Cock plugged into her experienced pussy

Cock plugged into her experienced pussy
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Daisy Bitch is one hundred per cent stripped naked as the day she was born while telephoning Sofia in the pleasant and comfy Jacuzzi. She is not telephoning her in fact, but phoning her on her individual cell phone while letting her hair down into the temperate, hot water and feeling at ease what's more.

As she lingers for Sofia to pick up the phone, she carries on to stroke and caress her breasts and thighs steadily and in her own good time, furthermore going to eye a glass of sweetened orange juice that is laid down not far away from where she is.

Sofia sounds a bit sleepy and fagged on the phone. Daisy is starting to question whether she did take a good, tolerable nap last night, or she dared not to do so actually. "You sound exhausted and fatigued. Are you alright, my dearest friend?" Daisy comments while supping her sugary glass of juice ploddingly. "Let's say 'yes'," Sofia howls and snaps out with some speck of annoyance. "I am not convinced with your, 'yes,' Sofia.

Tell me what precisely happened to you. Did you come across your man fucking another woman right there in your own bed or what?" Daisy teases and makes fun a little bit.

Sofia had her own auspicious and over-the-moon moments last night provoking and making fun of her after all—or is that not it? "That's miles away from the actual truth, Daisy. It turns out I am having my menstrual period. That's just it; I am not in any kind of pleasant mood today frankly speaking." "Oh," Daisy murmurs and drones out in outright surprise and shock at the same time.


"Too bad for you, darling!" "Stop sympathizing with me, you candy bitch, will you, please? Tell me how it went last night with your man, Preston." At this, Daisy chuckles and cackles out in absolute pleasure and glee too.

"Last night was so splendid and spectacular, Sofia. I wish you were here with us to see everything take place and come about. Preston was sensational and awesome at the same time. Can you believe that we fucked and spanked in the murderous rain out there? I seized and smacked and caressed his exquisite, divine-looking ass as much hard and energetically as I could get myself to carry out.

Your opinion and instruction worked perfectly faultless and sound, my sweetest friend." Sofia gasps and sighs out. "That is heavenly and amusing to eavesdrop from you.

If you are not bothered by it, I have to get back to sleep now. This menses of mine is so hurting and unpleasant at the same time.

I have to escape and duck this awful discomfort and soreness as much as I probably can. For now, I simply have to sleep. Bye—" Daisy hacks her short—entreating out, "Wait, wait, Sofia. Don't hang on me please. I want to come there to your place for a BDSM lecture. Would you give a damn to coach and school me for not more than an hour or two? I will definitely be paying you for it. What do you say? It turns out Preston is engrossed and fascinated with all this kind of junk and kit, and I don't ever want to fail or let him down." There is a deep moment of silence, then a blest and cheerful, "Okay.

Stop by my place, will you?" Sofia lodges and settles in a massive house—one that is enwreathed and dressed with flowers and roses and steep, towering trees and the like.

She stays here on her own with her lovely and welcoming dog, Mia, and two exquisite black cats that unpredictably and shockingly get along perfectly fine and well with the arrogant, despotic, and tyrannical mannered bitch or dog.

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Here, she has got a large, bulky room filled up with BDSM devices and machines and apparatus that she makes use of in tickling and gratifying herself and her lover sexually. Sincerely put, Sofia likes being the principal and protagonist character when dealing with sex, gender, and facts o f sexuality.

Daisy on the unlike hand loves being the slave and submissive. As she marches into Sofia's top secret sex room, Daisy is dressed and robed in nothing other than a man's business suit and outfit. She looks kind of manlike and masculine in this exquisite and stainless black suit of hers; though honestly speaking some attributes and facets of hers are markedly womanly and all things girlie and delicate.

Sofia following her behind is having her giant, attractive breasts nude and uncovered, and she is clothed in nothing more than an erotic and titillating design of underwear. Her velvety smooth, spongy-like bums are indubitably perceptible and noticeable behind there. She even discloses to Daisy, "You know one funny thing, my fellow bitch friend? Whenever I am having sex here with my boyfriend, I don't dress or put on any grace of brassiere.

I like having my appetizing breasts unclothed and exposed for him to straightforwardly see." Daisy busts a gut and chuckles out at hearing this. "That is so nuts and crazy of you. Don't you know that putting on a bra makes you bewitching and fascinating in the eyes of a man, Sofia." "I don't believe that, sweetie.

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I really and honestly don't." "Fine! Show me how they act out this BDSM thing of yours." Sofia is gripping a whip that is stretched and long-drawn-out. While Sofia steps and paces about, she all of a sudden and briskly chucks it towards her feet, and once the whip has reeled and cruised alarmingly and slightly painful around both of Daisy's feet, Sofia yanks and wrests it backwards so that her mate tumbles and topples down to the hard, rocklike floor.

Daisy is amazed and thunderstruck moreover. She cannot believe her own eyes and the certainty here. Just what exactly is Sofia trying to do to her? While squirming and wriggling about helplessly on the floor, Sofia arches and bows down towards her, seizing a pair and doublet of handcuffs and foot-cuffs with which she hastily and with all speed fix and lock up on her china's vulnerable hands and feet.

Having finished this, she winds and leans down towards Daisy's ear to breathe and say softly to her, "Welcome to the age and realm of Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism; my sweet little Daisy." The music and singing is all too noisy and piercing vehement in Preston's ears.

He does not seem to be concerned and bothered a little jot bit by it all still.

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Tyler Nicolas is plonked down and taking a seat right besides him, staring and gazing at the bitch of a woman that is prancing and dancing and swaying lavishly and bountifully on the soaring, high, and iron-designated pole. She is entirely and to the hilt bare naked and undressed. Her mammoth breasts are all stripped and in the raw, their nipples solely being covered up and concealed by what looks like pitch-black paint or the like in the sparkling and shimmering multi-colored lights.

Her pussy seems to be trimmed and snipped—the hair that is—expertly and conscientiously. It cannot be obviously and distinctly seen however in spite of all this. It seems to be tinted and colored a deeply, acutely black too just like the nipples above. Apart from this, the woman has got charming, curled raven hair that is swinging and hopping and jigging too along with her.

She is smirking and twinkling at Preston seated here what's more.


"The lady seems to enjoy and love your company here, Preston," Tyler observes and passes comment. He smirks and grins happily at his friend as he states this out. Preston cannot plainly and without difficulty take his eyes away from the attractive and pleasing cute woman. She is so appealing and drop-dead he can even envisage and think up himself sprawling down in bed with her, her legs snapped and opened apart for him stroke and massage in between there, and he is keenly and tightfistedly gobbling and consuming her lips with his own like he has to work it out and wrap it up all before the world resolves and ceases any moment from now.

Sex is sweet and sugar, isn't it? Preston imagines all this in his head while licking his lips ravenously like one famished upon seeing some delectable, luscious foodstuffs. Sex is so, so sugar and enjoyable indeed! "How about a freezing, honeyed drink?" Preston invites and solicits Tyler.

He doesn't decline or turn down the kindly offer.

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"Sure, dude." "How much do you think I can spend to fuck this gorgeous lady here? I want decent opinion, and not some piece of flattery and false praise from you, Tyler." "I don't exactly know. But I think that a couple hundred bucks might do for this night.

Are you really that curious into spanking her?" "She turns out to catch my eye and hold my attention at the same time. So yes! I am this curious and intent on fucking and smacking her hard on the butts this breathtaking night. Don't you agree with me that she is this brilliantly appealing and gripping too?" "I do. But I suppose and assume that you have left one more bitch there at your new house, or isn't that it?

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If you want her pregnant in not more thirty-one days, don't you think you deserve to spend all time in her companionship and fellowship, knocking and hammering her in every Kama sutra sex position and style that you can get yourself to think and picture of?" "That Daisy piece of shit! I am fed up and wearied with her. I don't even know why I married her for thirty-one days exclusively in the first place. Yes. It is all because of her attractiveness and symmetry.

The first time I eyed and sighted her, I was like, 'I have got to fuck this bitch! I must do it!' And I have already been through that, Tyler. Right now, I only trust and keep my fingers crossed that she will give me a son as good-looking and winning in appearance as she is herself." "How many times have you spanked and fucked her up, if I may ask you, Preston?" "Only once!" "Once? You have got to be kidding me, man. Spank her so many times; more than twice in a day if you can get yourself to do it.

That way, you will boost and strengthen her chances of becoming pregnant with you. You hear that?" "Kind of! I will see what I can do about it anyway. If you don't mind, I think it is about time that I make a winged, rapid but surefire move towards this charming, lovely bitch here.

Excuse me for a little bit while please." While the woman looks and stares directly at Preston, he withdraws and gets out from his pocketbook a batch and roll of dollars stacked and bolted together. He waves and flutters it bit by bit and gently at her and then signals her to come over to him with a flowing, smooth gesture of his hand. She submits to his request and proceeds on to wander and step towards him, with just prefect poise and elegance as is necessary, prancing this way and that other, bobbing up and down, skipping and swaying left and right.

Once she has made it to him, she creeps and inches up on the table steadily and taking her time and ease all in all. Her mega, pleasurable ass jigs and wiggles delicately but in silence behind there. At long last, she stops and pauses before Preston, checking and inspecting him closely, nibbling and gnawing his cute, appealing lips with her very own. Then she pants and puffs out seriously and deeply into his face noiselessly in best hushed tones. "What's your drop-dead name?" Preston inquires her charily and discreetly.

"Cara Leigh," the woman answers back boldly but fastidiously. "You wouldn't mind if I hit and smack that fine good ass of yours tonight?" At this, she smirks and twinkles merrily and gleefully. "I wouldn't mind about it at all. You want to strike and batter it now? Go ahead and do it. The delectation and enjoyment is all yours, sir." Grinning and beaming to himself, Preston lays hold of it and ten braces and strokes and pats and bashes and batters it if as he feels like doing.

Goodness! It is so tensile and elastic cushiony soft; he doesn't think or imagine that he is going to enjoy and relish it all until he gets painstakingly exhausted and done in to the vicinity of death. Daisy feels spent and done in.

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She has just stirred awake now, and yet she feels and undergoes these odd, rare, and funny sensations that make it seem like she is almost about to go out like a light into sleep right now. Is this how it is meant and obliged to be?

In a slack and work-shy manner of behavior, she takes a seat gradually and leisurely on the spacious and comfy bed and then goes on to check for………Preston! He is not even there. Where did he sleep honestly? Damn him! Is this what he does to his sweet and affectionate wife? He has got some clarification and explanation to do here once he returns back home.

Frankly, which bitch did he sleep with this time around? Does she even know that he is wed and hitched for these thirty-one exclusive days? Does she know this at all? Who cares! Bitches are unhealthy and unsound people after all! Furious, outraged and mad, Daisy fetches the phone and picks it up to make a speedy, express call to Sofia. Sofia is hasty and brisk to answer her likewise. "Sofia, can you believe what this mental dickhead has done this time around?

He has both the guts and balls to sleep out of the house. I frankly and from the bottom of my heart don't know where it is that he slept and dozed off. I want to pound and smash him right now for this, you know." "Oh; my poor friend! What do you expect and think likely from men? This, just this, and nothing really awesome and enjoyable! You want some good piece of advice from me, Daisy?

Fuck him and grab that sweetened, huge butt of his whenever you get the odds and possibility to do so. He won't spend all eternity in the world or universe with you alone, spoiling and messing you up and your sweet, aberrant desires. By the time he goes out there, you don't know which exact bitch it is that is going to raise his dick up and ride and sit on it what's more. That is just how men are, darling." "Too bad, you know?

I really do want to punch him in the face for it. Honestly!" "Well—calm down. You are a stunning and attractive lady besides. While he is there tirelessly fucking and whoring as he feels like with his new bitch, why don't you be a two-timing and adulterous bitch here too? I mean you can simply do it for your own sole fun and amusement and nothing else.

You are a lady, and which lady wouldn't want to be dealt with and looked upon satisfactorily and in a favorably kind od way and manner, huh? Don't stress out, honey. There are so many drop-dead men eyeballing and contemplating about you out there. I think it is high time you stopped being a good, saint-like girl and become more of bitchy and catty girl. It will do you much more good, honestly." Daisy has faith and even believes that Sofia here is having a genius and master-hand point.

Being a bitch is engaging and loveable. Even Daisy herself knows it. Sofia is absolutely and verily right here. She must in reality start and participate in her own bitch co-linked games. When the pizza man bangs and raps on the door downstairs, she is not anticipating or even looking forward to it.

She peers and sneaks a surreptitiously look at him down there from up here, and once she has noticed and sighted that he is irresistibly nice-looking and handsome, she grins and smirks to herself from ear to ear, quickly making up her mind to clothe herself in anything slinky and sexual arousing which the young man standing out there cannot countervail and fight battle against.

When Daisy turns up out of the house, the young attractive man becomes scared and paralyzed with daze and stupor at seeing her. The woman turning out before his eyes is not seriously and to the nth degree solely tempting and lovely—she is utterly naked and in due course of action slipping on her nightgown rapidly and speedily too.

In this snapping fast, accelerated moment; the young man sees even the underwear and sensual, seductive-fitting bra that she is having on. He from nowhere feels a whetted, cutting-like pang of lust smite and lay one on him all of a sudden and hurriedly.

"I am really sorry, mister," Daisy states gravely while pulling back into the house so she can dress to finalization before daring to march and step out this time around. Goodness! The gentleman must have already laid eyes on the package that she has to carry and brag big-time about, right?

Of course! He has beyond any slight incontrovertibly seen it all! "I have brought some pizza, madam, for Mr. Preston Dick; I will need you to sign here as fast as you can for him to authenticate that you have collected the delivery on his behalf," the dictates and instructions are all plain easy and understandable. Daisy doesn't even need to have a dictionary to translate it all perfectly well and smooth.

Not at all! Or maybe she does need one really? Frankly—seriously?You know one funny thing, my fellow bitch friend?

Whenever I am having sex here with my boyfriend, I don