Busty Babe gefickt im Wald

Busty Babe gefickt im Wald
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When I was in my early teens, I ran away from home and learned right away that the world could be tough on a 14 year old boy who is out there and all alone. There are alot of predator's that stalk and feed on weak people, exspecialy perverted sexual predator's that love to molest young boys.

I was one of those boys who got preyed apon, and it didn't take long before I was made to suck dick, eat cum, and get my butthole fucked. Soon after, I was trading sexual favors with men, mostly older, to get what I needed. And to make matters better for me, I very much enjoyed it, and went after it.

It all began with a person I thought I could trust, a friend of my dad's. He was the first to give me the dick. His name was Mike and he was a well built man in his 30's.

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Mike was always at our house, if for anything, to use our swimming pool. I never thought much about it at the time, but now that I look back, he was always getting naked around me, making sure I saw his dick.

He even ask me one time if I thought he had a big cock. Well, he did and I told him that. But I thought it was an inocent question, but I see now that it wasn't. Mike had seen me on the street shortly after I had took off, and he came up and asked me if I would like to go eat lunch. I was starving and jumped on that oppertunity.

While we were eating and conversing, he asked me if I had a place to stay. When I told him I was snoozing at the park, He said, "I tell you what. You can stay at my house and I wont tell your parents." I thought that was realy cool of him and accepted his offer. It was at his house later that day that I found out what my rent was.

That evening, I had just gotten out of the shower and saw that my clothes were gone. I put a towel around my waist and walked into the living room were I saw Mike sitting on the couch naked. He was slouched and had his legs spread wide open and he was foundling his genitals. His dick was hard and realy big. Bigger than I remembered. He said, "come over here. Get between my legs." I wasn't exactly sure what to think. As I walked over and stood between his legs, I said, "why?

whats going on?" He said, "In return for letting you stay here, i'm going to fuck you whenever I want. now get on your knees and bury your face in my balls." I didn't know what to think, or what I should do.

But as I got down and began to lick his balls, it never accured to me that the word "fuck" meant he was going to fuck my butthole with his fat cock. I figured sucking his dick was were it would end, and I was willing to try that. And even worse, I never associated his "orgasim", and the "spewing of cum in my mouth", with sucking dick.

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I was realy nieve. I continued to lick and suck on his balls for a little while, when he told me to start sucking his cock. His dick was nice and hard, with a big mushroom head on it, and it was ozzing pre-cum.


He said, "use your tounge and lick it all up." I did what he told me and surprisingly, I liked it. I thought it tasted pretty good. I then began to suck his dick, and as I did, he gave me detailed instructions on how he wanted me to suck it. He knew exactly the way he wanted it. I did everything he told me and about twenty five minutes later, he held my head in place as he began shooting cum down my throat.

It surprised me. He cum shot forcefuly against the back of my throat. It felt like he was trying to blow a hole in the back of my head.


It was realy hot and I could feel a bunch of it down my throat before I even took my first swallow. It was thick and salty, but I liked the way it tasted.

And there was alot of it. He kept sliding his cock in and out of my mouth as a bunch of hot cum kept shooting from it and sliding down my throat. Squirt after squirt kept cuming as I tried to swallow on every pulse. It seemed forever before he stopped cuming, but I managed to eat every drop of dick juice he gave me.

He stood up and grabbed me by the back of the neck, squeezed it hard, and said, "come here" He led me to the back of the couch where he bent me over it so that my butt was sticking up in the air, and said, "don't move!" I looked at him as he walked to the table and grabbed a bottle of baby oil. I saw that his cock was still realy hard and it was then that I relized that I was about to get butt-fucked. I said, "I dont want to do this." He said, "relax. your going to like it" He got up behind me, stood between my legs, pulled off the towel, and lubed my butthole with baby oil.

He said, "damn! Thats a nice little asshole you got there." And then he centered the head of his dick on the outside of my butthole. Then, as I grabbed the couch cushions, bracing for the unknown, he proceaded with one big and deep push, to shove his realy big and fat cock all the way in my tight little asshole until his balls were touching my balls and the tip of his dick was indented into my prostrate. When he split my butthole wide open, I let out a loud yell. It hurt.

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He said, "Thats it bitch! let me know you feel it." Then, as he had my body bent over and pinned down on that couch, he began to fuck my asshole realy deep and hard and at a steady and semi-fast pace. I was moaning loudly with every thrust he did as he pounded my asshole with such passionate forcefulness.

He aggressively controled the situation and called me dirty names as he fucked the shit out of my poor butthole. I had tears comming out of my eyes and wondered when he would be done.

But he was realy horny and had already cum once, it would be a non-stop hour of hardcore ass-fucking before he shot his hot load up my ass, and even then, it took another 15 minutes after that, before he decided to stop. By then, my asshole was so sore and numb from the hard fucking it had just received, that I couldn't walk. He carried me into the bedroom and layed me on the bed and said, "don't worry girlfriend, you'll like it more and more each time.

The more I fuck you, the better it will feel." As I layed there, falling asleep, I thought about the whole thing. I relized that I liked sucking his dick, I liked eating his cum, and even though it realy hurt, there was a time that getting my butthole fucked, felt good for a while and I liked that as well. But being dominated and helpless, is what I think turned me on the most. Hoping he was right, I had decided to continue to stay there and let him do whatever he sexualy wanted to me.

It didn't take long before being fucked in the ass was feeling good all the time, and it was even quicker that I discovered that there are alot of horny and perverted men out there who will buy or trade for a nice tight little butthole or mouth like mine. I even began to enjoy licking buttholes. It didn't take me long to discover that if I played the innocent virgin boy, and I let them older men believe they was dominating or raping me, that I held the real bargening power.

I pretty much got anything I wanted as long as I let them think they were the first to break me in. I was out there, sexualy pleasuring men for a good year or more before I paid the price of being a whore. I was forced to re-examined my myself and my situation after I let an older man blind fold me and take me to a secure location where he had a bunch of his friends waiting and they gang raped me.

There must have been 10 guys or more, I don't know. With a bunch of different dick's going in my mouth and asshole, I was unable to count all of them.

But I did see a room full of naked men. All day long, they all took turns fucking my asshole, fucking my mouth, and calling me names and telling me I deserve what was being done to me.

By the time they were done with me, I was hurting. I ended up in the hospital, getting my butthole stitched up and having my stomach pumped of all the cum I had swallowed. It wasn't a pleasant time for me that day.

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But even as I was pressured to tell who had done that to me, my sense of pain and the twisted pleasure that I had derived from being gang raped, kept me quite, and I never said who done it. However, I did know that I didn't want that to happen to me, like the way it did, again.

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After that, I decided to stay with Mike and give him, and whatever friend he wanted to share me with, 100% of my asshole and my mouth. I stayed off the street and ened up back home. I managed to carry on a secrete sex life as Mike's girlfriend and sex toy for years after that. These days however, being an adult of years of sex play, I carry out more dark fantasy rapes situations. I have a gargage where a friend of mine ties me up in bondage and then brings in starngers to do whatever they sexualy want with me.

It is very exciting to be made to do things and not be able to stop them. I love the feeling of being raped, even if it is make believe.