because she was always a bitch and she had often bullied them when she had babysat them. She is 18 and a freshman at college and she used to be able to kick Brian's ass whenever he tried to bully any of us. But Brian has gotten bigger over the past year and is physically strong enough to match my sister.

For more details please refer to part 1 which is called "My Sister Got Spanked by the School Bully" The day after my birthday, Michelle and I were cleaning up the backyard from the mess left by all the kids who attended my party. Neither of us had spoken about the prior day's incident as we were both somewhat humiliated by it.

But as we were picking up the trash in the yard I could sense a growing restlessness and anger in her. I wasn't sure where her anger would be focused, on Brian for spanking her and then fucking her, or on me for not rushing to her rescue but instead just staring at her and then jerking off as I watched her get fucked. I was relieved when she said: "You know we have to get that asshole back for what he did to us yesterday." "Sure sis, but what can we do, he is bigger and stronger than both of us.

We can't beat him in a fight" I responded. "Follow me and I'll tell you" she said as we went into the house and up to her bedroom, away from the ears of our parents. Once inside her room she locked the door and then she started to tell me about a plan she had been thinking of that didn't involve a physical confrontation with Brian.

The plan was daring and, if all went well, would result in the expulsion of Brian from my private high school. Just the thought of that outcome made me fantasize about how awesome high school would be if he was no longer in it. But how could we accomplish that?

As it turned out, Michelle was majoring in graphics arts at college and she was very good at using photo-editing software. The plan she had hatched would involve getting some photos of Brian, taken at the same angle and distance that the school's hallway security cameras.

She would then superimpose Brian's image standing next to the hallway fire alarm. She would time and date stamp the photos to match to the exact time that school fire alarm would go off. At that point in the explanation I stopped her and said: "What do you mean, the exact time the fire alarm will go off?" She then said that I would have to pull the fire alarm in the school hallway and make sure that I was not seen doing it.

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I became very skeptical at that, but she assured me that if I could excuse myself to go to the restroom during an afternoon period then the hallway would most-likely be empty. In the meantime, she would take her doctored photos which would be on a memory stick and load them onto the school security camera servers and overwrite the photos of me actually pulling the alarm.

When the school vice principal reviewed the security camera images, he would see none other than Brian Lorenzo pulling the fire alarm.


It is a serious offense falsely pulling a fire alarm and Brian would definitely be expelled from school once they saw the evidence. The plan sounded risky, but I was looking for any possible way to get my revenge on Brian, no matter the risk. We reviewed a few more details and discussed timing and decided that it was worth a shot.

We were both becoming elated at the possibility of Brian being expelled. It would be the best revenge and he would never see it coming. I noticed my sister's anger had now morphed into self-satisfaction and anticipation. We were both sitting on her bed and her expression changed from satisfaction to devilishness. She narrowed her eyes and said: "David, Brian spanked you in front of you classmates and completely humiliated you.

This is your chance to get your revenge on that overgrown buffoon. Not to mention what he did to me, your older sister, in front of all your friends." This brought my mind back to the fresh images of yesterday, when Michelle was being spanked by Brian.

Certain images were more prominent than others as the event flashed in my mind. I remembered her defiantly threatening Brian; him gaining control over her and pushing over the picnic table; the faces of my classmates who were shocked and delighted; her bikini being ripped off; Michelle raising her ass up off the table to meet Brian's hand; her sexual moans; Michelle looking back over her shoulder as Brian slid his cock into her; and then her orgasms.

I suddenly had a raging hard-on and wanted to excuse myself and jerk-off immediately. Michelle saw the effect that her reference to yesterday was having on me. She smiled in a naughty way, put her hand on my shoulder and then whispered seductively in my ear: "David, if this plan works… maybe I'll let YOU spank me like Brian did. Naked, over your lap, your hands punishing your bitchy sister's ass, and maybe you'll do what Brian did to me. Oh, and by the way, I never came so hard in my life as I did yesterday when he fucked me while everyone of those little brats was watching me, imagining it was them spanking my ass, fucking me, getting their own revenge on me as they masturbated.

And even you, my own little brother, jerking your cock off watching me get fucked by your worst high-school enemy. It made me cum so hard, I fucking loved it!" It was too hot for me to handle. "Ooohhhhh Nooooo!!!!" I exhaled as I exploded in my pants, my hips thrusting back and forth in the air. A large wet stain appeared on the crotch of my jeans. My sister leaned back and laughed. "You are too easy, David! Go get showered and focus on our payback for Brian Lorenzo." We agreed that Monday early afternoon would be the optimal time for our plan to unfold.


My sister would wear her old school uniform so she would blend in with the other students. Her uniform consisted of a white, long-sleeved blouse, a red plaid skirt, and short white socks with black patent-leather shoes.

The shoes matched her black hair was hanging just below her shoulders. The blouse was tight on her since she had developed larger breasts and her skirt was also tantalizingly high up on her thighs since her ass was fuller now. After seeing her in her uniform, I thought it would not make for good camouflage at all as she looked incredibly hot.

But it was her plan, so I didn't object. She had taken the photos she needed of Brian during mid-morning break at 10:30 AM. She uploaded them to her laptop and did the photo edits to make Brian stand in front of the hallway fire alarm.

Then she put the time and date stamped photos on the memory stick and texted me that the plan was a "GO". She texted me the time stamp of 1:42 PM. That meant I had to excuse myself from class by around 1:35 PM in order to get to the alarm and pull it and then come out of the restroom acting surprised. At 1:35 PM I raised my hand in history class and excused myself. I walked carefully down the hallway, closing in on the fire alarm. My heart was racing and my mouth was dry.

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I was now in front of the alarm. I checked the time 1:41. I stood there for what seemed an eternity until I saw the numbers changed to 1:42. I looked up at the security camera and pulled the alarm. Huge red bells throughout the school started ringing like crazy.

Blue lights started flashing along the hallway.

I ran to the restroom and tried to catch my breath. About 15 seconds later I started to hear students and teachers filling the hallway. The din increased and I felt it was now safe for me to walk out into the throng of students marching down the hallway to the front exits. I joined the crowd and blended anonymously into it as we exited the building and lined up in the parking lot.

I found my history class and joined them in our appointed section as we waited for the fire company to arrive and turn off the alarm. A sense of exhilaration filled me! I had actually done it. I followed the plan to a "T" and executed my part perfectly. It was pure bliss as I imagined the near future where Brian Lorenzo would be hauled up in front of school and publicly humiliated for disrupting our day.

He would definitely be expelled now. I reveled in my own awesome capabilities. After a few minutes of waiting in the parking lot the fire engines pulled up and firemen jumped off and jogged into the school building. A few more minutes passed. Then to my horror I saw Michelle being led out of the building by the vice principal. Oh no! A wave of panic spread through my body. I considered making a run for it, but my feet were seemingly cemented to the pavement.

I could only watch, dumb-founded, as Mr. Francis, the vice-principal, lead her, by the wrist of her arm which was twisted behind her back, closer to me across the parking lot. I saw Michelle look up and her eyes met mine, she was on the verge of tears. They came straight towards me.

I looked up at the vice-principal and he looked directly at me. "Mrs. Dawson (my history teacher), would you mind if I have a few words with David in my office?" "Not at all Mr. Francis." as she glared at me. I hung my head and followed the vice-principal and my sister to the disciplinarian's office. All the while hearing the murmurs of my classmates in the distance.

After being seated in the vice-principal's office, he proceeded to tell me the following: "David, we caught your sister, Michelle, sneaking into the security office this afternoon and she was attempting to upload these photos which show one of your classmate's, Brian Lorenzo, pulling the fire alarm in the main hallway.

After we caught her, we looked at the actual security camera photos, we saw that it was you who pulled the fire alarm today. Do you have anything to say for yourself?" I knew it would be useless to argue against that evidence and figured Mr. Francis might go easier on us if we just admitted to the crime.

I looked down and just replied "No sir." Then Mr. Francis turned to my sister "Michelle, you aren't even a student here. You graduated last Spring. Yet, you were a part of this plot to sully the reputation of one of David's classmates?" MIchelle sat up straight and said "No sir, I was trying to stop David from committing this crime. He told me yesterday that he was going to do this and pin it all on Brian Lorenzo.

When I found out I came here to try and stop him. I had just retrieved the memory-stick from the security server when you saw me. I was about to bring it to you and tell you the whole plot when the alarms started going off.

Then I knew it was too late." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was double-crossing me, making me the fall-guy, and making herself look sweet and innocent.

What a bitch! "You liar!" I yelled. "It was all your idea and I was just helping you with your stupid plan." Michelle just looked at me with a poker face and said "David, I'm your sister, don't try to falsely accuse me of this crime.

You need to be a man and start taking responsibility for your actions." I was so angry now. Then I remembered her laptop. "Mr Francis, check her backpack for her laptop. She used that to photo-edit those pictures of Brian today." Michelle stared daggers at me.

Then when I reached for her backpack she kicked me in the arm. Mr. Francis then intervened and grabbed her backpack and pulled her laptop out, opening it and then seeing the edited photos on the screen. In addition he saw a text file called "Lorenzo Expelled" which he opened. This file listed the detailed steps of the plan that we had agreed to, along with who was to do what.

It was damning evidence and Michelle knew it. She remained stoic and silent as Mr. Francis closed the laptop. Clearing his throat, he said "I can only see two options here, 1) I call the police and turn the matter over to them; or 2) We handle this as an internal school matter with punishment to be determined as I see fit." Neither option sounded good.

But getting the police involved would cause all sorts of problems for my future academic plans. I would have a permanent record and would probably be denied admission to university. My parents would be appalled and disgraced. Michelle would probably get kicked out of her prestigious college. It would be a nightmare for the family. But without any specifics the other option sounded ominous. Vice-Principal Francis was known to have a sadistic streak and seemed to take pleasure in making ill behaved students uncomfortable.

After a minute of silence Mr. Francis picked up the phone and looked at us "So what will it be then, do I call the police or do you agree to us handling this internally?" Defeated, we both softly responded "Internally, sir." At that, the Mr.

Francis pressed a button on his phone and we heard the school intercom system turn on, "Brian Lorenzo, please report to the Vice-Principal's office." Michelle and I gave a panicked look to each other. Oh no, why is he bringing that asshole into this? This would be too embarrassing having Brian Lorenzo seeing us caught in the act of plotting against him.

After another stomach-churning minute we heard the door open and saw Brian Lorenzo enter the room. He looked confused when he saw Michelle and I seated on the office couch. "Brian, we have a situation here where you were the intended victim of an attempted crime. I'm sure you heard the fire alarm go off today. As it turns out it was not accidental, these two were responsible.

They were going to upload some doctored photos of you pulling the alarm and they were then hoping that you would be expelled from our elite private school." Brian looked at us again but his expression was now an angry one. He then spoke to Mr. Francis while maintaining eye-contact with us, "Sir, these two have been harassing me all year, making fun of me, trying to beat me up, and ruining my reputation throughout school.

So, I am not surprised that they have lowered themselves to petty crime to try and get me expelled. The two of them are just bullies, plain and simple." "Based on what I have seen so far, I tend to agree with that assessment Mr. Lorenzo" responded Mr. Francis. And the Vice-Principal continued "I hate bullies. I was bullied during my own childhood and I cannot stand to see that trait in others." Now I was getting even more nervous.

Brian was the bully, not my sister and I. How could the Vice-Principal fall for this line of bullshit. Then my sister and I nearly fell out of the couch when Mr. Francis said "Brian, these two have agreed to submit to whatever punishment I deem appropriate for their crime. Since you were the intended victim of this crime, I would like to hear what you think would be an appropriate punishment for them." A big, evil grin appeared on Brian's face as he looked at us.

"Well, Mr. Francis, this crime was against me but it also was against our entire school since it disrupted class. So I think that any punishment should be witnessed by the entire student body. It will reinforce a sense of discipline among the students." Mr.

Francis nodded in agreement "Continue Brian." "Sir, I would suggest that they both be spanked until it is judged that they are truly sorry for their offense." The Vice-Principal nodded and we could see him considering the outrageous proposal. Michelle burst out "No fucking way!" "SILENCE!" bellowed Mr.

Francis. "You two bullies will submit to whatever I decide and that is final, or shall I call the police?" Michelle slumped back down in the couch.

Brian took advantage of the increased anger from the Vice-Principal to make an even more outrageous suggestion "And sir, I think it would make more of an impact on both these two, as well as the student body, if they received their punishment not wearing any clothes. I've heard that it makes you remember the punishment even more." "Thank you for your suggestions Brian." Mr.

Francis said "The student body will assemble in the auditorium at 2:30 PM today and we will show them all how this school does not tolerate bullies." My head was now spinning with all the terrible possibilities of our imminent punishment. Mr. Francis escorted Michelle and I to the auditorium.

Once there we saw that it was set-up for the high school debate club. There were two podiums at 45 degree angles to the audience, each for the opposing debate team. As we stepped up to the stage, the auditorium doors opened and the entire student body entered the hall and started filing into the rows of chairs.

Freshmen up front followed by sophomores, juniors and seniors in the back. Michelle and I stood nervously on stage. Then Mr Francis then announced "Today an outrage was committed against our school by these two students, one a recent graduate and the other from our junior class.

Some of you may know them, they are sister and brother, and they plotted to sully the reputation of one of your fellow students, Brian Lorenzo, and they disrupted the entire school by creating a false alarm using the fire alarm system. These two are prime examples of bullies. They intimidate physically and mentally to demean other students and our school will not tolerate bullying in any form. As their punishment for this crime, they are to be spanked without any protection of modesty.

This will be a lesson for all of you as well as these two. If anyone has any objections to witnessing this please leave the auditorium now." Not a single student left. There was a lot of murmuring among the students and a few giggles. Mr. Francis continued "As the intended victim of their crime, I would like Brian Lorenzo to come up here and assist me with the proceedings." Brian got up and got some high-fives from his buddies as he made his way up to the stage.

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MIchelle put a hand up to her head and shook her head in dis-belief. "Now Brian, please stand in front of David. David, you will remove all of your clothes and hand each article to Brian." That smiling, snickering, asshole was now standing just a foot in front of me as I started to undress. Nervously, I unbuttoned my shirt and held it out to him which he took and draped over his shoulder.

Then I bent down to untie my shoes and handed those over. The anticipation of the audience was electric, I was starting to breath quickly and blush. I reached down and unhooked my belt, my pants snap and unzip them.

Then I pushed them down to my feet and bent down, picking them up and handing them to Brian. Now I was only in my boxers and socks. I looked out at the audience and saw only 2 expressions on all the students, either an ear-to-ear smile or an open-mouthed wide-eyed look of disbelief.

Brian hissed "Come on stud, off with the boxers, let all the girls see what you're packing." I closed my eyes and quickly dropped my boxers to my feet and handed them to that smug asshole Brian. I heard some mock catcalls from the students but I kept my hands over my cock, covering up as best I could. Then Brian called to Mr. Francis "Sir, he is covering up with his hands." Sternly, Mr Francis said "Hands at your sides.

Both of you. And face the student boded directly." I dropped my hands and let my flaccid cock come into full view of the students. I was completely embarrassed as the girls from all classes were pointing, giggling, and whispering to their classmates. Now Brian walked up to my sister and stood less than a foot from her right side, making sure he wasn't blocking the view of the students.

"Time to see that hot college body! Now hand me your clothes." he whispered. She looked at him defiantly as she reached up to unfasten the top button of her blouse. She never broke eye contact as she continued to completely unbutton her blouse. Brian had the biggest grin as he watched her slow humiliation unfold. He was amused at her attempt to be tough. He smirked as he thought, "we'll see how tough she is when she is completely nude in front of the entire school." My sister then removed her blouse, exposing her white bra that was almost over-flowing with her breasts.

She held her blouse out to Brian who could hardly contain his joy. Then she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, exposing her white cotton panties. Then she broke eye-contact with Brian and looked out at the high school audience. Many of whom she knew as underclass loser when she was a student there last year. All the guys were leaning forward in their chairs hoping to get clear view of this sexy 18 year-old. Every one of the guys and some of the girls were wishing they were in Brian's position.

Then Michelle put her arms behind her back and unhooked her bra. She let it slide down her arms, slowly exposing her perfect breasts. As her breasts came into my view, I saw her nipples start to rise. It was cool in the auditorium but she was also getting excited, as I could see her neck starting to blush. Then I started to worry about my own situation. I could feel my cock twitching and starting to get larger. Oh no, I really don't want to get a boner now!

Not to my sister with the entire school seeing it. Shit, I closed my eyes and started to think about math class, baseball, anything but my hot sister getting undressed right next to me with the entire school looking on. While I was able to close my eyes, I could not close my ears. It was just then I heard Brian say to Michelle "If you are having trouble getting those panties off, I'd be happy to help you." Oh crap, I felt my cock jump up and then remain at full attention.

I also heard a few giggles and gasps from the audience. I opened my eyes only to see my sister completely nude and holding her panties out to Brian.

I looked out at the audience and saw some of the boys had their hands in their crotches and were rubbing them. Brian waited for an uncomfortably long time, eyeing my sister's body up and down before he finally took her panties. Then he walked over to the edge of the stage and threw them down in a pile.

So, now we were both completely naked, hands at our sides, on stage in front of the entire high school. Mr.Francis then directed Brian to position Michelle in front of one of the podiums so that her back was to the audience and her hands were on the front edge of the podium. She was leaning slightly forward like she was pushing against it.

Then Mr.

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Francis came over to me and positioned me the same way in front of the other podium. He then announced that since our crime had been against the entire school, that each student would be able to come up on stage and give me 2 spanks and Michelle 2 spanks. A loud cheer went up from all the students as they could not believe their luck.

Mr. Francis told the students to line up by class with freshmen first, sophomores second, juniors third and seniors last. All the students excited their seats and lined up in the aisles. Then the Vice-Principal went on the other side of my podium and grabbed and held my wrists. He told Brian to do the same with Michelle.

He then told the students to proceed one at a time on stage and begin spanking us. I was the closest to the line of students so I was the first to get spanked. Some freshman girl with red hair and freckles was first, she lined up behind me and slapped my right ass cheek and then she slapped my left. It didn't hurt much as she was pretty weak but I heard the students burst out laughing at the site.

Then I turned my head to watch her with my sister. She took her arm back and landed a smack right on my sister's sexy ass and then she took her second spank and hit my sister's other ass cheek.

Then she held up her hands and did a victory dance with all the students laughing. I looked over at my sister and saw that she was defiantly holding eye contact with Brian who was laughing as he held her wrists.

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Next up was a freshman boy, he smacked my ass a bit harder but I was still unfazed. Then I saw him get behind my sister. But his hands were slightly hidden from my view. I could see his arms were moving around my sister's butt. I leaned back a little and I could now see he was rubbing and squeezing her ass cheeks like they were a new toy. I glanced at my sister's face and saw that she was still determined to hold defiant eye-contact with Brian, but her breathing had gotten harder.

I still hadn't heard a slap yet from this freshman kid. But I saw my sister was repositioning her legs, opening them up a little so that they were almost should-width apart. Leaning back again I saw that the freshman had started rubbing her pussy. Many of the students and teachers started to put their hands up to their throats and mouths at the scene. Then I saw Michelle finally break eye-contact with Brian and drop her head and moan "Oh god…" I saw the freshman had now inserted his finger into her pussy and he was moving it in and out.

Michelle's hips started to respond automatically to the stimulation and she started backing into his finger. Then the freshman withdrew his finger and held it up to the students showing them the wetness on it.

Then he landed two quick slaps on her ass and left the stage. But when no one objected to the groping that my sister had just gotten everyone else figured it was fair game. As the procession of students walked up on stage and spanked us, they became bolder and bolder. Each of them rubbing their hands on my sister's breasts, ass, and her pussy.

She appeared to be on the verge of having an orgasm when the last senior got on his knees behind her and boldly licked and sucked her pussy. Then he gave her 2 spanks and the last student returned to his seat.

We had both been spanked by the entire school body. Our asses were red and almost numb. Mr. Francis released my wrists and I rubbed them so the blood-flow would return. Brian released my sister, as well. Mr Francis then announced "Thank you students for helping to teach these bullies a lesson they won't soon be forgetting. David and Michelle, face the audience and offer your sincere apology to them and then thank them for spanking you." Feeling like the end of this nightmare was near, we both faced the audience, I went first and said "Fellow students, I apologize for disrupting your day and for behaving badly towards my fellow classmates.

Thank you for spanking me and showing me the error of my ways." I stepped back and waited for Michelle to step forward. She took two steps toward the audience and said "Yeah, sorry for messing your day up&hellip.and uh. thanks for teaching me a lesson." It was a lame apology compared to mine. But I guess it was good enough as no one objected. "There is still the matter of your offense against Mr. Lorenzo. Brian you have not received satisfaction for the offense these two bullies committed against you.

You may now have the opportunity to spank each of them as long as you like." the Vice Principal said. "Thank you Mr. Francis," Brian responded "but I would like to have David spank his sister instead of me. After all she did attempt to double-cross him and I think that gives him enough motivation to punish her to my satisfaction." I was shocked that Brian would not take full advantage of the opportunity to further humiliate us.

Let alone assigning me the role to spank Michelle. Mr. Francis concurred with Brian's request. My sister looked at me with pleading eyes to go easy on her.

This was yet another manipulation on her part. She had tried to make me the scapegoat for this whole mess. She was always disrespecting me and getting me to do stuff I didn't want to. Now I had full permission to spank her and I intended to do it right. Brian then took Michelle by her arm and led her to a table in between the podiums. He pressed her back so that she bent over the table and then he walk around to the other side and held her wrists again.

I walk around to the other side of the table and soaked in the beautiful image: my bitchy older sister, nude, bubble-butt sticking up in the air, bent over a table, Brian Lorenzo holding her wrists tight, her legs open and her pussy on display to the entire school. My erection which had subsided during the spankings roared back to life. My sister turned her head to look back at me and I saw her eyes go to my raging hard on. She gently bit her lower lip at the sight. I scanned the audience and could see a number of boys had unzipped their pants and were starting to jerk-off.

I positioned my naked body so I was standing on her left side and could use my right hand to spank her. I got so close that my cock rubbed up against her thigh. I grabbed her hip with my left hand, looked over to Brian who gave me a wink, and then raised my right hand and let it come down hard on her ass.

"Ooouuucchhh!" Michelle yelled. Her ass started to gyrate as she attempted to move out of my grasp. I pulled her in more tightly and my erect cock was resting on top of her left ass cheek. "David, I'm your sister! Be gentle!" she attempted to admonish me. I raised my arm again and smacked her other ass cheek even harder. "OOwwwww!! You asshole! Stop spanking me so hard!" She was only enraging me more by thinking she could control me here.

Then I started spanking her quickly all over her ass. She started to kick and squirm. Then I saw Brian holding her wrists, kneeling so he was at eye-level with her, and while I was spanking her I heard him whispering: "How does it feel bitch?

I told you if you tried to fuck with me I would get you fucked in front of the entire school. Now look at you, naked, bent over a table and I'm holding you down as your own little brother spanks your ass in front of the entire school." "Fuck you pathetic loser, I'll get you someday soon" Michelle spat at Brian. "Oh fuck me? Actually, I think it is you who is about to be fucked. You feel that hot-dog on top of your bun? That is your little brother's hard cock.

And I don't think he will be able to resist your tempting, wet pussy much longer. I think his fingers are already sliding between your ass cheeks and he is getting them dangerously close to your pussy." Not wanting to acknowledge what Brian was saying, Michelle nevertheless looked back at me and could see that, in between spankings, I had started to slide my fingers up and down her ass crack.

I couldn't resist. Her ass was gorgeous and perfect and she had now opened her legs up widely. I got bolder and as she was looking at me I slid my finger over her pussy. Wow it was soft and wet! I saw her close her eyes and start to convulse. Her hips started rising up and then she started pressing her ass into me.

I was touching her pussy and she was not objecting! She was enjoying it. I then had an incredible urge to slide my cock between her legs, to slide it into her wet pussy, and to start fucking her right here. The student body was enthralled as I spanked my older sister and most could see I was taking advantage of the situation by sliding my fingers onto her pussy. Her legs were now spread wide apart so all the freshmen in the front row had a clear view of what I was doing.

A few of the teachers could see that this was clearly going beyond a public spanking. It was becoming blatantly sexual. But no one seemed to want to stop it. Everyone continued staring at the unfolding erotic scene.

Now I stopped slapping Michelle's ass. I moved directly behind her, my boner raging. She was still looking back over her shoulder at my cock. Then she raised her eyes to meet mine and slowly licked her lips. I looked up at Brian who was mouthing the works "fuck her now" to me. I reached down and spread her ass cheeks apart and then slid my cock into Michelle's pussy. I pressed my cock into her slowly and saw her back arch as I went deeper into her. I moved my hands to her hips and started pulling her back into my cock.

I was fucking my sister doggy-style in front of the entire school! She started moaning "OOOHHHH GODDD!!!!" I started pumping her faster and faster. I looked down at saw that Brian had let go of her wrists but now had her by the hair and her was looking her straight in the eye just an inch away from her face and he was whispering "You love this! Losing to me and getting fucked and humiliated.

It turns you on. And a lot of other's as well. Look behind you at the audience. You turned them on so much that they are masturbating themselves as they watch your little brother fuck your brains out." At this last sentence, Michelle's eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body convulsed involuntarily.

"Oooooohhhh Nooooooo!! I'mm CUMMMIINNNGGGGG!!!!…" As Michelle went into a writhing orgasm, I too felt my body losing control. My knees started to buckle and I felt a huge build up in my cock.

Then it erupted and I spewed cum deep inside my sister. I heard moans from all over the audience as students and teachers were climaxing. I collapsed for a moment over Michelle's back and just lay there. After a long minute I recovered my sense and got out and pulled my deflating cock out of her.

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Mr. Francis then stepped back to the podium "Brian, have you had satisfaction from this punishment?" "Oh yes sir, I am satisfied." Brian said as he nodded. "Very good. One last thing before we dismiss this session" Mr. Francis said "David and Michelle, you will now stand in front of Brian and apologize to him and thank him for your punishment." I was the first to step forward and I said "Brian, I am sorry for bullying you and plotting against you. I won't do it again.

And thank you very, very much for the punishment!" At which point we high-fived! I stepped back and Michelle then stepped forward, still naked and defiant. "Brian, I am sorry that I didn't kick your ass today like I have so many times in the past. You won today. Lucky you, go ahead and enjoy your victory. But don't get used to it. Next time we meet, you will be the one getting spanked!" Then Michelle stepped back.

"Brian, are you satisfied with those apologies?" The Vice-Principal asked. "Yes sir, I am, as it looks like I get to have more fun with Michelle in the future."