Incredible sex adventure for these sexy clothed doxies

Incredible sex adventure for these sexy clothed doxies
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So, this is my first story to this website or to any website for that matter and since I am not a story writer, I felt that the best thing to do is look into my short life of 24 years and find experiences that were extremely exciting to me… and write about them. To give a little background, I am of Indian origin and have a girlfriend who is also 24 and of Indian origin as well. We have been together for more than 2 years now and love each other dearly.

We are both professionals and so I wont go into that but what is critical to realize is that when we started dating/going out 2 years ago, she was practically my first girlfriend. My friends used to tease me about this girl but there never was anything. While I am an extremely open minded person, I had never been with a girl/woman sexually. My girlfriend had a boyfriend before me but still she was a virgin when we started going out as well.

And for anyone who is going to critique that the harsh way by calling me an idiot for thinking so, let me just say that our first time, there was blood on the sheets the next morning, and NO hymen reconstruction is still not a defined medical procedure. We were friends before we started dating and had feelings for each other.

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So when her guy then cheated on her, she dumped him and after giving her time to come out of her relationship, I asked her out, she happily said yes, and there was instant chemistry.

Now to the beginning of the story… It was going to be my birthday exactly one month after we started going out.

We were both still in school then, in our final years and it was summer time so away at internships. However, she was going to drive down to me for my birthday evening and she had said for the first time that she will spend the night with me and she had a special surprise for me.

My mind was racing. I was in complete and utter confusion thinking holy shit she is going to want to kiss and I have never kissed before.

I loved her way more than experiencing physical love. What would I do if she doesn't like it? If I do something really dumb? Hundreds of questions… So, she came to my apartment that I was staying at during my internship at about 6:30 PM. I had made all the other arrangements including a nice dinner, a candle light setting (on a 20 dollar plastic table I got at WalMart). a bottle of Martini and Rossi's cheap champagne, if it can be called that.

Everything I could think of to make it romantic and interesting for her.

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She was quite stunned with all the preparations. She got me nice flowers and a cake and 3 gifts. I didn't want to open them yet. We sat and talked about so many things. How fast we had become so close. How beautiful she looked… BTW, to describe her, she is 5'3"… about 140 lbs… 36D-30-38 figure… black shoulder length hair… dark brown eyes and a very fair complexion for being an Indian.


So she is not exactly a supermodel. She is a real life professional who works in R&D at a very classified and prestigious company. After talking for an hour or so. cuddling… my heart thumping in my chest and her's thumping in her chest (yes I could hear her heart beating when we were both quiet for a few seconds), I asked if she would like to eat now.

So we had dinner and I opened the bottle of the sparkling and poured her a glass. We sipped on the champagne and ate our dinner talk a bit more. Except that as we ate and drank the conversation became more and more intimate. We were NOW talking about her relationship and how she was always so disappointed with the guy but was still afraid to leave him fearing she would be left all alone, etc etc etc… We finished dinner and had another glass of the champagne.

By the end of it, we were both a lot more relaxed. So we decided to go out for a walk and she said she will quickly change. She took her bag and went into the bedroom while I waited in the living room ready to roll. About 15 minutes later she came out. And the second I saw her, my jaw dropped, my eyes widened and I forgot to breath.

There she is, standing in the doorway in a black halter top with a satin finish, a deep plunge front that ended just about below her breasts with a big kite shaped metal buckle in the centre. Her breasts were pushed up (by a strapless bra which I figure by the absence of straps, duh) creating a very large cleavage.

She was wearing that with a just-above-the-knee skirt that was loose enough to be very comfortable but tight enough to hug her figure very beautifully showing the shape of her hips and ass very nicely.

Now I had been living in the US for several years and had even travelled to 16 countries in Europe, including several nude beaches. But seeing this dress on a girl that liked me, on someone who was wearing that to impress me was an absolutely different feeling. Anyway after calming my heart and my raging excitement down with great difficulty, we left for our walk.

We left the building and within 15 minutes we were walking by the fountains outside Capitol Hill. It was a very quiet night, very few people walked around and I still remember it was a full moon shining.

Until now we were both walking side by side, my hands in my pockets, her hands folded across her torso. We had talked about so many different random topics while I commented on her looks every 3 minutes. As we walked by the fountains, suddenly she unfolded her hands, passed her right hand through my left arm and grabbed my upper arm with her right hand.

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I looked at her with some surprise and she looked back at me staring into my eyes with a smile. As soon as I smiled back at her and looked back ahead, I saw her turning bright red out of the corner of my eye. I but had to look the other direction to avoid her from seeing my ear to ear grin.

Anyway we kept walking until we were walking in the gardens with the Capitol behind us, the Needle straight ahead and the museums on either side. At this point there were barely any people around and it was all very quiet.

Suddenly she stopped walking. When I felt her arm pulling at mine as I tried to move ahead, I turned around to look at her.

Before I could ask her what the matter was, she moved in close to me and without a second to pass, she softly touched her lips to mine. It seemed to me like the entire world just stopped right there. Her arms were around my neck… eyes closed… breathing heavy. For a second I was in a state that was unexplainable but so strange I thought I would pass out.

I looked at her face and then looked behind and saw the Capitol Building brightly lit in all its glory, with the fountains joyfully dancing.

I turned my eyes back to her face. Her eyes were still closed. Suddenly she opened her eyes and moved back. I saw fear and awkwardness in them. Suddenly realized, "Oh God, I was so struck my the moment I completely forgot to respond to the kiss itself".

She was almost about to cry. I reached down and grabbed her hand. Put them around my torso. I put my hands around her hips resting them on the small of her back and with a gentle but firm grip, pulled her towards me. I looked straight into her eyes and said, "I love you XXXXX" and kissed her square on the lips.

Just with the lips first savoring every second and every feeling. Yes, I was completely inexperienced and nervous but then again, I come from the land of the Kama Sutra, which I read at the age of 19, the whole 2300 pages. If my ancestors could write the bible of love, I am sure I could figure out how to kiss the woman I love.

After feeling each other's lips for what seemed like an eternity, I brought my tongue forward and with my next touch, I softly touched her lips with my tongue.

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THAT WAS IT. THE ICE BROKE. The very next touch her tongue came forward and from there, we were kissing each other with as much passion as I have ever felt in my life until today. We were both extremely turned on, our bodies were responding.


My penis was getting hard, really hard and so were her nipples which I could feel through her top. I am quite certain that she felt my erection on her torso as well. We were certainly kissing for about 15-18 minutes when finally we took a break.

We were both breathing like we had an asthma attack. For bout 15 seconds I did not dare to open my eyes. When I did open my eyes, she was still breathing really heavy and looking at me with a soft gentle look and a smile on her face. I looked at her for a minute and smiled back at her. She turned bright red and buried her face in my jacket.

We stood there hugging in that position for about 15 seconds at the end of which she started laughing… really hard. I had no idea why she was laughing but for some reason, I couldn't control my laughter either.

I kept asking her… what's so funny. All she could say was…&hellip. This is not the end of the story neither is this the end of the night. But if you like the beginning please provide feedback I will post the remainder of the night. That is when all the action took place. Thanks and love. -CaringBF